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Natural Witch?

Posted on July 7, 2010

When I was about 14 I began to experience many unexplainable out of this world things. One day my brother found a Ouija board in the back yard of our apartment building. He came in shouting of excitement that he had found one and wanted me and my two other siblings to play with it. My mother heard him and asked to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Days passed and I found that board was under his bunk bed. I confronted him and asked why he didn’t throw it away as our mother had asked. He replied, he simply was curious and wanted to play with it only once. He admitted to me that he had played with it several times. Every since I can remember, my brother Joe has always “seen” ghosts. This explains why he’s so interested in the paranormal and such.

My mother found the board and threw it away. Days passed and I had forgotten about it all. One night as I was sleeping I felt this sensation, the only way I can explain it is by that when you get an electrical shock, but all over your body, radiating from head to toes over and over again. I did not feel any pressure on my chest or on top of me. I could see my room, and everything in it, but could not move for the life of me. It was terrifying and agonizing. This happened every night, but the worse thing of it all is that sometimes I could feel large hands caressing my body, whatever it was it liked to press and squeeze my breast, and it was very uncomfortable because of that electrical feeling it had when it touched me. I never saw what it was, but I was fully awake and afraid of what I might see if my eyes were open. Minutes felt like hours and this thing kept touching me until I either passed out or when I moved.

Then I started to see things at night and during day time. The first was this floating hand in my room, its flesh was rotting away. It would try to fly across my room towards me but when I screamed for my parents it just disappeared. Or I would see bodiless heads staring down at me while I slept, or when I was watching TV, and doing homework. Those always seem to just hover over me. I would be trying to sleep and suddenly feel someone poking me twice on my back, but when I turned there was no one there, I guess it was to let me know “hey I am here” or turn around! I couldn’t sleep, eat, or concentrate in school at home etc. I talked to my parents about it but they kept telling me to pray and it would go away, or that I was having “vivid dreams”. This was very frustrating to me. I kept seeing shadows, flashes of lights in that apartment for several weeks, it happened everyday and night that it became kind of normal and learned to live with it.

My other siblings never saw or felt anything, so to them I was going out of my mind. My parents got worried when they realized how much weight I had lost and my grades went from A’s to D’s. They ended up taking me to a Catholic priest at their local church, he asked what happened and I told him everything, he did not seem moved or scared by it, all he did was put his hand on top of my head and recited this prayer in Latin, didn’t understand of course. He said that if it happened again to come back and let him know. These things and happenings subsided but I still see, hear, and feel things in different places all the time.

Ever since, I have these visions that at the time don’t pay much attention to, but later find out that it happened. Same thing happens with dreams, or if I want something to happen and think about it hard enough it ends up coming true. For example, I had visions about my marriage to a man of another race (I’m Hispanic) that I would have two children by this man, a boy and a girl. I saw myself going to school and becoming a nurse, my present job. I would sit in my bedroom late at night and think and wish to have a higher salary, or to have a certain co worker fired because he/she had been doing unethical things at work.

I know it seems crazy and maybe stupid but that’s all true. I am used to it and been told by psychics and mediums that I’m a witch but a “natural one” this is one reason why I attract spirits and different entities. I have never practiced witchcraft, nor experienced anything paranormal before all of this happened. All I can say is that my life is a comfortable one. I can bring anything to me, but never wished, done bad or wronged another person. I am 30 now, single mother of a boy and a girl to a Caucasian man. I’m a nurse and live happily and comfortable with my two children.

I don’t know what to make of all of this, I still question if I’m a witch or everything has been a coincidence. I work with a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders, so everything was ruled out like – sleep paralysis, night terrors, sleep apnea, etc. I have been evaluated by psychologists and found me to be normal. I have never smoked, done drugs, I don’t even drink. That’s my story, a tormented part of my life but true. What’s your opinion? Is it because I am a witch or the power of the mind and suggestion doing its work?

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Sent in by Cici Rowland, Copyright 2010

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10 Responses to “Natural Witch?”
  1. trolldoll says:

    i have never had a wish come true, and i have wished for alot of the same things. i do think you made these things happen out of sheer will for a better life! i’m glad everything is as you wished it would be!!

  2. Yo-Yo says:

    Maybe you should look into family history to see if you have relatives that might be witches! If i was you I’d take advantage and learn or see if you have magical abilities. learn more about natual witches. Let me know what happens or if ya think this is any help.

