My Poor Cats

Posted on July 11, 2010

Well my story is simple, but still a little unnerving. I have lived at my present home since 2005. There have been a couple of strange things, but nothing overly worrying.

I’ll give you a little background on the place I live. It’s a very quiet trailer-park just off of a main road in my town.� My dad moved his trailer in after he divorced my mom. He rented there for a few years when a tragic boating accident cost the owners their lives.� My father decided to buy the property and trailers off of the late owners children. After a long probate battle my dad finally got the deed in 2004. I moved into a vacant trailer a year latter. I have been occasionally plagued by strange happenings. Like footsteps when no one is there ( and I know they are footsteps because in a trailer not only do you hear them but also feel the vibration). And once my fan was turned around right in front of me.

Now to the events of the past few weeks. I have four wonderful and playful cats. Two are mine and the other two are my boyfriends. Well my boyfriend got tired of getting up to let the cats in and out of the house so he built a “cat door” out of one free window. Now the hole is so small that I can barely get my head through. And it can’t be removed because it is nailed into the window frame. Just last week I left for five minutes to run an errand. As I was walking out the door I pick up a chair cover off the porch, and threw it in the house. It landed on the sofa just inside the door. My orange tabby was sleeping in the chair when I close the door and lock both the deadbolt and the door lock. I came back walked inside to see my orange tabby scared out of his wits. I went to pick him up to see what was wrong and he jumped at my touch. This in totally unlike him at all. Then I looked where he was focused on and realized that the chair cover I threw on the sofa was now hanging on the stand up lamp on the other side of the room. No one could have gotten in the house. I checked every thing, all the windows were lock and so were the doors. And no one could have gotten through the cat door. Plus nothing else had been moved.� He has refused to come into the house on his own since then.

I thought it was just a singular thing and he would get over it in time. That was until yesterday. I got out of the shower to see my black tabby hiding between the wall and sofa. I walked to him to pick him up and he ran from me. That was strange but not as strange as what happened next. As he looked up at me he seemed to look past me and his eyes got big. I mean bugged right out of his skull. He took off running towards the kitchen and was so scared he actually ran into the far wall. After regaining some of his composure he allowed me to pick him up and he calmed down. Now this cat is one of the most laid back cats I’ve ever seen. Nothing fazes him. I once watched him walk up to a possum on our front porch and not show any fear (this thing was as big as him).

I don’t know what he saw behind me but it scared him bad. He has not been in the house since not even his favorite treat will get him to budge. I don’t know what this means and I’m kind of worried. After my first cats encounter I smudged the house with sage thinking that would make what ever it was leave. But it doesn’t seem to have worked and its always worked for me before. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know if the thing that is scaring my cats would also be able to hurt them. Nothing like this has happened in the past (well when my orange tabby was a kitten he would chase something invisible up and down the hallway) and it has unnerved me very badly. I can only hope with a little extra sage and some prayers that what ever is scaring my cats will leave.

Well there’s my story and thank you for being patient while I tell it.

Sent in by darkangel, Copyright 2010

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12 Responses to “My Poor Cats”
  1. trolldoll says:

    i think maybe you should get a recorder, or a video camera. something is there. i gather your other two cats haven’t experienced anything yet. good luck. i have no doubt your cats have beed freaked out by something!!

  2. debchew says:

    Do you know who might have lived in the moblie home before you moved in?Also did the former owners allow pets?It may be them that is checking on things around the neighborhood.Also my daughter,her husband and my granddaughter lived in a moblie home years ago and they used to hear something walking at night and they assumed it was my gr daughter but it wasn’t.I was there one day and told whatever it was to leave and that they didn’t want them there because it wasn’t welcome.It worked and they never had that problem anymore.Try this but make sure you say it in a stern tone.I feel for the cats because they are afraid of it and that would make me upset also.I hope this works for you as it did for me.

  3. AnNa says:

    what does your boyfriend think about whats going on?maybe someone died there and is upset that you have cats maybe who ever it is dont like cats.i know it sounds you think it could be the owners that had the place.could be a thought there.take some pictures and see what you find and if its not good news ask who ever to leave cross over.i dont know.thanks for the story and let us know what happens or what you find out.

  4. Tina says:

    Cat’s are really good indicators when it comes to paranormal happenings. Have you thought about having your place blessed by a priest? I recently had to have my place blessed, because I had so many encounters that I honestly started to believe that I was going crazy. If my fiancee had not been there to witness a few of them, I would have believed that I was crazy. I had a priest bless our apartment & have had no happenings for about 2 weeks now.

