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My Paranormal Journey

Posted on December 2, 2011

One day my wife thought it would be good to record a ghost show for me. Thinking it would be cool to watch together. Little did she know how much pain and suffering it would cause her personally! I admit it was neat to see people trying to catch ghosts on cameras. Watching them run when some noise or flash of light came by. Sometimes it was more funny than scary. We watched the show for at least one season it was very interesting a lot of strange things happened that they couldn’t explain. Then one day my son came over to tell me about this old house down the road that looked creepy. So I said tonight we will check it out. We started out around 10:00 P.M. going down the road to see the old house. It was different than other old houses. There was something special about it. The house was a two story white home, last one on the left. The doors were locked and windows covered with shutters. The surrounding area was pretty scary looking. The back yard was all woods and swampy looking just standing there gave me chills.

As I walked around the house everyone there was goofing off and having fun. Just on a whim, I looked up and saw the second floor shutter was open so I asked if there was any spirits there that would like to communicate, to please close the shutter door. As soon as I said it, it closed. It freaked me out and what had just happen scared me. I had to go back home and get my video camera hoping the spirit would still be there when I returned. As I drove up to the old house the door was still closed so I got out of my car with my son in law and asked if there was any spirits that wanted to communicate to please open the door and at that very moment it began to open at a very slow pace but enough speed to hear a squeaking eerie sound. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my son in law said you better be recording this and I said I was. There was no wind and there was no doubt in our minds this was a ghost communicating with us.

So I went back home and showed my daughter and my wife and of course they said it was the wind but I knew it wasn’t. This one shutter opening on its own impacted me so much I started on a journey to prove that there were ghosts and spirits that are around people and if you are willing to give them the attention they are asking for then they are willing to communicate. So I would still watch my ghost show and get tips on what I needed to try on my next ghost-hunting trip. It was around Halloween that this big paranormal change was happening to me. I heard on the radio that they were asking for paranormal information or stories that people had encountered. So I called the radio station and they wanted to see what I had. I was so excited about it! They wanted me to go on their morning show and bring my so-called proof. So I went downtown to the studios and they had me on the air when I showed the video to them. Boy you should have seen their faces after they saw the video. It really gave them goose bumps.

They thought if there was any real proof of ghosts then this was as close as it gets. They agreed to have one of their interns come with me back to the house to see if it would do it again. As soon as we got there I was rewinding my video camera so I wouldn’t record over the door opening when the door opened before both of our eyes. We couldn’t record it because it was rewinding, so I missed another great moment. That night I came back with my son in law and when we got there the camera broke. It wouldn’t work at all but that didn’t stop the door from doing what it had to do. We gave different commands and it did every one of them, from going very slow to very fast. We asked it to stop in the middle and it did! Unfortunately, there was no recording to prove it since the camera wasn’t working. What an experience we had that night, it was exciting! Later that night we had a heavy windstorm and when we checked on the house the next morning the wind had blown the shutter door off. It was very disappointing.

As I looked more at the footage I noticed that a light turns on in the home and there is no electricity. It took awhile to get my camera fixed and all I had was a digital camera to try to capture something. I would come back to that old house many more times taking pictures hoping something would show up. I always would get strange orb looking objects, I thought were ghost spirits floating through the night air. Every time I took a picture they were there. This to me could be a portal where they all come through. I took the pictures home and my wife said it was nothing. From the start, my wife never believed what I thought was paranormal. She said there were explanations for it. I have to admit she was usually right but I was hoping not this time. I didn’t have any answers but I still very much wanted to go back out to find some real proof. I did some research on the old house and found that the Indians would bring their canoes up to the house it was next door to an old saloon. I asked around town and not many people knew about anything strange happening there. But I did hear from a librarian that there was a young girl that stayed in that very room and never really came out. The town’s fire department used it for drills and one day they burned it down. Now there is an expressway off ramp in the location.

