Ouija Board Demons

Posted on January 30, 2010

Hi my name is Aaron. I live in Nashville Tennessee. I’m 24 years old, and I want to tell you about the Ouija board. First thing is you should never play with it not knowing what its about and what it can do, its not a game at all trust me I know.

The first time I played with one I was 16. I played alone in my room with the lights off. I had a black light on so I wouldn’t be as scared but later on that wasn’t going to help me. I started playing with it and didn’t know much about it at the time I just knew all it did was you could talk to spirits and stuff. So I was told to play with it around 3 am the mocking of when Christ died. One of my friends said that’s when you know what your playing is not a game.

I started asking “is there anybody here?” Nothing happened at first, and I asked again “is there anybody here?” I waited a little bit and then with my fingers barely on the glass piece it started to move. It said yes then I asked “how many spirits are with me?” It moved to the number six. I wanted to stop playing right there and then but I just kept going for some reason. I asked if I was talking to good spirits, all it did was go around and around on the board not wanting to answer me so I asked “what do you want?” It spelled ‘HELP US’. The hair on my arms and neck were standing straight up at this point. Then I asked “how can I help you?” It spelled ‘get us out’. My mom, being a church woman, I didn’t have to think too much where this was going. I asked “where are you?” I got nothing but it going around on the board then asked again “what do you want?” It spelled ‘YOU’ I asked “why me?” It spelled ‘we are burning’. I stopped playing right there and said I have to go goodbye it spelled ‘NO’. I packed it up anyway and threw it in the trash thinking that’s that, I was wrong.

Later I told my mom what I did. She started crying and went to my room to do warfare. I never saw her so scared before in my life. Later the next night I woke up out of a dead sleep. It was summer time and my room felt really cold and the smell of something burning it had an awful smell to it. I get out of my bed and I walk down the hallway; nothing was on fire. I walked outside and it felt like it was 80 degrees. I walk back in check the thermostat, its set at 75 so there’s no reason my room should of been freezing cold and as I walk back to my room I notice my black light was on, and it wasn’t when I woke up. I started to get the feeling someone is in my room. I slowly walk in my room I look around, look under my bed the closet feeling like I was 5 or 6 all over again. I then notice my window had been open, all I did was shut it then as I turn around to get back in my bed my bedroom door slams shut the black light goes off and I heard my name in a whisper that felt like it was right next to my ear saying “Aaron.” I screamed and started crying like a baby. My dad, a big man raised catholic and an ex-marine, with my mom beside him comes rushing into my room and says “what’s wrong?” I told them. He thought I was just having a bad dream because over the years he has lost his faith in God, but my mom knew. She also told me that she was seeing things around the house so I knew I wasn’t� going crazy.

I started seeing this black figure out of the corner of my eye when I would turn my head too see it, it would be gone in a split second. I told my mom that I was waking up to my name being called and the black light turning on and the burning smell. She said I had invited demons into the house and she said to ask God to forgive me for what I did and to protect me. My mother had some friends from her church come over to our house to pray. It all helped for awhile until I turned 18 all the way to now.

My parents are no longer together, we lost the house and no one in my family is happy, even me. I had a good job in construction. I was out in Arizona for six months and I did what I thought I would never do again; I bought the Ouija board played with it again by myself again this time not afraid of it. I was more drawn to it than ever at this point. My faith in God is not good dealing with family and losing the house was a lot on me. And I know a part of it had to do with me playing around with it the last time I played.

I asked if there was anybody here? It said yes then I asked how many spirits are here with me; it said six. I said do I know you? It spelled all of us. To this day I have not gone to a church for help. They wont let me. A lot has happened to me since then and nothing good, they do want people to know they are here. They are everywhere watching us, looking for the next person that has lost hope that does not want to live anymore that does not believe in good or God. They will come into you if you let them. They will make your life a living hell; that’s where they come from, and that’s were they will take you.

Here are there names, I can give all but two they do not want me saying their names and the only way I know their names is through dreams at night and the Ouija board so please think before you play with something like this:

My name is Merhim. My name is Sonneillon. My name is Nybbas. My name is Ornias. We are the four within and the world will know and see all that is evil on Earth and we will have all the lost souls. We are all around you. We have most of you already. Your kids or husbands or wives. We are winning by the numbers every day. All will see the day of true pain. Love ones going to my master. Your God will save so few as we take many. It will be too late for those when the heavens come down and Hello opens it’s gates and the screaming will begin.

