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Noises and Feelings Among Others

Posted on July 25, 2011

First off, I’d like to say hello to everyone, as this is my first time posting here.

Most of the time, I mention this kind of thing to close friends only, but after reading some of the stories on this site, it makes me feel a bit more comfortable with sharing, as others have experienced things similar/same as I have. So, Starting off, I am a sensitive to the spiritual world. I never used to think so, but there’s been to many coincidences I try to brush off and rationalize with various people to not believe by now.

Well, I’ve always felt a faint presence in pretty much everywhere I’ve lived, some good, some bad. The place I’m currently living gets me the most though. I live in Ottawa, which you would think is fine, but, I’ve noticed day or night, I despise being alone in the house. I know I do tend to scare easy, but I’ve managed to rationalize things in my mind (I do it often) about the house.

I can’t go into the basement alone, even when my roommates are home, and if so, I literally run back up the stairs. (I’ve tripped once or twice.) I keep the basement door closed when I’m by myself, but even when I walk past it, my breath will stop momentarily. It feels like someone is there. The feeling I get is a man. A tall, stalky man, who likes to wander about more than just the basement.

What’s worse, is if I have by back turned anywhere in the house, I feel nervous. It’s not as bad as when my roommates are home, as I can tell myself I’m ridiculous, but it’s faintly there still. I’ve had too many days to count where I sit on the couch all day, not moving until someone comes home.

My bedroom is both the worst and the best. I find that’s the only place I feel safe in the entire house. I’ve had one experience with something brushing over me constantly and sitting on the bed, until I went downstairs and watched T.V. the rest of the night, but that was the only time.
However, when I try to sleep at night, my eyes are always drawn to the area in front of my door, or the corner across from it. Whatever (if anything) is there, I doubt it’s trying to hurt me, though I feel it’s more something outside the room that wants in, but can’t get in. I’m also the only one in the house who hears talking or banging sounds, and on rare occasion, shuffling.

I had an experience with a small child at one point. She was wearing a plain dress, with straight black hair covering her face, asking over and over again ‘How long?” and it felt hot. Like fire. This was one of the experiences that stands out most to me, as my roommates with in the room with me, and felt nothing.

Final, what has me most worried (because despite being able to prove my experiences and such, I still like to assume I’m crazy before thinking there’s a ghost around) was when my female roommate, who only knows I have an ability, asked me something. I don’t share my experiences with them, as I know both of them are skeptics and would think I was a loon. She was the one to initiate the conversation when our male roommate/her boyfriend left. She looked at me a bit worried, and asked if I felt anything in the house.

I kind of froze. I only told a select few of my friends about what I felt, because I knew I could trust them. I swallowed, and told her yes, but why was she asking all of a sudden. She replied that when doing the laundry in her bedroom one day(It was the day before she told me) she felt someone behind her, watching her. She apparently looked briefly, seeing a large form, but assumed it was her boyfriend and went on. So, she went to get the second load, and went into the basement, where her boyfriend was and asked him what he wanted when he came upstairs, to which he replied that he’s been down there all day, and didn’t go upstairs.

She said replied it was probably her imagination, but there’s the basement, ground floor and than upstairs, so he would have made noise, and she distinctively saw a figure. So, she asked if I had ever seen a man in the house. Needless to say, this has had me a bit more on edge when in the house, especially by myself, which is often.

What should I do about it? I mean, I have my blessed rosary from Rome, my mothers old religious charms which she gave me because she knows I have these problems, as well as sandalwood oil in case and a bag of salts, but nothing seems to be helping here.

I have another experience to talk about, but I figure this one went on long enough.

Sent in by Sladra, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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3 Responses to “Noises and Feelings Among Others”
  1. samith says:

    if its any help, i’ve had experiences just like yours in my house. In my case as soon as da lights are switched off i can hear the botles on the floor move, footsteps, plastic coers crumbling, footsteps, doors closing and something feeling meand somtime lying right next to me looking at me. But just like in yur case my roomate dosent seem to notice this (maybe caus hes realy fast sleeper).
    Well one thing i figred is that you are a cristian, but let me tel you rosarys and charms are not goin to help you.
    The rosary implies you belive in god, if you realy want this thats hapenin to you to go, you need to belive jesus is alive and he lives in you and loves you.
    god bless you ;)

  2. Miranda says:

    Usually when i’m home alone, or when i’m trying to get to sleep, I always feel like there is something in the room with me. I’ve never actually seen anything. When my family first moved into the house, (I was just a baby at the time and not aware of anything) my brother was taking compost out and he saw a ghost over by an apple tree. It was a farmer, and I can’t remember if it was looking at him or not. Since then, (and that was a LONG time ago) I have been deathly afraid of going outside when it is dark. I live in an old house, and outside there is a chicken coop, and even in daytime I’m extremely scared to go in there. Also, at night, I can’t bring myself to look out any windows, and my house has a lot of windows. So when it’s night, and I come across a window, I look at the wall while i’m closing the curtains. I always feel like there’s someone out there, just looking back at me. It may be me, but I’m still really scared.

  3. Keely says:

    I havent really seen anyting in my house before/yet, but i have a ressecive gene that comes from my great aunt, which allows me to see the paronomal when others cant. But im my bedroom my room is light except for this corner and i feel something watching me. Im still a minor so i live with my mother she tells me thats it is probally my grandmothr or my father. But I know thats its not this thing is pitch black ad feels dark (reallyrelly dark) but Ive got some new funiture im my rom and it seems less evil but that and i have a lot of blessed angel figures, and a Bible in that corner so i didnt know what to do. I have Holy Water in my room jus n case something attacked me like something did my mother. See all of the women have been attacked in my family, so im afrid it starting early with me, and could possibly be more dangerous than before.

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