My next journey was to check out an old Indian graveyard that was close to my house. The next night I started getting ready with my digital camera, hoping to capture something unexplainable. When I got there I was already scared. It was a graveyard and growing up it wasn’t a place you wanted to be at night. Slowly I walked in the dark. It was a quiet night. I could hear noises coming from the back of the graveyard adding to my apprehension. It didn’t take me too long before I actually ran back to my car, filled with fear and went home. Going alone in a place like that was very frightening for me. I have to admit, I get very scared when things or people jump out at me. It wasn’t much longer before I got my video camera back. Now I was excited to go back to the graveyard.

I went back with my headlights off and drove the whole area taking pictures and videotaping at the same time. Then I got out and left the video camera on a tombstone hoping something would cross its path. That night I stayed about an hour and it was time to look at my evidence. When I got home I put the pictures on my computer. Most of them were very dark and I had to lighten them up. But when I did, I always got orbs big ones small ones and sometimes the whole picture would be orbs. As I was looking I noticed what looked like an old lady behind the tree. In the same picture was a boy’s face. Boy, was this a good discovery!

The next night I went out there my car died and wouldn’t start. It was like something shut it down and my camera wouldn’t turn on. It seemed as if something was either coming or had already passed. Really, I was scared not only because my car wouldn’t start but also if I had to call my wife to come and get me she would have been really mad. After about five minutes, everything worked again. There wasn’t a comfortable feeling there that night so I left. That night I read on the Internet that just before dawn is when you really could capture something so I went out a little before dawn and started taking pictures and videotaping. That time I asked for the spirit to show itself and held my video camera still. Later, as I looked back when I asked the question I could see on the camera was an energy ball going so fast that it left in its path eight or nine lighter energy balls. I had never seen that before! It was really hard to see and I had to watch it a few times but it was there. I was done researching this graveyard for now. I needed to find other places to see if I could encounter similar reactions.

Later that night my daughter called to tell me she saw a woman in her mirror. It scared her so much she and her husband came to my house and stayed while. I went over to their house to investigate. When I got there everything was quiet and I began to ask questions like, “Are you here?” “Why are you here?” and, “What do you want?” I didn’t get much but as I was leaving there were three doors open, the bathroom and two bedrooms. I walked toward the entry door and all three of them shut at the same time. This was obviously activity of some sort and someone had to look into this place. I asked around and found out that a woman was found dead in her bed and she had been there for about a week. They ruled it a suicide but some people say there was more to the story.

Across the street, a little ways down the road was another old abandoned house. I thought I would give this one a try. As it got closer to 11:30 that night and I packed up my stuff and headed on the road. It was great that my wife didn’t say much about me going out and I thank her for that. When I got there everyone on the street was asleep and it was time for me to take pictures and see what I could get. Everything was going good till the owner of the house, which lived across the street, came out and was wondering what I was doing. I told him straight up that I was ghost hunting. He said that kids had come around there all the time and destroyed his property. It was his family’s house and there were no ghosts there. He told me to check out the old hotel on the next street. He said it was open since they were remodeling it. I thanked him and never came back again. But I did take his advice and went to the hotel the next night. When ghost hunting you have to scope the place out during the day to see how much activity there is.

The workers left around five and no one came back till the next morning. That night I went there but I was always scared out of my wits because I hadn’t worked up enough courage to face a ghost yet. They were converting the hotel into a four-unit apartment complex. The door was open and I went in, I could still smell the musky smell that houses often get when no one had lived there in awhile. I checked out the upstairs first, taking random pictures and videotaping. As I was getting ready to go down stairs I saw a cop come down the street! I turned off the camera light and stood still, hoping he didn’t see me. I didn’t park on the road by the house. Instead I parked a little ways away by the dumpster across the tracks. As I watched him make his rounds I got spooked and left.

It was getting close to Christmas and we would always go up north to celebrate it. Even though we were up there for the holiday I couldn’t wait until night time so I could start researching up there.

