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My Thoughts On Reincarnation

Posted on June 6, 2009

There is no doubt in my mind that reincarnation is real and that every living soul on this planet has gone through it at least once in their lifetime/s. We’re put on earth for a purpose, to fulfill a goal we were not able to fulfill in a past life or to learn and grow from a past life mistake. Some people have older souls than others and there are different levels, different beings in reincarnation.

Think about some of the weird or strange obsessions that you have over time periods or certain places in the world that you just cannot explain your like or love for them. Often or not, it is because of a past life that you crave or obsess over certain time periods in history. I, myself, have a weird obsession for Egyptian mythology, Grecian mythology, the Meiji and Tokugawa eras of Japan, South Korean culture, medieval times, the Salem witch trials, and this weird love and fascination of wolves. Can I explain every obsession or why I am so involved in the cultures, the music, the history, etc? No, but I can only be led to believe that I myself have been in such places at one point in time. It is just the love, the want to experience these periods of times, to be in these places, to absorb the culture that makes me believe with every fiber of my being that I was there at one point.

Take for instance scars, behaviors, resemblances to people in history that have appeared on newborns and other people of this century. Many people would take it as just a coincidence and nothing more, but if we look past that to the history, to the person’s love of the certain place and time where they happen to look and act like this specific person in history, then it all comes together in one thing; reincarnation. And we can’t very well dismiss the tales that children spin for us of a former life at such a young age when clearly, it would be impossible for them to come up with such vivid scenes in history. Not everything we hear or see can be dismissed as it being creativity or imagination when obvious proof is being fed to you.

You don’t have to believe everything or think that I’m right, you’re right, or someone else is right, or that everyone is wrong and only one way is right, but it helps to keep an open mind on such subjects. I, for one, believe in God and reincarnation and I believe he put us here on earth to enjoy life and be happy, but he also put us through the trials and tribulations of past lives to help us learn, to grow, to become better souls for the hereafter.

Sent in by Moralthea, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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28 Responses to “My Thoughts On Reincarnation”
  1. Anonyme says:

    I believe you.
    I have lived three lives previous and I am convinced that we do live again until our
    purpose if fulfilled.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello Anonyme – In another comment you said “It has been three thousand and seventy-five years since the date of my birth” so I am curious when you say “I have lived three lives previous”. I would really like to hear more about that.

  2. Moralthea says:


    It’s nice to hear that someone else believes in reincarnation and believes that they have had past lives of their own. It makes me feel less weird about myself actually because with some past lives that I may have had, I think I have figured out what they were, who I was, where I was, etc. It may not be true, but with such a strong pull to certain people and places in history, I can only believe that my guesses are right.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Mellisa says:

    I believe in reincarnation. I believe it’s possible that i might have once live in a few countries in west Europe and Japan
    I think I share some of your weird fascination and obsession about things.

    I love Japanese mythology, Japanese culture, the Japanse style of houses & garden, their language. I love & taken a GREAT interest in kimonos especially furisode, their culture in heian era included the many layer kimonos Japanese princess used to wear at that era.
    I’m interested in Rome & Greek mythology.
    I love French & British classic clothes in the past with their big hairdo, frilly, wide & glamor dresses, before 18th century, their classic music, classic music instrument & I’m interested in their daily lifestyle or even their mansions, houses & interior design. I also interested in fashion & lyfestyle in Victorian era.
    I also interested in things related with Italian.

    it’s such random & i live far away from them but somehow i love them and always take a real interest in them since i was little girl. while my friends no one care about such things, i think things like “I wish nowadays people wear French or British dresses classic dresses” or I always have a great desire to wear kimono & collects them in various color so i often said to my friend” I want to wear & have a long sleeved kimono!”.
    i always thinks it’s unusual, but i think it might be that once i lived in west Europe & Japan in my past life. one day, I’ll do some research of them to know more of them.

    anyway, I’m glad there’s somebody out there similar like me. i almost think that I might be weird one.

    I agree with the Caretaker, it also made me curious. at first, i thought you might make mistake in typing when you said “it has been three thousand and seventy five years since the date of my birth”. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THAT! if you could please write your story.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    i agree, i have always felt i’ve lived before. i have a ? do you always come back as a man or woman or can you have been both?

