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My Personal Poltergeist

Posted on March 6, 2009

Ever since I was little, I’ve seen things other people can’t see. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to it; the noises, the shadows, the people. It’s all normal for me now.

Let me start at the beginning. When I was about three or four, I had my first experience with the paranormal. (I’m fourteen now.) I had visions of another life. A life that seemed familiar, yet different. It was a life were I was seventeen. But the problem was, in this alter reality I was seeing, it was 1549. And, it seemed like I was imprisoned in a body. It was like watching what was going on on the outside while I lay silently inside another body.

I remember, I used to tell my mother about when I was older. now, I realize this is normal for a child to experience such things in they’re imagination, but, the problem with my experience is,I’m a teenager now. If it was simply another case of imagination gone wild, it should have passed at around age seven or eight. It’s much stronger now. And, not only do I see the deceased, I see  what is in the future.

I know what your thinking now. Your probably thinking here’s another loony case. But, that’s where you’re wrong. The visions don’t just pop up out of the blue. I have them in dream. I see what the next day is going to be like in my dreams. And, to be really honest, it scares me. I’d rather not know what the future holds. I’ve already witnessed my friend’s death. Now, I have to live with the fact that I knew that it was coming, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. But, just so you know, the death hasn’t happened yet. But I know it will. Here’s what the dream was like:

I walked through the dark street. Nothing happened happen tonight. Nothing at all. Just another boring day in my dull life. But wait… I look down at my body: it’s bigger than my normal one. I hold out both my arms and look at the clothes I’m in: I don’t recognize them. Crap, I’m in another future dream again. This isn’t good. I want to wake up. I don’t want to see anything in this world. I don’t want to know what happens. I start to run, looking for a way out. I look at my surroundings: this is my neighborhood. No more. I want to wake up. Please, some one wake me up! Something’s going to happen in my neighborhood, and I don’t want to know what. I turn the corner and run straight into some one’s chest. I glance up at the person. It’s my childhood friend and crush; Shannon. I try to go around him, but stop. He looks different; older. He’s taller than me. His hair is longer and he’s more muscular. NO! SOME ONE TAKE ME BACK TO THE REAL WORLD! I WANT TO GO BACK! Shannon grabs me and holds me.

This isn’t normal. We’re fighting in the real world. he should hate me. I snuggle into his chest. NO! I can’t control my body! This isn’t good! Now I can’t get home. I can’t leave. I have to stay. I have to watch. True, Shannon is my crush, and true, I want him to hold me like he is in this world, but, if I let him in this one, then that means, when I go back, it’ll hurt more. STOP! Stop everything! No more! The pain in my chest is unbearable! I can’t do this! I can’t stay like this. Some one calls to me. I turn to see Alexa and some other people who are familiar yet I do not know them. Alexa walks over to Shannon and I. She asks if I need a ride home. I say no, My parents aren’t home and I’ll just go back with Shannon. She nods and climbs into a car I’ve never seen before. She drives off and Shannon and I walk to my house.

We walk in through the front door and I lock it. Suddenly, I remember something. Something from the real world. My father told my to close the garage. So, I walk through the house and out into the garage. As soon as I get out there, a car speeds around the corner. It’s my friends car. Suddenly, I here the car screech. I scream in pure agony as is hits the curb and runs into a brick mailbox, flipping over and coming to a stop. I hear a loud snap. the snapping of a bone. I run over to the crash. two friends come out of the car. I’m heaving with sobs as I ask where is Alexa? As soon as the words left my mouth, a steam of crimson blood trickled out of the wreck. My heart shattered. I bent down to look into the car, but just before I could see through the window, I woke up.

That is just what one dream was like. God knows how many more I will have.

But these dreams are not what scares me. No, the thing that scares me is the things that I see. Seeing the dead is one thing, but them using you as a channel through to the real word is something else.

When I’m sitting in class with a glazed over gaze, you’d think I was just some other teenager, daydreaming. Sadly, for me, this is not the case. There are spirits that use me to see into the real world. They use my body as their body. Most of the time, I have no memory of these periods of time when I’m not there. That’s why I don’t remember what happens to me during the day.

Also, spirits use my energy to fuel them. That is why I’m always so drained-mentally and physically. Have you ever seen a different time period? I have. Every day in my life. It’s an odd and interesting occurrence. Something that I’m sure most psychics don’t experience. Ever since I was little, I’ve seen bits and pieces from a different time period. A time were I’m seventeen.

Let’s start at the beginning. Once, when I was three, I saw this time. In the vision, I was talking to a man. He said the year was 1549. When I woke up from the trance I was in, I asked my mom what year it was. She told me 1997. I told her that couldn’t be because the man said it was 1549. She gave me an odd look but reassured me it was 1997.

