My Personal Ghost Stories

Posted on January 11, 2012

I have had several experiences in my 30 years. Some scary, some pleasant. My first experience, which I did not realize was anything more than an imaginary friend at the time, started when I was about 4 yearsold. I had an imaginary friend named Michelle, but I only saw her when I was in the bathroom. Weird I know. I told my parents about her often, and then when I was almost 6 we moved to a new house, and I stopped seeing Michelle.

When I was an adult, my mom brought her up one day, and that’s when I found out that maybe Michelle wasn’t imaginary. Before my twin brother and I were born, my mom had a late miscarriage when she was about 5 months along. She was having sharp pains, and when she went to the bathroom, she started to miscarry. She rushed to the hospital, and they had to do a c-section to remove the dead baby. It was a girl, and the name my parents had picked out was Michelle.

My next experience didn’t happen till I was in high school. It was the night before I was scheduled to have very invasive surgery to correct bad scoliosis in my back. For several weeks, I had been having dreams that I died during the surgery. That night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I had been in bed facing the wall, and I turned over and saw a man standing next to my bed wearing a Navy uniform. I instantly recognized him from pictures at my grandmother’s house. It was my grandfather who was buried on the day I was born. Obviously I had never met him, but was well aware of what he looked like because of all the pictures in my grandmother’s house. He looked at me, smiled, and said “You are going to be ok.” And then disappeared. I immediately fell asleep.

My next experience was about a year later. We had a cat named Tiger that we got when I was 6 years old. We moved to a new house right before I started high school, and Tiger came with us. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, and the neighbor behind us kept complaining because Tiger would go to the bathroom in her yard. We didn’t think it was fair to Tiger to keep her inside, and the lady was threatening to call animal control. So my dad took Tiger to his friend’s house, who lived on a farm. When Tiger lived with us, my bedroom was in the basement, and at night Tiger would come to my window and cry to be let in. So I would open the window and she would jump down onto my dresser and then onto my bed and sleep with me. Two years after we gave Tiger away, I was in my room getting ready for bed. I heard a cat meowing. Our other cat, Romeo, was already laying on my bed asleep. I went to the window and opened it, and there was Tiger. She jumped onto my dresser, onto the bed, and then disappeared. The next morning I had my dad call his friend. Tiger had passed away the night before.

Next one: My dad passed away from cancer in 2005. In 2007 I had my first son, Max. I was a single mom, so it was just me and Max living in our apartment. One day when he was about 2, I was in the kitchen making dinner. Max was playing in the family room, when all of a sudden he started to whine a little. I went in to see what was wrong. All of a sudden he smiled really big, pointed at the sliding glass door, then ran into my bedroom. When he came back he was holding the framed picture of me and my dad that I keep on my nightstand. He handed it to me, pointed at the door again, and smiled.

These last two have been happening since I moved into the house I am currently living in last June. The house was built in 1932. The only thing I really know about it’s history is that a friend of mine lived there with a group of several guys. One of the guys had sleep apnea. After a party were they had all been drinking one night, Tim (the one with sleep apnea) went to bed. My friend Justin found him in the morning. He had died in his sleep.

The first encounter in this house, I do not think was Tim. One night I woke up out of a sound sleep with an overwhelming fear that something bad was in the house. I sat up in bed and saw a dark shadow in the doorway to my room. After a few seconds it disappeared.

The next encounter, I believe was Tim. I was having trouble sleeping one night. My husband was sound asleep next to me. I felt something sit down on the bed next to me, poke me lightly in the chest, and then get up off the bed. This happened several times. I then moved further away from the edge of the bed so that I could see if the mattress went down when the presence sat down again. Sure enough, I watched the mattress depress, felt the poke, and then watched the mattress return to normal. I was not scared at all, just felt like he wanted me to know he was there. He has done this on several other nights.

The last one involves both Tim and the first presence I encountered at this house. I woke up to hands on my shoulders, shaking me violently. The shadow figure was standing next to my bed. He wasn’t quite as obscure this time, and I could definitely tell that the figure was an older man. I was overwhelmed with the sense that he wanted to hurt me. Tim was also in the room, standing in the far corner. He kept trying to come closer to the bed, but would then step backward, like he couldn’t come closer. I felt like he was trying to protect me, but the other spirit was stronger. After about a minute, they both disappeared. I don’t know if it was the evil spirit shaking me, or Tim trying to shake me awake to warn me.

I’m not scared of Tim, but I am very afraid of the older man. No one else in my house has seen them, in fact my husband thinks I’m crazy. My dogs did react though both times I saw the evil spirit. They both sleep in the bedroom, and both times when I awoke suddenly they ran out of the room.


Sent in by kaytee, Copyright 2012

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12 Responses to “My Personal Ghost Stories”
  1. kendy says:

    wow. That would be terrifying. do u still experience activity?

  2. Janna says:

    Wow. You have really experienced good and the bad of the Paranormal. The good is very touching. The bad is terrifying. I wonder why the old man seems stronger for some reason. That’s a great question to ask.

  3. Kaytee says:

    I do still experience things. The last experience with the old man was just a few weeks ago.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure if the girl you saw called Michelle is your still born sister since I don’t know if someone died at certain age and grow old as a ghost.

    Shadow people are evil. They have never been human before. They always harm people.

    Did you see Tim as a solid figure?

    • Caretaker says:

      There are thousands of stories about ‘shadow people’, there are hundreds of them here ion this website. I have never, or rarely, seen anyone claim that they were hurt by a shadow creature. How can you say they “always harm people”? What I mean is have you been harmed or do you know of others who were harmed by a shadow thing?

    • Kaytee says:

      I don’t know if it was her either. It just seemed like quite a coincedence. Yes, Tim is a solid figure

    • Pontianak says:

      Shadow creatures are evil?i didnt know about that…i encountered a shadow creature before!

  5. Lil' Paws says:

    i think the shadow thing is a demon. that could be why it seemed stronger than Tim. u need to get rid of it.

    • Kaytee says:

      How do I get rid of him though? I think he is a demon too. I saw him again last night, right next to my bed. He was still shadowy, but this time had red eyes. I don’t know what to do to get rid of him, and his visits are becoming more and more frequent. I also don’t know how I would have attracted him. I don’t use oujia boards or anything like that.

      • kendy says:

        Kaytee, Have you considered having your home blessed? Or blessing it yourself? When my family and I experienced strange activity in our home we blessed the home with oil and prayed to God to banish all evil spirits from the home in the name of Jesus. Any kind of oil would work. The oil represents the Holy Spirit. This is just a suggestion, but after my family did this the activity in our home stopped. Also, a home may need to be blessed several times. I really this thing leaves you alone. I wish u the best. -Kendy

    • Pontianak says:

      Yes…they are demons i saw a shadow creature in my house’s bathrooms!

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