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My Very Own Demon

Posted on August 6, 2011

I have been having strange activity in my house for over a year, and the strange part is, is that I’M the only one having the activity. I have to say that most of it isn’t very friendly activity either. I may be 14, but I know what’s real, and what’s not.

The first major encounter that I have had was one that has scared me the most. I was in the bathroom, getting ready for school, when the temperature of the room plummeted. I stood there frozen, unable to move. It was then when I heard a moan, and the words, “get out.” I quickly got out of there, but for the rest of the time that I was home, the energy of the house was… weird, and uncomfortable, like a murderer was staring down your shoulder.

A few days later, another frightening experience. I was sitting on my couch watching TV, and my dogs wanted to come inside. I was the only one downstairs at the time. I go to get up and let my dogs in when I heard heavy footsteps come down the stairs. I stood in the hallway waiting to see who was coming downstairs, but there was nothing there. I shrugged it off and kept walking.

I passed our knife/silverware drawer, when I heard the footsteps again, but they were running to me. Again, nobody was there. I turned to the back door, trying to ignore the sounds when I all of a sudden felt this pain all over my body. It felt like a sumo wrestler tackled me. I don’t remember anything that had happened after that, but when I finally came to about ten minutes later I was on the ground shaking violently, the back door was open(even though I never touched it), and the knife/silverware drawer was wide open, and my left hand was groping towards it.

To this day I believe I was possessed, but by whom is the question. Ever since then I have watched and felt scratches appear on my arms, and have heard my name called quite a few times. I haven’t figured out what is going on, but I believe that I have attracted the attention of a demon somehow. Hopefully the activity dies down soon, but for now I am awaiting help and a peace of mind for what lies ahead.

Sent in by Sasha Keck, Copyright 2011

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53 Responses to “My Very Own Demon”
  1. Jared says:

    this sound vary serious because if it can touch you and cause u pain it has gone to far this is vary serious u need to get some help some how pray and i like to ban them from me when i see them i like to tell them that they cant hurt me and i have god on my side. i hope u can get rid of this demon because that is what it sounds to be like and i also think the demon may of entered your body from that last attack. get help from some one now.

    • sasha keck says:

      i will try, but im a 14 year old girl with nonbelieving parents. this is going to be tough. any advice??

      • K.R. says:

        I dont know what to say but with all hinduism things you should get and around the house and also the incense if you were around like new jeresy or anywhere around new york like the bronx or queens you could get but mostly in queens. The incense are good to keep away evil and let them go where they belong i have them around my house and they dont really smell bad just dont be around it smelling like your smelling fresh air.

    • sasha keck says:

      is it bad that I have been having strange dreams along with the encounters? They have either been a dark figure in my doorway growling and making its way to me in my bed, or a dark mist engulfs me and when it disappates my entire body is covered in scratches and my initials are scratched on my back. when i wake up there is always a few on my arm. Is that bad? like really bad?

      • Connor says:

        If you have a camera available, try to take pictures when you feel bizarre energies or feelings. Often ghosts (and demons) will show up in these pictures as orbs or mists. If at all possible carry a quartz crystal and a rosary around with you. Negative spirits are repelled by such objects and they can also give you personal strength. Finally, try to stay positive. Negative spirits feed off of your fear and personal down falls. Good luck. Hopefully it all turns out well!

  2. Manns says:

    usually I doubt about some stories which be paranormal but your story has a particular sign that I think it is right. That sign is that scartches appeared on your arm. I have read another event as such your encountering by same sign in another area of world apparently it has happened in middle east of world . before I read your story I intended to translate that story and send it to Trueghosttales . that story was about a woman that some demons attached and drubbed her every night she said : demons were five and drubbed and scotched me she told some of that scratches was in shape of ” V “. Anyhow I don’t want explain that story here but warned you must be under a protection may your parent or an expert person. I can support you but not remotely, sorry. but try to be brave and withstand like mountain , keep a steely and sharp thing about yourself , keep an amount of Mercury in a little bottle about yourself ( I have heard of an expert man demons scare of mercury). first of all get help of mighty god.

    • sasha keck says:

      i have been praying to him as hard as I can, but every time i do the activity gets worse. know where I can get some murcury?

      • Buddy says:

        It’s very characteristic of this type of entity to intensify it’s haunting if it notices that you are trying to get rid of it. It’s like a bluff, It will scare you even more to make you believe that what you are doing is ineffective, but once you believe that what you are doing is useless the evil spirit won’t have any more problems in the future, because you will stop trying to do anything to get rid of it. Do not fall for its bluff! like I said, keep a strong resolve and believe that you can get rid of it. Maintain positive energy by maintaining positive emotions like hope, love, happiness etc. Remember, just acting all happy and lovey-dovey will not work, it must come from the depths of your heart for it to draw out your positive energy.
        NEVER EVER fall into depression, sadness, misery, despair, helplessness and hopelessness for these will draw out negative energy which will feed the evil haunting you. Remember, the cure lies within you.