Sent in by Aaron, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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66 Responses to “Ouija Board Demons”
  1. Erica says:

    Your story sounds quite chilling Aaron. I too use the ouija alone, but I have never ran into these six demons. I talk to one demon in peticular most often. He was the first demon I came into contact with the very first time I used the ouija. He calls himself Bawa, though he has recently told me his full name is Popo Bawa. If you google Popo Bawa, you will see he is a vampie-bat demon known to rape men. He says he’s an archdemon. I talk to him often and nothing bad has happened. He says he’s been following me for the past four years. When I asked him why he said “To protect you, Erica” . I asked him if he thinks I’ll go to hell and he said yes, but he will protect me so I will not burn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow are you serious? That is really freaky and I’m only 12. My brother is 15 and he has played with it before and there was a demon named Dasgea and he played twisted games with my brother. One night me and my brother were in the same bed ’cause my grandmother was staying the night and was in my room. Anyway my brother woke up and was standing next to the bed, I woke up and his face had blood all over it and I was screaming yelling for my parents to come and my brother said ” This is not Matt, this is Dasgea, Matt will not return if you yell again” suddenly my parents opened the door and turned on the lights and my brother fell straight down on the floor and I got up and starting running from him. My mother was crying so hard. My brother got up and ran after me saying “Matt will not return” over and over and over again. Suddenly he stopped and Matt was back, we called an excerist and he got the demon out of my brother, but it when inside the priest and took over his body forever so he shot himself. The priests name was Father James Reikinson. My brother is now the same as he was before he played the ouija board. He is still grounded.

      • CHASE says:

        I have had alot of experiences myself Aaron. Back in July of 1982 I was 18 and living in a duplex house with 2 other room mates. One i knew, the other i wished i’d known before he moved in; why? because i wouldn’t have let him move in. Lets call him kelly for now. Kelly was a blundering demonologist who only caused problems for the rest of us. One thing that I remember besides having my name whispered in my ear every night by invisible beings, was the noise comming from his room at night which was right next door to my room. One night being very tired and really upset at his parties I opened the door in a rush and found things floating in mid-air kind of going in a circle around the room. He wasn’t in the room but the party was still on without him. Well that was it for me he was out as far as i was concerned. But even after he left lights would go on and off by themselves the voices in my ear at night got louder and I decided to use the term that I had learned from a close friend: In the name of Jehovah God leave this house!!
        And it worked!! I left that house a few months later after i found a job out of state and never had to deal with that house again. But more times than not they follow you, and thats another story.

        • Sarah says:

          The best way to get rid of Demons is to say, “In the name of Jesus I demand you to leave.” And they will. Its like Bible story where Jesus rebukes the Demons out of the man and the Demons went into a flock of Pigs. The Pigs ran down to the river and drowned themselfs. So really the best way to get rid of them is rubke them in the name of Jesus. I have done this everytime I feel something in my house or around me. And it will go away and stay away.

      • cherry says:

        whoa,that is freaky/eerie! if i were u,i’ll be shooting that ouja board but then again,idk how to use a gun.lol! but i would be freaked after after an experience like that!

    • courtney says:

      Aaron, im sorry to hear about the evil spirits haunting you idk about me but im haunted by evil spirits as well but dont know who they are. i have never used a ouija board and never will, i just wish i had my normal life back, if i could help i could get them away from you. just everyone who replies to this i can help ive already thought about asking a preist to help but idk.

    • Kayla says:

      That isss the scariest thing i’ve ever heard, i dont know how people can live with things liek that or after having an experoence, im veryyyyy into paranormal activity, i think its fascinating, but it scares the living day light sout of me, i use to play with the ouija baord all the time when iw as younger with my friends, i knew the rules but i didnt know that it was so serious when it came to letting demons out and being haunted by them or your house. i will hnever touch a ouija board again or even be in the same house as one… i’m that scared. Uts nuthing i ever want to mess with again, but i love the stories!

    • dylan says:

      Aaron you need to watch the movie THE EXORCISM of EMILY ROSE those demons are going to take over you and kill you i mean it you have to have a priest help you this is very important please listen to me

    • Lovehappily4891 says:

      Erica, do you feel like you can’t stop talking to the demon? Why would you continue to talk to a spirit if you know it to be a demon and a raper of men no less? doesn’t that just sound a bit stupid. If I were you I would stop right now, unless your dream is to go to hell. I recommend you head for a church as quickly as possible, before your demon friend turns on you, because believe me he is not here to help you. be safe and call on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

  2. Ryan Whiten says:

    Umm, no offense or anything, but for the safety of others that read this, I suggest you heavily edit the names of the spirits.Names carry power, and speaking or reading certain names of demons can bring them into your life. I’ll pray for you.