  5. Pat says:

    UNREAL that the sage did not get rid of the entities… I would try sprinkling holy water and reciting the Lords paryer throughout the trailer… have you considered having your trailer (including any porches) blessed as well? So sorry about the cats- my cats are precious to me as well and I would be very upset not only about whatever has invaded your home but for all your cats as well… please keep us updated…thanks for sharing and good luck!

  6. Jia Khan says:

    It was a nyc story….i also hv 6 cats n dey keep playing wid sum invisilble things n sumtym starts making noise wile alone…

  7. [email protected]@ Pr!nCe$$ says:

    Hey darkangel, nice story. I wish you luck in getting it out of your house. Well whatever it is, its a good thing its not scaring you or hurting you so be careful k. Anyways good luck and tc. Bye.

  8. Christina says:

    Very interesting story darkangel. Cats do seem to have that extra ‘sense’. With that type of behavior, well, it is pretty creepy. I am a cat person and fortunately I’ve never had mine do anything like that (have 3, had 4 until this past Monday).

    I’d try finding out a bit more about the trailer itself. I can’t offer many suggestions, but I agree with the comment that you nor your cats haven’t been injured. Telling ‘it’ to leave might just be the trick.

    Good luck and give those cats an extra hug from this cat person. Take care!


  9. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I have cats too and I have lived in haunted and ‘ non’ haunted locations. My experience is if u move into a locarion that already has a resident ghost they pretty much ignore it because they see it and assume it is ‘ normal’ from the day u move in like a piece of furniture.( my cats generally ignore my resident ghost ” Kevin ” for that reason – though they can and have seen him ) They think he is a normal person and my cat who hates men reacts to him as she would a living male – hisses and backs under the table.(hence part of our deductions he is male ) If the cats were OK in the trailer initially and then suddenly started this as a new behaviour, I would suggest someone new has popped in or perhaps been dormant and ‘ re-energised ‘ recently ( for whatever reason ) – If this person was not nice to animals when they were alive – they won’t be nice to animals now they are in sprit ( they don’t get a personality transfusion in death ) – and if they love to torment animals – they will continue to do so. As you appear to obviously not have too much ability to sense or see much of what what the cats can – they have obviously turned the attention to the cats. Every living thing that is tense, scared or upset, creates energy, teasing the cats would frighten and upset them. For a spirit who requires energy to manifest and move things, every time they scare the cats they get a little energy boost – probably just enough to keep on doing what they’re doing. You need to tell who ever it is in no uncertain terms they have to go and are unwelcome. Of course, if they are just a nasty person who likes to torment small animals you can already imagine the personality type you are dealing with! They probably wouldn’t have been the kind of person to go ‘ oh sure, ok, bye, I’m leaving ‘ in life. While its good to remember they can’t hurt you and none of that Hollywood stuff is real, you need to be prepared to defend your cats and make it plain what you want to happen ( they need to stop hassling your cats ) but if they are getting an energy boost from that, this is not going to be something they may want to comply with too readily so you will have to remain very resolute and follow through with any threats to the spririt …saging, cleansing, protection techniques- ( choose your poison ). In my case, I made ” Kevin ” aware I would see his sorry butt on its way if he kept hassling my kids……..we now have a kind of compromise which is tolerable. We acknowledged Kevin was in the house, but if he didnt bother us – we wouldn’t bother him. I was lucky in that he appears to comply mostly. In my case, I am used to being around ghosts, but this may not be comfortable for you and you may want them to just go. period! and this is your right to make that demand. Just remember you are in charge here and ghosts were just people too and sometimes not very nice people unfortunately. Good luck. I’d like to know how the cats go!

  10. cookie says:

    i am sorry that ur kittys are scared and din’t want to come in side….what’s ur religion??? maybe u can get a priest to come and bless the place hopefully that should and whatever it is should go to rest…..hope it helps and hope ur kittys wouldn’t be so scared anymore….take care

    • princess says:

      That is really scary. Did you look behind you when your cat ran away? It was maybe a ghost that was standing behind you. You should get the ghost whisper to come and check your house.GOOD LUCK and TAKE CARE

  11. Tracey says:

    I’m a catlover too and I really love cats also poor kittys so scare something scare them what in your trailer that cause your fursbabies scare I would had been PO if something scare my taffy baby Girl.

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