The next morning, we all open up presents as usual but I got a very special gift I will never forget. It was an audio recorder. My wife loved me so much she got me the best gift I would ever receive. It was the start of a new journey I was ready to take. I read on the Internet if you really want to hear ghost voices you must do it daily ten minutes every day. Just sit down and ask questions and after a certain period of time, about six months, you will have trained your ears to hear what others can’t. This was another toy I could bring out with me to connect in a different way with the spirits. I was so excited to try it back at the old hotel. When we got home that night I was on the prowl, ready to hear the ghosts speak. When I got back in the hotel I left my recorder on the steps hoping I would hear some footsteps. I went outside by the big tree and sat there and prayed that I would be able to hear or see ghosts. It was only about fifteen minutes that I had been sitting there when I went in and gathered my cameras and recorder to go back to my car and listened to see if there was anything on it. Five minutes into listening I heard a weird scream. It was wild! I had to listen to it over and over to make sure it was still there. I couldn’t believe my ears! I knew something must have happened but how could this be. I didn’t hear a scream outside. Once I got the footage home and looked at it there were some orbs but nothing else. It was a little disappointing after the scream but I still had that!

The next night I had to leave early, before getting started. A cop was circling the neighborhood. I knew I didn’t want to get caught that night. So I drove down to the pet store, which wasn’t very far from where I was, and I decided to leave the recorder on the base of an old sign from the mill that stood in front of the pet store that was over a hundred and fifty years old. For some reason I felt confident that no one would steal it. Not thinking that I would catch anything on the recorder I went in to the store. When I came back out I drove home and started listening to the audio but what I heard scared me! A man came on and said, “Let me be and leave me alone.” What was I doing something wrong or bad? What was the spirit saying? Was it to me personally or was I getting a left over memory that would loop itself? It was strange that it came on during the time I had left the recorder. This was new to me, what was I hearing?

The next day, I let my wife hear it. She thought it was some kind of cell phone conversation or police radio interference. She would never believe it was a ghost imprint. It seemed the more I researched the more they liked me or would talk to me. This was a new part of my path. The next time I left it over night and got it the next morning very early before the sun came up. With my job, I would drive a far distance for work so I had time to listen to the recorder when I was on the road. This time I heard people walking on the recorder not a few footsteps but a lot of steps it went on for almost an hour. There was no one walking around at the pet shop, it was closed before I left the recorder. There was nothing there for someone to be walking around at night. So many footsteps were recorded! Was it the past replaying from when the mill was running? What I got on the recorder was impossible but it was there and I knew there was a message but I couldn’t explain it, yet. The next night I thought I would put flour down all around the post to see if anyone or ghost would walk again and sure enough they had been walking again but no footsteps were in the flour so it had to be ghosts.

The next time I went during the day and went into the pet shop and as soon as I walked in they were talking about the weird things that happen there during the day and during the night things would be moved. That’s when they told me the pet shop was haunted. I brought up that I had been making recordings and let them listen to the voices and the footsteps. Their speculations were true. I asked them if they would mind if I brought my equipment and left it there over night. They agreed but I had to be there early the next morning before the owner came in to pick it back up. So I came back that night and set my equipment up and recorder where there would hardly be any noise from the animals. The next morning I came to pick up my stuff and told them I would get back to them as soon as possible. When I reviewed the evidence the animals would become very quiet as if something was happening in the store. When the dogs started to bark there were no other sounds. I admit, I didn’t get much that night but I did hear some of the cages open and that was impossible because only a person could open them.

About a week later, I was coming home from a date with my wife when we stopped by and I asked if there were any spirits that would like to talk on the recorder and a streetlight burned out that very moment. I never could get a voice outside on the sign again it was like when the light burned out it left. I tried many times again but my luck had run out. I wanted to get what was happening to me out to more people so I looked on the Internet for some kind of group or someone to talk to about it. I ran into a site called Haunted Voices, which was a radio show that people could call in and chat online about what was going on with them. The host knew what was happening to me. He told me, “If you are getting that many voices they are probably attracted to you for some reason.”

After thinking about it I knew why. People warned me not to do this by myself. They said I could fall and get hurt or a spirit could take over my body. Other ghost hunters say that there should always be two people at the least to be able to document the truth. One person’s information is not as credible, but two was. Haunted Voices show gave me new ideas on how to reach spirits and get the proof I desperately wanted.