    • tommy says:

      dude are you serious? so like say a story has and im not going to say his name because of your comment the king of hell he can come into our life?

  3. Kelly Renee says:

    Hi Aaron!

    I read your story and everything that you have told I KNOW is 100% TRUE!!!

    I am a born again believer. People need to accept JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior into their hearts to be saved from the damnation that will come at the end of every person’s life who does not accept HIM (JESUS). What the/those demon/s have said is true! Start by reading the Bible!!! I would start in the New Testament. Ask God in the name of Jesus to help you in your life to be free and away from those demons that are trying to get you to not have faith in God or be saved (if your not already).

    I am sad of what you said about your family! :( I know that once though you become a christian, satan and his demons will try to still attack you but once you are born again and have the Spirit of God/Christ in you, you can DEFEAT THE ENEMY by the SPOKEN WORD OF GOD, SAY THIS OUT LOUD to the demons/devil…”NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!!!” and tell the demons to leave you alone and go back to where they came from in the name of JESUS, then WORSHIP GOD OUT LOUD, for they cannot stand the name of JESUS/GOD! AND SAY “THE BLOOD OF JESUS COVERS ME”.

    Okay so, let me know how you are doing sometime alright?

    Note from Admin – thank you Kelly for that 2nd note

  4. Believer says:

    That Is so scary! my family say that we are cursed and I think I know why, It’s because when my mom, uncle and aunt were young they would play games where you contact the dead

  5. eyepriestess says:

    So as not to repeat myself, if you look at my last comment under the story ‘ouija board warning’ hopefully it will give you an idea about what is coming through and why they wanted you to help get them out and into our dimension. Only trouble is once you start playing the ouija board that is their invitation into our world and then it’s too late. What ‘they’ are, are demons.

    You need to do what Kelly says above and do it asap. God helped me get rid of a demon after i had used the ouija, so i know it works and when it does work and your demons are got rid of, your faith in God will never, ever be swayed again! I promise.

  6. jk says:


    You you and Erica both need to hit your knees as quickly as possible and pray to God like Kelly said and here is what you do:
    Get on your knees and say, Dear heavenly Father, I know that I have sinned and I humbley ask you to forgive me of all of my sins in Jesus name. I believe that you sent Jesus into this world to suffer for my sins and to die in my place so that I would not have to and that I will live with you in Heaven forever. I believe that He died for my sins and I believe that You Father raised Him from the dead on the 3rd day and I invite your Holy Spirit to live in me and I will make you the Lord of my life and turn from my sinful ways. Thank you Father for saving me, Amen
    Erica, forget about being burned in hell, your hell will be total and eternally seperated from God when you die. You will be able to see us in total joy in Heaven and know that after you die that there is no way to pray this prayer or ask God to save you, you will be lost for eternity knowing that you could have gone to Heaven but at the time you were enjoying playing with hell. There comes a day in all of our lives when your heart will stop but you soul lives on eternally and no matter how you you are your day could be today. If you die not knowing Jesus, you are in for it,
    Both of you look at what Aaron was told, surely if you believe this is all true and demons are speaking to him, they are saying the same thing, when you die and you are on their side you are going with them, if on Jesus’ side it will be Heaven, there is nmo other choice, when you die it is one or the other and whichever you choose while living is where you will spend eternity. When Jesus died on the cross the devil thought he had won. On the third day God raised Him from the dead and at that point, the devil knew that he had been defeated forever and now all he can do is try to deceive confuse and misinform as many people as he can into not fully knowing Jesus until they die and he knows that hurts God but he also knows that He is defeated. Aaron you sound oppressed and Erica you sound misinformed, do it now, get under the Blood of Jesus before it is to late. Aaron, they cannot stop you from going to church, if I was you I would call a preacher to come and lead you through making a committment to God in Jesus name and both of you better start today and read the Bible, I am praying for you souls now. I pray that Jesus will pour out His Holy Spirit upon you and He is the Light of the World and the only One that can save you from the darkness

  7. anonamouse says:

    I read your story and i hope all will be okay and good for you, remember that in your darkest times there will always be a light that will guide you. And im wondering why you didn’t asked to get exorcised or blessed because i believe that no matter what the light of day and hope will never leave a person no matter what happens in their lifetime. (i believe in ghost and anything paranormal but i am also loosing faith little by little because of whats happening in my life) good luck and as my grandmother would say god bless

  8. A friend says:

    Those “spirits” are trying to scare you into turning away from God and stray further away from Him. Pray for strength and while it might be hard, if you stay true you can overcome them. Hope everything works out for you.