  5. Moralthea says:


    It’s so nice to hear that! I know I had a few friends who were also interested in similiar things that I was, especially Japan, so it’s nice to hear from other people that I don’t know on a personal level about how they feel like I do. :3 I myself, have always been interested in geisha and shoguns/samurais. I honestly have such a strong connection to the two that I believe it is possible that I could have been a shogunate/samurai and possibly married to a geisha or seeing one on the side as back then, they were often or not mistresses. It’s just so weird though because I have similiar thoughts and feelings every now and then like you do about how I don’t understand why we don’t dress this way or use these items or barter instead of using money. It’s weird, and I can’t explain it, but it makes me think that there is definitely a past life in play there.


    From what I have read in many books, seen on television shows, and experienced myself and or felt, yes you can be both. There’s no set sex, religion, race, etc. on a past life. You could have been anybody, any sex, anywhere in the world at any given time in history in your past life. I honestly believe that at least two times in my past life/lives, I was a man. I mostly believe and or feel that I was a man in Japan during the Meiji/Tokugawa era as a shogun or samurai as well as a man in ancient Greece as a scholar. It might not be true and I could be proven wrong one day, but it’s what I feel and believe. Just so you know, I’m a female now, so I hope that helps you. XD;

  6. Mellisa says:


    for me, i think in my past life I might be a woman loves wearing kimono, for somehow I always eally long to wear one.
    I also might be a noble woman in England or French. for instance,
    I don’t like country style house or interior design I practically didn’t interested much with country style in anythings, but always fascinate with noble or classic things, included the ringlet hairdo the noble girls used to wear. so yeah, it must be my sense of style from my past life. ^.^’

  7. Mellisa says:

    not that I said i must be a noble woman in the must, anyway I must be a rich girl with luxury life, because I always love luxury lifestyle like rich ladies in the past in Victorian era and before used to do XD

  8. Mellisa says:

    Moralthea, sorry if i might post to many comment.
    when you said you might be a samurai. i just remember something. I do always fascinate with chinese martial arts – kung fu, and japanese swordsmanship since I was little!!
    I love the katana the samurai carrying around & the scene where japanese wood traditional houses are everywhere & samurai with their swords walking around or ladies in pretty kimono walking elegantly. it’s felt nostalgic
    i love the flowing long dresses the ancient chinese women wear & their hairdo. I especially love to see the ladies with their braided hairdo & wearing their hair up or down
    I’s obsessed with things in ancient China especially watching Chinese kung fu drama series in ancient time.

    what is strange is no one in my family especially my parents interested in kung- fu or chinese drama series about ancient china at all!! to be precisely they don’t have a percent interest in it AT ALL. when I was little, they thought it so strange for a little girl obsessed in things like that & wondered where their little girl inherited that gene from?? XD

    I ^o^ It’s felt strange but fun.

  9. Me says:

    Do you think birth marks are the scars of how you died in a past life? If it is, I think I was stabbed to death in 3 places. 1 place is my shoulder, it goes through, makeing a jagged, slanted, rectangle shaped hole, the 2nd place is right below my sturnum, and 3rd place is the back of my hip. Its weird because they look like the same size and shape of stan wounds.

  10. Moralthea says:


    LOL! Don’t worry about leaving so many comments. XD I’m happy to read, respond, and answer questions. It’s also nice to talk with someone who shares similiar interests as well as thoughts on reincarnation.

    Like you, I find myself drawn towards areas of luxury or great wealth. Specifically ancient Egypt during the regn of Akehnaten and Nefertiti and even after that following the reign of Tutankhamun. I know not many people were wealthy then, but those who were pharoahs fascinates me and draws me in to it. I specifically like the mythology and the look of their clothing, hairstyles, etc. I actually think I know who I was in that specific time period, but to come out and say it right here and now might make people think I’m a little crazy. XD; But that is by far one of my favorite time periods and I even to this day like hearing the music that comes from there. Not the modern type, but the old world chanting kind of music. Monk chanting actually makes me feel very relaxed and at peace and I honestly love listening to it.

    The katana, the wakizashi, the pudao, the wind and fire wheels all really interest me. The last two happen to be Chinese weapons, but the first two I have more an immediate draw to because they both happen to be swords the samurai/shoguns used to carry. The katakana was the long sword while the wakizashi was the smaller companion sword. Like you, the houses, the scenery, the samurai, the traditional music, the geisha, the training to be a samurai, it all fascinates me. Just everything about the old world and new world culture fascinates me. Japan has to be my biggest draw aside from Egypt and they have been since I was little.

