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Out of the Corner of My Eye

Posted on February 25, 2010

I will never forget the day I began to see them. I would be doing something, anything, and I would see something out of the corner of my eye. In truth, it wasn’t something I was seeing, but someone.

Once it was a woman, standing in my front yard as I walked through the living room. When I did a double-take, as if understandable, she was gone. Another time, it was the black shape of a man, standing in my friends kitchen. When I told my friend and her family what I had seen, they all went quiet, and then told me: “You must have seen Grandpa, he died in this house, in fact, right where you said you saw him, we have a picture of him standing.”

Seeing them proved not to be enough, I began to hear things, whispers, footsteps, doors slamming, breathing and other things I could not explain. I spent most of my time at home alone, my Mother worked and my siblings had all moved out by then, so I knew whatever I was hearing, was not something I could ever understand or explain.

I have always been interested in the things unexplained, my mother loves telling me of spiritual things that have happened to me since I was born, and I have never doubted her. To be truthful, I have never been afraid of the other world, the ones we could not explain, if anything, I have always been, almost fascinated, but a better word would be curious.

What do I see out of the corner of my eye? Spirits? Souls? Ghosts? I have seen children, shadowy human shapes, inanimate objects moving on their own, even people running through the trees. One though, I will never forget. Behind my house there is a field, and beyond the field a forest and river. I grew up in my house, and knew the forest like I knew myself. As I did often, I went for a walk, and as I walked, I was followed. It wasn’t something I could explain, but I was, even though when I looked back, there was nobody there, at least, not that I could see. I looked back often, and for once, I was chilled, almost afraid. I could hear branches breaking, footsteps, quick behind me, and there was a stillness in the air, one where you cannot hear anything other than your own panicked breathing. It was as if the air was frozen, as if there was a white-blue glow bathing the trees and air in a kind of ethereal presence. I looked back once again, and saw, to me shock, a shadowy figure moving through the branches, to quick to follow. I wanted to scream, not with fear, with something else, I still am not sure what. But I also wanted to laugh, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was walking through a movie. And even as I reread the words I am writing, I cannot help but thinking of this as a movie script, ironic isn’t it?

I admit, I began to run, and as I did, I began to notice something I had never noticed before. Arches. Branches all over the place bent over to form archways, and as I noticed one, I noticed more and more. Big and small, they were everywhere, and while they look natural, they still looked almost as if they had been bent that way on purpose. I can imagine you saying to yourself, well of course there’s archways, branches form them all the time. These ones were different though, I cannot explain how, it was just a feeling, as if I knew. And as I ran, I saw more and more shapes, shadowy figures, running not away, as I had first thought, but with me, as if we were all being chased. As if there was something following us, we were all in it together, whatever it was. And as I ran, I was afraid, not of the shadow people, as I have begun to call them, but of something I couple not see that was following us, chasing us.

Of course, just like the movies I ran deeper into the woods. I always hated how in horror movies when the main character runs deeper into the woods, or farther away from civilization and other people, and I groan, “No, no, run to the other people, don’t run deeper into the dark spooky forest!” But here I was, running deeper into the dark creepy woods. And as I stepped forward from the trees into a clearing, I saw an older couple walking their dog. When I saw them, they saw me, and then the shadow people were gone and the sky was bright with sunlight, and whatever was chasing me, us, was gone.

I return to the woods often, I see the arches every time I do, but only every so often do I see the shadow people, and never has the presence that chased us returned. I still see things out of the corner of my eye, and I still hear things, and objects still move when I am alone, but I am not afraid. In fact, that day I ran with the shadows, I was cut by something, a cut that has now scarred, and when I look at it, mimics a claw mark perfectly. But it does not scare me.
Comments: This is a true story, my own, and even as my days continue my sight of things unexplained remains. It does not matter to me if you believe or not, because I know the truth of the matter. You may choose to believe or not, but know this, I believe.

Sent in by Leah Bessie, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Out of the Corner of My Eye”
  1. Believer says:

    What an awesome story, that could be made into a horror movie, when I read this It feels as If I’m running through the forest with these shadow people and something chasing me.

  2. anna says:

    you know what Leah I do for some reason believe you.your story almost sounded like a poem weird I know.but maybe if your not afraid of the shadows maybe stop and see if they will come close to you. maybe the shadows or spirts dont want you to run even though they were kind of chasing you.good story and I would like to here more.thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      i here things to. and i see things too. as almost as if i here footsteps,whspers,and seeing figers. once i heard something behind me but nothing was there. but i abalutly believe you.