  9. Jk says:

    For Aaron and Erica and everyone else that reads this. Get a book titled “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese. This was a normal guy with a normal Christian life and He and his wife canme home from visiting friends one night back in 1998. He went to bed as usual and at 3:00am he was violently thrown from his bed and landed in a damp dark staone cell. The rest of his book goes on to describe the horrors that he witness and the feeling of being eternally lost and tormented. He believes that God allowed him to go there so that he could give us all a warning that Jesus and Heaven are a much better choice for eternity. Don’t forget, eternity only gives us 2 choices, it is not a buffet. Read this book, it is not a long book and it only cost 10 bucks-it will answer a lot of paranormal questions for you even though it is not a paranormal book, it is a Christian book. When Wiese wrote the book, he was able to verify everything that he encountered and felt in the Bible, word for word. Get the book, it is a great investment in your eternity.

  10. ChristianTexture says:

    I agree with anyone who says that you need to pray, but in my opinion, you don’t need to get on your knees. You’ve tried that before and you just went back to the same sin. You need to fall flat on your face and truly repent. It is true that you were, and still are, drawn to the spirit of witchcraft, but you can be freed. Jesus Christ always provides a way out for His people.

    Stay in Faith, Aaron. That’s what God says. Period.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Be carefull this is dangerous stuff the board it’s a portal for the demons to cross over. you must stop. even mentioning their names is dangerous to others reading the information. these demon wait for an oportunity to cross over using the board. you can summon a demon or a haunting by writing ghost stories, visiting or residing in a haunted location. Demon also live in our prisons some of the prisoners are actually demons. Gang members some are demons disguised as humans. These beings are everywhere. we summon them in all sorts of ways. evil music, reading some paranormal material. some locations are just haunted and demons hide in houses. a seance will summon them also.
    try to pray for god’s protection. get a cross and wear it immediately this is for spirtual protection. get some holy water. sprikle it in your home. read the bible. go to church. if all else fails get a catholic priest to do an exorcism. I will pray for you.

  12. Anamadrid says:

    please, no matter how drawn you are to it, stop.

  13. whirlingdervish10 says:

    Aaron, You first of all are a great writer, I am not saying your story sounds made up, but, was one of the most interesting and well written on this site. I just started reading all of these ouji board stories and I suggest you run,dont walk to the nearest church.God may seem to leave us at times but, he doesn’t. We choose to leave him. He will not turn you away. Ask for help. Get your mom involved. I am a novice at alot of things and have myself along with friends tried to connect with loved ones using a ouji board and it has been my experience that 99% of the time there is one or two people playing that want to connect so badly that they move the game piece themselves. I think you have had a really shocking experience and I think your telling the truth so please take steps to stop what you unknowingly seemed to have unleashed. God Bless You and please come back to this site so we can read more.

  14. evelina says:

    you opened a door that you should not have opened, I am so sorry for that. This is no game to play like monopoly or so, this is a game of the demons, what you should do is call the archangels, the should build a circle around you, call Michael to your right side, Gabriel to your left, Rafael in front of you and Uriel behind you, tell them to protect you and pray for forgiveness, I work with angels and they always helped me, try it please and let me know.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Many of you say to remove the demon names, however Demons often ONLY listen to you when you demand they leave IF you use their name. It is common in Catholic human exorcisms for the priest to ask the demons name, and the demon must answer the priest, if he asks the question the right way. Then the priest will be able to perform the exorcism. There is only a danger of knowing the name if you use it to call them. I have never known typing a demons name to call him, only saying it out loud and inviting him in.

  16. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I can’t believe DEMONS are real!!!!