    My family hasn’t always been into what I like either. They all thought it was strange that from and early age I had such an interest in other cultures, especially Japan. I would listen to Japanese and Korean music and my parents didn’t honestly understand it. My father has been one to like Kung-fu movies and the like, but it never really went as far as my like. He does like the swords, so I could have been influenced by that, but my father wasn’t exactly in my life for a good chunk of it. It was basically my mother raising us for a while. But anyway, neither of them really understands why I obsess over these places and time periods, but my mother being a very open-minded person and believing in most, if not more paranormal things than myself thinks it all has to do with past lives. She’s like me and feels things, hears things, sometimes has prophetic dreams, etc.

  11. Charlotte says:

    Anonyme. 3000 yrs old?

  12. Lys says:

    I Absolutely agree with everything you have said Moralthea, I have always been obsessed with Ancient Egypt! Ever since I was 5 I have said that I want to go to Egypt, and live there. Now Im 17 and know that Egypt is where I must go, and as a result I have also had a passion to become an archeologist. Whenever I read or see something on Egypt and King Tutankhamun, or Nefertiri, or even Hatshepsut I feel this twinge in my heart and I can only presume this to mean that Ive been there before.

  13. Moralthea says:


    When you say you have a twinge in your heart when something mentions these pharoahs, do you mean like you feel in some way a connection to these people? As if you feel close to them in some way be it a family member, friend, palace worker, etc? Because in all honesty, that is exactly how I feel when things about Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, Akehnaten, and even Hatshepsut come up! I also, for reasons unbeknownst to me, have a hate for Rameses and all his predecessors. I can’t place it, but when he’s talked about and his family, I get this huge surge of rage for him that I just can’t explain. It all sounds weird, but I feel so close to Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, Akehnaten, and Hatshepsut.

  14. Moralthea says:


    I actually do believe that some birthmarks can be associated with a past life event. There have been some people who have come forward with birthmarks that resemble wounds on people in history in the exact same places and shape. I for one, have these weird lines across both the top of my arms about an inch or two above the bend from my elbow. It’s one line across both arms in the exact same place and length. I don’t know what it’s from and neither do my parents, but something makes me think I might have lost them in a past life or they were cut off as a punishment, so I have the scars to remind me of my wrongdoing/misdeed. It’s just speculation, but you never know.

  15. Swapnil says:

    There is a lot about Reincarnation explained in the holy literatures like Bhagwat Gita :
    It says just as a person gives up old garments taking on new onew similarly the spirit soul takes on new bodies giving up old ones.

    The embodied living being changes its body from boyhood to youth , to old age ; similarly after death it takes on a new body.

    The spirit soul cannot be cut by any wepon , nor can it be moistened by water , nor bunt by fire , nor can it be weathered by wind .

    The spirrit soul has neither birth nor death .It is primevel , eternal, ….It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.

  16. Lys says:


    Yes I do feel in a way connected to them, it blows my mind. Ive always just had this feeling that if I go to Egypt, everything will be explained, which is rather strange don’t you think? Idk how to put it its like this calling. I love history and all it entails I am mostly drawn to ancient Egypt, however there are multiple time periods that just get me, like the fashions, languages, mannerisms, and so much more. I have just simply came to the conclusion that I must have some kind of connection to these. But how to find out legitimately…….

  17. Moralthea says:


    I actually don’t find it that strange because we have memories of a past life or lives, but they’re just simply forgotten or erased for the next life ahead. It helps to not complicate your current life, but at the same time, to move forward in your new life, you need to learn from past mistakes in a previous life, so in turn you end up unlocking these memories occasionally. Most times, visiting a place you’re drawn to can help in this memory recovery. Like you, I think if I visit Egypt, Japan, Greece, etc, I’ll learn more about my past life/lives and why I have so many issues in this life. A past life regression can help unlock memories, help heal old wounds, help figure out and solve the problems you have today, help figure out odd birthmarks, etc, so maybe that’s what you and many other people need. I know I’d like one to figure out why I have these obsessions, birthmarks, issues with this life, etc.

  18. Swapnil says:

    We can infact scientifically understand the existance of soul .I also have a presentation to verify the existance of soul if you are interested to know more i can share some points related to the Spirit soul . Historians know very well that in vedic stream of culture and there is enough research in regards to soul , UFOs, GHosts, Evil Spirits, Extraterrestrials , Nethar Worlds, etc…. available . Such information cannot be found anywhere else. I have been studying these literature for the past few years and i can understand many of the paranormal phenomenon around .
    I would like to request you to go through this link
    http://vedabase.net/bg/2/17/en u can read upto http://vedabase.net/bg/2/25/en

    Theres a book named coming back which scientifically documents such paranormal experiances i do have a soft copy of it if u want i can share it with you as well.