Now, eight years later, I’ve figured this much out; I’ve been living and seeing things through the eyes of another girl named Claira. This is the story of Claira. She was born and raised in an old English village many years ago. When she was fifteen, she met a boy. His name was Clark. Now, Clark and Claira fell in love and they were set to wed. But, Clark was in the army and left before they could get married. Claira used to stand upon a cliff, waiting for Clark’s ship to return. One day, news came of Clark. He was killed in a raid of the ship. But Claira refused to accept the fact that Clark was dead. So, she waited upon the cliff gazing out at the sea. Never eating, never sleeping, never moving from that spot. Claira died by committing suicide. She jumped off the cliff, falling to her death.

I am followed by Claira frequently. she appears in a long white dress with wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a golden locket around her neck. This is a dream I had two years ago about Claira:

I stood on a cliff, staring at the beautiful woman before me. Her chocolate hair fluttered around her as a gust of wind brushed past us.

She Turned around and looked at me. She was standing on the edge of the cliff with the sea behind her. She gave me a soft sad smile. She took one step back and I reached out to her. Suddenly, she fell backwards off the cliff. I reached down to save her, but the only thing I grabbed was the golden locket. Just before she hit the water, I woke up. I sat straight up in my bed and move my hand. But, as soon as I did, I felt it clutching something. I opened my hand. When I did, my nose bled. My vision got hazy. I felt like my world was spinning because in my hand was none other than the golden locket I had grabbed just before Claira plunged to her death.

So, now that you’ve heard some of my experiences, do think I’m a medium? Or do you think that I’m just some silly kid with an over grown imagination? Either way it doesn’t matter, because no matter what you believe, it’s still real to me. And to all you adults out there. Ghosts are real. And not all of them are nice like Claira. So, when your kid gets an imaginary friend, make sure you talk to them about it. Because that imaginary friend my just be your kid’s personal poltergeist.

Good bye for now. Claira is here with me as I type. She sends her greetings to all of you, and she wish’s to say that not all ghosts are nice. Keep your eyes open, and maybe, just maybe, you may see just what I see.

Written by Morgan Park, Copyright 2009

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14 Responses to “My Personal Poltergeist”
  1. julie says:

    i do believe you a lot
    and i feel very bad that these things happen
    things like this happen to me but i don’t see them just a friend of mine(we are 12)
    and this story is very sad and i hope you are ok cause your not the only one who have these problem i wish u a good luck with this

  2. Alpha says:

    I am also accustomed to the paranormal world, but not to the extent you are friend
    I’ve had plenty of encounters with spiritual entities and demons/angels, but my dreams have either been miscellaneous or this repetitive dream where i am chased by a hulking black mass through this forest, but that dream has subsided in recent times.

    Perhaps the only dream i had that gave me an insight into the future (and even this wasn’t self-induced….probably a cause of the ghost that visited me in it) was one where this unfathomably gorgeous man with blonde hair and deep sea blue eyes, visited me, clad in attire similar to the 19th century. He and i were walking and he asked me how i was and i said fine. I presumed he was just another ghost, but then we were at the park and he told me to where a helmet when i go skateboarding (i had a bad habit of skateboarding without it….). His face was serious so i said okay. Just before i woke he disappeared and i saw the outline of my body lying in a crumpled heap at the base of this slope

    Anyway next day i go skateboarding and i wear my helmet (thank god) and i loose control. (the gradient was quite high) and go crashing down. Fortunately i was okay (apart from a couple of cuts and scratches, but hey, isn’t that what being a kid is about?!)

    Moral of the story: Always wear safety equipment when you skateboard…(even though it doesn’t help with the bullies who beat you up after for being a ***** or so they think)

    Best of luck with your gift man
    Never let your gift bring you down, no matter what you see. Always know god gave you a gift.

  3. angelblueeyes says:

    you know, the most that i noticed in this story, is that for 14 yrs old, you are extremely detailed, and an awesome writer. I think you have a future in writing my friend (not saying your story isnt true, but what stuck out the most to me is the way you wrote it)

  4. Embry says:

    I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count as a poltergeist. Was an interesting read though.

  5. Cece says:

    I know what you mean. I have had things like this happen to me. But you do have it way wrost then I. I’m 13(almost 14) and I feel your pain. So you can talk to me about the things you are going though.

  6. White Shadodw says:

    My friend you are not a medium nor a phyic, please forgive I have never learn to spell right, but your expericnece with them showing mental and physical show that you are none other then an orcal. orcals are or were rare but because of the amount of people and time that lays upon this earth along with events that will happen shortly, one of them know as 12.12.12 orcals, physic’s and “freaks’ alike are mutlying, for it will take more then just “normal’ humans who have either refussed/are scarde of/ orhave yet to acknoldge their how do you say “powers” or what not to make sure our species as humans, portectors live etc etc i could go on for days!! either way, you r an orcal, which explains the “ghost’ useing you you being able to see all past present and future and be able to bring pst to present, future to presnt presten to futcure etc. also expalins the way you talk. Good luck!!