        • sasha keck says:

          ok, I will. thank you for all of your advice, its really going to help. I will be sure to write when it’s all over! ;)

  3. moya says:

    why dont you pray, and with all ur heart and ask GOD to protect you. pray, pray.

    • sasha keck says:

      i do. every night, but usually when i do that right before i go to bed i feel something walking across my bed. I look up thinking its my cat, but shes not even in the room, and there is still impressions in the bed.

  4. big barney says:

    i think you probably had a seizure…maybe you need to go get a brain scan…. also so you heard some foot steps?? this is your whole experience? anyway if you did get posessed for real expect many more…you are probably doomed. it will never leave you alone

    • sasha keck says:

      thanks for the happy thoughts! *sarcasm* I hope that that wasnt the case, anyways my parents dont believe anything I say so that might be trouble…

  5. dakota says:

    what do you mean by scratching. is it 3 scratches next to each other or like one long scratch. if it is 3 scratches then it is definatly demonic

    • sasha keck says:

      three scratches every time, only once was there two but that was when i noticed them happening and kinda freaked out and grabbed my rosary

    • sasha keck says:

      three, always been three. except this one time when I noticed them happening and freaked out and grabbed my rosary, there was only two that time

  6. carri says:

    Child what did you do to invite this demonic activity. How did you open a portal to this paranormal activity. Can you please tell us Put on a cross. Say Jesus Delivery me. Jesus protect me. The devil hates the word Jesus. If this demon is real powerful this may anger this demon. you may need the help of the Catholic church. The demon becomes more powerful the more you fight it. I know I have battled the devil and his demons. The more I said Jesus the more anger the devil became. we suffered scratches. The devil tried to posses me by me having many epileptic seizures. he waited until I had one and tried to enter into my body. pretty tricky the devil is. I have not had one seizure since I moved from the haunted home. I had put on a cross and the devil would burn when he got close to me.

    • sasha keck says:

      honestly i have no idea how this happened. I live on possible ancient family farmland and I visited their old private cemetery with my friends once, but thats all that I can think of. Thanks for the advice I will use it, and soon. weird stuff is happening again…

      • Manns says:

        Some time a person goes to a place that some demons are there. that demons be absorbed by him and when he returned to his house that demons get along him in that house and often stay over there. you mentioned cemetery , yes there is one of the lovely place for demons usually they appear there after sundown , anyway if your occurrence not be some imagine I guess you have brought that demons to your house from another location for example from same cemetery.

        • sasha keck says:

          I live on ancient family land, but idk if that would be the cause of it all hmm…. this is all sooo confuzing

          • Manss says:

            Sasha , I formerly have translated a part of an article belong an expert person that deal with demons and know them well I don’t know him closely but as I studied his article I think the most of his information is right may studying it be useful for you regarding to your encountering with demons

            Demon is one of the invisible entities. Our world is touchable for them but their world is not touchable for human . almost , every demon in every zone speaks by that area language . demons are everywhere but it is told someplace is more suitable for them than other places and such places sounds to be their main homeland, like : wildernesses, forests, depth of grand , cemeteries , dilapidated villages or houses , depth of seas , old places and building , public baths and similar (usually at nighttime ) . sometime may they love some houses or become accustomed to its hosts so almost selling or rebuilding those become difficult . Most of animals see demons . they are very fine and thin so are not seen . normally they are in expansion state therefore are not seen but can become shrunken (massy) then become visible and at that time even it is possible photographing ( of course if they admit ) but usually they doesn’t do such. Demons because of they aren’t earthy and has been created from fine substance (like gas ) in other words they haven’t any calculative mass ( apparently) they are able to go over from one place to another far place in a moment for example strongest demons can travel from China to America in tow second ( it is related to their power whatever one demon be more powerful can travel quicker .( Manss : I personally think strongest demons has been imprisoned by prophet Solomon in few thousands years ago and don’t exist now but it doesn’t mean which less strong demons don’t exist ).demons are intelligent and have much power for telepathic. They have soul and ego and haven’t any prophet of themselves so they have to follow the human’s prophets as some of them have done till now. Demons like human are some bad and some good , some cruel and some believer , and also some of them follow religion ,worship god and avoid of bad actions .

