Night Terror or Demon Possession?

Posted on September 26, 2009

My name is Allan, and I’m 19 living in UK West Midlands.

Back in February, I made my own Ouija board on a wooden board and carved out the letters. I haven’t used it yet because I can’t find anybody to do it with me. So its in my wardrobe at the bottom of my bed.

When I made it, I took photos of it on my mobile. When I edited the photos, I put it on negative so it was blue and black, and when zooming in there is clearly a demon’s face, but it looks more like the devil with horns. I have lost the picture now.

A few months ago, I was asleep… it was about 4 in the morning when I suddenly got an image flash in my eyes (while I was asleep). It was some sort of creature. When I saw this, I woke up and was like having a fit. I was grabbing hold of my mattress, trying to stay still, but the force was heavy. It was trying to pull me off the bed and toss me around onto my back.

Then after five minutes I stopped and closed my eyes, trying to go back to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I had a flash of the entity again. It was sort of a creature, its flesh was gooey and it had like a bat looking face. As soon as I saw the image again, I started having a fit again. Every time I closed my eyes it kept happening, then after about six times I just thought: I’m in control here, and I don’t know why I imagined this, but it worked. I just imagined it flying away in an UFO, then it didn’t come back and I got back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t believe what happened – it’s never happened to me before. I always feel like I’m being watched, and that something is there… where it gets to the point that I’m too scared to turn around.

Was it just a night terror, or was it more demonic? I don’t want to get rid of my Ouija board, but if anybody has any opinions on what happened to me, and if what’s happening is unusual, then please email me please.

I don’t know if this is anything to do with it, but I’m having nightmares every night. My friends tell me it’s weird because they never dream as much as me, let alone nightmares, but they inspire me to write stories.

Please send me your suggestions. Thank you!

Sent in by Allan Ingram, Copyright 2009

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53 Responses to “Night Terror or Demon Possession?”
  1. jimmy says:

    first of all get rid of the board. if you dont than dont expect your nightmares to go away. that could be a big part of the happenings that are going on with you. those things are nothing but bad news just read some of the experiences some of the other people have had with those things. secondly try praying at night before you go to bed but ONLY AFTER THE BOARD IS GONE. otherwise it might just be pointless.

  2. KC says:

    I dunno. If the bored has not been used and just been made its kind of an iffy thing.. . . .could it be that youve freaked yourself out mentally since you have made the bored or could it be the bored. . . . .hmm. The dreams do seen fairly vivid however. This is a goodie

  3. Anonymous says:

    get rid of the board. You should not have made it at the first place. It is like you invited evil negative things to your house.

  4. Delano says:

    I agree with jimmy, get rid of the board FIRST and then start praying every night before you go to sleep.

  5. Charmaine says:

    I think that you need to get rid of that board. The ouija board is very evil and MUST be destroyed.That’s what brought all the demonic and negative entities and spirits into your home. Once you finally destroy that board then things will start to turn back to normal. I also agree with what jimmy said about praying every night before you go to bed.

  6. Lydia says:

    What kind of nightmares are you having?
    Almost everynight i have extremely bad nightmares. My dreams are vivid and detailed. I wake up screaming and just freaking out. So i might be able to help you out with that part.

  7. angel lussier says:


  8. meli�a says:

    it sounds like you’re just having imaginary nightmares. you haven’t played with the board, so nothing could have been invited in. i suggest you get rid of that board asap! you need to pray before you go to bed & if you wake up having a nightmare, immediately start praying. wear a cross necklace with you to bed.

  9. regine echano says:

    I think you get rid your board and burned suppose to be burnt because its a black magic or somethin and i think you should pray because i think ur lacking of faith…try to pray to God and He will help you in your mischief.

