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Night Time Fun

Posted on October 8, 2010

First off, I’d like to say, I’ve always been interested in paranormal studies, events and such. This however I doubt the reason this stuff happens to me.

I’m currently 16 now, but this goes back to the age of 12. I lived with my mother and brother in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our house was a two bed room, so I was forced to share one with my brother. Our grandmother lived in walking distance and my brother and mother always argued because our mother did and said non-motherly things. My brother would mostly always stay with our grandmother, and I always stayed with my mother. This all happened in the summer time, because I remember my mother worked and I was always home alone.

I use to watch ghost videos, read stories, and I even made a Ouija board once. Of course I did it wrong (well I think). I never had any connection or communication with the Ouija board so blah. When your a child and you watch scary things, your mind will obviously process to play tricks on you. I obviously saw shadows, and stuff. But that’s normal when you watch that stuff. Or so it seemed.

Shortly after that day, I literally started to see shadows, figures and black figures dart from my room. I use to wake up and my room would be dark. I was a cry baby so I always kept the television on. One time the television actually cut off on me!

I don’t believe it was the house, probably just my imagination… but the television? I don’t think so. We moved from the house when I turned 15 into a new house my mothers friend use to own. And more stuff happened. I’d stay up till 3 AM watching cops, and I’d always see what looked like a cat dart up stairs. We own two cats, however they follow me like two baby ducklings. They were beside me when this happened. I was never scared just… frightened a bit.

My most recent experience was recently. about a week or two ago. As I said I have two cats, brothers. One always sleeps with me, and he hisses at anything and everything that comes close to me. So I’m going to sleep and I have this dream, I can’t remember what it was about, but I remember in the dream I couldn’t move. I remember clearly in the dream I kept telling myself “Wake up! Wake up now!” And for some reason I couldn’t. When I finally did awake, I still couldn’t move… I was able to move my fingers but literally couldn’t move. While trying to roll over, My cat arched his back and hissed at the fan. He never hisses at our fan. I was so scared I thought I was going to die.

When I finally could move, I tried to grab the ceiling fans light switch. When I reached for it, a plastic bag beside my bed rattled. I flipped out and pulled the switch, and nothing out of the ordinary. I slept with the light on in my room that whole night.

Most people would tell me “Oh it was just your body functioning wrongly.” But that wasn’t the case. It was the end of summer, my room was cold, I couldn’t move, and my cat hissed. It wasn’t fan cold. More like air condition cold. I sometimes hear things as well. I don’t know, Maybe it really just is my mind? But this stuff always happens to me around 1 – 4 AM. Mostly at 3 AM. I wanted to post my story here because I need help. I don’t feel threatened, and I sometimes feel watched, but I would feel much better if someone was able to tell me something is with me and won’t harm me.

Any suggestions as to how I can figure what is going on?

Sent in by Gemini, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Night Time Fun”
  1. Rosie says:

    Go and ask the priest to bless the house or you can talk to the spirits nicely with respect——I mean no harm, you are dead and you don’t belong here, you need to see the light and be with your love ones. After that, then see how things go.

  2. Staceyg says:

    Gemini~ What i would do is a house cleansing I found this prayer in the 7 Tips for Spiritual HouseCleansing and it works .

    It is not necessary to be of the Christian faith to make use of this power- it works for any faith. use whatever works – and this works!
    If you sense the presence of any darker energies in your home or energy field, its time to bring out the big guns – the power of Jesus Christ.
    When Jesus was in physical form he commanded many dark energies to leave. The same power is available for us to use today. It does not matter what religion you are or what you believe about Jesus, there is power in the sacred name. get a burning sage stick and go in every room and smudge (let the smoke go in every corner)
    Here is a simple prayer you can use.

    I call upon the power of Jesus Christ to
    cleanse and release any dark energies from
    my energy field and my home.
    I ask the angels to escort these energies to the light.

    Caution – it is very important not to have a spiteful attitude, or carry hatered for the darker energies.
    These are negative energies, and it will only give them more power.
    It will also put you in a state of fear – the opposite of love!
    Simply say the prayer and leave it up to Jesus and the angels to escort any darker energies out of your energy field.

    ~ this is a really good one for you because it not only cleanses your home but cleanses you also, by the sound of your story whatever it was sounded like it might be attached to you also. good luck and please keep us posted.

    • ghost in the machine says:

      All of that is excelent advice. I would like to add a few things that might help. sea salt also works as a sprit barrier, lay it out at all doors and windows. Aslo using holy water to make the sign of the cross on all doors. Let us know how things go if you try this. If these things do not work i would ask a priest to come and bless you house.

  3. AnNa bites back says:

    i agree talk to a priest and ask if he could bless the house.you could always do some checking on the place.well i do hope yo find out what your looking for and when you do let us know what happened.thanks for the story.

  4. sharayah says:

    i don’t know why people keep saying you can call on christ and not believe in our lord :( .you must have fath the lord will help you and he will.now your cat will let you know when this thing is around you.at that point you should pray say the lords prayer “Our Father” bless your house&your self talk to someone in your house let them know what’s going on.keep your cats near they seem to want to take care of you. ps.take care of your cats if this thing turn out to be a demon it can kill your cats.my God be with you ;)

  5. Joy says:

    What happened was you had a sleep paralysis episode, I have sleep paralysis too, so sometimes I’ll wake up at random times during the night and wont be able to move. Sometimes when I fully wake up I can’t move random parts of my body so don’t worry about it.

  6. cameron campbell says:

    hi yea wot u are experiencing is an evil spirit living with it doesent harm u or hurt u it haunts u it scares u until u awake and the shadow that runs upstairs is a a man trying to escape from u becuase u spot him and wen u are alone in ya house ur most vulnunrable to be scared so they thinks it is easier to get to ya and wen u awake at 1 or 5 am he is wacthing u and trying to make u cry oh yea iam an experienced medium i have been practicing for 4 years

  7. sauma essenza says:

    u shold chage the house perhas………………….

  8. sauma essenza says:

    o’dawise u should be beware or more strong than that evil spirit……..just remember that nthng in this world is more superior or stronger than human………………

  9. Satan666 says:

    get a medium or someone to come in but it most likely was sleep paralysis

  10. hyrdo says:

    #1 go to bed earlier!

  11. summer says:

    3 A.M. is the hour of demons mocking the hour of christ (3 P,M)

  12. Kitty says:

    I had a dream somewhat like yours. Except i saw someone at the window. I kept telling myself to wake up and i couldnt move just my feet but nothing else. Creepy. :o

  13. Sean says:

    Well I cant tell u this entity wont hurt u but u can find out if something is really there. Spirits and entities will answer u if u ask it to reveal itself. If the entity is evil trust and believe u will know it when it answers u. If this is a case consult some kind of spiritual advisor they will know wat to do from there. If the entity is not evil and u still want it to leave u be u help it out. Basically most non-evil entities r looking to get a message of some kind to love ones. After they do this they move on so to speak

    • Staceyg says:

      I dont think i would ask it to reveal itself, because thats just asking for more trouble. you never know if its good or bad. i would try to communicate with it by using EVP asking questions with a yes or no answer. but you should never ask any kind of spirit to show you a sign or reveal itself if your not sure what your dealing with. if its still bothering you, you should find a paranormal investigator around where you live or call your church. neither one charge for there services, and they can help you take care of whats going on.
      good luck!

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