  7. Buddy says:

    I’m just simply flabbergasted with your story.
    I think there is a more serious tone to this, I have read and watched documented reports of similar cases, but I have never thought of encountering one such as this. If we are dealing with a possession, the first thing we need to understand is “how did you get the evil entity to posses you?” Did you participate in some sort of ritual, or disturbed something (anything old that shouldn’t be touched or moved), have you taken something from somewhere that you are keeping with you? If you are hearing animal-like sounds, it is more likely that you have a elemental or a demon, but if human-like sounds, it is more likely to be a poltergeist. All I can suggest to you is be strong, keep a strong faith and always pray. Always maintain a positive vibe with you this can somehow put the entity at bay. but it would be wise that you consult your local priest about this, but there is possibility that people might not believe your account. You could also ask nearby spiritual healers for guidance.

    • sasha keck says:

      i have no idea how this came to be. I live on possible ancient family land, and visited their cemetery, but thats all that I can think of. It doesnt happen to anybody else in my family, but it goes after my friends. I will try and contact somebody, but like i said im 14 with a nonbelieving family, it might take a while. I will keep strong

  8. Janna says:

    How scary this is. O feel so sad for you. The above commentwrs gave you great advise. I hope you listen to them and ward off this evil thing. Please keep us posted hun. I really hope ypu become ok and we should all say a prayer for you. God bless and be safe.

  9. sasha keck says:

    I have no idea how this started, my parents don’t believe me, i feel like im going insane!!! too many dreams, too many attacks, too many sleepless nights. This sucks :(

  10. sasha keck says:

    is it bad that I have been having strange dreams along with the encounters? They have either been a dark figure in my doorway growling and making its way to me in my bed, or a dark mist engulfs me and when it disappates my entire body is covered in scratches and my initials are scratched on my back. when i wake up there is always a few on my arm. Is that bad? like really bad? I need to know!!!!! IT HAS MADE ME SCARED OF MY HOME! u aren’t supposed to be scared of your home, you rhome is the place where you are supposed to be safe, right?

    • Buddy says:

      I believe you have an elemental spirit possessing you. These entities are known to inhabit sacred lands and once you have provoked them, they will follow you wherever you go.
      These things are difficult to exorcise even with a help of a priest. Most of the known cases that I know of were either resolved with a help of a Priest or a spiritual healer. This is no common ghost we’re dealing with here. If there is no immediate help, try to strengthen your spiritual powers by strengthening your faith to God. Be strong and always think that you can beat it with the help of God. You can try the bubble of light protection by envisioning yourself being surrounded by a bubble of bright white light. Start by clearing your mind of any other thoughts (you must have a strong resolve or else this procedure will fail). Practice breathing and calm your mind, imagine a bright spot of white light emanating from your mid region or your stomach, from that small spot envision it slowly expanding all over your body until it fully engulfs you. A few signs that will tell you that the process worked is that you’ll feel tingly and warm all over your body as if there is an extra layer of skin covering you. Another is that you sill notice your body radiating a faint light in total darkness as if you are literally glowing. I have done this many times and it seems to work for me, though I’m not sure if this also works with Elemental spirits. If you can manage to do this you can try maintaining it for long periods of time, one difficulty you will face though is keeping this barrier up even when you are asleep, but once you get the hang of it you can keep it up all the time. But you must always have positive vibes (positive emotions), have strong faith and a strong resolve that no matter what happens you will survive through all your hardships. And always keep a salt with you, it can help deter this entity. I wish you good luck and I pray for your safety

      • sasha keck says:

        thanks! I will try it, sounds like something that will really help. Hey, would you think that by me living on ancient family farmland would be the cause of all of this? They were one of the first people to move there when the town/city was founded, and that was before or right after the civil war. I’ve gone over that possibility in my head, but it always leads to my entier family having stuff happen to them, not just me.

    • Kim says:

      Sasha I am so sorry this is happening to you sweetie… I have always seen things ever since i was little, they have never been as harsh to me as they are being to you, but like you when i would run to my parents frightened my dad would snap on me and say i was making it all up.. but my mom finally came to me and told me she too had seen the things i have seen! i not sure how your parents are but i sure hope one of them break down and come and talk to you about it… like my mother did.