  10. allan says:

    alot of nights im dreaming about war and im fighting other nights its about zombies a demons and stuff and some nights i dream that im being chased n i have like powers like a can super jump iv dremt two ways of the world ending.if ur curious 1st was a meteor shower and the 2nd a pink mist fell from the sky suffocating every1 in which i nearly died myself but woke up just as i was taking my last breaths.last night i did automatic writing and found out a 8 year old girl is living in my house named sarah and a woman named vic who is 47 and died in 1988.also i got sum sort of cryptic writing which doesnt make sense its just aload of symbols.i no contacting spirits isnt the best thing to do but also yiu do get some good spirits coming through.this is 2 long so ill write another comment

    when my mom was younger her my aunty and a friend done a ouija and it took a turn for the worse when it kept spelling out satan and die.i golden cross on the wall wiv jesus nailed to it melted and hung upside dwn n the locks came of the doors and the windows opened.woteva it is cudda follwed her and found me.sometimes i do feel good presences.i do have a wild imagination yes but sometimes it seems that theres more to things than imagining.i sometimes sense that theres fings outside my window at night trying to get in(while im dwnstairs watching tv)i also no that spirits use your energy.iv just got bak from the docs about a diabetes test cus iv neva got ne energy AT ALL so it gets so bad i feel near to passing out.results came bak negative so this could also be them(spirits)i no ur all sayin well uv brought it on urself by making the board but im also sort of a physcic were i sense things. thanks for the replys guys id like to here more

    i also think this is very important and i bet ur all shouting at me WEVE TOLD YOU lol wen i made the board i had it on a small cabinet thing next to my bro put his cross necklass on it this one night jus tossed it on.wen i woke up in the morning i looked at it n it was all tied up neatly and upside dwn he started moaning at me sayin i did it but i dent.i do believe that boards let in evil but only if you invite it so i dnt think this is the case of me letting in evil.aslo if people no so much about ouija boards sorry to sounds sarcy lol.but wud my board even work cus theres a hole in the middle which was there wen i made it. its only a small hole no bigger than the head of a drawing pin.just curious

    • zach says:

      allan thats insane. like i am exactly the same way. wen i was little i wud b asleep but sit at a window and say they will come. i used to not b able to fall asleep cuz of the shadow ppl. the shadows wud take figures. and lately ive been seening like black clouds(if any of you know what that is please tell me). and last nite i saw a spirit behind me. i got back to the crib and turned around and standing in front of the bushes was a spirit.

      then about two years ago i had a strange dream that i think of every nite. i was in my back yard and i saw this midget. he was dark red. i asked him y he was in my yard and he didnt answer. so i started cussing at him and he started talkin in tongues. then i ran and spoke to my friend that was there. he said the spirits name was something along the lines of aedan of edan or something. he said he read about it in an ancient bible. then the dream goes on and this short red demon sends a messenger to take me to hell but i wake up in time.

      and i have had dreams of the world ending with meteors.and i have been fighting in some

      and the most interesting dream i had was about 4 months ago. i woke up on the shore of a tropical island. i was completely naked and the only feeling i had inside of me was faith and it felt like i knew god was there. so i walked around the island and realized the people were all people i knew, but only physically. i knew they werent my relatives, but the “demons” took shape of them to trick me. and the entire dream seemed like i was on a mission for god to stop satin. it was outrageous. can anyone tell me wat my dreams mean?

  11. shanta588 says:

    i was reading somebody else story about the board and i hope he don’t mind me repeating this but this is what he said Drew even warned me that it was Satan�s will for me to talk to him as it is an attempt to get me into hell. He said that ALL spirits on the Ouija board, NO EXCEPTIONS, are either from hell or limbo.

    He said that spirits in heaven are not permitted to talk through the Ouija board. He also said that all spirits and everyone in hell, including him, are considered demons. Once you�re in hell, you are a demon.

    idk if it’s true but it sounds very convincing to me and make alot of sense.I also learned that there is another realm and it is called purgatory by humans (note that I said humans). It is where the saved spirits by God are sent to be tortured for there sins but it is only temporary and everyone in purgatory goes to heaven. Purgatory is the realm where we are punished for the last bit of sins we have and made into perfect angels because to enter the holy kingdom one must be perfect. that also sounds true to dats y people b like well i talked to a good spirit but may be it was one of those spirits that had to pay off it’s debt. i strongly recommend every body to read Talking to a Friend in Hell. on this website.