  19. Mellisa says:

    i would like to know too how could I find out legitimately that I have some connection to those past time & places? so far I’ve only known that I must have some connection to those places & things that I’m obsessed by my feeling but I don’t have the gift to be able to remember my past life. actually I would like to see about my past life, but there must be a reason God doesnt give me that gift, so maybe I have better off without it. well, that’s what i think but I’m not sure

  20. Swapnil says:

    I am happy to know that you are eagert to know about the soul and about past lives .So if we can remember everything in our past lifes, we would go crazy since we cannot live peacefuly with two identities .Moreover the trauma of death wont let us be peacefull either .Its natural for us to forget things , just like if i ask you what you had in lunch a week ago , probably it would be out of memory , one may not be able to answer. One way its good we have forgotten our past life .
    Theres also another reason that we forget is that once we change the body the memory is lost especially when theres a complete change of body ie after death .
    RE-Again IN – Inside CARCUS – Flesh . REINCARNATION = Again entering inside flesh.
    One can understand our self in the light of GOD realisation w/o which its not possible. Self realisation is a product of god realistion .Just like one wants to seee onself in mirror it wont be possible in darkneww, on requires light for it . Seeing onself in mirror = self realisation and light = god realisation.
    THen we can discuss how to achieve god realisation scientifically

  21. Dylan says:

    I might have been French because I kept reading about ancient France also known as Gaul.And I might have been a cat cuz I am so obsessed with cats and maybe a marine animal that lives deep in the ocean or the abyss cuz I like watching documantaries about the abyss in the oceans.

  22. Moralthea says:


    I personally believe that an obsession with animals can lead to a specific type of people or place instead of one beind an animal. That’s not to say that you are wrong or that you couldn’t have been an animal, but for myself, I have a very big obsession with wolves and I know that most Native American tribes worshiped wolves in one way or another as a spirit guide or totem pole animal, so for myself, it is possible that I had a past life as a Native American. It does help that as I seem to grow older, my interest in Native American history and culture does seem to grow. As for your cat and marine animal interest, it’s possible that you were in Egypt seeing as how they had two goddess’ who were cats as well as they worshiped cats. The marine animal aspect could be too associated with Atlantis. I’m not sure and I’m not trying to disuade you from what you believe or feel, but rather, just giving another option to explain your obsession. If we can be animals in a past life, I really do hope I was a wolf, lol. XD

    Thank you for the comment.

  23. Elephant says:

    I have an obsession with swords. Ummmm. . . I dont have any obsessions with anything ellse But I really like wolves too. I dont think I could have had many other lives yet. But who knows?

  24. strong says:

    I believe also that we are all reincarnated until we learn valuable lessons. Lessons of moral fiber, and love more specifically. I read a book once by Bishop Pike. He was a Bishop and theologist, which made me think even more that there was something more to this subject, seeing how in his position, these views are not very popular among his peers. Very brave of him to present his beliefs. He even presented proof in the form of a psychic (who by the way was recommended to him by one of his peers), witnesses including a sister of his church, and more paranormally speaking, the words, as delivered by the psychic, of his dead son; which are published in the book. I only wish I could remember the name of the book. I gave it to someone else to read, and can remember it was published in the 60′s. Anyway… Bishop Pike. Google his name. Interesting reading.

  25. Rose.. says:

    My friend and I are sure we were reincarnated, me for a fourth time, her for a third. I am on my fifth life, and she is on her fourth. A good friend of ours had also been reincarnated. He, unfortunately, has been murdered in this life already (at the age of sixteen, r.i.p. D:). I am only about 14 at the moment /:
    That was a bit of an introduction there, I suppose.
    We have all had strong memories of our past lives, me particularly for my deaths.
    If anyone would like to hear what I have to say, I’ll share.

  26. Sai Chan says:

    I sure do love to hear. You can comment on my stories “A Case of Reincarnation” or “Sai Chan the story Reincarnation and Memories” or email me or….

    Please specify of how you know you had a few previous lives.
    And how come some friends with the same situations all know and you can group together.

    Have you read the interesting but by another Rose’s comment?

  27. Rose.. says:

    Sai Chan,
    I honestly haven’t read another Rose’s comment. I haven’t even read all the comments on this, due to the fact that I’ve had a headache.

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