  3. chantelle says:

    wow thats strange. Ive never really read much about witches and stuff like that but it could be either of your concluding suggestions. I have read stuff on the power of positive thinking i think the book is the secrect or something, you attract what you think about or do. But the apparations touching and ghostie happenings cant be related to that i guess.
    I think you have a gift and its good to hear you are comfortable with it and its brought you good things hopefully not at the misfortune of others :)

  4. Bailey says:

    Wow thats amazing :) If only the scary stuff didnt happen right? Can you wish for me to find a boyfriend? jk lol no…you can if you want ;)

    • Cici Rowland says:

      LOL Thanks Bailey,
      As a matter of fact let me share this with you. I have been single for the last 7 years and recently I thought I might try one of those dating things online at my local home town which is Reno, NV. Anyway, about 7 months ago late at night, I was reading through single men profiles and this one particular profile of an english man caught my eye. I kept reading his profile over and over again. He litteraly mesmerized me and thought to myself how interesting he would be to meet in person. But one thing kept me from contacting him. He was only interested in meeting Asian women, PERIOD! I am Latino. LOL so one month went by and in another web site there he was again! I just read through his profile and forgot about him, mind you on these certain dating web sites the other person could not see that you were browsing through his/her profile.
      Guess what after putting my mind to it he contacted me and we’ve been together ever since. So see, too much of a coincidence don’t you think?

      • Rafty says:

        hi Cici,
        i hope ur ok now…
        i read your story n it was really interesting i myself have been experiencing the same happenings but its sometimes to terrifying.
        i am 23, i had a boyfriend but he doesnt love me anymore :( i dont know why cz, he had an ex-girlfriend and she used black magic for many purposes, i really want you to help me…
        please can you pray or wish for me, that i can know is he cheatinf on me or is it black magic..
        really depressed right now need your help….

  5. AnNa says:

    CICI—-im glad someone has a good life.ive never heared of that before.i agree with trolldoll and yo-yo.but then again you dont have to listen to me because like i said i’ve never heared of that before.but im glad your happy,thats all it matters.what does your husband think of all of this?thanks for the story.

  6. Edward Black says:

    No, you aren’t a witch. It’s all because of the Ouija Board. Your mother should’ve destroyed by the first second she saw it. But, good luck with the light.

  7. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    The modern connontation of a ” witch ” is usually bad, but that has come from many many centuries of persecution by the christian church. What a ” witch ” was was in fact a wise woman, the woman who had that sixth sense about the really bad winter coming and what herbs to eat when you have a stomach ache and what plant helps you feel better when you are down – ironically my female dominated close family (after my dad and grandfather died) always joked we were a coven of witches and we had poltergiest activity and a 6th sense about things and alot of natural medicinal knowledge and we saw ghosts. We always were aware our powers were amplified if we were together in the house at the same time ( thank goodness we all grew up and moved away! ) But being a ‘witch’ ( if you choose to even use the word ) isn’t necessarily a bad thing ( I dreamt of my 1st husband before I met him when i was 12 and I didn’t meet him for another 4 years – but I knew him when I saw him,,,,but I couldnt tell him THAT LOL ) Coincidences which I call ‘ post it notes from god ‘ dominate my life and there is a power in knowing what you are capable of and a quiet calm in the decision to always do the right thing ( …do unto others ) At the end of the day the label of being a ‘ witch ‘ is so linked to historical contraversy that its innacurate. There were no real witches in Salem but alot of frightened hysterical people looking for scapegoats, if not for the constraints of modern law and civilization, I’m sure we would have had a few more ‘ witch trials’!
    I personally don’t think you are a ‘ witch ‘ if you are uncomofrtable with the label, of course it never bothered me. I used to tell people I was a ‘ white witch ‘ because people’s connontations of what a witch is, is usually negative or involved with satan etc but thats Hollywood for you! If the term bothers you, maybe you could refer to yourself as ” sensitive ” – which your experiences certainly indicate you are. Lots of people have psychic gifts of various degrees and they don’t identify as ” witches” – but I don’t think the inquisition would have agreed with them!

  8. PENNY ROSE says:

    I just found this site a couple of monthes ago, and I read back stories when I am bored.
    I have not heard any one have a story that was almost exactly like my experience. It helps me because I now think someone must have been doing some thing in my house befor we moved in. Just remember to pray and you will be alright. See (little green haunted house) march 8, 2011.


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