  3. Fiddyy says:

    Hi amazing story and kinda creepy the wood part. I can see shadows in the corner of my eyes tooo and sometimes when iim alone i can hear things too its kinda scary but im just to it =)

  4. irena says:

    I have the same problem i always feel that someone is following me or lookin at me i always see things it the corner of my eye

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    you know this sounds like what i’ve seen in this house and others in this town. first it was footsteps, then a woman on few occasions, then a shadow man. there there and then gone. and there outside too. i’m not afraid because i know they were here long before i was. these are just people with no bodies. don’t fear them, they seem to be just as curious as we are when we spot them. i think they build up enough energy to become visible and by accident we see them. this winter has been a little more quiet than usual but when summer comes and the barometer rises, they come out. i share this old house with them. thanks for relating your experiences like i and many others have. i never expect it but am put at peace when i do.

  6. Leah Bessie says:

    Amazing, thank you all very much! I’m glad I had a chance to share my experiences and I’m glad, for once, they are believed. I have always had a strong link to other natural things like this, and I feel more at rest and peaceful when I can share my memories of what has happened to me with others. Now that I look back upon it, it would certainly be fascinating for it to become a movie, although no doubt it would be portrayed a little bit spookier. Anyways, thank you for believing me,

  7. Fenwinkel says:

    I have wondered for quite some time why spirits/ghosts are most often seen out of the corner of one’s eye instead of full on.

  8. JK97 says:

    Great story…. very interesting :)

  9. KNOW2MUCH says:

    I agree with some of the others, dont be afraid, it sounds like you are very sensitive to the paranormal world. I am also, you are not alone!!!! There is a fine line between us and the spirit world, and some of us tend to cross it very often… They are just as curious about us, as we are of them… something to keep in mind…

  10. Weedy says:

    Digging up this old discussion here because this summer I had a vaguely similar experience with shadow people.

    I was doing my summer job at workshop, grinding mostly when I had these experiences, and from the corner of my eye I saw quite a few times these shadowy figures you described as well.

    They resembled very closely and very accuratelly pair of human legs dressed in black jeans or so with black boots like shoes. They were always either walking behind me either so that they were about to pass my back or had already done that and were walking away but every time I turned to look at them they weren’t there.

    And this wasn’t anything like seeing shapes incorrectly from the corner of my eye or real shadows moving in the distance or so. Every time there was nothing even remotelly similar which could have formed those shadows. They apparently were shadow people.

    The weird thing was that I always saw them from waist belove. Never saw their upper body or arms. Only once I saw a bit more but still it was too fuzzy or mist like to see a clear body or even outterline of a body.

    After this continued a bit they disappeared. I was a bit confused but didn’t mind it because I could concentrate to my grinding better now. However after like 2-3 days passed they came back and they started to walk towards me.

    At first I was all like “Why my boss is walking towards me? I didn’t do anything wrong, I guess…” And when I looked back, nothing was there again. Also the figures were all the time similar looking like my boss, slim and a bit taller than me. That’s why I confused those figures so often to my boss.

    After those 2-3 days one day I saw around 5 shadow people walking towards me per day and I started to be scared and confused because their attempts seemed to become more aggressive. I decided to search the internet and see what was causing this because this started to disturb my ataraxia and bam. I found shadow people sites.

    After I read about this and read that they could have been even dark demons I started to be more afraid but I decided that I will ignore them the next day I go to work because they haven’t done anything to me yet.

    Again one walked by and I ignored it. Another one walked by but was walking closer to towards me my but still passing me. Then I thought to myself that this is ridiculous and I’ll clear my mind and leave all negative thoughts and possible negative energy those thoughts radiate around me (because that’s what on those sites read, negative energy might have attracted them) and they disappeared.

    After like a week I couldn’t see a single thing. Then after that I saw twice same looking figures but only very white now and quite clearly looking the same as those shadow people, clearly seeing a pair of human legs wearing very with jeans and white boots but still I couldn’t see their arms or upper body. They again were passing by behind my back and when I turned to look at them they disappeared, like the shadow people.

    After these two sightings of those white figures I couldn’t see anymore shadow people or other figures at the corner of my eye. Not even when I tried to lure them to come out with my thoughts.

    I’m quite sure those black figures were shadow people or dark demons or spirits or something like that but I have never figured out what those white figures were… They were too similar with human figures to be traditional ghosts which have been reported on some sites and even seen in a few lucky photos.

  11. Weedy says:

    Oh yeah and to add on that. The place where I grinded was under a huge canopy like structure in the end of a hall. You could say it was enough outdoors to be said it was outdoors. :)

    Also those days were very warm and bright so no clouds on the sky or weird cloud shadows or cold weather doing tricks or anything like that.

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