Posted on January 16, 2012

I’ve never had a close relationship with my father, he was satanic and believed he was the son of Satan. As a child, I remember him practicing satanic rituals on me and my siblings inside our home. I did not like participating but I had no choice. He would summon spirits and use me and my siblings as practice mice. He was such an evil being, but as much as I feared him I loved him. I remember the day he died, December of 1992, I was 8 years old. I didn’t know him very well because he was in and out but I will never forget his face, his power, or the entities he left with me.

Shortly after his death, I started having night terrors which is very different from nightmares. I lost a lot of sleep, and sanity. I began seeing and feeling spirits through out the night, and telepathically communicating with them through dreams. I remember my very first encounter with a bad entity like it was yesterday, so the story remains the same.

I was 8 years old living in s.s.f with my family, in a big two story house that was be really dark and scary in the night. My mother had all her girlfriends in her room hanging out, doing hair and other girl stuff. She asked me to get the scissors for her hair, so I went to my room where I thought they were. The halls were dark, but I was always afraid of the light so I did not turn them on. Instead I tried to make a run for it. I made it into my room and felt around for some red scissors that I had earlier that day. Of course these were the wrong scissors because they were not made for cutting hair but I was happy I found them.

I turned around and made it half way to my room door when I was stopped by this black cloudy round almost human like figure. His eyes were as white as milk and he was taller than me so he hovered over me like a storm. He didn’t say anything to me, but he released some kind of other worldly energy that made me loose my voice and eventually made me pass out. Morning snuck up on me when I realized I had in fact had a visit from an other worldly being that night. I was just a child so I did not know what to call it, but I am older now and I know in my heart that this was not a typical earth bound human spirit, this was a demon. I stand by this strongly because as I mentioned earlier that I was a dreamer, and I can telepathically communicate through my dreams with people and spirits, the dark cloudy figure that stood over that night has never left me.

He only came to me that night to let me know that he was here and he did not plan on leaving me any time soon. He comes around very often but more so when I’m alone because I am at my weakest. He came to me one night in a dream and revealed his name to me in the most weirdest way.

I was on the street that I lived on at the time in Newark, California. I was at my window looking out, it was so bright outside and warm. There were people outside walking around normally so I was glad it was a beautiful day because it has been cold the past few days. Everyone and everything stopped all of a sudden and looked in the direction of this jet black Camaro with jet black tinted windows. It was driving very fast up my street and stopped swiftly right outside of my window. Everything changed then, I was no longer looking outside the window, I was like a human camera zoomed in the car trying to read the message there for me.

First the camera zoomed in on the roof of the Camaro and there were huge bold white letters that spelled ODO. I was confused so I tried to look for the rest of the message when the camera zoomed into the of the hood of the car and it read DON. When I put it together it said ODODON. I never got to see his face but I felt his presence almost as if he was standing inside of me. He was there to let me know that he was not going anywhere he would be around for a long time. So he drove off and everything went back to normal.

Now that I am older I looked back on my first visit with him and it was in black and white as was the Camaro in the dream. In a way I feel like that possibly means he let me know for a fact that he is around and everything I need to know is in fine print, black ink white paper. These visits get very intense and strong as I get older. Sort of like the older I get, the stronger and closer he gets.

Now, what this had to do with my dad was that I feel like he may have possibly left one of his demons with me, out of all our siblings because I was more open to his practices. Not in a good way, but I feel like there was something in me that was not in my siblings and they fed off of it. That’s what I’ve been told for so long. I still to this day love and miss my dad all though some may find that unusual. But there has always been a part of me that wanted to be a part of him and have that father figure come out of him some how.

My dad loved ladybugs because he believes they are killers, so every time I see a lady bug I take a moment of silence to pray that he made it to his heaven (what ever after life he believed in).

