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Our Haunted Hell

Posted on April 11, 2010

My husband and I bought our house in 1997. My children were the first to encounter the spirits that resided there.

My twin son’s were terrified to sleep in their room and would scream and cry looking at something my husband and I couldn’t see. Our daughter now had an imaginary friend that she talked excessively too (off and on all day everyday). We would ask her, who are you talking too? She would look over to her imaginary friend and then grow quiet. It was like her friends identity was a secret.

I began hearing noises at night. At first it sounded like someone was walking down the hall. I would get up and check but no one else was up.Then the sound of water running in the kitchen. I’d get up and the water was not on and everyone was still asleep.

My oldest child was the first family member to actually see the spirit. He had fallen asleep at 6:30 pm the night before. He awoke at 5:30 the next morning and walked out into the living room and saw a woman sitting in the recliner. He said she was watching the TV that was not on. He ran back the hall and dove into my bed. He was shaking and crying and told me what happened. My husband and I had kept our suspicions to ourselves before this event. I woke up my husband and told him what happened.

Our house was built in 1950 and to our knowledge no one had died there and didn’t know what to make of it. Life went on… the noises continued and I even got to see the female ghost one afternoon. I looked back the hall and saw a woman in period clothing float out of my twin’s room across the hall and through my bedroom door. I was shocked but did not feel threatened in anyway. That is until my daughters light fell down out of the ceiling and crashed onto the floor. This is where my daughter sat and played everyday for hours. If she had been sitting there she would have been hurt badly. I was scared. My husband was scared too but insisted the screw was stripped and that was the cause. The light was just put up 6 months before.

Something sinister was at work in that house. The energy began to change. The kids fought all the time. My husband and I were fighting more. People that came to visit became moody and rude. It was like the house itself was attracting negative people. If you were not in a bad mood when you came, you were when you left.

Our first visual encounter with the negative energy came soon enough. I was in the bathroom. I looked over and saw a disembodied hand come out of the cupboard and make a fist. I was getting ready to scream for my husband when I heard my oldest son yell (dad oh my god what is that?). My son saw a black ball of light fly down the hall and into a wall. I told my husband what I had seen and he brushed it all off. Life in that house was becoming unbearable. Everyone was in a bad mood everyday. Night was the worst.

I woke up one night to demonic breathing. It actually moved my hair. It was in my ear and there were two more breathing at the end of the bed. I was kicking my husband and he wouldn’t wake up. He finally roused when it was over and went back to sleep. It seemed to target my oldest son and I the most. My husband heard things but never experienced anything more.

I was lying down reading a book one night and felt someone (a child sit on my back). I said get up Josh and it felt like he did. I rolled over to see what he needed but he wasn’t there. I then heard him at the kitchen table talking to his dad.

The worst encounter ever came one night when I saw the evil spirit head on. It felt like it was pulling my energy from my body. I was terrified. I had never felt such terror in my whole life. I would sometimes feel someone tapping me on the shoulder at night. I consulted a psychic in my area and was told to ignore it. That to acknowledge it would make it worse. I asked her if she would come to my home and she was quick to tell me no. She told me because she is so sensitive it may attach to her. I felt powerless. If she was too afraid to come there how did she think I felt living there? This is a woman who does house blessings all the time and was too afraid to help. She gave me an exorcism candle, some sage and talked me through a house blessing. I left went, home and exorcised the house the way I was shown.This made it worse then before.

We had hung a picture of the Lord’s Prayer and a cross at the end of the hallway (this was an active area of the house). We went to bed and at 2:30 am the picture and cross came down off the wall and laid smashed on the floor. It was so loud and violent it woke everyone up.

My twin sons began to have experiences and my daughter. My daughter often heard me call her name when I was not home. It sounded like it was coming from my bedroom. My older twin started to see the shadow man. Sometimes it was just the torso of a man. My younger twin began to see the round black orb. My husband was still the only one who never saw anything.

I was alone in the house one night sitting on my bed and watched my doorknob turn by itself and the door flew open. I was looking at the door at the time because I heard someone walking down the hall. My oldest son was now old enough to drive but at work and I thought he was playing a trick on me. I began to yell at him but… you guessed it… I was still alone in the house.

