Necronomicon and the Ouija Board Demon

Posted on July 13, 2011

I was curious about two things a necronomicon and a Ouija board and I used both around the same few days.

After I used the necronomicon things started happening such as a photo of me being knocked over and this thing would call my name using his voice which was in a growl or in my gram’s (Grandma’s) or my Dad’s and he would use their voice and make them sound as if they are angry with me; and at night I would hear heart beats and sometimes a feeling of being choked.

One night I actually saw it it had either one or more eyes (I don’t completely remember what it looked like) what I do remember is that it had several fangs and horns, black scale skin, kind of like a lizard or a snake and it made a sound which was like a combination of a pig and a woman screaming.

Then in the morning I saw purple ectoplasm like slime not a mist. There was nothing in the house that looked like that.

I then blessed the house. It did not work so I told it to leave and what not; and I thought it did for years but apparently I was possessed so I had to get an exorcism which I believe worked but while it was going on (my exorcism) it was making me scratch myself in the face, I had no control whatsoever; it might have worked but it was not pleasant.

Sent in by John, Copyright 2011

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12 Responses to “Necronomicon and the Ouija Board Demon”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You can “use” the Necronomicon all you want…nothing is going to happen because of that book. It is not is a creation of the author HP Lovecraft that first appeared in the short story “The Hound”. The “Mad Arab” who was said to have compiled the book is another creation of Lovecraft. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is probably the closest thing to what the Necronomicon may be based on, but the book itself is not real, it never was, and I think it is amazing that a man who had no belief in God, Satan, the afterlife, or spirituality has created such a phenomenon with people believing the book is real. Here are some quotes from Lovecraft’s letters about the Necronomicon.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hilarious but absolutely true. The Necronomicon is a creation of pure fiction and a relatively recent one.

      • evilisgood says:

        I believe what this person experienced was a placebo effect…believing in the item to have an effect when it actually doesn’t do anything, but since they strongly believe in it that they tend feel as though that the item works or that the effect was real. In this case well…I think the mind overcame the belief and it manifested itself causing the individual to think he or she heard something when they did not.

      • evilisgood says:

        And also note that the book can’t exist since it is a fake grimoire. Also with the title of the book it suggests that it came from the word necromancy which is about talking to the dead or bringing the to life, but alas the book is for naught, let alone that the belief in itself can cause the person to hallucinate the whole experience.

  2. Sharayah says:

    I’m sorry this happened to you but when you look to deal with unclean thing this is what can happen. May God be with you.

  3. scarygirl67 says:

    Ah crud, I forgot to put my name in there! Yes you’re right CT. There have been people try to say that it was a real book and will defend it to the death..but there is NO evidence whatsoever that any book called the Necronomicon came from anything other than the mind and the imagination of H.P. Lovecraft. He would have had a lot of fun with the theories that have come about, especially in the last quarter century or so. When I was in high school in the early eighties, there was a group that said they followed the religion of “The Old Ones”…another product of Lovecraft. (from what I gather..Cthulhu is no one to mess with)…=P

    • psychicramta says:

      evidence my dear? annunakis and the names in the necronomicon are the same, read research they are real my dear.

  4. dakota says:

    lol why would you want to use a necronomicon in the first place have you not seen the evil dead

  5. Dennis says:

    Hate to burst your bubble but whatever you are calling “Thee Necronomicon”, as the above comments are basically right, was the work of writer H.P. Lovecraft and having one of his original books, where it is explained in depth, it sounds impressive but I hope you didn’t pay much for it, as it will do absolutely nothing, repeate nothing, in dealing with “demons’, “spirits”, “gods”, etc. It was simply a creation of fiction, so usin git to explain things you did, are either delusions on your part, speaking as a Clinical Psychologist, or there is something else going on that I suggest you get a mental health practioner to evaluate.

  6. psychicramta says:

    necronomicon and the annunakis they have something in common.
    john there are many types of rituals in the necronomicon? what type of rituals did you use? there are rituals. banishing rituals at the end (or start? i forgot) yoou may use it, or try the catholics banishing ritual, or cleanse your room, get 4 eggs, put it in the 4 corners of your room, in a pail of water add salt, 1/4 bottle of beer and get some holy water from the church, sprayed it into your room, gather your friends in your room pray our father and i believe in GOD, after a week throw the eggs, yolk in the bathroom flush it, as for the shells burry it.
    before sleeping at night make the sign of the cross in your room (do this while you are already lying in your bed)

    . and be postive. start to pray and dont think about it anymore. stoptalking about it, you are making them powerful. and dont be scared. remember, IF GOD IS WITH YOU WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? SAYS THIS EVERYTIME YOULL ENTER YOUR ROOM – ‘god is with me so who can be against me”. it will work.

  7. Seth says:

    While what everything being said about the Necronomicon is true, it’s a work of fiction written by a genius, the intended use of it as a real tool could absolutely draw any non-human entities (demons for example) to the user. I have no clue what is in the book so whether it be spells, rites or rituals all of these while not real could bring a demon to you that is feeding on the belief that it is real.

  8. E.D. says:

    The book or board are only enhancers on ones ability to open doors that they can not shut, generally the way you got in it will be twice as hard to work your way out. Spirits or demons can be summoned or invited with out a book or board. The thing about it all is that getting them out and keeping them out is not easily done once that door is opened it is always there. Just because you are rid of it for now it may come back and keep trying to come back. I have live in number of places which were haunted by spirits or otherwise which were there before I got there. Spirits or ghost I have learned are generally harmless but quite anerving, not extremely difficult to rid your home of. The “other” entities on the other hand can be quite dangerous even for a stronger person, I had one particular home that I had an “occupant” in my spare bathroom I tried a number of things such as adorning the door frame with olive oil and a prayer leaving a cross and opened bible in the bathroom that kept things quite for a while -granted no one ever used the bathroom and the door was kept shut. Until one day for no reason my son alerted me to the fact the door was open and lights on and a growling was coming from it, scaring him. At that very moment he was telling me the large jar of olive oil flew off the top of the fridge and shattered at my feet I moved to go close the door to that bathroom and grab my children to leave I was literally knocked off my feet and layed frozen on the floor I tried to recite the lords prayer and no sound came from me after a few moments of being stuck I was released I grabbed my children and never returned – I hired movers to move my stuff out and stayed with family while in the process of moving I NEVER RETURNED TO THAT HOUSE. I am a spiritually strong person I have strong senses as well with spirits and such, good or bad I am generally uneasy with them. These entities are not to be played with it is not just a game some of them do mean you harm playing with these things your are rolling your dice and that doesnt always end well and somethings you can not reverse.

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