  17. Sandi says:

    that is truly terriifying. Those Ouiji boards are really horrible. I used to use one as a teenager with my friends at night and some really scary things always happened. I refuse to touch one again. I really hope all ends up well for you. I am sorry you lost your faith. You need to find a way to regain it somehow. All these people replying have some good advice. I would listen to them and try to find a way to save yourself. Good luck

  18. Lisa says:

    Erica, don’t you know that NO demon wants to protect you – They only want to do people harm!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I need help. My teenage son and his friend have been doing the Ouija for weeks and have contacted a demon. He likes to toy with them and has said so. He swears alot and has told them his goal is to send them to hell so he can have their bodies and walk our plain. He said he wants to take out my sons’ eyes and cut up his friend. Although he hasn’t done anything to physically hurt them, I feel it’s only a matter of time. They think he’s funny and kind of screw around with him too. I sat in today to see exactly what’s happening. He called me by name but with the word “bad” in front of it. When he heard me talking about closing the board properly and stopping him he told me to shut up. He said my talking to the angels and God would not be able to help me. I’ve done so much reading on the Ouija and am confused as to my next step. Can someone please help me? Thank you,

    • CHASE says:

      try using Gods name not god or jesus but Jehovah i really think it will help you………

    • Dare says:

      Here’s the problem: your son KEEPS PLAYING WITH THE BOARD. No matter how hard you try to deliver your son, it won’t work. Sorry.

  20. eyepriestess says:


    pray for help that’s the only way to get rid of the demon, but that ouija board needs getting rid of before your son’s do any more damage whilst using it. If they don’t agree, then get rid of it when they are not home and ban them from using one again. Don’t burn the board though, (i don’t know why that is, but i’ve heard its not the right way to dispose of it and best be on the safe side), i’ve heard it’s a good idea to take the board to a priest and ask him to bless it and get rid of it.

    Don’t listen to the demon saying God will not help you, it is just trying to stop you getting rid of it. Avoid communicating with the demon too and pray!

    Good luck!

  21. Kelly Renee says:

    To the person that needs help with their son -

    First I would pray to accept Jesus into your heart. Ask God IN THE NAME OF JESUS to give you wisdom. Then what you need to do is take authority IN THE NAME OF JESUS over the demon or demons because once you are BORN AGAIN and accept JESUS into your heart and life, God gives you HIS POWER because HE OVERCAME THE devil and his demons when HE died on the cross for us (for our salvation and for our forgiveness of sins). NOW you will have that same power and the WORD OF GOD says that we can do all things IN HIS NAME. That means that we have HIS AUTHORITY by speaking over the situation… So I would speak out loud in the room where your son plays the ouija board and if the board is there in front of you speak to it, say out to the demons that are there in the presence of the board and room where they linger (because your son and his friend have opened the door for them to allow their presence), Say “IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE, I COMMAND YOU BY THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST TO DEPART”!!! AND MEAN IT AND SPEAK IT OUT BY FAITH! Say it over and over again if you feel the need. The devil and his agents (demons) cannot stand to hear THE NAME OF JESUS, THE MENTIONING OF HIS SHED BLOOD or THE WORD OF GOD!!! (the Bible). And start reading the bible daily. Tell your son that he needs to also be born again and if he is not careful the demon could end up possessing him and THAT IS NOT GOOD because demons do have power if you are not protected by God. And if someone becomes possessed, they will end up needing deliverence and if they don’t get it, the demon or demons could end up destroying them, even by death. And hell if for eternity, which is where people will go if they are not born again and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. God Bless you and write back to let me know how you are doing, God Loves you and your son, HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU, PLEASE ACCEPT HIM!!! Kelly

  22. anna says:

    first of all your stupid for doing it the 2nd time.didnt you learn from the first time.since you ruined your life you can try and get it back just keep saying god is with you pray and keep your faith.I am upset with you look at your family Im not saying its all your fault but most of is.do what you can to get your life back.when it does let us know.

  23. courtney says:

    I myself am haunted by unknown good or bad spirits, im scared to the highest that i cant say, i wish i could get rid of them but idk how……only thing is i didnt use a board and never will

    • Kayla says:

      what is it like? im very curious… what has happend what ahve you experienced? and how do you deal with it?

