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Ouija Board Experience in Alabama

Posted on May 4, 2010

I am writing this in hopes of some enlightenment.

I grew up in a Pentecostal church in the southeast region of Alabama. Being the niece of the pastor, I went every time the doors were open. I met a girl when I was young who claimed she knew Wicca. She easily convinced me to play because I was always curious of it and always felt, not just a presence, but an evil one.

We were probably 11 or 12 and being girls, we were asking it silly questions such as will we always be best friends? Will we have a mansion? and I distinctly remember asking it who will I marry? It replied with John. It said I would meet him after high school graduation, and we would marry and have a boy and a girl. I must have blocked it out, but we asked it a question and scared us to the point of cries of prayer. And I’ve never seen one again. I’m entirely way too scared to play one ever again.

After I graduated, within four months I started dating a boy named John. We were talking about spiritual things and I suddenly remembered what the board had said. In my mind, I thought he was the one and that was further proof. We dated for 2 years, and traveled a lot. Mostly to a hunting camp north of our town. It was called Peach Tree, Alabama. A tornado blew through the small town in the very early 1900′s. His family were wealth landowners and generous people so they turned their house into the local morgue until they could bury everyone that died in the storm. He told stories that the radio would play even though it was unplugged.

We were having a lengthy discussion about going back to church and I went to sleep that night thinking heavily of all the stories he told me. I dreamed there was a demon sitting on my chest speaking in tongues and then very clearly it ordered me not to get him back in church and then images of him taking our American Eskimo. I woke up screaming. John tried to calm me down and he fell back asleep before he succeeded. He mumbled something and I jumped. When I looked over at him he was sitting up speaking the same tongues! I screamed and jumped out of the bed and he suddenly snapped out of it and didn’t remember any of it at all.

When we got back in town we started going to church. And very shortly there after our dog was hit by a car. Coincidence? Very possible but so strange. Things didn’t work for John and I but shortly after we broke up I moved on into another serious relationship. Zack, who was two years younger than me and just graduated high school. We were talking about religion and demons and I told him the stories, and what the Ouija board said to me. He froze, and said his first name was Jonathan.

Sent in by Sharon, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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28 Responses to “Ouija Board Experience in Alabama”
  1. anna says:

    that could happen i really do,but maybe it was just fate.are you and your friend friends still?did you end up getting everything what you asked?if so wow that is something else but i dont know if i would believe to board.sorry not to be mean.everything maybe just fell into place for you.thanks for the story.

  2. trolldoll says:

    that is strange!!

  3. Jenna Latina says:

    I enjoy the stories on here, but get very frustrated in following them. You noted that, ” I met a girl when I was young who claimed she knew Wicca. She easily convinced me to play . . .” I’m sitting here wondering how you’re playing “Wicca,” and then later realize you meant to say that she convinced you to play with the ouija board.

    Later you note, “. . . then images of him taking our American Eskimo.” What? You keep an American Eskimo from Alaska in your home? Let him/her go, for crying out loud. Then, again, later I realize you meant a dog. Alaskan Malamute? Siberian Husky or Alaskan Klee Kai, perhaps? Those are breeds of dogs, but there is no breed called, “American Eskimo.” Gaaaahhhhh!

    If you’re putting a story on here, please go back and review what you’ve typed – see if you’re being cohesive and it follows a storyline. Double check what you’re stating. Don’t worry about typos, we all understand typos and everyone makes them, but just follow the story you’ve written. Is someone going to have to do a double take? I enjoy the stories, but I find it interrupts the flow if I have to keep going back to check on what was written vs. what was meant. Thanks.

    • tinkybex says:

      Things like that frustrate me too, but watch out for people who dislike corrections, because I made that mistake once. I started to correct someone then made a mistake of my own. Being a hypocryte = not fun lol

      • Jenna Latina says:

        I know tinkybex, about people being sensitive about corrections. You’ll note I said it was not about typos, and I would most assuredly be a hypocrite if I had noted typos, then made some myself. I’ve seen that happen several times and, frankly, I’m not putting myself above that, I hate to try and find my glasses to type!

        I think that when people are writing a story, that they’re so caught up in re-living it that they forget the reader doesn’t know the details of the story. One person wrote about going to visit a haunted house with her mother and sister, then the car died, they were in the car, they were running away from the car, Tommy stopped by, they couldn’t go because mom was on the phone, they waited an hour — it was very difficult to get to the gist of the story.

        We’re all on here to read these stories. A lot of us have had similar experiences, we may be seeking an answer that someone else may have. I just want to remind all these wonderful people who have contributed just to be cognizant that the story flows, and, indeed, the vast majority of these stories are excellent.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m so sorry. i was writing my story, like i said, just for hopes of enlightenment and other’s thoughts. i didn’t think i would get criticized for not writing an article fit for the new york times.

      • Jenna Latina says:

        Oh please don’t stop writing. As I noted, I know that the reason these things happen is that you get caught up in the story. You’re remembering it and you’re trying to put into words what happened, how you felt, etc. It’s very, very easy to put details down and, as you know all the characters, etc., you simply don’t clarify some minutiae. I’ve been writing a story to submit and it’s taken me forever – simply because of that reason. Every time I read it over, I realize that I’ve put something in there and not explained it.

        I’d much rather be a bit frustrated reading something than to stifle anyone from sending in their experiences. You never know when something that happened to you may resonate with another reader. Do not be put off by critiques, that’s going to happen on any blog.