  12. EMILY says:

    I think you should burn the ouija board.

  13. EMILY says:

    I’m gothic I should now don’t make a ouija board or else it will get attached to you. Soon it will possess you. Get out of the house now I have the same vision. Burn the ouija board, get rid of it.

  14. messenger says:

    Dear one I now understand why I have been reading these stories for hours. YOU! You created a telephone in a sense for the enemy to contact you. God is your creator, and he is with you always. Our dear Father is far stronger than our enemy. First of all he gave you the choice to choose him, he does not need scare tactics or force to gain your loyalty. It makes perfect sense that the one who created every preciuos detail of you, longs for you to return to Him. Buy a Bible and start reading the new testament. God did not make it difficult for us, he wants every one of us to come to him. The Bible is the truth, it is a fact that it is the only book in history to have been written so many times in so many languages and through it all it has remained exactly the same. All you must do is recognize you need God, believe that his son Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and invite him into your heart and life, and ask for forgiveness of your sins and you are saved. That means when you die you go to Heaven. There is no purgatory that is something people made up because they had difficulty believing God could forgive them, without doing something to earn it. But, sweet heart Father God is not like us he forgives us even though we don’t deserve it because that is the nature of what he is. The Bible says believe in Jesus and you will be saved. It also tells us that we can only have one master, you either serve God or you serve satan. But darling the word also tells us that when we are saved NOTHING can ever pluck us from His hand. Please destroy that board I can tell you this, it is not serving Him. The bible warns us that if we allow unGodly things into our homes we are not protected. The things you are experiencing are not of our dear Creator, He would never frighten you, He adores you, He calls you friend. You tell satan out loud to leave you alone because you are a chid of Jesus Christ. There is no higher name than Jesus Christ. The bible says even the demons in hell know there is a God and they shudder at the mere thought of him. This is a serious matter. Your very soul is on the line. You must choose who you will serve and i am praying you will turn your lovely eyes to the one who so carefully made you. I am and will be praying for you, darling child of God.
    Love in Christ

  15. katrina says:

    u say u r attached to that board..but trust me THAT IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS. i know that everyone here has told u to burn up that board and i agree coz thats the only way u r going to get rid of whoever that is..GET RID OF THAT BOARD NOW AND DO IT WITH AT LEAST 7 PEOPLE AROUND U.NOT A SINGLE LESS and if possible do it OUTSIDE a crematorium and a church.

  16. jazmine says:

    dude DITCH THE BOARD! those things have bad news written all over them.burn it ,chop it up , saw it in half if you have to .JUST GET RID OF THE BOARD!!

  17. BRENDA says:

    I say that first burn the board and than trow the ashes in holy water and pray. than after trow them out in a cementary. and pray everysingle night before you sleep. write to me if you have any question on how to get ride of demons.

  18. Jeff says:


    As human beings we have been created with a need to have a spiritual life that goes hand in hand with our every day life. Perhaps the “dark side” seems to be more sensational, but it can only end in one way…, and it can easily affect anyone around you. Get rid of the board, and get a Bible. Satan is the “Father of Lies.” The longer you stay on the wrong path, the more difficult it will become to get on the right path. Christ is waiting on you. It is God who created us in His image, and He loves us. Please don’t turn your back on God.


    • Caretaker says:

      Jeff, I have tried repeatedly to reply to your emails but I dont know if you are getting my messages or not.

  19. allan says:

    the other night i found out a cross and put it around my neck cus i was having bad feelings.oncei done that things started getting full on i was constantly seeing darj shadows and orbs.i mean they were everywhere.i think putting the cross on must of upset them.i took the cross to bed with me and put it under my pillow and can actually say i had a good sleep.NO i put it under there again last night and had another good sleep.two nights of good sleep iv broke my own record.still had the bad feelings last night that something was there but if the cross is keeping them away from me and stopping them from entering my dreams then thats ok they can stay in the house just have to keep there distance the cross really does work

  20. allan says:

    that cross seems to b doing the trick.another great sleep last night.couldnt even remember what i dreampt of when i woke up but i know it wasnt a nightmare

