Need Advice on Dealing with Ghosts

Posted on July 9, 2010

Ok. My name is Bridget and I’m 14 years of age. And ever since I can remember, I’ve had paranormal experiences.

When I was about 10, I would hear these strange noise underneath my bed, like a jingling almost. I know it was not my ears because they were perfectly healthy at the time. I would just lie in my bed an listen to them. Of course my parents never heard the jingling so they didn’t believe me. After a while, I refused to sleep in that room. So I traded with one of my younger sisters. She never heard them.

That was one that started it all basically. After that, and to this day, I can feel someone watch/follow me. If I’m lazy in the morning, something actually slaps me. I open my eyes and there’s nothing there. I feel pain in my cheek from it. Then I get up pretty quickly so it doesn’t happen again.

I often see shadows out of the corner of my eye. I’m so used to it now, because I see them everywhere. Even at school. Also, I’ll randomly feel cold at times, and I feel something brush up against me.

The scariest experience I’ve had was I was in bed. It was about 11:00 pm. I felt slightly ill and couldn’t sleep because of it. Suddenly it was very cold in my room. This happened in summer. I live in Australia so that was ridiculous. Dad had turned off the AC so yeah. Anyway, It continued to grow colder, and soon I was literally shivering. Then, I heard a small child crying outside my window. It was right outside it, about three meters away. The rooms atmosphere felt heavy and I felt a presence next to me. I was still and it didn’t leave for about four minutes. Then I got up and ran into my Dads room and told him.

My sister is not as sensitive as I am to the paranormal, but she has a ghost following her. I suspect to protect her, as mine does.

If this isn’t enough, I occasionally have precognitive dreams. And I can predict things with a 90 percent chance of them happening.

I really need some help. Any advice is very, very welcome. I need to know how to deal with all the ghosts that hang around me and try to communicate. Please help me.

Sent in by Bridget, Copyright 2010

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28 Responses to “Need Advice on Dealing with Ghosts”
  1. Dionna White says:

    ok u basically have the same abilities i do as a medium. If u wanna talk to them w/o using a voice recorder u can tell them this “I mean no harm I just want to talk to u so that we can become friends so please enter my dream tonight” if they respond they will enter your dream and talk to you, srry but it doesn’t always work but it sometimes does it worked for me a couple times. If u don’t want to talk to them in a dream but real life u need to build up your physic abilities by meditating, if u wanna know how to banish them then comment.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks for coming to help her Dionna!

    • AnNa says:

      so if i want to say talk to my dead uncle and i want to communicate with him i just do what you say?i cant see,hear,or talk to the dead would it still work for me even though i cant do anything like that?

      • Dionna White says:

        AnNa that would depend on a few factors, such as if your uncle is in the area that you are and like i said sometimes it works some times it doesn’t. and actually you do have physic powers they are just locked up, so yeah idk it works for me about 50 % of the time. also they may not talk to you they might show u a memory (and in the memory sometimes you will be there instead of them)

        • AnNa says:

          even the memory would be all i have to do is i want tosay i talk to you r u there right brfore i go to bed and then i wait.are you serious that everbody has the powers, but locked?how can i unlock them then?

          • Dionna White says:

            well i guess that might work but try it a few nights. and yes every1 has physic powers, 70% of the brain isn’t used which is where the physic powers are stored, unlocking it is hard you need to do a lot of meditation to unlock them, i was born w/ a little bit unlocked already.

  2. Pat says:

    It sounds to me like you do have a gift; just wish I knew a way for you to locate someone to help you better understand/accept and hone your skills….maybe you can try to locate someone via the internet…GOOD LUCK!

    • Poltergeist666 says:

      Well may be Dionna white has a special ability to transmit the the spirits.

      But with experience I would say not all spirits respond in the similar way and sometimes the spirits dont liked to contacted.

      There were a few instances when spirits were called upon…..and then they had entered the earthly portla and did not leave.which again can be dangerous if the wrong spirits are called back.

      The person died may be of close relationship to whomsoever, but once death has occured the spirit does not carry the relationship.

      One more thing worth noting is also the type of death occured. If it was a peaceful death (I meant peaceful to the person who died and not to the people around who assume the person died peacefully) Please do not call spirits who have died tragically or also with a lot of suffering. They can sometimes unleash their stress and anger for calling them back—-your causing them intense pain when you try and call em back). so i guess they come back in a fury.

      Only if the spirit has been been given its full rites after death will it go away peacefully or else it tends to lurk around on earth.

      I hope this message is clear ——– do not wake up spirits —— may be the worst mistake ypou have ever comitted.

