Orbs Turning Darker Black Magic and Rusty Nails

Posted on March 11, 2010

These colors which I used to see in corners since two to three days are changing their colors too dark like dark hair just a few seconds and they vanish I also saw a hand a faint white ghostly hand just for a flash of a second on my dresser.

The other day I was frustrated very much because of these incidents I was sitting on the couch and I just cried. I cried so badly I was literally howling hysterically because I was tired and suddenly I heard a door shut badly very badly in the upper portion of the house. I felt some vibrations as if a wind pass through me a cold wind I was angry. I straight marched upstairs to face it once and for all taking Gods name. I shouted whoever you are face me not like colors but in your original form face me lets see how you can get saved from God powers.

I was silently reciting Quranic verses. I said come show me it was broad daylight I could see every inch and corner of the whole area upstairs but no answer. I started opening all the doors and windows because suddenly I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t take in air there was some kind of pressure on my temples on my forehead and behind my ears. I couldn’t think anything and it is winter here about 10 and I was sweating. I couldn’t breathe and I fell on the floor it was becoming darker and I think I fell unconscious. I’m heavy built about 140 pounds its not easy to pick me up, as no one was there either at home, my son was in school, my husband at work ,and his second wife gone to her mothers. I don’t know what happened but when I awoke everyone was at home and I in bed. I don’t remember walking down the stairs either but maybe I sleep walked which I never do. I asked them how I came here I was upstairs my husband said no you were here sound asleep you didn’t open the door when we came he said he had to use the spare key which his second wife keeps with her.

Anyways I was up and first thing I did was to go upstairs. I didn’t mention anything to anyone it was as if I had a dream or some kind of a sign. I went up the stairs opened the bathroom door of the very first bedroom and started searching in all the dark corners of the washroom where I found nails, small hammer nails about an inch a hundred or more all rusted in a small piece of cloth which was supposed to be my shirt cloth which I discarded two to three months ago before winter came. They were so rusty maybe they were burnt because they smell bad rusted. I brought them down showed them to my husband he had a very simple explanation saying that people who must have built this house must have forgotten to remove it from top side of the bathroom door. I said OK but what are they doing in my shirt piece, what are they doing in my cloth piece I said please forget it its no use telling you I was tired that thing made me physically tired. I took my son I went to bed its been two days now I haven’t gone back upstairs.

There was an incident outside my gate also a gypsy man with necklaces and my main house door being scratched deeply, my sons not keeping well and me too we have fever at night sometimes me sometimes him without any reason no cough, no cold, maybe its fear in me and my son he senses that something’s wrong. I did speak to a mosque priest close to my home as I went down to the market yesterday evening he said in a day or two he will bring someone big, someone who has knowledge for these things. He said he will also bring holy water to bless my home I showed him the nails and he asked me not to touch them. He said I would have asked you to discard them in water somewhere far but I want the big priest to see them, they are cursed they are used in black magic specially when rusted burnt. He advised me to put them out in the garage and not keep it inside the house.

Lets see how things turn up I’m not scared now but just worried and kind of physically sick even my son I know its not over yet its something big which is there and its either to do with his wife or the house but it shall end soon please do pray for me and my son thank you.

Sent in by Afreen, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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24 Responses to “Orbs Turning Darker Black Magic and Rusty Nails”
  1. Believer says:

    Seems like you have been cursed and the person doing It Is trying to make you land up In a mental hospital. My gran has been cursed and she got very sick and didn’t know what was wrong until a pastor came to her house to pray for her, her bed was in the corner of the bedroom and in the corner where her bed was, was a little boy, the boy made her sick and as the pastor prayed the boy ran away, they said that the boy was a demon. Be very careful, I don’t want to accuse anyone but I really think that It Is your husbands 2nd wife cursing you or even your husband himself.

  2. Tracy says:

    Question? Are you good with your husbands seccond wife? And why two wives?

  3. anna says:

    I hope everything goes good with the guy that is going to come over.If you do think it your husbands wife shame on her,for scaring you and your son.she wants you out of the house maybe.do let us know.I wish your husband would stop being mean and listen to you,and help you out.anout the dark orbs I have know idea.Im sorry.Maybe you should yell next time this happens and say Im not afraid anymore and be strong but sometimes that doesnt work.Dont open the gates for anyone no matter what .thanks for the story and I will pray for you and your son.

