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Opening Doorways Without Knowing It

Posted on August 30, 2010

What am about to say is something I haven’t spoken of since it occurred but I would call it the most terrifying experience ever. I am a paranormal fanatic not easy to scare and I had many moments that never even phased me but what am about to say is pretty disturbing.

It was a weekend and I was home with my 13 year old sister just browsing online killing some time because it was pretty boring that day. Doing so I came across a few ghost stories that peeked my interest. The first one was about a haunted house with a demonic presence followed by a few Ouija board tales and some shadow people.

One of the stories I read was about a guy who had an experience with a spirit that when he made contact seem to be friendly but in time grew violent and as I read the name seemed so familiar to me. After reading how the spirit tormented the guy and his family I decided to call it a day when my older brother got off from work and I told him I read a weird story but nothing in details.

I was listening to music and fell asleep in my room leaving my siblings in their rooms around 10 pm or so then woke up after 2 am. I went in my sister room to see if she was still up then a few minutes later my brother came in. He had a look of fear on his face so I asked what was wrong and he said ”he heard our two pit-bulls barking in a manner that they never did before”, and he asked ”why they barking like that. He continued by saying he was in between sleep and wake and heard my voice reply and said ”I don’t know they must be freaking out”. That’s when he got up because he recalled I was fast asleep with headphones on my head so I would of not been able to reply to him and saw a dark shadowy figure beside him so he sat up. The figure then sat up with eyes glowing red still locked on him which led to him standing to head for the door knob to leave and it just stood up there as he left. After he explain it to us he lied down at the far end of the bed and my sister was in the middle.

The room he came from and where I was in was joined together by the bathroom and unfortunately as he came he left both of the doors open but the main doors were still closed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when my sis said she was scared so I told her its ok and when he turned the lamp off my sister reached her arm to embrace me and at that moment as both of the rooms were in darkness the unthinkable happened. My arm contracted locking her arm in between my own and it was like I was trap within myself not being able to control my actions. I recall thinking I don’t want to break her hand because my arm was lock tight and I said something I could not understand then for a split second it stopped and my sister ask what I just said and I locked up and said it again then when I gained control and I told her nothing she was frighten and said you just did it again.

All three of us recalled it sounded like the voice of our mother and the voice projected from my mouth said my name followed by what seem to be words being played in fast forward twice the first time when the light went of the second when my sister said what I just said. I was in a state of shock because this the first time something like this ever happen to me and even worse my other siblings was involved and shared it with me and all I could of do was tell them it was nothing I didn’t say anything even though when it happened all of them heard it and even was rendered immobile and not able to open their eyes. I turned my back towards the dark of the other room but I felt like something wanted me to go in the room by myself. I felt a strong sense of a evil presence coming near and heard my dogs barking viciously as if they were being threatened. As it approached I said a prayer and recited the 23 Psalms and it left but a few minutes started up again.

From about 3 am I prayed and prayed and it was re occurring and when the sun rose I finally was able to get some rest. Later that evening I talked to my brother about it as well as my sister and to my fear we all experience a multiple supernatural act and later I told my mom about it. I had encounters that was abnormal and even spiritual but I was not ready for what I endured and am still wondering why I said my name followed by which seemed like a message for me as told by my siblings that night.

Sent in by Key, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Shadows

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7 Responses to “Opening Doorways Without Knowing It”
  1. trolldoll says:

    that is really strange! even stranger it never happened before. trust your dogs, hopefully it doesn’t return! thanks and if it comes back, tell it to leave and mean it!

    • Key says:

      definitely will. Personally I feel like I know exactly what brought that into being it was my first time coming to learn of that demon many ppl say is real powerful and not to mention or even write his name (the one what begin with Z) and that gave me the most unpleasant feeling ever but so far so good…oh yea its not the first time I experience a paranormal thing since I could remember I had numerous amounts of em

      • GirlRacer says:

        Hey Key.

        There’s a story on the demon you speak of in the ouija stories section in this site. A guy called Darren is studying it. Maybe you could talk to him. You said you’re familiar with the name. Do you know how?

        Protect yourself spiritually and your siblings. I do certain things that help me, and visualise stuff.

        See, I was an athiest. Nothing happened, but now I believe. I have a very logical and rational mind, and I question things all the time. I guess the methods I use for protecting myself and loved ones I feel may be all to real if I say out loud as I’m still rationalizing it. Maybe I need help in actually letting go and telling my experiences since my belief in God started.

        Do what feels right.

        Steph xx

  2. mitchell says:

    sorry, no offence but i could’nt understand it. if i did i would say great story.

  3. Key says:

    which part of it u were unable to understand maybe I cud explain it to u

  4. Lily says:

    Reading your story was like watching a clip from a ghost movie, thank goodness it was day light when I read it!! Hope all is well!

  5. Emilyrose says:

    hey key i love the paranormal so much…. i just dont want it to happen to me but seeing that i have a six sense that only get demons attention a lot of times it does happen and being with my boyfriend it much stronger cause he has a six sense two so you can imagine how life is want both are six sense pick up on things….but what i want to say is that i loved your story cause i know it most be true only because the fact you said the demons names rule number one for everyone never ever speak the demons name ever stuff well happen and the guy should in the story should have never posted the name ever!

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