With my job, I travel hundreds of miles away from home, which gave me a lot of opportunity to find abandoned homes. My next place was an old school house that was boarded up but the back door was open. Was I excited about this one, maybe able to hear children talking and playing? So I took the advice of the host from the show and did things in a row. I turned the handle on the door, played with the outside latch, stomped my feet and knocked on the door. A couple of hours later I got the recorder and went home to listen. Sure enough, in a faint sound everything happened in order. This one threw me for a loop! Was I connecting that much or was my mind playing tricks and I wanted to hear it? I would come back the next night to get more information from the spirits. As I researched the basement I asked for a sound and as soon as I asked, I heard something in the ductwork. It could have been an animal but it responded as soon as I asked and from my past experiences this to me was a sign. I thought I would leave my recorder over night on a ledge where no one would see and I would pick it up on my way to work the next day.

When I got there the next morning the recorder was on but not recording. The batteries had a little bit of charge left so I changed the batteries and began to listen. It recorded for one hour and I heard something playing with it like they had never seen anything like it before and then it stopped recording. That night I got back on the Haunted Voices show and told them about the things that were happening and how someone or something turned off my recorder. Everybody has a story but my story kept getting more and more interesting. That night we had a big storm with a lot of snow. Later the same day, I drove by the schoolhouse on my last job and thought I would put it back there. So I waded through three feet of snow to put the recorder inside the window, where it wouldn’t get any snow on it. As I got in my Durango I went too far to the right and went into a deep decline. My vehicle was almost tipped over I was leaning so far to the right. I began to call my towing company, I couldn’t get out. I was afraid to try anymore. The car kept slipping. While I was on the phone a truck stopped by to help me. We hooked a chain onto the Durango and couldn’t budge it. So I thanked him for his time and I told him I was on the phone with a towing company. Five minutes later another truck came by and asked to help and I told him about the guy that stopped before him and that we had no luck. He said he could get me out. So we tried the process again and he asked me not to give it any gas and he would pull me out. I was amazed! I was out within a few seconds! As I took his chains back to him he handed me a brochure about getting right with the Lord and his exact words were. “You need to stop what you are doing.” That put a little fear in me! What I was doing? There was no way he could have known. So I went back and got my recorder and never went back there again. My wife was upset with me. It took me a long time to do that last job and when I called her to tell her I was stuck in the snow she asked me if I was ghost hunting. I started what was going to be a very bad habit. I lied and said I wasn’t doing that. That night it made me wonder about things. I thought maybe I should start asking specific questions like whether it was a good or bad spirit. So I took a break for a while.

Something else started happening to me soon after. When I would fill up my gas tank, there would be a bible on the pump. When I would use the bathroom at gas stations, there would be a bible in the bathroom. It did seem like I was dealing with spirits and God was trying to get a message to me. My next work day I wasn’t going to take the same daily route but something told me to take the old route, so I did. Later that day I went into a home to do a job. It was close to my town and as soon as I stepped in the house something was bothering me. As I began to do my job this feeling of someone watching me came over me. It was so strong that I had to tell the owner that his house freaked me out. I was getting major goose bumps and that’s when she laughed and said she was a psychic and had worked with the police on solving crimes. And she told me it was a ghost that was visiting her that I was feeling. I started to tell her how I recorded dead people’s voices on a recorder and we talked awhile and as I was leaving she told me about a case about a missing girl that had not been solved. The girl came to her and said who did it and where she was. I was very interested in what she had to say and I gave her my number. She told me as she shook my hand that one day I would not need the recorder to communicate that most men psychics are stronger than woman and I would grow to be very strong. Then I left but later she called me and asked about two names. When she shook my hand she saw two names and when she said the names it was strange. It was my son’s middle name and my wife’s middle name. I felt in my heart she was the real deal! There was no way she could have known that! This was the start of a new friendship. She asked me to try and see if I could hear some of this missing person’s voice in the area where she went missing. So I was excited to take a different avenue. Maybe I could actually help someone instead of helping no one.

