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My Son’s Friend Jeremy is Dead

Posted on January 5, 2011

About 7 years ago, my wife left me with the house we had bought, and a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. The house wasn’t an old home. It was built just a few years before and only had one man live there before us. To help with the expenses, I let my first cousin, Erica, and her husband move in. I gave up the master bedroom to them and we all lived together in harmony.

Not long after they moved in, I noticed my son, Colt, would spend literally most of the day in his closet playing. This was unusual because normally he would play all over the house and drag his toys into the living room. His closet was fairly large, and had a light in it. I would hear him talking, but I dismissed it as him simply entertaining himself. However, looking back, I noticed that when he was playing, it seemed like he was interacting with someone else.

I remember one time during the day when it was just me and the kids, he was in his closet playing again, and I was passing by his room. I thought I would sneak up on him, so I crept into his room real quietly, and towards his closet. The door was closed, but I heard him say, as if talking to someone else, “Shh, be quiet, here he comes.” I thought “oh well, busted” and left the room.

When I started becoming concerned is when Colt started staying up all night playing. During the day, he would talk and play in his closet. During the night, after I laid him down for bed, he would talk and play in his room for hours. I never would’ve said anything to him if it didn’t start interfering with my sleep. I was trying to get some much needed rest, and I was being kept up by him talking and giggling in his room. By this point, it had also caught the attention of Erica, who was being annoyed by it too.

My cousin and me, who are very tight, grew up hearing stories of ghosts from our mammaw. We both believe in spirits, so one night we started talking about Colt. We somehow got on the idea that he maybe has been talking to a spirit. Well surely that night, Colt was talking and playing again when he was supposed to be asleep. I went into his room and grabbed him, and brought him into Erica’s room. We both began to interrogate him. We asked him who he was talking too. “Jeremy” he replied without hesitation, almost as if we should’ve known. I tried to think of who he may know by that name, but none came to mind. We asked him what he looks like. “He’s black and has a boo-boo on his head.” My son called African-Americans brown people, so I knew then that he wasn’t talking about black as we think about it. Next we asked if he was a grown up. “No, he’s a big kid.” To Colt at that time, big kid could mean anyone from the ages of 9 -15 roughly.

Erica and me both were a little freaked out, but trying to apply logic at the same time. That’s when Colt blurted out without us asking, “Jeremy is dead.” All the hairs stood up on me then. We asked how he died. “A car wreck.” He went on to say that Jeremy comes through his window, even if it is closed, and won’t let him sleep.

After that I made Colt sleep with me, but that’s when I experienced a few things. The first was footsteps in the hall. It happened randomly at anytime during the day, and lasted just for seconds. One time, it turned into full running. That scared me. Then I started hearing doors slam. One time I was in my bedroom and heard this. I ran out into the hall, and at the end of it I saw a 6 ft plus black figure walk past the hall and out the front door. The door opened and slammed. I had to leave the house when that happened because it scared me so bad, and I’m a combat veteran. Toilets would flush on their own, and toilet paper would get thrown all over the bathroom as if it was being “rolled.”

I believe that Jeremy was probably a demon. I’m not a theologian or a parapsychologist, but I know this thing got close to my son, and successfully intimidated me. If anyone out there has similar stories or advice, please let me know.

Sent in by William Caleb Baker, Copyright 2010

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13 Responses to “My Son’s Friend Jeremy is Dead”
  1. Sean says:

    Every time I read one of these stories and the person writing the story starts praying, they have a victory over whatever being is bothering them.

    These beings are shadows, so when the light of higher spirituality and goodness comes into the environment, there is no way for them to hang around — they are forced out.

    Since dark beings like this exist, it only stands to reason that the good ones like angels and other higher divine beings exist as well — it only makes sense for you to teach your son about these, so that your son can call on them for protection whenever a being like this starts to bother him.

    It’s good for you to be able to get protection too — usually reading some type of scripture that appeals to you and praying for a while will set up a field that will protect you while you are sleeping.

  2. Stephie says:

    Very Interesting and Scary as well. Do you still live there? And when did the activity cease or did it? Thanks for sharing and May peace be with you and your son. God Bless!

  3. Carri says:

    i had an experience like yours my daughter kept seeing black shadows, black roped figures. I heard only noises. I finally saw black fabric flying in the living room out of the corner of my eyes. I heard a woman’s voice. then the kids heard a loins roar,. We smelled a rotting stench in the living room. Then the haunting got worse. I heard large footsteps like that of a giant. turns out it was a demonic haunting. took help from the Catholic Church.

  4. Reaping-wolf says:

    Your kidding me

  5. trolldoll says:

    it seems you could have had more than one. jeremy didn’t do any harm other that keeping colt up. interesting!!

  6. Pete says:

    what makes you think Jeremy is a demon, he seems harmless enough, just wanted
    to play and talk with Colt, he is probably just a lonely young spirit??.

    • Caleb Baker says:

      Because he referred to it as black, and when I saw the black figure in the hall, I know that thing wasn’t friendly. I got a horrible feeling from it that scared me to death.

  7. Kristi Evans says:

    This story submitted by Mr. Baker sure piques my interest. I’m sure my story seems goofy to anyone I tell. Anyway, I started searching around today in order to find some kind of answer and just found this site. Specifically, I have experienced something ‘breathing’ on me when I’m in my bed – usually on my fingers – seems silly, right? – but last night it breathed a blast of frozen air into my face. Seemed like it was an inch away, but there was nothing visible doing it. In all cases, I am awake. In every instance, I have awakened from sleep in the middle of the night – nothing dramatic awakens me, by the way, but as I turn over to try to get back to sleep, it happens.

    What can one do to make these type of hauntings cease? I too, have children and while I have seen nothing but for a single-something that could easily have been a trick of the eye, my 3 y.o. son is being frightened by a ‘black man’ (he also refers to African-American people as ‘brown-skin’ or ‘brown people’ – not ‘black’ as we think of it). He says this ‘man’ watches him from outside the bathroom window (which is frosted – no one can see in or out of this window). He has taken to shutting the shower curtain when he is in the bathroom for any reason.

    I don’t know if these incidents are our imagination or if they are even related. But I am wondering if there really is something with us in our house. I have tried prayer, but it feel ‘malevolent’ when I do this. Does that make sense?

    I just want to live in peace with whatever may be in the house and don’t wish to stir anything further. Any advice out there?

    Thanks a million, all.


    • Pete says:

      Hi Kristi, it certainly sounds as though you have a haunting, young kids don’t make up
      stories like that. you could try contacting your local priest / minister and ask them to bless your house. or you could simply ask the spirit to leave your home, anything is worth a try.
      I’m sure someone with much more experience will come along with better suggestions.
      Good Luck!!.

    • Caleb says:

      Thanks for sharing that Kristi. Interesting how your child described the man like my child did. I believe what you are experiencing is demonic. I personally don’t believe you can live in peace with it. It will try to control you in one way or the other. I would contact a Catholic priest if I were you. If your not comfortable with a priest, I have met many fine Protestants who have a good understanding of how to deal with demons. Other things have happened to me since this story. I’ve become a Christian since then. Jesus has given us power over evil. If you encounter this thing again, expel it in the name of Jesus. Straight up tell it in your own words that you are a child of Christ, and that you are covered by His blood. Pray to God to dispatch angels to defend you. I promise you that demons are terrified of God.

  8. cookie says:

    hi did u ever get ur house blessed when u moved in???maybe u should and maybe ask jeremy to leave……because he keeps ur whole family up at night…talk to a priest of what ever religion and ask advise….but surely u should get it blessed….try not to be to scared because he never harmed anyone right ??!!….

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