  4. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    dear afreen,
    wow how strange! those rusted nails and that ghost,
    gpsy idk wat it is must be causing u and ur son to
    become sick im sooo sorry for that
    ill pray for u both i hope u both get well soon
    and lift that dreadful curse from ur house
    dont worry though as long as u show no fear and stay strong
    im pretty sure u and the priest can lift that curse and get rid of the ghost!!
    well good luck!!
    xxxx karenn[=

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    i wonder how you did end up in your bed. i think maybe someone is trying to scare you. those nails are very strange also, i would have thought you or your husband or son or the second wife would have noticed them before. this is a mystery! please let us know what the priest and big man has to say!! just be careful!!

  6. sean says:

    I too have been wondering about that second wife — if there are some jealousy issues going on, for example.

    Somebody had to set up the black magic stuff.

    It would be worth it to seek out more spiritual people for spiritual help and protection. It’s always good to have a supportive community, and have more people you can count on.

  7. anna says:

    what happenes just say it is the wife what then.

  8. felicia says:

    I agree with the last 2 posts. Someone is cursing you and it must be someone inside your house to have access to room where you found the rusted nails and shirt. Also, someone must have been watching you and saw that you threw away your shirt and went and got it out for the curse. You may want to pay more attention to your husband and his second wife. Or anyone who has access to your house.

  9. knowtomuch says:

    Afreen, could i ask where you are from??? Sounds like a lot is going on in your home, maybe not all paranormal. first things i would ask myself, are we all getting along?? Do we all care deeply for each other and would never let any harm come to one another??

    From what i read, you dont sound very happy at all…..

    • afreen says:

      yes im from Pakistan knowtoomuch
      yes i havent been happy and im not happy im trying to find my way out from everything.

  10. anna says:

    out of all the stories i have read this is the one i cant wait to hear more,well only because the stories not done, its like a novel,you have to read a little at a time.the sespence is killing me.I know I know i have to wait just like everyone else.thats ok by me.

  11. afreen says:

    thanx again eevryone for my concern the best wishes and all thanx a lot each and everyone one of you for praying for me and my son as well.

  12. Olga says:

    Ur very welcm Afreen!

  13. knowtomuch says:

    Afreen, i know how it feels to be stuck and not happy. I will continue to pray for you and your son.

  14. anna says:

    let us know what happens after everything is done.

  15. Olga says:

    Hey Guys,

    Does any1 know if Afreen has written anymore but with a different title?

  16. Olga says:

    Thanks Caretaker

  17. Olga says:

    Wow! It’s been a while since Afreen posted, I hope her & her son R doing fine. Hope she posts soon.

    • anna says:

      i wonder that evryday how she and son are doing.

      • wise says:

        since she’s from pakistan, so i guess she’s a muslim. and i strongly believe it’s black magic…the rusted nails, wrapped in her old shirt..that explains. black magic is common in the eastern countries.not much different from voodoo…what we usually have here in the east, contries like indonesia,thailand and malaysia, people use black magic or ‘ilmu hitam’ for many reasons…there r some who practise black magic to make business bloom,give ones strength,beauty and wealth, and i believe they mean no harm to others.but there r some who use black magic for a very mean reason. to ruin one’s marriage,make them split..to make people suffer so badly with illness doctors cant explain.and some even died. tis happened to my late uncle.he was so young.he’d been ill for weeks,doctors couldnt find anything wrong with him,he started to vomit blood and died.stuff like tis are always a bit difficult to explain. we Muslims fight it with what we are told in the Quran. we seek the help of Ustaz if we can’t handle it alone.ustaz are pious people,they master in religious studies,the Quran and Hadith…everything is there in the Quran. afreen…i know u’re scared, i’d be too, if i were u. have faith that Allah will help u.in the mean time, ‘clean’ the house by reading the Quran everyday and never skip your daily prayers.tis is the ‘foundation’. the very first step to block any evil from harming u and your family.

  18. Olga says:

    I come on dis site jus bout everyday & come straight here hoping 4 an update. Hope everythings ok.

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