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Our House Ghost the Drunk

Posted on March 5, 2010

I am 23 years old and live in South Africa. We used to rent a house just outside Pretoria on the Old Warmbath Road. My dad at that time was working in Iraq on a 4 month on/1 month off basis building armoured vehicles, so me, my mom and younger brother was alone for long periods of time. The house we rented was kind of old, still with those old ceilings with the patterns on and wooden floors. Also, we had no nearby neighbours because it was a plot house (that is like a farm, just the size of the property is smaller). So, me and my mom and brother moved in and settled nicely. We all loved the wide open space and the big yard and everything. I had about five dogs and a potbelly pig that was housetrained, she used to sleep in the house with one of my dogs, my dachshund.

After a while, we started noticing odd things, like lights switching on or off during the night, or a fotoframe in my room that will move to a different angle, just small things like that. We didn’t think anything of it at first, thinking that maybe my potbelly bumped against the table and the fotoframe would move or someone just forgot to switch the light off etc. Then, after not paying too much attention to that stuff, we started to feel as if someone is watching you. Not the whole time, and also not just in one specific room or anything, and it was not a scary feeling or evil or anything, you were just aware of the feeling that you are being watched. My dachshund always slept in my room with me and he was very protective of me. At night when I went to bed, I would switch the light off and climb in bed and switch my radio on (it had a remote) and then just listen to soft music before falling asleep.

My dog started acting funny in my room. He would jump of the bed and start walking around and sniffing the floor. Then he would sit down in the middle of the floor and then bark towards the corner of my room. He would then stand up again and walk towards my window, jump up against the wall underneath my window and then wag his tail. After that, my radio would turn itself on in the middle of the night and it would be turned up so loud that even my mom and brother would wake up, even with my bedroom door being closed. It started happening during the day time as well.

After a month or so with this going on, I was lying in bed one night, it was kind of late, and I heard someone walking around in the house. That kind of scared me as I was thinking that it might be an intruder and my dad was not there and we had no neighbours close by. I just sat up in bed and listened for a while and the footsteps went away.

The next morning my mom asked me if me or my brother were looking for something because she heard one of us walking around in the house. It was then that we all knew for sure someone is with us in the house. After a week or two, the sound of the footsteps became more clear and distinct and we started wondering about this ghost because you can hear by the way that he is walking that it is heavy footsteps so it must have been a big heavy set person. Also, he gave two or three steps, and then it sounds as if the person is stumbling and then another two or three steps before it fades away. Then you would hear noises like water running, but all the taps are closed, or a drinking glass braking or the kitchen door opening and closing.

After that, my mom spoke to the landlord (a lady) and feeling very awkward, asked her about the house. She told us that she and her husband owned a house in the city, as well as the house that we were renting, and they were planning on turning the house that we are renting into a restaurant. However, before they could get to their plans, their marriage fell apart because the husband was an alcoholic and she told him that she wants a divorce and that he should move out of the city house and rather move in to the house that we were renting. Well, he moved into the house and being sad and alone, he probably started drinking more and more and the one day they found him, dead. He drank himself to death. Apparently his daughter and I have a resemblance, we both had long dark hair and were about the same size in length and weight.

The ghost never showed himself to us ‘in person’ and he never harmed us or scared us. He was just there. I feel kind of bad for this ghost we had. He must have been very sad and lonely just before he passed away.

Sent in by Mareli, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Old Warmbath Road, Pretoria, South Africa

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17 Responses to “Our House Ghost the Drunk”
  1. knowtomuch says:

    Wow, what an awesome story!!! It does seem like such a sad ending to his life, and he is left stumbling around the house.. You dog was sencing this the whole time. My dog also sences the spirit world, they tend to do this. I am surely glad that you didnt see the guy, that would have had me running out the front door…..

  2. unknown says:

    hey im aloso from sa and my friend lives in boxburg and her house has celings like yours i love them. but no ghosts at her place but here at my place there is here in cape town. sad story that he drunk himself to death and is still stuck and hasnt moved on.

    • John says:

      In my opinion, it is very hard to move on when your love leaves you. It’s a classic case of heartache that lasted beyond the grave. To put a brighter light on the subject, Elvis probable has a hit in the spirit world about a situation like this. :)

  3. anna says:

    good story.i too agree that it is sad about his life.He wouldnt of had to die if he wouldnt of been the way that he was with his wife.I dont know thats just want Im thinking.thanks for the story I want to hear more.

  4. Fenwinkel says:

    I have a question — since ghosts float and have no bodies, why do we hear footsteps?

  5. ashleigh says:

    hey, the reason why you can hear footsteps is because many ghosts just retrace their steps that they made in life, you just hear their footsteps because they have walked there before :) x

    I hear many things like that in my house, but im only fifteen and have lived here all my life so i guess ive just grew up with that being normal :) x

    Ash x

    • Fenwinkel says:

      I was wondering if the difference could be residual hauntings vs. “intelligent” hauntings. You may be right as it makes sense.

      • anna says:

        I asked my 18 year old sister the question and she said that when ghosts are angery they get all there anger on one thing and thats how they move thingsthats why we hear things.she said thats what happened on the movie GHOST.but thats that,but you never know right.

        • ashleigh says:

          good point, i guess it all depends on if its a haunting, then your sister is right but if its just a ghost thats attached to the house then its probably just retracing its steps but your sisster could be right there too, the ghost could be trying to frighten them away, :)

          Ashh x

          • John says:

            going on what anna said about them focusing their anger. ghosts are considered to be an energy mass. they use their own energy to manifest themselves into figures or to produce physical action like stomping on the floor. I also believe that ghosts feed off of living people’s energy as well and its quite possible that the house was without occurence until the author’s family had moved in. notice how the author had explained that only small occurences happened at first and it gradually grew to footsteps and unexplained noises. the ghost was slowly manifesting itself off of its own energy, the family’s energy, or a combination of the two. Lol, we are definitely not alone!

  6. knowtomuch says:

    When things are moved about, its not always an angry ghost. It could be a playful spirit, trying to get your attention. I know that many movies show movement of chairs for instance as a threat. Many spirits have a sence of humor, they tend to move things, and hide things at times..just because they can be powerful, doesnt not mean that they are always evil…..im sure that many spirits dont know thier own strengh at times…..

  7. Bonnie says:

    Hi Mareli,

    Great story. Thank you for sharing. Hi KTM, how you doing, Sweetie! How’s your mom, sis and hubby? I hope that all is well. You take care.

    Bonnie :)

  8. Mareli says:

    Just something interesting…last weekend I went through some old photo’s and I discovered this picture of me on my 16th b-day party in this same haunted house, and to my amazement I discovered an orb in the picture. Back then I did’nt notice this because I did’nt know what an orb was or that it even existed…I would love to post this pic so that everyone can see, but unfortunetly this picture is was still taken on the old reliable camera’s that needed developing in a lab and not on a digital camera so the only way that I can get this pic on my pc, is if I scan it….and you guessed right…I don’t have a scanner.

    • anna says:

      i would love to see the picture and so would everyone else.is there away you can use someones or get a hold on one.

      • Mareli says:

        Hi Anna! I will try my best to borrow a scanner or something a.s.a.p. and see what I can do. Also, when I visit my mom again, I will get the rest of the photo’s and look through them again to see if there are any more photo’s with orbs because last time I just grabbed the one pic and took it home and only saw the orb the following day.

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