Eventually our family was destroyed and we divorced. I was more then pleased to move out and gave my ex-husband the house. I am free from my haunting now, but my ex is still very much under the influence of the evil presence. This is just a short version of my story. Many more things happened in that house and lots of freak accidents that could have easily been fatal. Too much bad luck as well. I’ll never forget the 12 years I lived in hell. I am a believer and you couldn’t pay me enough to live in another haunted house. This experience has forever changed me and my family. I still have nightmares on occasion about the night I was physically attacked and held down in my bed.

Sent in by Angela, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Our Haunted Hell”
  1. Fizzywozziah says:

    Wow. You should’ve done some reasearch on the house and found out about it. There were several ghosts by the sounds of it. And the hand coming out of the cupboard? It’s all very crowded. I would like ask why your husband never had any experiences. But I’m sure you don’t know. I think it is stupid that the person you contacted to get rid of the ghosts couldn’t come. And I dont know why you’re house became even more danger prone then it was when you performed an exorcism. Anyway you dont have to worry about it anymore seen as though you moved. Is your new house ok? And has you’re ex had any experiences in your old house?

  2. Ghost girl says:

    oh my gosh, you really went through all that for 12 years? No way, I wouldn’t be able to take all of that for so long. I’m glad you and your kids got away from it though. I hope your ex-husband will be okay too. No one deserves to go through that, and I hope nothing like that will ever happen to you.

  3. arlyn says:

    Hi Angela!

    I would like to know why you did not call any paranormal expert to help you get rid of those evil spirit since you said that you are a believer of these things too.

    Why you just let this evil forces destroy your family? I am sorry to say but why it seems that it is too easy for you to just leave your husband in that house while you knew that it is haunted?

    In my thought, if I feel that the house is haunted, I will let my husband knows about this because it can put his life in danger. You knows what kind of spirit you have in that house, but where did you get your guts to just let your husband stay there even you were divorce. If I am in your shoe, I will let him know about it and let him decide for himself. I don’t want to have a burden inside my heart while I am living, I guess. So the best thing is to let him aware of the situation.

    Did that ever come to your mind? Just curious to know, please don’t feel bad with my questions.

    • Sims says:

      Arlyn, I think you are being a little too judgmental. You are NOT in her shoes, therefore you can NOT say what you do. If you read closer you will know that her husband was aware of the situation. She held on for 12 years. I highly doubt that she included everything that happened in the few paragraphs above and I am positive there is much more than she has time to explain. This kind of thing tears apart families all the time. The fact that she could at least get her kids out of the situation is commendible. Let’s just all thank whatever God you pray to that you do NOT understand what she went through. Not understanding means you haven’t lived it.

    • MARY says:

      arlyn ,

      Unfortunately , my hub was my worst adversary in this battle for the whole time almost , I had to give him the ultimatum as well. “You have to believe WE (your children and wife) , that we are having bad happenings even if you are not and if you cannot support me as my husband , love, friend , and partner, I need to get out and take the kids with me for safely sake.” I gave him as much time as he needed to make up his mind. He CHOSE US , this poor woman s hub chose HIMSELF.

      My hub is angrier more often thAN EVER in 15 yrs of marriage ,one night he woke up and we had a bit of a spat NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO SERIOUS AND he held me down and bruised my wrists that is how hard he was holding me . ONe hand broke free and I grabbed my brass lamp and was about to smash his skull in ,

      I DO NOT STAND FOR MEN WHO HIT WOMAN EVER AND HE KNOWS THIS. HE ALMOST DIED that night and I was just defending myself. He does not think this thing is around him but unfortunately he cannot see what WE HIS FAMILY see his bouts of anger out of no where. This entity is very sneaky ,this man is probably more encased with this entity than the family ever was.


      ARLYN you know I am not yelling at you I hope just feel akin to this person , you are a very nice person and I know that. Peace

  4. LMC says:

    You definitely had a dark entity you should of did some research like about the area and the house… then again you never know if the dark entity wasn’t attached to your husband? That’s probably why he didn’t experience anything or he just wouldn’t admit it.

    the psychic wasn’t strong enough… if she claims to bless houses then not help you then she wasn’t strong enough to fight the demon… she should of found another psychic or medium who was strong enough to help you! psychics have gifts but some only have certain ones others can have the strength and knowledge to fight demons… she should of also help you with a Demonologist I am very disappointed in the psychic… not very professional… she charged you?