  21. Kuva says:

    Destroy the board, tell the spirits/demons/whatever that are bothering you to get out in the name of Jesus Christ. “I command you to leave my home and never return in the name of Jesus Christ!” Something like that, out loud. Empower yourself and do not let them control you. Do not let the beings think you are scared or weak. Start praying before and after bed. Get a priest or medium or someone do a cleansing ritual or something. Concentrate on positive and happy things. Once you take the power in your hands and tell em LOOK BACK OFF I DONT WANT YOU HERE they often realise ur not a victim and run away. The cross seems to be helping thats great! It’s a symbolizes Satans enemy. But worship God, not a symbol. The Bible is not the only scriptures God has given us. God is unchanging therefor he continues to have prophets on the earth and has His church set up and His work has not stopped. I invite you to visit but u dont gotta. It’s my duty to invite, not force. So u say you got some psychic powers or talents or something? Cool! U may have an evil spirit in you or just a natural talent/ability given by God. I dunno. Reject it or study and use it, I dunno thats up to you. Take care man. Kuva \|/

  22. allan says:

    iv jus clicked on the link.the board is just a tool its you that invites the spirits/demons.sometimes i feel like a skitzophrenic cus i am all happy n then i jus go all depressed and now.were i jus wnt to tlk 2 sum1.i jumpred in the canal b4 to end my life out of the blue.i dnt no wot came over me.its just like i blacked out.i hate feeling the ways i do.i was wondering how to repent cus i no i wnt to go to heaven.i always feel like im goin to hell i cant help but fink that the devil owns me i dnt no why.i jus feel so alone.last night even tho i had the cross under my pillow it was the first time id had a nightmare since it was there.about something chasing me tryin to kill me.i hate the way my lifes turning out and the way im feeling now i just want it all to end.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ouja boards are dangerous thats how the exercist became a film but the real character was a boy not a girl like the film

  24. Mellisa says:

    I think purgatory is exist. I read somewhere, there’s one woman named Maria Simma from Austria, who often visited by people from the purgatory. they told her lots of things and they often ask her to pray for them during the mass to help them go to heaven. sure God is forgiving. there are lots of cases where people got to go to heaven straight without go to purgatory. but PURGATORY IS REAL…
    btw, there a book about it the title is “The souls of Purgatory” by Maria Simma herself. so it’s real. so please don’t say carelessly that Purgatory isn’t real, because we who are still alive here, or don’t have memory about past life, or have the experience of going there, won’t ever really know till we die.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You never burn ouija boards! Don’t listen to the person that said that, the gate is still open and you have no way to close it that way.

  26. Nettie says:

    you need to get rid of that board. DO NOT BURN IT. if you burn it you cant close the gate and thats what you need to do. i have night terrors all the time and frequently about the same thing every terror. i dream of something chasing me trying to kill me but i always wake up. you should call a demonologist and ask him or her about your experience. they normally know what to do considering it is thier field of expertise. ask around for a number or google one.

    i hope this helps, also be careful of the demonologist. getting help can sometimes make it worse, you need to close the gate before you call the domonologist. Getting help can upset the demon and cause it to act out and possibly posses you. BE CAREFUL and close the gate first.

  27. Jess says:

    GET RID OF THAT OUIJA BOARD!!! I AM NOT JOKING YOU HAVE A FUDGING DEMON FOLLOWING YOU AROUND!!! BUT DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BURN IT!!!! My friends and I had a demon following us around for MONTHS and it was scary! Firstly I’d like to recommend a few things
    One: Sleep with the lights on
    Two: Burn sage in your room (with parents permission)
    Three: Sprinkle salt water around your room while imagining all evil to banish it, when this is done lay in bed and imaging the trail of salt water glowing white (Like a pure white light) and imagine that light surrounding your entire room like a shield.
    If you do get rid of the ouija board first purify it (take it to your local church and tell a priest about what happened) then continue to do one of the three things listed above for a week afterward and if it’s still there…well I don’t know…

  28. allan says:

    ok havent had a nightmare in a long time since i put the cross under my pillow.but im actually startin to miss my nightmares :( so might remove the cross.jus to have a nightmare

  29. Nikki LewAllen says:

    heres the thing, get rid of the board. I know that you haven’t played with it yet, but there isnt anything much more powerful than a homemade ouija board. Its much more personal which gives the entity more of an opening to make its way into your life. Its like having an eternal hitchiker. This thing is gonna stick with you until that board is gone. Also, note that it may or may not be extremely hard to get rid of the board because they have a tendancy to come back. They dont like being rejected.