The next chance I had I went to the school where a girl went missing. It was during the day during school time and there was a road that went between the high school and the middle school. I drove all around, down every street and did my recording. As soon as I got done I was excited to listen and when I did, I heard her say, “It’s me, Dawn.” I heard a lot of cursing and I got references to her dad and her friends’ names on it. At the time I didn’t know it was her friends’ names. I got home that night and put the voices on a program I had been using to get where the voice would come and what it said. Then I sent the voice to my psychic friend and she listened to it and was so blown away that I actually recorded her saying that she was there. See the psychic knew stuff about her but not much about her friends. So after hearing what I had got she got me a phone number to one of her childhood friends and to a lady she used to baby-sit for. I called her and told her what I did and told her what I got and she set up a meeting at her house. It was the following Wednesday around one o’ clock. Over the phone I told her, “When I get there don’t speak right away. Spirits have a message as soon as I come in. Sometimes they’re angry and say we don’t want you around and some will invite me in, in a nice way.”

As soon as I walked in the recorder was on and I began to walk around asking her to come and communicate. It only took five minutes. We listened and as soon as I stepped into the dining room a voice came on and said something. I heard it right away but people really had to be directed where the voice was. When they don’t listen daily like I do it’s difficult for them to pick up the voices. It’s hard to hear but she heard it right away too. It gave her goose bumps and made her fall back on the couch. She said I heard her and she said, “Come find me”, like she’s playing a hide and seek game. I would rewind and sure enough we all agreed it said that and it was a young girl’s voice. After that I asked if I could record more and they let me go back through the house. Then I sat down and they told me the story of how it all happened. I was recording the whole time and they wanted to take me to the school and to her friend’s house and her house. I thought this could really be a good thing to solve a mystery that was over twenty-seven years old. When I got done with my recording I went home and put all the recordings on my program. I was very interested in listening and hoping I could get the clue to bust the case wide open. That night was a long one. I did this after everyone was asleep staying up to three or four in the morning. Having to get up at 6:00 A.M. wasn’t a very good thing and my wife was getting worried about the no sleep issue.

When I contacted them again we set up another meeting and all of the stuff I got on the recorder all made sense to them. So I was doing good but no real clues about where she was or exactly what happened to her after she left to use the bathroom. I still didn’t give up. I tried many times to reach her hoping that she would give me what I needed to find her but it was a long road. I asked my psychic friend if I should go to the police with this info and she said it wouldn’t hurt. So I planned that Friday to get up enough nerve to talk to the police.

When I arrived at the police station the officers assigned to the case weren’t there so I gave the desk clerk a compact disc and a hand written list of what was being said about this girl. The clerk said she would give the information to the detectives that were on the case. I would wait weeks before I could get back there to try to talk to the detectives. When I finally did they said they couldn’t hear anything at all. I said you have to be in a quiet room with earphones. They asked me if I had some kind of medical paper showing that I could hear ghost voices and I told them that when I was younger I had Bell’s palsy. The left side of my face went numb and I could hear a pin drop in another room. They said they would try to listen again. They also said I could go to the school anytime to try and reach her and the police would not bother me if I told them the detectives allowed me to do it. I wouldn’t get in trouble. I took their advice and kept doing what I was doing still hoping for that clue that would help me solve the crime. It seemed like I was slowly spending more time with ghosts and less time with my wife and children. I talked to my wife and asked her if I could join a paranormal team in my area and she said that would be fine. I started looking on a web site about my town’s paranormal teams and I found one and set up a meeting.

To join the team you had to be able to make the meeting and the ghost hunts when they would have them. On this team was a medium a psychic and an audio specialist. How I would fit in I didn’t know but I was going to try. We talked that night about how we would approach an investigation and what steps we would need to take. We figured on doing one of the team member’s house because her parents would be out of town. We all met on that Friday night at a meeting place and drove one vehicle together.

