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Native American Girl And The Evil Shadow

Posted on February 28, 2009

This happened a while ago, but it still haunts me to this day.

When I was seven years old, my two year old brother kept having asthma (I can never spell that right) attacks. Well, this was at two in the morning and my grandma offered to stay with me at home and let me sleep, while my parents took Ethan (my brother) to the hospital.

My grandma had fallen asleep in the living room and I had yet to fall back asleep in my room. In the haste to get out the door, my mom and dad had left the door to the garage open. I got out of bed and wondered down to the door. I was about to close it when I heard a sobbing noise coming from the darkness of the garage.

I stepped inside and turned on the light. What I saw was a small Native American girl, about my age and height, weeping on the floor. I was about to ask her what was wrong, when she got up and ran, straight into the opposite wall. I thought it was just my imagination and I ran back up stairs.

When I made it to my room, I felt like I was constantly being watched. After falling asleep for just a few minutes, I felt a coldness fall over me. I looked around to see a dark, evil shadow standing in the corner. When it noticed that I saw it, it disappeared. I ran from the room and slept in the living room that night. But that wasn’t the last I saw of that evil spirit.

It was three years later, when I was ten. We had moved to a slightly larger house, since our old one got crowded with the addition of my other brother, Levi. I had nearly forgotten about the evil shadow, but not entirely. I was in my room, trying to fall asleep. Everyone else was in bed but me. I had my eyes closed as I was trying to count sheep in my head. When I had almost fallen asleep, I heard a slight tapping noise coming from the corner opposite to my bed. I opened my eyes to see the same dark shadow, but this time, it was drumming its fingers on the wall.

I didn’t scream. I just held on to my necklace, which had been a gift from my great grandma. The necklace was of a cross and it was encrusted with diamonds, my birthstone. The shadow seemed… annoyed. It wanted to come near, but it couldn’t. My pastor had said that if I ever felt frightened that I needed to repeat the lord’s prayer. As I did, the shadow seemed to dissipate until it finally disappeared.

Lastly, I finally went back to my old house, to the garage where I had seen the native girl. I brought my bible with me and recited some prayers (of course I did so without my parents knowing, since I’ve never told them about these incidents). I told the girl, if she was hearing, that she needed to pass on. After saying this, I felt a cold breeze, a pleasant one though, and then a huge weight off my shoulders. It was like the air was lighter in the room.

I haven’t seen either ghost since, but I always feel like I’m being watched at night. I haven’t found an explanation for the shadow. As for the young native girl: she was a young Cherokee native that had been separated from her family and killed. Her remains were buried near my house. After my little prayer for her, I made a proper grave for her in the woods.

Sent in by Lauren, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Native American Girl And The Evil Shadow”
  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Lauren.

    Nice story.

    After reading your story it seemed that, that black figure should be a dark entity.They never have their human form..
    They mostly appear at the footside of the bed and have a hood on their head.If it is so you should be alert. If it is so leave a comment ok. I have a trick to overcome from these happining. Many ghost want that their presence should be felt so they do such kinda thing.So next time you hear the wried things gently say”I KNOW YOU ARE HERE BUT YOU ARE REALLY SCARING ME PLEASE GO AWAY” in many cases it works.
    Now don’ worry. CHEERS and leave comment.

  2. jackie says:

    That dark figure in your room sounds like it was a demon. If you have anything holy near to you the demon finds it almost impossible to get near you. Because you prayed too, that helped you. I doubt you will be bothered by this again, it will turn its attentions to someone who is an easier target.

    Maybe the ghost of this girl was crying because this negative energy was around and she may have wanted to warn you. Who knows what she was, she could have been a spirit, or an angel sent to help you. Angels are aware when evil is trying to come into your life and they come in many forms.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was the right thing to do. This story took me by surprise, because, I’m Cherokee. At least she’s passed to a better place now.

  4. brigita says:

    I do not like the fact that you read to her from a bible .
    If she was a native american she must have hated what we call god and jesus and all the other guys .I think that she is not in rest i think you made her angrier . That’s why you still feel being watched because she is still watching over you .
    She is Deffenetly not in peas …

  5. Aynjel says:

    What I find disturbing is, I haven’t seen a spirit child but I sure have seen the dark presence and have never been too thrilled with it watching me at night when I’ve felt/seen it. This gives me some encouragement.

  6. alyssa says:

    ok well one night i was washing dishes and i kept on seeing dark flying shadows around me flying faster and faster and they were telling me that they wanted me to die. now im not all that sure on what to think about this

  7. Unknown Stranger says:

    What i thought was surprising was that a demon was there. Thats what most people say when there is a shadow of an evil spirit. A demon that never passed on to anything and is like. A kid from Satan. They only come out of hiding in night and stay hidden in the morning. Doesn’t mean they don’t stop haunting you. And if their strong they can even make them selves shown in the light. So becareful.

    • Wendy says:

      I’m really sorry you are haunted by these shadows, I have seen a lot of scary things my whole life and lately there seems to me like there is nothing more to do then pray. I have been attacked by dark beings that don’t go away. Even my husband, child, and four pit bulls have seen things. It takes a lot to scare my dogs but they sense something bad and I can’t sleep; and when I can sleep I wake up to this nelt shadow. It’s scary but really all you can do is believe you are protected by a higher power.

  8. chris says:

    I also seen well not seen but hear it was complex. I could hear here and talk to her. She would def. crie alot, but sometimes sang to it was weird. My little brother could see her and man was he scaried it was so funny lol but theres nothing scary about spirits. The bad part was that this huge tall shadow looked like a black hood would go over by her bed and paraysis her and choke her. I didnt believe her at first but one day i woke up and i heard this strange voice in her room like a seance. It felt like hours for me to walk to her room which should of only tooken seconds. I saw this shadow in a hooded cloak over her been and it just disappeared. All my friends also seen both. The girl never told her name really she just told me her name was sad. Shes not evil and i talked to her even on the board. Im not sure what that shadow was but it was none of satan’s work. Alot of people jump to conclusions thats its evil and their scared and its satans fault. Try to do some investagating and fight your fears to find the real solution. hope this helps :)

  9. Jacob says:

    what a good story…where does this place take place? and by the way, i’m cherokee too.

  10. Kamron and Christian says:

    hello im kamron im 13 and this is christian hes 13 were teens now and we believe ur story cuz one time actually today we saw a shadow go across the old house and a little girl between 7-8 i saw the shadow christian saw the girl so we freaked out and now we r makeing videos to prove it so ur not alone saying theres ghost out there. :)
    Christian/: Hello im christian and also kam is right i saw the shadow and the little girl it look like she was scared of us becuase i only saw her for a sec and after we walked toward the house the little girl got scared and ran off and i saw a shadow figure in the house in our neighborhood and it ran towards the kitchen like the little girl its like she was in danger i couldent believe my self also i have a ghost in my house i forgot his name but hes spoken to me before he sounded like my brother my mom and my sis but also one thing to know is? how could this be posssible its great to have a ghost in my house but your not the only one that believes in ghosts so were going to check it out and right now my friend kam saw a shadow run accross the road it was real freaky and ive seen some stuff there was one time in my dream a ghost was like in my head but i was in the house sad i went it the cloth chair and was scared and cryed alittle but when i faced my fears i fought him it was unbeliveable this is serious were not kidding not joking we believe you so im going to find out why do i have this gift to scence ghost WHY!?!!!! but this is what we saw were going to help the little girl in that house and get that shadow some how we…..will……never…….FORGET!

  11. Anonymous says:

    wow what a scarie story!

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