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5 Responses to “ODODON”
  1. carri says:

    What a terrible childhood you had. How sad. I hope that demon leaves you alone. My father Richard was actually my step father. He would beat my mother and sometime us kids. But he would always talk about space ship, aliens, and astral body projection. He was mystified by these aliens. He became a Nasa engineer. but he told me that the aliens gave him all the classified information about fuel cell, electric cars. He had little note books with pictures of space ships and complex calculus formulas. He told me that the alien encounters they would review these complex math and chemical formulas to him. Right before his death in 2001 he started to do a lot of OBE. he looked frightened that when he did those astral body flights, his soul would not return to his body. He died 2 weeks later after he told me that information. But upon his death, my sister Gina discovered his cold dead body. It was July 21, 2001. When she walked up to his room and saw her dad dead, she heard hundred of whispering voices. The room was as cold as a meat locker. She ran down the stairs screaming and called the police. My entire point of all this information is that I think my father may have been mislead by demons. These demons disguised themselves as aliens, and ufos. also they mislead him by out of body flights and all other new age practices. These practices are evil. I pray every day my step father did not go to Hell. It makes me sad that in 2001 I just did not know what aliens were. My step father would ask me what they were. I replied I did not know, since I never saw them. I did not know about out of body experiences were although I had one my self in 1984. I know that Jesus forbids all those practices. Just say Jesus protect me and he will, other wise wear a cross or get a priest’s help.

  2. lizzet says:

    Im sorry about your childhood but you must know that you are not alone, jesus is with you. I know this must sound hard but have you considered an exorcism? You should most likely get more involved in god and should talk to a priest about his life you lived Hopefully everything turns out for the best. God bless you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally agreed with Lizzet. Be close to God will help you a lot since he is always there with you.

    I know you love your dad and every child needs a father’s image when he or she was young.However loving your dad doesn’t mean you like his sins.

    Sorry for what you have been through.

  4. stan says:

    Gin – based on what you’ve said, your intuition is probably very correct and you are being hounded by demons. Demons must have a “legal right” (in a spiritual sense) to enter into your life and influence you or other aspects of your life. This legal right can be given to them thru many activities, such as addictions (drugs, alcohol, porn, even food addictions), abuse, severe long-term negative emotions like hate, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.., any activity involving the occult, WICCA, witchcraft, OUIJA boards, seances, attempts to contact the dead, and definitely satan worship. I know that you say that you never worshipped satan, but in the spiritual realm, your father’s activities were sufficient grounds to open your life, and the lives of everyone around him, to satanic influence. There is only one real authority over satan, and that is the person of Jesus Christ. When Jesus became the “scapegoat” for humanity thru his physical and spiritual death on the cross, he removed satan’s legal right to control or intefere with our lives. Of course, we can always give permission right back to satan through our participation or exposure to things that i mentioned before. Jesus also authorized his followers (we call them believers nowadays) to have the power to expel demons – but this is only true for authentic believers who choose to live a life that is considered righteous in the eyes of God. That’s hard to do..Ok – i didn’t intend to turn this into a lesson on religion. My objective is to offer you advice concerning what i consider to be the only real and permanent answer to your problem. Yes, you almost definitely have demonic presence in your life, that you can also pass on to your wife, children, friends, just by being near them. It’s almost like a generational curse that will continue to impact your family until you put an end to it. Worse yet, you are risking the status of your eternal soul. My advice is to seek out the help of a deliverance ministry – you can find one near you by googling “deliverance ministry”, because you most likely can’t rid yourself of these demons – their hold on you is very strong and long-term. they’ve invested many years into capturing your soul for satan and neither they or he will be willing to just let go without a fight. Secondly, seek out a relationship with God through Jesus. Truly desire to have the relationship in your heart and to learn as much as you can about God and what he wants for your life. This will not only prevent you from spending eternity in a very bad place, but will also protect you from further attacks by the demonic. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they won’t come back later to try and reclaim you – they most certainly will. I’ll pray for you and i hope you are able to regain control of your soul and your life.


  5. carri says:

    Darn I named my black German Sheppard Odon. He looks evil he barks loud and he is a pure breed. He looks like a black wolf. I am not sure if I should have named him that. One night I heard a spirit voice talking near him. Maybe it is because of his name. But he protects us.

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