  3. bigbarney says:

    ok. well if you can predict things with a 90% chance of being right. then try to predict the advice you are looking for. i dont believe in you mediums. i think its mental not paranormal. i fully believe in the paranormal, ghosts, and demons, but the “mediums” and “sensitives” i think are crazed loons

    • Sparky says:

      Stop trolling here. Every comment you make is negative, moronic, useless and overall insensitive. I myself do not believe in any of this, BUT I am also a pursuer of truth and an experience is an experience. Although it may not be truth in our current understanding of reality and physics, or quantum for that matter, does not mean it ‘isn’t’ truth. So why not offer constructive thought patterns, or if you are truly wise, offer some advice other then, ‘the �mediums� and �sensitives� i think are crazed loons’ because in reality, what you think, has very little to offer any human being.

    • Rob says:

      Oh boy !!! another one of Barney Ruble worldly opinions of mediums such as Dionna.Listen stick with Fred and wilma and the rest of thr flinstone crew……. u certainly have a stone age mentallity. How could u believe in medium….. that would require sensitivity…. something u know not a thing about. Did u ever once think that these people sometimes r truely perplexed and hurting, and u respond with degrading. condesending insulsts. KARMA !!!!!! Wake up dude. the world has enough hate. That’s why I like others find comfort in the nice people like Anna… troldoll…. pat… caretaker….. Dionna. u guys r the reason why i love this site. Much respect to all of u !!!!

      • AnNa says:

        thanks alot rob.that means alot.and i agree too he is rude.i know people can be at a point or too but this is reduculious.something like that.

      • Dionna White says:

        His comments don’t really bug me much bc i get a lot of ppl (basically my parents and bro) calling me nuts when i say that there is a ghost in the house.

  4. Caroline says:

    Honestly, this seems a bit made up.

  5. AnNa says:

    i think the part that would scare me the most would be the slap in the face.i probably would of had tears in my eyes but then again nothing like that ever happened to me.i dont really know what to say just hopefully you have it under control.thanks for the story.

  6. lisa rico says:

    i think u shud pray and tell them this” i command u to leave me and my family alone amen”

  7. priya says:

    hey briget , this is priya i read ur experience nd i feel very sry abt it anyways cmg to da point evils , ghosts r very much scared abt cross’s i mean da jesus cross…make sure dat u always have a jesus cross wid u even wen ua sleeping under ur pillow..nd i have this frnd of mine who is christian she reads some holy lines before sleeping….b religious nd belive da most in god so that those evil spirits wont hurt u…xoxoxoxo take care……i hope this helps u a bit

  8. Dionna White says:

    i was thinking u hear jingling right, so i thought that maybe it is the ghost of a pet that wore a bell

    • Sparky says:

      Consider a poltergeist, how it makes knocking and chain sounds. suppose a ‘jingle’ is a kinder way of knowing an entities presence.

  9. t rose says:

    am i crazy ?

    hi me and my bff both have this… ghost friend and he’s daed and i like him and he’s cool
    but he steals my stuff and phisycally cuts me in my sleep ! and then i wake up bleeding .
    but then he’s a leader of a gang ! and one of his mates is a guy called ‘carl’ and i can’t see einz which is the guy who steals . but carl he talk to me in my head . he’s a lot more kind of corse and is there when i need him . just recent ly i found that einz got rid of carl and he’s gone ! permanantly and i was crying for hrs ! and now einz is in my head tayla said he wanted another way to talk to me but i want him away ! . he’s made me have suicide thoughts and i want to get my stuff,carl back . can sombody please4 help !

  10. AnNa says:

    t rose–just tell him hes dead hes nothing,i believe in god and say the lords prayer out loud.if you did that then i dont know.just have faith in god and god will save you.

  11. Tiger says:

    Go here…
    its a show about people who help kids just like you. Help with the things you want help with. Good luck!

  12. Tess says:

    Hi bridget!
    I get the same stuff happening, I’m 17. Even the morning slaps. Haha they’re annoying I like sleeping! Just tell them shoo I’ll get up when I want and you can show me whatever it is then. Hope youre not always scared. It’s hard to not be sometimes, but you gotta remember you can always say them you don’t want them around. You probably know stuff, seems part of it so you can understand not to be worried. Stuff like the child crying, if you got a guy to look after you, you can ask them to sort it out for you if you want to. Umm… reply to this if i can be of help.
    And big barney… hush you.

  13. Ella says:

    hummmm, could have sixth sense? :D

    gr8 story by the way!!!!


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