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Nine Lives

Posted on April 5, 2010

August 5, 2003. My husband died of a heart attack at a truck stop in Indianapolis, Indiana, approximately 500 from our home in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was revived through defib, having to be shocked a second time after suffering cardiac arrest again after being put into the ambulance.

The call came to me while I was working. It all seems like a dream. The state of mind one is put in when faced with the fear of losing their partner so unexpectedly is hard to describe. Surreal.

Flying to Indianapolis after having to borrow some money to get there, I had no clue as to what I was about to face. I remember being so devastated and offended when I had to be searched at the airport before boarding the plane after explaining my situation, getting on the plane which would normally cause me to be a nervous wreck, I recall having the thoughts of not caring if the plane crashed or not. The doctor I’d talked to expressed the urgency for me to get to the hospital, informing me that my husband was not conscious and although he did not say that my husband was going to die, his concern for me to get there immediately told me that things did not look promising.

I believe in God but at the time was not having a relationship with HIM, stuck in rut, drinking constantly and tormented by my addiction. The faith I once knew and lived by was never lost but suppressed, surfaced immediately and I began praying to God, asking Him to forgive me and to give me another chance to straighten up and love my husband as he deserved. From the moment I arrived at the hospital I never spoke against believing in his recovery. The doctors tried preparing me for his death the first day I got there. I told them that my husband would go home with me. He survived the 5 bypass surgery but could not walk, talk, remember anything or even swallow, having to have a feeding tube placed in his stomach.

They then tried preparing me for his being brain damaged which I refused to accept also. They looked on me with pity but after 5 weeks of living in the waiting rooms, eating with meal tickets given to me by the hospital, showering across the street at a hotel that was set up for people just like me to shower and wash clothes, even paying a couple of nights for me to sleep in a room. my husband and I walked out of that place, flying back to Oklahoma together where he went straight to a rehab for 10 days and then home again.

He still had his feeding tube but that was taken out eventually as he progressed in his recovery. His speech was slurred and his memory very limited as he had suffered a stroke on top of everything else. I remained a nervous wreck, working full time and actually scared to walk into the house on certain occasions, not knowing if I’d find him dead from a heart attack. Probably a normal fear for the spouses who experienced their partners suffering heart attacks.

So, life goes on, health issues always arising, fear always attacking. My husband was only 45 years old at the time but heart disease runs in his family and eating habits were never healthy. Smoking cigarettes a problem too. I quit drinking knowing I had to remain in control. No more torments from that prison.

We are animal lovers, having a couple of cats and a couple of dogs. Midnight was our female cat. Very dominant. I witnessed her chase two, big dogs out of our yard. One day, from out of nowhere it seems, there was another black cat sitting on our porch next to Midnight. He was a tom cat who looked a lot like Midnight, the only differences being that his face was a bit flatter along with his tail too. He came straight into our house when we opened the door and what was more strange than anything was that he took up to my husband immediately. My husband is gruff and never got close to an animal. I mean he loved ours but wasn’t like me or my daughter, kissing and loving on them, letting them up on the beds with us, petting and hugging on them.

We accepted him into the family and named him BC for Black Cat. BC would jump up onto my husbands lap and rub his face on his chest, purring loudly. My husband up to that point seemed sluggish and his eyes showed his fatigue. BC continued to “love” on him daily as my husband began taking to BC himself.

About a month after BC arrived, I came home from work one evening and both my husband and daughter were very distraught. They told me BC was dead. He died while my husband was holding him. They said that they saw BC in the yard, struggling to get up so they went out there and he was having some sort of seizure. My husband picked him up and BC died within a minute or two. Now I know that this sounds cruel but they put BC in our shed to be taken out to the trash on Monday. It was a Friday. We were afraid to bury him in the yard due to our other animals and did not know if he had some sort of disease that could come into the ground. I cried as I looked at him laying there dead in our shed.

