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Old Funeral Home

Posted on August 18, 2010

When I was 11 my sister and her husband and two young children moved in to a large old house across the street from a big cemetery. My brother in law was the caretaker and grave digger. He had a crew that worked for him as this was a big cemetery. I always wondered why there wasn’t a funeral home closer to the cemetery like most had…

Being that I was 11 I was at the age where I could be left alone for short periods of time. I liked the house but thought it was weird how all the rooms downstairs were so large and that all the bedrooms were upstairs. It was a long flight of stairs to the upper floor too.

They had two dogs that they kept in the basement most of the time. My sister said she never went down in the basement and wouldn’t let me go down there either. My older brother snuck down there with some friends once. I saw him talking with my sister shortly after that. I was outside and I could tell my sister was upset. They saw me and shut the door so I couldn’t hear them. I tried looking in the basement windows but they were so dirty you couldn’t see a thing.

Once I was out in the back yard swimming with my young nephew and niece and saw a woman staring down at me from the upstairs bathroom! I yelled for my sister to see her but she was gone after I looked back at the window.

Another time I was in the house alone while my sister ran to the store. I wanted to stay by myself and she finally relented. Was that a mistake! I heard a heavy thud that sounded like it came from the basement. The dogs raced up the stairs and were barking at the basement door to be let out. I ran to open the door but it was locked! I heard footsteps overhead and then footsteps slowly walking down the stairs! I raced out the front door and was outside on the front steps until my sister got home!

I told her what I heard and she said “It’s an old house; I hear stuff like that all the time.”

The three years they lived there the more unexplainable things happened. It escalated with the kids starting to see and hear things and running to their parents bedroom almost every night. My sister had finally had enough and they moved.

Years later I stopped by the house to see the Bassett hounds in their back yard. The owners came out and we struck up a conversation. I told them my sister had lived there a long time ago and what a nice house it always was. The woman chuckled; “nice if you can live in an old funeral home!” she said. “I fell in love with the hard wood floors and woodwork; after we moved in my husband finally told me the truth about the house.” The look on my face must have given away my shock. “You didn’t know this was an old funeral home?” she asked me. “No. I saw and heard things but just thought it was my imagination.” I replied looking at the house. “Well, if I ever see or hear anything we are out of here.” she stated. It wasn’t long after that visit that I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard…..

Sent in by Pat, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Old Funeral Home”
  1. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    Funeral homes are very nice inside and out but I wouldn’t want to live in one. It would just be too creepy and unsettling to live in. That’s probably one of the hardest places to sell in the market.

    Not many people are willing to live in one.

    • justme says:

      not that long ago people sat up with the dead. My grandmothers house housed many a dead family member back in the 60′s. In some places in the south it is still the custom. More of respect than anything nowadays. a long long time ago people in comas were buried alive (hence sitting up with the dead). Thats how i wanna go. All my family better stay up all night before my burial telling funny stories about me!! I want it to be a celebration, not a sad occasion.

  2. trolldoll says:

    oh yeah, those older victorian homes that have been converted to funeral homes and then back to homes are the coolest. we have a couple down here in creston. i love the all the wood work and details in them. i wouldn’t mind living in one! :)

    • Vzy4kat6387 says:

      I love the Victorian homes, as well as plantations. If I ever get to own my own home I wouldn’t want a big one lol too much cleaning to do.

      Heck I have enough as it is to deal with here. =)

  3. MediumDreamer says:

    Wow! That was a great story. I can imagine all the activity that happens there. I feel for your sister’s poor dogs, though. Animals can see spirits and they don’t like it much. To be locked in that basement with them was probably terrifying for them. I’m sure they are happy to be out of there.

  4. Mariah says:

    Thank you for this story. I sincerely understand your fright and your interests. As I have worked in several funeral homes–and been the only living earthly entity in them at night– unique things do occur that most can’t explain. The noises and happenings do un-nerve peole. Many will not even talk about their experiences. I’m not one of the many.

    The basements of the old Victorian Homes were most often where the embalming of the decedant was performed. The thump you heard was the energy of a long-gone mortician moving a body– probably onto the prep-table. Years later, he’s still at work. Now, that’s dedication!!

    Your story and the telling of it is greatly appreciated. I wish I knew where the home is and if it’s still for sale. I’d feel right at home. Thank you.

  5. Coral says:

    So , I assume that when your brother snuck down to the basement he found where the embalming took place ,as well as where they readied the body for veiwing- Yup…that is WAAAAY creepy stuff for sure . I don”t think I could ever live in one either. I get creeped out just going to one,..muchless live in one = ) Take Care-

  6. AnNa says:

    i dont know if i would live in a house like that.its just a house with spirts that cant leave.maybe i would.who knows.im glad nothing bad happened.i think funeral homes will always have noises and such.thanks for the story.

  7. sarah arr says:

    i would hate to live in a haunted house i think ive got a ghost in mine already i would probbaly fall for one if it was nice but i would quickly be owtta there!! =^)

  8. dawn says:

    wow that must have been something i wouldnt want to live in that house when i was 12 i lived in the old manson house in old tappan ny that house was over 100 years old plus it was next to an old cementary i always felt uneasy like someone watching me my father used to dig graves there and when the funeral was over and they used to throw the flowers away my father would give them to my mother boy would they fight alot i think there fighting had to do with him bring those flowers in the house what do you think

  9. Nameless says:

    scary house

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