When we arrived at the house it was cold and very windy. We all went in the house and got our equipment out and began the hunt. The process was that we all would sit on the enclosed porch and one person would go with a video camera and one with a recorder and one of the sensitive people would go through the house and get what they could find. The same rotation went on until all the sensitive people had their own story. When I went in all of the equipment was acting up and the most sensitive people on the case said there was definitely something going on with me. I went through every area asking questions with my recorder. Then we all sat down at the table and compared notes. What we were trying to accomplish was to find the hot spots. We would then send two groups, one to each hot spot then rotate the groups. And at the end we would finish all together in the same room. That night the sensitive or psychics would tell their story of what had happened and I would record it. It was hard to believe. I never did this before so I didn’t believe in their gifts, until later when playing the audio back. Sarah, one of the psychics, was right every time she said a name. I got it on the recorder before she said it. She said he was cussing and trying to come on to her and it was all I could do from busting out laughing when she said it! That was until I listened and started to believe she really did have a gift. I got over thirty spirit voices that night and it all worked with their stories.

The next day I got all the audio recordings together and sent them out to the team. It seemed like they weren’t really interested in my audio. But it was the proof they really needed to confirm the psychic was telling the truth. I tried to get the owner to put the audio on the site but he never did so I didn’t stay with them for very long. That was my proof and if they wouldn’t put it on their site, I couldn’t be on their team. No matter how many times I sent the audio in and asked them to put it on the investigation site, they never did. I was impressed with the psychic but they all started to argue about who was the most talented and I didn’t like being around people that couldn’t be a team. I tried to talk to the owner but it seemed like half were together and the other half dismissive. I slowly got out of this team and started doing things on my own again.

Through all that had happened to me, my wife was still there for me, but was having a hard time with what I was doing. I had to find someone to really listen and I knew it was going to be hard. So I was watching a psychic, Silvia Browne, on a morning show that could help people out with these kinds of problems. I emailed the show. They called me back and wanted some more information. I wrote them and sent proof of what was going on. They set me up to see Silvia Browne. It was in the middle of December when they gave me a date. I told my whole family and everyone was excited. When it got close to the date they called and wanted to change my story to fit the show. I was not happy because they wanted to act like my mother was trying to communicate with me. I thought about it for a while and I agreed with them. The week before my plane ride they had an issue with the show and canceled all the shows for that week. I knew that maybe I was not seeing what was really happening. Maybe these spirits didn’t want me to show anybody what I had really seen and heard. I believe this is what happened.

Shell, my sister-in-law, called me one day and said she had been on a bike ride and found a cool old house by the bike route. She said she went in it and saw some old stuff. Nothing of value but it made her feel uneasy. So, you know me, I had to check it out. As I was driving in the area I got goose bumps on the left side of my head. I knew I was close. As I crossed where the old railroad tracks were I saw it hidden by trees. There were houses by it, but not too close. I parked in the old driveway by the barn and looked around to see if someone was outside but there was no one around. As I walked through the tall grass I hoped there were no hidden wells that I could fall in and never be seen again. That’s what happens when you’re mind plays tricks on you. I went around back hoping no one would see me. It did look creepy, no windows, some doors, but no real path to the house, so I had to make my own path. When I came to the back doorway I walked into the house and looked around.

There was an eerie feeling like I wasn’t supposed to be there. Just inside the back door there was the kitchen. There was an old sink and an old crate stuffed with some old newspapers from a long time ago. When I looked forward there was a back-enclosed porch that led to a coalhouse where the coal was kept for heating. To the left there was the living room. Once in the living room the first door on the left was a bedroom that circled around under the steps that went upstairs. After you passed the steps it went back into the living room on the other side of the steps. Up the stairway was a small room on the left and to the right was another bedroom and in that bedroom was a small door that led to an attic that went above the living room. The living room had some of the floor missing so I had to be careful where I walked. I said to myself, “I’ll leave the recorder on the steps so there wouldn’t be as much noise”, because of both the walls on either side of the steps it would be the best to reduce outer noises and then I left for work.