Monday morning came and as I was getting ready for work, my daughter went out the front door to wait for the bus. I was in the back bathroom when she and my husband came in looking totally freaked out saying, “BC is alive”. I looked at them like they were crazy, knowing they were playing some sort of joke on me and said, “Shut up. He is not”. I could tell by the looks on their faces when they insisted that he was that they were not joking so I went to the front porch and there he was, looking a little disoriented and when he meowed it sounded deep and a little disturbing. I was shocked and went over to him and said, “BC”!, “What happened baby?” and when I looked into his eyes it was weird. He was looking into my eyes but he didn’t seem to “be there”. I didn’t look into his eyes for long because it was eerie. There was something that seemed so far away. Almost like I was looking into eyes that weren’t looking back at me even though he was looking straight at me. I just can’t explain the look of those green eyes that once carried some understanding and life but that were then gone somewhere other than where he was. The only way I can describe what I was looking “into” was space. It seemed that those eyes, whatever they were looking at was not around me and my gaze was being sucked into a space…somewhere far away and that far away went on for eternity. I don’t know. I just can’t explain it but I can say that I was very uncomfortable with the way he looked and sounded. He was hungry though so we fed him and pet him and tried to cuddle with him believing he just went through severe trauma and needed time to heal. But he ate a good portion and we went about our business and as quickly as BC had arrived about a month earlier, he disappeared, never to be seen again.

My husband continues to progress even to this day, seven years later. He has had one close call to where the doctor told him that no-one with the issue he had had survived without being totally incapacitated for the rest of their lives or died. And from the time that BC arrived at our place, I always wondered if he somehow was sent there to “take in” something from my husband that might have caused him to die, and die from it himself so that it is gone for good. I’ve just never seen anything like this before and probably will never witness anything like it again.

Sent in by Anna, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Nine Lives”
  1. vulcan10 says:

    That’s a story with a good ending. (not for the cat, but your family) The other night I read “Parting visions: pre-death visions and spiritual experiences“. It pointed out what I already knew about a great deal of the visions and events that happen after a tramatic event are misconstrued and given greater or different meaning that what they actually are by the surviving loved ones. While I do believe in the power of prayer and that it could have been the Lords will that your husband survive and that bc would come in to his life to help with that healing process (since the benefit of animals are well documented) I doubt that the cat took anything from him and died because of it. There will probably be a few delusional who will tell you that they have the knowledge of a sage about the afterlife or animal guides but I’d take that with a grain of salt. I know that you didn’t have bc around to long but loosing a pet is hard. I lost a cat that I’d raised from a kitten a few years back and it was rough. He passed similar to the way that bc appeared to. I really hope that he was dead though,(mine) because I buried him shortly there afterwards. and by the way, I’m just south of you down 69 highway, the next town. Have a good easter weekend.

  2. anna says:

    ok i read the story in the beginging u said he died,but the story says he was alive i sorry but i dont get it.my husband says if he’s on his death bed not to revive him,pull the plug.i looked at him and he was serious.i dont know if i could do that.but how is your husband now?thanks for the story.it was touching.but no offence but i read the story and it has nothing to do with ghost or spirts.if it has something to do with the cat maybe he wasnt really dead i dont know.than ks for the story.

    • Branden says:

      So your husband is saying that if someone dies you shouldnt try to revive them and let them pass?
      I don’t think that would be a good idea… but that is probably because i was technically born dead..

  3. arlyn says:

    This story is touching. In my country of origin we believe that if we have pets and plants inside our house, they are taking away the illnesses, troubles that is supposed to be intended for the family.

    Of course not all problems can be taken away by them, but there are times that it really happened and they are helping.

    Wishing your husbands full recovery.

  4. Christina says:

    Unlike Anna’s comments above, this does have to do with the paranormal……there have been many stories of pets returning, haunting, etc. Just because BC was still there physically, doesn’t mean he WAS REALLY there. He may have been in between worlds, just like humans are at times.

    To the Anna that worte this: Great story; I guess it tells us to just never stop fighting and sometimes we get help from a place that isn’t familiar to us.

    Take care and I hope your hubby and you live and love for many years to come.


    • anna says:

      see i’ve never heared of animals returning thats why i said what i said.ive heard of the pet cemetery the movie but not real life.so im sorry if i didnt believe it.im not sorry for what i said because like i said i didnt know.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow i think the cat got the illness and thats how he died and when he returned it might have been a ghost that possesed him.lol

  6. big barney says:

    big barney enjoyed the story alot….but i do not believe anything paranormal has happened….saying that the cat took in something from your husband and died from it is far fetched…..but it was a good story.

    • Mariah says:

      its not the fact that the cat died. Its the fact that he came back from being dead. :/ Awesome story!! Five stars! *****

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