  7. hellraiser says:

    i don’t believe everything you say i do belive in the time slips but the whole clara thing can’t be real when i was a kid i encountered future in my dreams i have also seen a death in my dreams i told my mum and she took me to the doctors where the doctor described to me that i have the ..custom of de ja vu so just don’t twist the truth and go see a doctor of priest

  8. White Shadodw says:

    Believe what you will.

  9. Morgan says:

    Hellraiser, do you think a doctor is going to help me now. I understand what you’re trying to say but a seeing a doctor won’t help, and the priest at my church thinks i have what he calls a glorious burden that God has bestoded upon me.

    I’m not trying to make people belive me story, but at least they’ll have read it. Like i said before, it’s real to me.

    One last thing… reality is inside of a box. For me, there is no thinking outside that box because i realized, in my life, there is no box. So, it’s time to face the fact that i broke the rules of reality. I opened a door that was meant to remain closed, and now i don’t know how to close it.

    I send my thanks to White Shadow. Maybe i am an oracle, but i don’t know.

    And also to Cece. I’d love to chat sometime. It’ll be nice to talk to someone like me.

    Also, Embry, trust me, it’s something much more dangerous than a poltergeist.

    And Angelblueeyes, thank you, I’m writing a book at the moment. (it has nothing to do with ghosts)

    Alpha…You are so much like my best friend it’s not even funny. He skateboards too and is scare senseless of ghosts. We have an intresting relationship because of that.

    Lastly, Julie. Thank you. It’s nice to know i’m not alone.

    Thank you all for reading my blog. And remember, everything doesn’t have to fit within the bounds of the box of reality.

    –Morgan Park

  10. White Shadodw says:

    Thank you all. I just wish to say that none of us are alone, EVER!!! if we were then even the ‘normals’ (if you will) would also be alone, we arent in mind, body, spirit anything. Please dont forget that. also Morgan, i ageree with you about reality and box, for me we all live in one reality but there are several realities thus making up ‘actuallty’ also i dont know if i said this early but i am the worst speller you might ever come across. What i wouldnt give if a school for ppl like us would open, i wouldnt care if it was hidden from ‘normal’ ppl just as long as i could learn whats important to me etc! It is nice you know or even just write to ppl like me. I hope ya’ll find whats improtant to you all and remember to keep it close to your hearts! We arent differnt, for there are too many things to count as differnt. (sorry i dont think that came out as expected) here a zebra has strips, a lepord has spots, birds have tallons, horses have hooves. but they all “exict” just as us. it is (in a way) our differences that make us simillar. Sorry if that didnt make sence. lol Live your life!

  11. CuteSagittarius says:

    GoOd story…very nicely narrated!
    The Claira bit does seem somehow hard to digest,but its a great effort overall!
    Keep it up,sweety!

  12. Draeco Vocina says:

    Bravo boy. You have a very rare gift, and not one to be taken likely. This ability is a unique gift that has not been seen before for many generations. I have a tip for you if Claira is with you when you read this message. Ask her if she knew a man from that time who was a little unusual. He may be seen typically wearing a red velvet suit, walking with a silver cain topped with dragon’s head. If she says she did then both you and Claira are part of the lucky few who have ever laid eyes on me in that century. I’m a traveler of sorts and wish you luck with the future.
    Ps. I will see what I can do for your future friend, I will try and help prevent the death from happening

    Sin Sera

    Draeco Vocina

  13. jaye says:

    hello. i want to believe your story, its not that i dont.. just that im finding it hard to get my head around this whole paranormal thing. i think i believe ghosts are real, my friend has always said she has seen them, in her house, sometimes at night. but then ive never had an encounter, i think the idea scares me but at the same time i want one, know what i mean? anyway it was an interesting thing to read.

  14. White Shadow says:

    To jaye.
    I must say congrats, for you are trying to make sence of the while the morjority of the human race would rather condem those of difference to a life of solitude and judgement. Really what I am trying to say is thanks you very much for trying to understand, in the end it is up to you weather or not you believe us or this or not. You are facing a fear that even few peole would face, and only then because of the unknown and the adrenaline or to make themselfs look good/fearless. Thank you, also I thnk you might like what you can find down this road, ghost arent the only think that is unknown in this would, Cryptozoology alonbg with the holding-dead are just a very small amount that is unknown. Have fun, good luck, and thank you very much.

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