  24. christianwarrior101 says:

    this message is to courtney i am not pushing my belifs on you or anyone i am offering you help that will work if you want it thats great if not that is up to you so the thing you need to realize it is all bad regardless what anyone else is trying to tell you its fact if you are being bothered by something it is a demonic spirit no matter what it does or what form it takes doesnt matter what people call ghost are really familar sprits which are always demons they just come in a form familiar to you and me therefore the name so once you understand they are all bad then you need to get rid of it or them and the sure fire way of that is the name of jesus christ its been proven and documented the name is power ok i dont know your beliefs or no if you go to church that does not matter ok start from the begining your first step is to repent your sins to jesus christ give it all over to him and ask him in to your life get that one on one relationship with jesus then you are protected the demon might try to show you how strong it is or scare you to test your faith saying you have no hope but he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world so no matter what keep the faith stand tall and command the demons not in your name but only only in jesus name rebuke them in jesus name tell them they no longer have power over you and to get away from you and leave your house they can no longer be there or around you no matter how many times you have to do it in jesus name command them to leave and find yourself a good bible based church what it is is up to you but the best one s are the ones that preach from the bible the whole bible leave nothing out ok and if you need help from a preist then they will be able to help you if you ever have any problems i will check this page when i can i will not forget about you and i will help you ok this is my way of helping so if you choose not to listen that is up to you god bless you either way and i will pray for you and if you ever need help i will be here and to anyone gonna jump all over me for my message do what you want just dont expect me to not say something back and i made it very clear that i am not forceing nothing on any one if someone want s my help i will be here so god bless you all

  25. EnmaAi says:

    i searched for the names on the web and came up with demons except for the first one you mentioned.i pray for you to have a strong faith so you can help yourself banish these evils in your life.

  26. irena says:

    these demons got their thrones

  27. vera says:

    hi arron i understand your story or what your going through im 33 and im still having nightmares ive tried everything but nothing seems to work.The worst part is i havent been back in a church for years since 02.I wake up daily at 3am. its an awful experince .I played in my younger years.i was out of control.I tried to go back to church and my spouse at that time was trying to kill me.im divorced now my life day by day.i feel sorry for you.honestly.im glad to know that other people know where im comming from.

    • Sunfire says:

      Waking up at this hour is NOT demonic….so many christians will tell you this but please listen to me!! This is your angels giving you a message and your message is that God, Jesus and The Angels and all other Prominent Spiritual Leaders on the other side are telling you that they are there for you! Call on them whenever you need them. This is just a reminder that you are not alone and they love you!

  28. Anonymous says:

    this stuff is all crazy i WILL NOT PRAY FOR YOU but i will beg GOD for your forgivness.

  29. flinch says:

    listen you can get away dont be a fool and be lied to anymore Satan is a lier who comes to steal kill and destroy he destroyed your families marriage and stole your home and now has his 6 demons following u all these heard
    trust me been through it he wants them to steal your soul for his fire pit, God will save those who believe in him and Jesus and have faith in him even a little drop it will grow
    you must renounce satan and all his works and his demons that just suck the life out of you until u are no good to them anymore ,m and accept jesus as your lord and savior it is the only way to true life and protection from evil.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have to say I find some of this hilarious.

    I believe these boards can somehow connect with bad energy and be brought into good ppls lives but what i’m not liking here is how ppl keep saying, Call on Jesus, he will save you, be reborn as a Christian and blah blah blah.

    Numerous religions, over thousands of yrs have all had similiar experiences, this is nothing to do with having faith solely in Jesus, this is to do with having faith in yourself, calling on guidance and help from angels, those who have passed on, who ever it is you want to put your faith into, the willpower to fight what doesn’t belong.

    If someone doesn’t believe in god well then please believe in something, anything, thats good and positive because if you can feel this evil around you, even contacting you somehow ( though some maybe mentally menifested also) they will stay with you, I fully believe where there is bad, there is good, I don’t like being preached at and I don’t like reading others preaching at ppl, there is a lot of good energy out there, tap into it, speak to a priest if you are religious, speak to a healer if you are not, a shaman, a crysal healer, a medium a psychic, what ever takes your fancy, but don’t attempt to assume just because some have a pure devotion in their Jesus and God that these other healers I have mentioned can do any less of a job or have some connectiion to the devil and the occult, because its highly insulting to those with the gifts, and broader minds.

