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My Supernatural Life Began at 40

Posted on March 19, 2011

Most of the supernatural events began in my life at 40 years of age. My sister was losing her house and asked me to have a sance with her to find out what might happen, stupidly I agreed. Yes, I felt the glass move and answer questions but I didn’t feel as though I was contributing, we did it a couple more times and I then felt energy going through me.

My sister asked me to go with her to visit friends (HandB) on the NSW north coast and being the middle of summer in Australia (mid January, 1998) I agreed to go. I got up to have breakfast the next morning at (HandB’s) and was sitting at the table when suddenly I felt really ill, I slid off the chair and banged my head on the tiled floor, I was unconscious for a short while but when I came to I could feel an unnatural presence around or in me. It was my 40th birthday.

In the 13 years since then I have experienced all sorts of weird supernatural stuff. Among some of the nastier stuff “they” do is, almost choke you to death while you’re in the sleep paralysis stage. One night when I was being choked I felt a leathery finger across my mouth and believe me I bit that finger as hard as I could which brought about a severe prodding on my chest until I let go, this fully woke me up thank God. I then saw one of the familiar black shadow types slide up the wall and pop through the ceiling. The black shadows appear in the shape of a human shadow, a triangle and a spider (up to a 12 inch black center with wiggly black comma shaped legs on the perimeter).

Most times when I sit on a comfortable chair or lie in my bed I feel annoyance around the base of my spine. I also feel invisible beings walk across my bed. They freeze me to the core especially in winter, they make my gums ache, they give me severe headaches which can go all night long, the headache completely stops when I move my head and comes back a short time later.

I have the raps in the walls all the time, these raps are often in sync with a thought I may have or with something that may be said on the TV. One night I woke up and saw a ghost about four foot tall near the door, it rasped out a word that sounded like “aah” my heart was beating out of my chest and I said who are you? about five times until it disappeared.

One being is very positive though, the vibration of this being is beautiful and predictions of future events are uncannily accurate. This being communicates with a type of telepathy guidance and by somehow writing on my mind its thoughts and its signature (tis OT), OT as I later found out means Onward Traveler. I’ve been to see Doctors, Priests, Pastors, Psychics and a Psychiatrist who interviewed me and recommended a brain scan which came back totally normal, he said I had no signs of schizophrenia or insanity and if I found out what was wrong could I please tell him what it was. Shortly after seeing him I received a paranormal related questionnaire from a University in Western Australia.

Call me crazy if you like but this stuff happens every day and night, you become so hardened to it that if an ET walked into your room you’d ask him for help to get rid of them. I’ve been seeing a Psychic who has done three exorcisms on me to no real avail.

I know how tough it is for long time sufferers of these types of beings, I’ve found that you have to be self employed because some mornings you’re absolutely exhausted and could not function for a normal job. I’m a panel beater and have repaired many old cars that end up in the major Hotrod magazines, I’m emphasizing this so that people out there realize that people like us try to function normally and not show any outward signs of the torment which afflicts us.

If any body out there knows a good Shaman in Australia could they post it on this site.

Sent in by Rusty A, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “My Supernatural Life Began at 40”
  1. Amanda McNish says:

    My heart goes out to you darlin, I have had some encounters myself but tnothing to the extent you are going through.
    I wish you all the best and hope you find peace from this asap x

    • Rusty A says:

      Thanks Amanda, I really appreciate your concern , thoughtful people like you are what the world needs. These beings are around us all , it’s just that some people are more sensitive than others to their presence. I had a comment saying that I wasn’t a christian & that I should just pray to Jesus, & they would all go away. In fact I am a christian & have prayed a thousand times for them to go away to no avail.

      • LMC says:

        Hello again let me start by thanking you for sharing your story… Also I reread your story. I have a couple of questions.

        You came upon your abilities by way of a seance, interesting… Then on your 40th Birthday you felt a presence around or in you… The in you part doesn’t sit well with me.

        The 13 years of torment… What is his name? You have to take control and get rid of them, the entities around you are dark, once you send them on their way, you will beable to see much clearer of your abilities & not be so tormented.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow interesting. Sounds familiar yet some differences. I have experiences with the paranormal myself. All my life I ignored it for most of my life. Now I am wide awake & learning so much more about the paranormal world. Keep searching you’ll find your answers.

    Also you need to send back some of the negative spirits you let into your life & close the door you & your sister opened.

    • LMC says:

      lol I forgot to put down who I was leaving a comment this is me LMC letting people no I left this comment from my phone lol sorry!

      you have to close the door dear and send back the dark entities you had let into your life! Smith is right you can send them back with a prayer. Have faith in God!

  3. K. Smith says:

    Rusty, I can see from your post that you are not a Christian and from your story the reason these demonic spirits are attacking you is because you have opened a doorway when you took part in that sance. Now these demonic spirits have legal ground to harass, torment and physical harm you.

    In all honesty, a Shaman cannot help you because the power source of Shamans are demonic spirits whom they invoke through rituals and incantations.

    Rusty you need Jesus Christ and even though you may not be a Christian Jesus can help you. I never advise non-Christians to enter into a battle with demonic spirits because they can kill you. But do call on Jesus and ask him to help you whenever the attacks occur and see what happen. Jesus knows your thoughts so if you cant speak just call on Jesus in your mind and believe.

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