    You are no longer there maybe you should leave it alone but then again if your kids are still going there maybe you should investigate to find out what happen and what’s going on… So your kids know what they are facing and can be able to fight it!

    Thanks for posting! I hope you figure thins out and if you do investigate keep us posted k… my heart goes out to you and your family for the Hell you all went through I send my prayers to you!

    walk with peace & love in your heart,

  5. anna says:

    i am sorry you and your family had to go thourgh that for that long.everyone in my family knows how much i would love to just one night be in a hunted house.the only reason why is so i know what everyone is talking about.i love reading the stories and tring to help even though ive never had stuff happen.but for 12 years my hats off to you.you are brave to have gone through that for that long.

  6. anna says:

    i think you should find out some information about the house.i would like to know more about what happened in the house before you moved out only if you want to say..im glad everything else is better how about your kids?how are they doing?thanks for the story.

  7. JAY says:

    Hi Angela

    I am also a person of faith and can tell you now why the spirit seemed angrier after your “house blessing” well number one God wouldnt want you to see a pyschic, and number two why didnt u get your minister to come pray in the house for you? But is a interesting story and am glad that you and hopefully your kids are free!

    God Bless Jay

    • LMC says:

      WOW! psychics get their gift from God! I guess you would tell psychics to ignore God???? She went to the wrong psychic someone who wasn’t strong enough to handle the situation! Someone who didn’t have enough faith in God.

      The blessing didn’t work cause she didn’t know what she was doing and the dark entity was too strong… yes granted a minister could of help with a blessing.. if that minister had enough faith in God! When you bless a place or person it’s coming from God!

      Thank God everyday for being there for you and others… it might of been her angel who told her to go to a psychic and that was probably a message from God! God is love and peace he gives you choices in life and sometimes he will guide you in the right path by sending messages through his angels… if he sees a problem that you need help then he will help… sending you thoughts to do something it is up to you to listen! Have faith in God and believe in his love everything will be fine!

    • MARY says:

      Jay , my paranormal team are all Roman Catholic? Psychics and all the gifts we are given such as our energy or the power of sight are from Him (my belief) and I would not want to make him angry by not using them to the fullest. However, sometimes ,these things are tricky and they need more help. It has nothing to do with God not letting it go as planned . He gives us FREE CHOICE so no one has the right to tell us not to use it. Bright Blessings to you and yours , Mary

  8. Olga says:

    Wow! I can’t believe U delt W/ it for 12 yrs.! Dat’s crazy, I couldn’t have made it past 1 day. Lol-Ur a brave woman & poor kids 2 have dealt W/ it 4 so long. How old were Ur kids wen all dis started happening?

  9. Kim says:

    I know what you went through, it is terrifying. I live in a haunted house,not nearly as bad as you’ve experienced. My husband and I haven’t gotten along since we moved in here, 4 years ago. I’m always blaming it on the house. I am happy you got out of there. To bad your ex-husband didn’t listen to you, when you lived there. Maybe their is some evil presence keeping him there.

    • MARY says:

      Kim what you are doing is dead on , concentrate on marriage and family and laugh and carry on and have fun , any bad stuff try to take it outside of the house. This woman is telling my story almost to the tee one small son instead of twins etc. However , I was luckier when I told my hub to get his head out of his arse and see me and our kids he did not leave ,he started to support not believe just support . We are having our house blessed and cleansed very soon ,we already had the house investigate.

      It is an Entity we are haunted we have tape , video ,audio , they tried like heck to find some natural reason for all but could not and the team was made up of GET THIS PRISON GUARDS AT ABOUT 6 FT LOL!

      These things want to take your power and get you alone. So stay together as a family don’t do negative things in that home , it will go maybe on it’s own. Bullys have no fun if no one is reacting to what they are doing.

      Please get a Paranormal team in there and cleansed and blessed no matter what religion .l these are not pets (I( am sure you know that you are very intelligent) , they need to get out of your home and move on to wherever they need to be. Blessings , love, peace, light to you and yours, Mary

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