  30. JOSHY XC1979 says:

    Hey there Allan,
    I’m not sure what your religous beliefs are but I would like to share with you my personal (and I admit they could be wrong) beliefs. First off, when you contact a dead spirit, how do you know its not a demon inpersonating a spirit of a dead person?
    Second, I’ve had similar experiences. I use to have night time paralylsis several times a night, for many nights in a roll. It was a result of trying to contact spirits.
    The bible talks about unlcean spirits, aka demons, and how Jesus alone had control over them. I believe the only way to fix your problem is through Christ. Otherwise your heart still has room for an entity to come in. And messing around with ojoui boards is an open invitation for spirits (maybe dead people, callen angels who knows) to come into your life.
    Hope this helps. It helped me

    I would also recommend sleeping with the lights on. And if they tend to flicker a lot, you know you�re not alone.

  31. sonicdragon says:

    try to focus before you sleep and dude DITCH THE BOARD

  32. D says:

    Allen you need to get rid of the board, I know its hard and it seems like there’s a personal connection there and that’s because its a gateway and you have let in a “negative”energy, take the board to a priest and take his advice, what feels like it surrounds you and feels like something is always there is just negative energy, ppl refer to it as demons but never call it just feeds it and makes it stronger….the negative energy invades your dreams and tries to make you feel depressed and hopeless because that’s what it feeds on-negative energy feeds on negative energy, it will take that energy and use it against you, remember you said that once you told it to gop away it did? You have the power to get rid of it! Don’t let it possess you, it finds ppl who are down who have a physc that they are unaware of and it takes the form of whatever it is you see as a demon…but its just negative energy taking that form and you have yhe power to rid yourself of it..use that gift! Joy is the key…find things that make you happy cause the more depressed you get the weaker you get and the stronger it does…I wish the best for you and please keep us updated

  33. allan says:

    k so the cross hasnt been under my pillow now for about 2weeks and havent had 1 nightmare yet :( luks like its seriously gon havent even had feelings of being watched.i go 2 bed earlia and get up earlia cus i no i can sleep now were as before it took me about 2 hrs to get to sleep.

  34. allan says:

    not a nightmare as such but last night i drempt that a gang of chavs set a german shepard on me and it bit of my ear lol dont think it has anything to do with paranormal but its the closest to a nightmare iv had since using the cross.didnt relli bova me much exept that the chavs were the ones that i got beat up by a couple of years ago which affected me cus i was to scared to go into that area which is were i live so it was sort of keeping me in the house.but after 2years i got tired of hiding and showed my face.the nightmare might have been because i bumped into the gang on wednesday in the job centre which made me feel really uncomfortable so maybe thats why i had this dream

  35. allan says:

    ok nightmares seemed like theyd gone.but iv had alot now in the last couple of weeks.the other night i was sat on my chair watching tv and it started shaking.then i was in bed n the bed was shaking.not really bad but noticable.last night i had a dream about a ghost.cant really remem much about it i can never remember some dreams.iv started having sleepless nights again took 2 hours to get to sleep last night.i also keep feeling things touching me.bumping my leg touching my knees tho theres nothing there.i suppose i can live with it as ive been doing for so long.but the slightest noise puts you on edge.every bang makes you jump and extremely paranoid.lieing in bed at night waiting to fall asleep.your finally feeling the sleep coming along and the bang!.something goes bump.wide awake again. suppose in the end its all about strength and they might be here to test your capabilities. if not then i guess im gonna have to face the demon head on so to speak.everything has a weekness.just need to find out what it is.where its from.what it wants and find its weakness.