      • sasha keck says:

        I hope so too, but my mom is the only one besides me that truely believes in ghosts and stuff, but she doesnt believe me at all no matter what I tell her and show her. Usually my dad yells at me and tells me there is no such thing and my mom argues that and then sends me away. I have a feeling that I’m not going to be as lucky as you with my parents with this. :/ Thank you for your sympathy, I really appreciate it

  11. christina says:

    ok heres what u do is u shod ask a frind or try two find a cross an put on holy watter

  12. christina says:

    trust me i am 9 years old and i can see that stuff. The ghost or demons have been tormenting me since I was 4. cuse my mom told me abut it then theye started hiting me. soo ya

  13. christina says:

    ingore them that is how they dont get stronger fight back say god dilever me ur gods child god will prtect you .he shod he did two me

  14. christina says:

    ur in grat danger go two a prest . an tell him ur stores try two be as good as u can

    • sasha keck says:

      I will, thanks for the advice. I’m sorry that all of this stuff has been happening to you when you are so young! I hope tht things get better for you and your family

  15. Anonymous says:

    all i can say to you is…. pray…. you might think that sounds stupid if u dont believe in god… and if youdont… then how can you believe in demons? if you believe in demons, you have to believe in hell, if u believe in hell you have to believe in heaven, if you believe in heaven you have to believe in god….. but anyways….. everyday ask god for help through prayer….. ask him to cast out the demon…… go to a church and ask them to pray for you…… god WILL help if u accept him as your lord and saviour…. P.S. im only 16… jsut incase u thought i was some old nut job

    • sasha keck says:

      lol old nut job or not, i’m accepting any advice I can to help. I’m jus tired of being in fear all the time.

  16. James says:

    creepy and i am sorry for your grandpa’s loss

  17. Carri says:

    Sahsha, the evil entity may get more active the more you pray or ask for help. if this happens you need help the help of a priest or pastor. This individual must believe what is happening to you. The evil entity will just become more active but do not lose faith. keep saying Jesus deliver me. Ask for Jesus to send St. Michael the protector to help you. If the demon breaks the rosary or cross it is very powerful. You will need help. put cross marks on all the mirrors in your house. Some spirits travel through mirrors. Put on a cross or carry it with you. There may be portal opening that you cannot see. Portals are how these spirits come into our world. Mirror are portals. sometimes cracks in the home, or wells. Look for the area where this thing is coming in. If you locate the area you may be able to put a cross or holy water in that area to stop it.

  18. fred james says:

    hey there mate sounds like your parents a good slap in the face. ask them for spiritual advice from a media that can help you from beyond. it sounds like you are the victim of a angry spirit that’s trying to get your attention of what happen to him or her, not all can talk and not all know how to commentate with the living but make you go through what they when through. i know that sound dum but its true. don’t try to deal the problem on your own i know where your coming from I’ve been there down that lane twice and twice my mum got media and twice they help the poor souls more on. my son see his sister that i lost 21 years ago but she family and she wants to stay with my son for guarding as the media had told us but before this happen she use to slap Jack in the head and he was kinda scared so was i you can go on line and find the right media for you and most will do for free. please please don’t fight it on your own your much to young to know what your doing OK sweetheart, if your parents are not going to believe you then seek from Councillor at your school or friends parents that believe in spirits any way you go do it BUT don’t play hero. Fred xxx

    • sasha keck says:

      thanks Fred. I’m gonna be startin school again in a few weeks, and I think I will go to my counceller there. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to communicate, but i’m not sure they are the right things to do, i mean saftey wise. Just earlier today whatever is here scratched my back again while i was in the shower, and I am beginning to notice a pattern. The events usually happen when i’m in the shower, going to bed, and when i’m alone, so basically it happens when i’m most vunerable. Anyways, I hope that I can find help and get this to stop or at least find some closure for the spirit.

  19. Jan Inge aka F2army says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon this thread today after reading about DOP and I guess I have turned a degree more open-minded as I experienced disappearing and reappearing object….

    I read all of this thread and wish you the best of luck. And im wondering about the scratches.. They happen frequently? If so, how serious are they? ‘Cause if they all are very serious, you would have very many now.. Unless they go away after some time.

    I believe you all the way, and I know you’ll be ok – just keep your head cool, and as already stated, get some help! :)

    Cheers from Norway!

  20. Carri says:

    Sasha, do not feel bad. my daughter Christin keep’s on hearing a lions roar in our bathtub in the bathroom. she is afraid to even take a bath. I think the the spirit may be coming through the mirror. so I put a cross on the mirror. she says it also whispers Latin to her. sometimes it is outside in our Oak tree. I can sometimes see it outside also. I have to sleep close by her she is really afraid. she is 9 years old.

    • sasha keck says:

      That must be horrible for her!! i think that i will try that, and maybe take pics and stuff try and document it. i’ll keep you all posted!

  21. jacibo says:

    hi sasha when i was realy little ( like 6) i had bad night mares. they were so bad because it felt real what waas happenining. the nightmares stiopped but then came back when i was 9 i’m now 10 and since i had those nightmares bad stuff has been happening. hopefully the awful stuff will stop. maybe the demon has entered your home because it was already residing in the farm land. try and find any signifigant landmarjks that the demon might have attaached it self to also try and find the houses history it might help
    hope this helps (-:

  22. GirlRacer says:

    Hi Sasha.