  31. flinch says:

    hi to the last reply
    my intention was not to preach, ive been on the wrong side before unfortunately, really deep, i was simply replying to the story to help and share my experience and what helped me we are here to share experiences and help others if we have some knowledge of the situation at hand or have experienced it or known others who have,
    anyway Jesus saved my life from the torment of the demons that i allowed in my life by playing or living by magic, but the person must have faith in Christ and believe that he will heal you in order for 100percent healing which may be hard butthe more you learn of his love for us and what occured in the bible and in real life that he died for our sin you will belive in his glory more. He is a positive force as you call it, i believe that posititivity and the white light as you call it is the white light protection from the holy spirit.God bless you thank you for sharing as well i will continue to pray for our friend and believe that he will be free from torment soon

  32. Steven says:

    Hey bro remember that the devil and his demons are nothing more than liars. They will lie to you in all ways in order to ruin you and ruin your relationship with God. Yes it may be true what they say that a lot of people wont be saved but know and believe with faith that you and your descendants WILL be saved in the name of God. They are just a whole bunch of lairs but dont listen. I would recommend you quit playing that cursed game, get rid of it, ask God for forgiveness (which he will give you) and stick to that person who truly loves you more than anyone or anything else which is GOD. No matter what sin you do, God will always forgive you for absolutely anything you do. He will take you in as his son always.�Please know i will pray for you and God loves you always.

  33. Rebecca says:

    idk, I always think that devils and demons r not real…..
    Are they really real? Anyway, Aaron, I am really sorry to hear about that.

    • Sunfire says:

      I dont believe in Satan, but I do however believe there is something “bad” out there. I feel its better to keep my beliefs because ever since Ive let go of the belief that Satan is real I have felt soooooo much better. Its a myth to me. And what ALOT of people dont understand is that your own mind came create so many of the demons in your life and that is just a fact!

  34. Rosa says:

    That last paragraph got me really mad if they really think they getting my soul they need to check there selfs. I believe in God and believe he will fight for who deserves to fought for. Yes alot of people will die only because they messed up in ways we can’t imagine. You need to love god and believe he will forgive you and save you from any evil. Pray and pray that’s all you can do believe in him go to church and rebuke each and everone of those demons. This will work it will weakend the demons and hopefully make them go away so you can live your life and do right. I will pray for you and I hope you learned your lesson!

  35. Smiley says:

    woooow after reading this really made me think twice about getting the board but I will not pray for u because u did it ur self not only once but twice n u desroyed your family with this u should b ashamed !! it is not koool for me reading this especially the last paragragh wen u put there names up I literally think u should stop touching that board b-cuz all u r doing is bringing your self closer and closer to the devil but as you can c u r doing this and apperintly u Noe wat u r doing b-cuz ur mom told u n u even said u wasn’t scared u were more aware but u really need to pray n ask fo forgiveness just like ur mother said but any ways like I said I won’t b prayin for u .u r doin it to ur self n u needs to stop!!!!! …………!!!!!ur mm was rie u shouldive listened to her………….:.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anna says:

      im with u .the first time whatever but the second time its ur fault and ur right she should be ashamed.why would u do something for the second time if you know its not good.

  36. Heatherie says:

    can i just ask , if you believe something is out there like god & jesus , But dont go to church is that still good enough??

    i think this story is a little scary i know i have not been believing lately after losing my dad 6 years ago but i want to believe it.

    if this story is real i think that the demons are trying to you onto their side & you should not continue on that road try to ignore them & have some faith in jesus & know that he can save you from anything if you really try to make an effort for him to see.

    i would like to start believing more in jesus , i know if i told my family they would make fun of me.
    & wearing a cross around your neck does this have to be blessed as well?
    i know you can buy them anywhere from jewelry shops but does that still even count?

    sorry if i make no sense at all.

    this story is different from others i have read & i agree with the others. have faith & believe that jesus can save you from the ones that can try to harm you.

    • demirod says:

      heatherie I know if you truly believe in God and Jesus with all your heart they will be there to protect you. The act of going to church is important in that it shows you respect and love God enough to go and spend time with him and are willing to take time out of your life to show God and Jesus the respect and honor they deserve for giving us all the chance for redemption. As far as crosses and other holy symbols if used with true faith and conviction they can be very powerful tools of protection. Just remember you are using the cross as a focus of your faith in Jesus and what this means for us. That is remember that Jesus died for all of us on the cross so we could be saved and forgiven for our sins and to save us from evil. The cross itself holds no special power but your faith and belief in the one who died on it does. Symbols like the cross remind us of how much god loves us and what he was and is willing to do for us if we only ask and open our heart to him. When you wear a cross it is like wearing your faith. If you believe truly and know what the cross is representing it will protect. If you wear it blindly or with no faith then its just another piece of jewelry. Also when you believe and get an object blessed this gives it even more power to protect. This is because you are asking God to touch this object and give it holy power. When you ask God for anything like this you will be answered. Blessed objects used with faith in God and Jesus are very powerful. I think this is why holy objects scare evil creatures. They know the power in these objects when they are combined with true faith. If people are weak or don’t understand why and how holy things like bibles crosses etc. should be used and use them with the wrong understanding -i.e. thinking the object will protect them just because it is a cross, bible whatever. Remember it isn’t the object itself that does anything it is you using the object in true faith and calling on God knowing he will answer and protect you. The wicked spirits will try to destroy holy objects or get more destructive when holy objects are used against them the wrong way. This is not because they are angry it is because they know these objects do have a lot of power when used against them in faith in God. When they can they try to undermine your faith even more, so you are discouraged from trying to use these things against them.The less faith in God you have the less well holy objects work against these things. If you go in strong and powerful knowing who and what the symbols represent and ask God and Jesus to be with you and work through you and you know in your heart they hear and answer your prayers then nothing will be able to stand against God and the power your faith in him brings out. Hope this helped. Also don’t worry about being laughed at. Jesus was laughed at and persecuted and so were the apostles. But look at how powerful they are today. Their writings and teachings bring wisdom and comfort to millions of people. God I think is speaking to your heart let him in quietly and don’t worry about your family they will understand when it is time for them to. You have a healthy beautiful seed of faith.Nurture it and quietly let it grow, ask God for guidance and to show you the way to him. God bless. p.s. Stay away from Ouija boards and the occult as evil also comes when invited and can be very difficult to remove.

  37. Angela says:

    hey i read from ouija boards stories and tips that If you try to burn an ouija board, whoever hears the board scream has 36 hours to live – DO NOT BURN OUIJA BOARDS!!!!!

  38. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry to say that I do not believe your story. I believe in almost everything paranormal but your story does not sound true to me. I’m really sorry if the story is true I hope I’m not offending you. It was well written though and I enjoyed reading it anyway.

  39. Kind Skeptic says:

    Frankly, I agree with you Sarah. The story is a bit “trite”….especially your wording for the messages from the “demons” at the end of your story. Nope — not buying it!

  40. Ouija says:

    If what you’re saying is true.
    I am not afraid in the slightest. These demons sound VERY interesting. I heard the name Nybbas in the Demon Hunter’s Guide I bought at Barnes and Nobles.

  41. Eric says:

    well this just got freaky. You have talked to Nybbas too? I asked where i was going and he said… I-M N-O-T S-U-R-E Y-E-T.

  42. sassy says:

    For Smiley and Anna:

    “Let he without Sin cast the first stone.” Please do not judge people for you do not walk in their shoes. And also as the Bible states, “Those who judge, shall also be judged.”

  43. Kelly says:

    Okay, I am sorry but anyone who believes in faith in yourself is someone who is listening to the lies of the enemy. I pray that God will open your heart to see the truth.

    P/S� I like your comment �Flinch�! : )

  44. Kelly says:

    Okay… here I am again and it’s been a long time since I have been on this site so now I keep leaving messages, sorry about that! : ) To Heatherie:

    You don’t “have” to go to church to be a believer. But going to church is a good thing because you then are surrounded by other believers that believe in God and can like pray for you if you need it etc… And also, to hear the Word Of God by a preacher is good because it builds up your faith. The main thing though is to go to the RIGHT CHURCH, there are MANY different churches out there but you need to go to a BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH, a church that preaches right out of the word of God, like an Assembly Of God, of Resurrection Life, or Penecostal Churches are good. The main thing in life is to Believe in God, except His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to read the Bible on your own, daily and life by the words in it…. Hope this helps, I will pray for you…
    And don’t worry about anyone making fun of you as a Christian, just pray for them to be saved too and God WILL answer your prayer… God Bless! ; )

  45. Kelly says:

    SORRY everyone, I really NEED to edit my comments before sending them, I tend to type too fast and not check for mistakes… No big deal RIGHT??? ha.ha.ha


    You see (Eric), demons controlling those boards don’t know everything, only God knows everything.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Well that’s a freaky story.. especially the specific names at the end o.O but uhh yeah… you might wanna get some help for that.

  47. Anonymous says:

    hello i now what your going through and a word of caution do not distroy a ouija board because that slam the door behind them as a pagan shaman i have plenty of runins with “demons” and i’ve found the safest way for someone to beat them is to find out more on them, like Ornias for example i’ve delt with ones like him they are pranksters little more,but they can get violent so be careful.

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