  36. IDK says:

    From my experience with it the only way to get rid of a ouija board completly is burying it in your backyard if you burn it it will come back if you throw it away it’ll come back the only way for you to get rid of it is burying the board in your backyard and you must do it asap before more demons come into your home

  37. LuiJess says:

    that’s good that the nightmares have gone. I might be doing the ouija board tonight, hope nothing goes wrong. Lol. Not sure how much I want to after reading these stories, but I might make this the last time.

  38. allan says:

    the way i think about it the board can only hurt you if you react wrongly i bet it will all b good for you.wish i cud join u in doing it lol.except u probebly wudnt like it cus i really wouldnt mind talking to some demons lol they sound kool.i would love to have a demon friend it would b great.looking out for you and protecting you.i think some off the experiences on here are just to try and spook you out off doing th eboard cus its against there beliefs or somethink if u get wot i mean lol.i genuinley want u to do it and plz pleaz post wot happend .good luck not that ull need it jus stay positive.any bad feelings u get in ur head jus push them as side and show them whos boss lolo

  39. Big Chief says:

    Hmmm. I don’t know but you know thinking about spirits and such can draw them closer to you. Maybe that’s what happened to you. You was thinking about spirits when you had the ouija board and it may have drawn them towards you. Spirits can read your mind as well.. Also, the pink mist is not good. I’ve heard of some demons that are covered in pink mist. What kind of symbols were your getting in your automatic writings? Demons or spirits alot of times communicate through symbols more than words. Looks like your already sensitive to the spirit world if your doing automatic writings..

  40. allan says:

    hi sorry jus got on.the symbols was wierd can only remem them from memory as paper they was written on was chucked away.i fink i mentioned but im psychic i feel spirits and there energy i feel the sadness they feel the anger they have and their symbol thats sticks out above the rest is sort of a upside dwn cross with a circle in the centre were both lines meet.iv began to be drawn to one demon whos name is quite well known goes by the name of ZoZo.not sure why but i keep calling out to him calling him my friend and that we will help each not scared of him i feel he is here to help me.i had sort of lucid dream where i done a ouija board with some strangers and he asked to talk to me confirming my middle name tht he nos me.he told me i had pyschic abilities were i asked how to use them he said went on that i could do anything my mind could all went from good to started that i was hurting bad people.and sending them to hell but then it went to me hurting police men but only cus they was tryin 2 stop me getting in my way.i feel ZoZo is in my head and wen i see online people talking aobut him im quick to defend him.i hate people talking about that dream he told me that he only hurts good people he wasnt going to hurt me cus i was a bad person.personlly i dont fink i am iv neva had a fight being 20 thats unusal iv never hurt any1 i try and help people i always put others doesnt bother me.he told me that when i die ill go to hell but ill b a demon sorry this is so long lol ill stop now

  41. Jo says:

    Hey allan,how r u?i would like to discuss ur oct post further wit u hun.x

  42. allan says:

    ok this is wierd.the other day i was walking past a coffee shop and started walking past a woman sitting i walked past her she started staring into my eyes.putting her fingers into a circle her thumb and index finger and started putting it towards my face and back shouting sum wierd language.she jus kept staring into my eyes i tihnk she was cursing me.that night following the death of some close 2 days before i was upset n decided to call up the devil because i wanted to make a deal.only he didnt show hes there when u dont want to know but as soon as u need him hes no were to be found.i even called his name 5 times incase it was like candy man lol was looking in the mirror aswell but still no show.wonder what that woman was doing tho.she was creepy

  43. Jess says:

    Allan I don’t think the woman was trying to hurt you, I wasn’t there when it happened but older people are more sensetive to paranormal activity than we are. I think she was more scared about what would happen to you if you didn’t get rid of whatever is following you. I think you should really consider having a professional come to your house.

  44. eyepriestess says:

    You need to get rid of the ouija board Allen, have a look at my comment under the story ‘ouija board warning’, it will tell you how these boards work and what they attract.

