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Niece’s Elves Come to Life at Night

Posted on December 10, 2010

I recently got to visit with my niece and family for about an hour. (I’m keeping identities vague and anonymous on purpose.) My niece is 7 and she started telling me about how her 3 plush elves come to life sometimes at night, usually around midnight, and then they cause “mischief.”

Everything can be explained away as a child’s active imagination; however, she ONLY has such stories about her plush elves. None of her other toys or figures come to life, she says, only the elves. She has talked about them causing mischief over the years, actually, and she has never told such a story about anything other than the elves.

At the last visit, there had been a vase of flowers spilled all over the kitchen table, and my niece assured me that one of her elves did it, late at night, when she was sleeping. She had to clean it up when she got up in the morning.

She got to talking about other mischief from her different elves, over the years. One morning she had woken up with chocolate chip cookies thrown all over her bed, from one of the elves. A different time, one of them jumped into the Christmas tree, which was somehow seen as “mischief,” I guess because he didn’t belong there.

Another event happened after my niece went to bed with one of the elves on her bed. Later that night, she woke up and saw a mess of toilet paper on her bed and everywhere. She realized that her elf had gotten up and gone to the bathroom, then pulled out the toilet paper and spread it all over the bathroom, down the hallway, and into her room. She was apparently shocked so she shouted for her parents to wake up and look at what someone had done. I’m sure her parents were not amused.

Well those are my niece’s elf stories; I hope you liked them.

Sent in by Miles Prower, Copyright 2010

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19 Responses to “Niece’s Elves Come to Life at Night”
  1. pete says:

    Hmmmm!! overactive imagination methinks, but I could be wrong of course???

    • Miles Prower says:

      Yes it’s POSSIBLE that she just has an active imagination. After all, “anything is possible.”

      But like I said, over the years she has told consistent stories about her elves coming to life and causing trouble. But none of her other toys come to life, she says, and she’s never told stories about her other toys.

      Also, her elf stories usually end with her getting in trouble (because her parents think that she makes these messes, of course) and then she ends up having to defend herself and clean up the messes. So if these are just made-up stories, why do they always end up with her getting in trouble and being forced to clean up the mess? LOL

      She is NOT one to just make messes randomly, or do things to tick off her parents on purpose. LOL She swears her stories are true, and the elves make the messes while she’s asleep. lol She’s pretty convincing that she believes her stories are true.

  2. Cynthia says:

    well your neice probably would never do things like that, so yeah, it could be the elves… or someone sleepwalking

    • J.J. says:

      she might be sleep walking but then why would she be saying it was the elves? what about her other toys? why just elves?

  3. Miles Prower says:

    ^Sleepwalking could be the explanation. Also, there are animals in the house which might explain some of the “mischief,” like the recent spilled vase of flowers. But the animals can’t be to blame for some of her other stories, like the toilet paper mess. lol

    Also, just to explain a little more about how I intentionally kept identities vague (which I mentioned early in the story): For the sake of anonymity for everyone involved, I did change a couple SLIGHT details here and there, but nothing that was fundamental to the truth of my story. For example, the “chocolate chip cookies” on her bed might have been a different kind of cookie, which I changed to make the story slightly more anonymous. Like I said, nothing fundamental got changed, only superficial details, and only for the sake of making sure the story stays as anonymous as possible, for me and my niece, family, etc.

  4. 14 more days until christmas AnNa says:

    if her parents dont believe her put a video camera in the room or out side or her room and see what happens.she could be telling the truth maybe shes not.or throw away the elves.

    • J.J. says:

      i agree. that would be a good idea. it would be really creepy if it was the elves. they could be possesed.

      • Miles Prower says:

        Thanks guys. The video camera is a good idea. Unfortunately, as far as I know, her elves only cause mischief once in a great while. Maybe once or twice a year, I’d guess. So even if the elves were actually coming to life, it would be hard to catch them on tape, I’d expect.

        Also, her parents would never put up a camera, because they’re too close-minded, and they dismiss her elf stories as just made-up stories. So they’d just never consider doing that.

        Also, if they did record her room or hallway at night, that would be a very creepy video to watch. LOL I wouldn’t want to watch any video of a room at night! :)

        • dolly says:

          i agree with you…. :D just imagine watching a night vision video and see stuffed elves running up and down the hallways with toilet paper and cookies

  5. yumi says:

    Lots of children keep stories going for years, so it is not at all unusual when you state that she only talks about these elves. It’s the same with pretend friends, most children have the same invisible friend for years and years, My husband used to jokingly blame all his mischief on a pretend friend. Some children go to extra lengths, other children love a toy so much they believe something they dont remember doing was it’s fault, or an animals fault. She could, as said, have been sleep walking. This is a far more likely case.

    • J.J. says:

      yes but remember that some pretend friends turn out to be ghosts.

      • yumi says:

        …o.0….yeh not moving elves was my main point. We dont seem to be talking about ghosts in this topic do we now?

        • Miles Prower says:

          ^Well the “ghost” in my story MIGHT be the spirit or spirits who could be possessing the elf dolls, and making them come to life and cause mischief, that my poor niece gets blamed for….

          Of course that’s only one explanation for her stories and the “mischief” caused by the elves……

          • yumi says:

            Although i said that its more likely to be sleep walking or something other than her elves coming to life…if i was going down the paranormal route (by the way im not a skeptic)…i’d say it was more likely it was just a ghost, not something posessing her dolls, and as for the movement of the dolls, in her eyes….i’d say maybe the spirit is playing with them, not so much posessing them. Giving her the impression they are alive and causing mischief.
            Maybe a poltergeist? Or even a playful child spirit.

  6. Jaybee says:

    What would happen if your niece put those pesky elves in a box, taped it all down, then put the box in her closet, with a ton of other stuff on top and left it that way for a while? Wonder if there would be any mischief afoot after that?

  7. Miles Prower says:

    Hey there was some new mischief from her elves recently. They got the toothpaste and used it to write on the bathroom mirror, “We love you Nancy.” (The name of my niece, though her name is changed for this story.) They also put toothpaste hearts on the mirror and sink. Of course her parents thought she did it so they made her clean it all up. LOL

  8. K. Smith says:

    Satan and his demonic host consider children easy victims because many times parents and adults do not believe their stories of creatures and monsters visiting them. I do not think your niece has an over active imagination. These so called elves that appear and cause mischief should NOT be taken lightly. One of these days they are going to cause serious harm to your niece because that is vile demonic spirits do.

    Dr. Kurt Koch a Christian writer who is known for his in depth research and documentation of Satans extensive and complex kingdom wrote that elves are in fact demonic spirits and their chief is Satan. Mr. Koch stated that these elves often visited children and played with them. However, when adults showed up these elves would disappear.

  9. Aiden says:

    If anything is possible then they do come alive. I have a leprechan, genie, three elves, and alot more ‘supposedly’ mythical creatures. My toys move alot in my room, maybe her toys are alive too but they don’t want to scare her.

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