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Mysterious Release

Posted on September 14, 2009

Hi, my name is Sam and I have an open mind but would say I am not a firm believer in spirits, however there have been a couple of incidents over the past few years which have been eye openers, one of which I would like to share with you today. Based in England

When I was 17 years old (seven years ago) I had a part time job while still at school as a life guard at a very well known UK holiday resort. The resort is based in a very old and historical forest in the heart of the countryside and consists of two main areas within the forest set about 2 miles apart, there are cabins throughout the forest which is where the guests stay.

The main plaza has a huge swimming pool and slides and water rides and this is where I was always based. The smaller plaza had a spa area and this had a small pool as well as saunas, massage areas and ice rooms, where only one life guard would be on duty here.

One Sunday I was working the late shift (1 pm – 11 pm) and the lifeguard who was supposed to be working in the spa had called in unwell so I was asked to cover her spot, I didn’t mind as it meant I would lose 30 minutes on the two mile walk between plaza’s (through a beautiful forest!).

I worked my shift and enjoyed the change of scenery, at 9 pm on a Sunday the spa closes so all the guests and therapists leave by 9:30 pm, then it is just me (the Life guard) and the spa manager left. It is my job to shut off all the lights and clear the pool area for the cleaners the next morning. I was by the pool and the manager was in the office (400 m and a number of walls away). Around the pool area were large, heavy, solid wood loungers. I had to fold them all up and push them right to the back of the wall to clear the floor area. on the tenth lounger I put my left hand under the middle section and my right hand was supporting the top. As I pulled them together the bottom section clamped shut on my pinkie and ring finger of the left hand and squashed them flat. I could see my finger turning blue and felt extreme pain, there was nothing I could do. The spa manager wouldn’t hear me if I called out, she was too far away and if I let go then there was a chance I would lose my finger all together. Panic was starting to build in me as I watched my finger get flatter and bluer. Then suddenly I felt completely calm, I hadn’t moved at all at this point and as I stood in exactly the same position with no one around me, all of a sudden the bottom part of the lounger released and lifted up, releasing my finger (which was very bruised at this point) and felt immense relief. I finished clearing up and went to wait with the manager for security to pick me and the cash box up (the managers car was in the nearer car park!) we had turned all the lights off in the building and were waiting for him to arrive so we could both leave.

When he got there I got in the van and the first thing he said to me was ‘you’re brave waiting down here in the dark’, when I asked why he explained ‘before they built the spa this is where the old foresters cabin used to be and myself and a few colleagues have seen ‘him’ wondering around at night when we come to do security checks’.

This is not a scary story but a pleasant one and I am very sure that he was the one who released my finger from the lounger.

Sent in by Sam, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Mysterious Release”
  1. Pat says:

    Sam-PLEASE find out more about “him” from security! Him as in a human form, or a shadow or meaning God- WHAT????? Something saved your fingers and i am very thankful for that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen M. says:

    Sounds like someone helped you out or you just got lucky!

  3. Sam says:

    Hey guys thanks for reading!!

    Pat: He meaning the old Forester/ Grounds man, a bit of history on the location the forest is part of the land from a very old Manor House/ Stately Home in Wiltshire England, they used to have a man that lived in the forest to stop poachers taking the deer and Pheasants.

    It is said that the forester passed away and was buried in the forest near where his home used to be, this was around the early 1900′s so it is his spirit that is said to be seen around the area! His home used to be in the same area as the new spa builing has been built.

    Karen: I am so very sure that the Forester was the one who heled me out of the tricky predicament! You see these are expensive solid oak sun loungers and as I am sure you know solid Oak is very thick and heavy, there is no way it could lift up on it’s own and the way it was squashing my finger I couldn’t move it at all.

    I honestly believe that the forester helped me out because I am a wimp and when in pain I panic, just before my hand was released I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and I believe he helped me to relax.

    The place that this took place is called Longlete Forest, Centre Parcs Wiltshire, I’m sure if you google it you can find out more about the location. I know for a fact that there were and still are a number of ghostly incounters throughout the forest reported by staff and guests!

    I’ll help you with whtever info I can find


  4. melia says:

    sam, i believe it was the forester who helped you too! if it wasn’t, then maybe it was your guardian angel. great story! i hear england is one of the most haunted countries of britain! thanks for the story!

  5. Karen M. says:

    Well, he must have been a nice person in life!

  6. eyepriestess says:

    That’s a lovely story and someone was looking out for you, I believe you. I was helped once when i fell down the stairs once, i ended up passing out for a few seconds as i fell head first and then i came round sat on the second to bottom step totally unharmed.

    It could have been the forester or an angel helping you and that feeling of calm suddenly coming over you as though something good was around you.

  7. tabbycat says:

    cool story i think you should find out more on “him’ try to look up the history of the hotel or the land its on. You never know!!!

  8. Robert says:

    Are you sure it was “him”? You said you felt peaceful suddenly, and shortly afterward, the thing released your finger..
    Telekinesis, perhaps? I’ve had plenty of intense situations where, without my full concentration, I calmed myself down and suddenly strange helpful things began to occur.. but only as long as I was calm, peaceful, and not focused fully on the situation.

  9. Sam says:

    I have to be honest! I am not the kind of person that is capable of calming myself and I am also a bit of a cluts! normally I panic and freeze, as my heart rate and stress levels climb! Although I spoke to a spiritulist 2 weeks ago and she say that I have a very powerful mind and the power to control many things that I will learn to understand over time so who knows!

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