    Just having games of an occult nature in your house is attracting evil, get rid of it and never be tempted to play with it.

  45. Christina says:

    I started having nightmares and night terrors when I moved into my house a year and a half ago. I didnt connect the two til I recently went to a psychiatrist to try and get to the bottom of it. They have been draining me completely. Im constantly exhausted and its affecting my daily routine.
    I have always felt a sort of energy around me, usually positive though. but recently my terrors have been getting so bad and so intense. My friends too have also told me they dont dream near as much as I do, if at all. Many of my terrors I feel this overwhelming panic and anxiety feeling. I feel like something is shaking me or on top of me.. I wake up in convulsions. and if I dont move usually i slip right back into it. This will occur all night til the morning. I wake up in these cold sweats. Maybe I will try sleeping with the light on.

    but, the psychiatrist suggested I cleanse my space. With sage or incense before bed, maybe open your window a little bit. Tell the demon or whatever it is to go away, it has no power over you.

    Im just curious, since you posted this so long ago, have you still been experiencing the ‘terrors’ or have they subsided? and if not, what did you do?

  46. Rachel says:

    Get ride of the board!!!!! Is making these problems!!! Demons are messing with your head and that’s bad!!! Messing with Satan and demons can lead to lots of problems in your life!!! So what i think is get ride of the board and turn to God!! He can get all those dreams away from you!! So call out to him and he will help you with ll your problems.

  47. Allan says:

    It was a while back I last commented. Heres an update. Things got worse to the point I was erm how can I put it sexually assaulted. Nightmares started happening again but then I found out the ouija board one night and decided enough is enough. However I looked at the board and there was names scratched onto it. I took photoes of it on my mobile which went quite bad. The picture mirrored itself down the center. I put the picture in negative because I was trying to find faces or what ever on it and what i got was unexpected. It looks like hell I will upload the picture so you can all give me your opinions. I snapped the ouija board into 4 pieces. I couldnt snap any more than that even in single pieces then i threw it in the bin and now I wear a gold cross with Jesus around my neck. Iv got a cross above my bed and a bible under my bed and im sleeping fine. I still have the odd nightmare but everything seems to be going fine now Im even trying to get out of the addiction to horror movies Im getting my life on track thinking positive and am now looking for a job so I can get my own place.

  48. jordann says:

    ok i think i know what your talking about when you say u see things when you closed you eyes. it happened to me before i was so scared i freaked and woke up my sister who i was sharing a room with. im not very old but i know that its the worst feeling you will ever have in your life you feel like your not safe in your own home. your not alone

  49. allan says:

    just curious how old are you jordan? when i was younger it started about 5 until i was about well still now lmao i saw shadows forming out of no where id look and see them manifest loads of them i would never sleep when i was young out of fear iv now found out that they were shadow people if you want info google it they are common. What i do know is if we fear them they will come more because its what they feed on best thing to do is get distract its hard but if its done they will go away its like they are in your head but they really am not omg im giving myself advise lmao so whats your story then id like to hear dont exhaggerate it because just theres more story to the most simplest of things thers always something hidden that others will notice what am i chatting about aha ok im having a good night if you havent already noticed lol only because like i said im distracted ( by alcohol and music) lol later when i settle down itll be different i already sense im being watched

  50. Jonathan says:

    Ok Allan, I am not an expert, but everyone telling you to burn the board is right. You also need to accecpt Christ as your Savior, then you need to get involved with a minister that is filled with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is part of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and The Holy Ghost. I believe that maybe your house is demon possessed, because you made that stupid board, this is a lot of effort, and you made it personal between you and whatever demon/demons that are making you suffer, by putting that much effort into making that board. You need to have your house annointed by a spirit filled chistian. A good source of information about demon possession is the late Lester Summrall(not sure of spelling), but you can google his books. I will pray for you, but stay away from black magic, white magic, and the occult. God bless you.

  51. Jonathan says:

    Allan, I know this is old, but you gave an update about how everything has approved, but you did not mention anything about being saved. Have you done so? If not read John 3:16 in your bible and apply it to your life.

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