    • FattyAddie says:

      Aaaactually, there is a breed of dog called American Eskimo. They look like an oversized white pomeranian.

    • Kat says:

      An American Eskimo in fact, is a real dog breed. So if your going to correct someone, which I find awfully annoying in the first place atleast get it right.

  4. Midnight says:

    First of all, one plays a game or, an instrument, not with a tool. The Quija is a tool of the craft; how ever, they are not that old, and were first marketed as a game by the founders of Parker Brothers circa 1900s. The maker of the first board sought to make money off of the spiritualist movement of the time, how ever, un-beknownst to him, he created a REAL diviniation tool. Exstensive care must be taken when using the Quija because there were no protective measures put into the development of it; therefore, any spirit can come to call!
    1. you must’nt use Quija alone!!!!!
    2. you must learn about diviniation and how to cast protective circles.
    3. you must declair your intent and seek divine guidence.
    4. Envoke the name of your chosen God/Goddess of how ever you choose pray, for the maximum of protective measures!!!


  5. simmerdown- says:

    very creepy. how it go with you and johnathan?(:
    me and my friends, we want to use an
    “O” board, and well this is going to cause
    outrage in the comments, we are pure
    skepticalls, andsome of the storys
    seem like pure movies, and we want to
    see if any of this is true. ( thanks midnight, we will look up that stuff. )
    we do want to be safe on the matter, and may not beleive it all,
    but we will be careful. i will tell you how it went.

    • Anonymous says:

      neither if the john’s i dated worked out. i think i put too much stock into the ouiji board’s predictions.

    • Anonymous says:

      just dont, thats my only advice to you. i played it when i was in the 4th grade maybe? and it told me things i’ve put so much stock into that i couldn’t look past it and i feel like its altered my judgement on guys if their name isn’t “john” hah

    • Midnight says:

      It’s not outrageous to be skeptical. Some of the most powerfull people I know of, are skeptical of everything! Myself inclueded. Skepticism serves to be a potent way of weeding out what works for you, and can be a way to keep you out of serious trouble. Some people don’t have any “out of the way” experiances with the Quija, and some don’t have anything at all. But, please do be careful. Things of diviniation created in antiquity, were created with the protection of the user in mind. This “game”, was not prepaired in such a fashion. I use the word “game” because thats what it was intended to be, a mere “game”. So take the percautions I set out, and use them. You may find that they block the use of the board while in the circle; yet, out side the circle the board will do something. If this happens, discontinue the use of the board, and close the board. What I mean by “Closing the Board,” stop the use of the board out side the circle, bring it back in the circle, and close the board saying something like ” We no longer wish to continue useing this instrument, we bind it and seal it to be closed”, close the board “lituraly”, and put it in it’s box. There would be a reason that the board would not work in your protective circle, if some thing bad was trying get at you. You don’t have to use those exact words but, that was just to give you an idea of the step to take. Bless your selves with sage incense, and close your circle. Very Important, do not forget to close your circle. Be carefull, and have fun.

  6. Carla Clark says:

    ok someone told me everyone who use an Ouija Board with be haunted, have bad luck or other things, i didn’t really believe them, but then i read stories about it and my mom used on when she was in her early 20′s with her friend . . . her friend drowned soon after and my mom got hurt pretty bad . . . so now i uhhhhh i really don’t wanna do it but i still kinda do Midnight – how do i learn how to cast protective circles????

  7. pray says:

    My half sister, has been using a ouija board for the last 7 years to bring death to my mother and poverty and destruction to my self my son, niece and nephew and my brother. what she is doing is diabolical it almost caused the death of my mother, and yes going to church is the only help especially taking the communion. As jesus transmutes sin, so therefore reversing evil. Even if you are not baptised go to church Jesus will save you. As for my sisters eventhough the devil hasnt got them yet. When they die they will be condemend by God the Father that is for sure.

    • trolldoll says:

      why is she doing this! i gather she doesn’t have the guts to actually do something for real. she is a coward. i seriously doubt that the board will do any real harm to you and your family. i just wish she could be arrested for assault. i don’t think the authorities could do anything to her for her actions with the board. i feel for you. keep going to church if that is what has been helping you so far. hang in there. i’m sure what goes around comes around!

  8. chantelle says:

    cool / creepy story have you married this jonathen? soz if i spelled his name wrong and if you already mentioned it in another comment theres just so many to file through before you write your own :S

  9. Sarah says:

    This is a very intresting story! My mom and my grandma played with a Oujia Board years ago, when my mom was 19. And she told me the questions they asked. One was how old my mom would be when she had her first child and what the sex would be. The board told her she would be 21 and have a girl. Then she asked if she would have another child, the board said yes a boy. SHe asked how old she would be, the board replied 23. Well guess what happened when she was 21 and 23…. Creepy if you ask me. And I have played with Ouji Boards too and weird stuff was going on. Never again will I touch another one.

  10. dont do it says:

    ok im not the best at grammar but on the 2/7/10 i played one and i asked it with my friends if you would kill one of us and the next day my friend died, he was choked at midnight. DONT DO IT MAN ITS CRAZY!
    (it was a custom made one)

  11. chantelle says:

    um to the comment above. if u played it on the 2nd and then commented that it killed your friend the next day but that same day im confused???

  12. AnNa says:

    i dont know why someone would ask a question like that are you going to kill one of us.

  13. trolldoll says:

    anna, how could they kill one of us?

  14. catlincat says:

    the internet ones work i choked on ice and my freind nearly drowed

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