    First of all, I would so hug you right now you poor thing. You’re just 14, beginning to be a young lady. You should be having fun with your friends, loving the latest pop star (or rock, emo, goth, r&b – whatever genre of music you prefer), fancying that cute boy (or girl I don’t want to judge lol), having a little job like a paper round to fund things like going to the movies with your friends, or to the funfair or mall. You shouldn’t have to be worrying about the things you are worrying about.

    When we enter into puberty, it’s well known that things like poltergeist activity can occur around the adolescent caused by too much kinetic energy so I wouldn’t rule that out. What you’re saying does sound like something is following you, taunting you and actually harming you. Have you been through any traumatic events which could have triggered the unwanted attention? Are you blacking out more often than not? I’m really trying not to scare you here, which is why I’m asking you questions so we can eliminate things. Is there an adult you can trust and speak with? I know you said your parents are non-believers, but call a house meeting and speak to them maturely about what is happening to you. Give them facts, show them your scratches on your back, ask them to install CCTV or night vision webcams at points in the house where the activity has been felt by you. Tell your parents everything, coolly and calmly, tell them you’ve rationalised everything yourself. If this fails, do you have aunts, uncles, older cousins or older brothers or sisters that would listen? We are always here for you Sasha, and we care so you know you can always talk to us, but you should try your parents too or anyone you trust who is in your life.

    I hope you get back to me. And don’t ever forget. Be a teen, do the things you’re meant to do as a teen. Whatever it is will not win if you deny it taking over your life. Call one of your friends as soon as you can and make arrangements to hang out. Have fun, have hope and have love for yourself. And please don’t tell me you like Justin Bieber, I couldn’t cope LOL LOL. (My 13 year old niece loves him!)

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Love, Steph xxx

    • sasha keck says:

      dont worry justin beiber annoys the livin crap outta me :) lol anyways, i have tried before with my parents and they laughed in my face. I do have family that would listen, but i’m afraid that they are going to tell my parents and then I get in MAJOR trouble…
      in 2008 my grandpa died, he was my best friend and like a second dad to me. his death was a huge tragedy and left unmended scars in my family. I also live on land that was owned by ancient relatives, really cool by the way, and I feel that I have had numerous spirits taunting me. On september 30 I have another story coming out here- my very own demon2, and that would explain more serious events. I hope that that will shed some new light on this, I sure think it does…

    • Sasha Keck says:

      Thanks. lol btw I HATE justin beiber. I dont know what is going on bc i read that poltergeists dont show themselves, but I’ve seen 4 beings already! on sept. 30 my next ghost story is published here, my very own demon2, and that will hopefully shine some light on what is going on. Thanks for the support, i REALLY appreciate it. ttyyl

  23. Anonymous says:

    i have read over your story a couple of times plus your replies i do believe that something may be happening but not as bad as described, i think abit of it may have a bit to do with an active imagination because your story does not stay consistant also by your replies your enjoying the attention. yes your parents should be informed. you started saying that the instances occured whilst in the shower ect but in your story with the worst attack you were down stairs. as soon as someone mentioned three scratches is demonic your by your reply sounded excited yes yes three schratches only one with two because i got rosaries ect im a strong believer in the paranormal but sorry not 100% convinced its demonic think an active imagination and attention seeking also at play

    • Sasha Keck says:

      dude, really? I’m 14, a teenager(obviously), and i do have an imagination, but it is used for writing books. This story is completely true, and so are the comments/replies. The reason why it seems like I enjoy the attention is because i’m acting positive. I have to stay positive or I will return to depression and worse stuff will happen. Thanks for stating your oponion though.

  24. Sasha Keck says:

    Yes I do have an active imagination, but I didnt make this up. the story was a jumbled because that was the first one I’ve writen, and I was nervous, like I said i’m 14! I’m Getting all of the help I can and I’m letting everybody know that i’m dealing with this in the best way possible by staying positive. ok, it mite seem skeptical over a computer, but I will tell you the EXACT same things if we do meet in person. like I said, I do have an imagination, but I use it to write books, not imagine these things. Read my new story on the 30, my very own demon2, if you arent convinced. And trust me, I’ve already ruled out active imagination, I CANNOT recreate any of this, it was all completely unexpected and random, like the paranormal usually is. random, but purposeful

  25. Computer freak says:

    Say ayatul khursi everyday. If you don’t understand just search it and say it in English.

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