The recorder would be there the rest of the day. When I got home later that day I told my wife I left the recorder there and I had to go back and get it. She really didn’t mind but I was so blind to what her true feelings were. It was all about me and no one else. Later that night I was ready to go get my recorder so I drove about twenty minutes from my house and when I got there it was a full moon. One could not ask for more perfect setting. It was midnight and every house had their lights off. But for some reason I was feeling a little scared because of the area’s tall grass with no lights near. The moon did shine in the windows, which added to the mystery of the hunt. I went into the house and grabbed my recorder from the steps and started filming throughout the house. I went into the bedroom and sat down in a corner and asked the spirits to talk to me. “Let me hear or feel your pain”, I said very quietly. Nothing really happened that night so I only stayed about forty-five minutes and then I left. When I got home I took a couple of snap shots of my house and in the first one there were no garage lights on but in the second one they were on. Was it true that you could bring spirits back home with you? Well, I had another special moment to remember. I went into my house and began to watch my video of the night and through the whole forty-five minutes something was making major static with the camera. When I asked a question, static would take over like something was trying to answer. I was impressed. There were over fifteen responses. I had to go back and try again.

It was a Saturday and I didn’t have to work so I listened to my audio all day. After two hours I got an unbelievable audio of two men’s voices saying, “Give Anne a sedative!” he yelled clearly as he shocked her body and I could hear her body land back on the box springs of the bed. Then another man said, “One and a half”. Boy did this one take my breath away! I let my wife listen and she said it could have been an ambulance where the recorder was and the recorder picked up their conversation. But I knew what it was. I captured an actual death happening on audio. As I listened more to it I heard other conversations about taking a girl upstairs. And I got an amazing train coming by. This was not an ordinary train it was an old locomotive from the early days. I discovered later that there used to be train tracks that ran twenty feet from the house. In the eighties they made it into a bike trail. So there were no trains nearby. This was a great discovery! I was really excited to go back out that night. I left around eleven thirty and got there just before midnight. When I got back in the house I sat the recorder on the floor in the living room by a trap door. While I sat in the kitchen on the crate waiting and listening I would ask questions like, “What is your name? How did you die? Why are you here?” I never got a response but as I listened, I heard footsteps in the living room leading up stairs. This actually scared me! I was hearing it with my ears and as soon as it was over the crate broke and I hit the floor! This was enough for me that night. I got my recorder and scooted out of the door real quick.

Things that happened that night went beyond anything that had happen to me so far. I wasn’t telling people as much as I used to because this was all I was talking about all day, every day it seemed like my whole world was being taken over by spirits. I thought I would take a few days off. Things were getting too crazy. I kept listening to the shocking of the body from my recorder. Could it be interference from an ambulance? When I called the makers of the audio recorder they said that it couldn’t pick up ambulances. It made my stomach flip to think it had to be very real! Later that week I went back out and was blown away when I saw the crate. It was in the bedroom not in the kitchen and it didn’t have a scratch on it! It couldn’t be. I broke it that night and fell to the floor. Already things were getting creepy. I set up in the living room that time hoping I could film it walking. About a half an hour went by and I heard someone running around the house and coming to the back door. I was really scared. A neighbor had found me but as it walked through the back door the sound stopped. There was no one there! My hearing was really coming through. Something really wanted to connect with me. I walked over with my video camera and filmed the kitchen. Boy was I scared alone in a house late at night with no one to cover my back.

I didn’t stay too much later because of what happened. As I was leaving I said thank you and the ghost said, “You are welcome”, I heard it plain as day. What a way to end the night! I was excited to get back home to view the evidence. When I arrived I got some coffee and started to watch the video to see if anything strange showed up. I heard running around and I saw hundreds of sparkles where the ghost came through. I believe it was trying to manifest before my very eyes and I didn’t even know it! As I listened to the audio the next day I got a name again and it said, “Anne.” So I decided to look on the Internet about this piece of property. I wanted to find out who owned it and who used to live there. It took some time but I finally found it. One of the first owner’s name was Anne. So I was positive she died there. They probably tried to revive her at the house where I got the audio of it. It was all making sense now. I went back out one more time but not much happened. I told the spirit I would be back the weekend because my wife was going to stay the weekend up at her parent’s house. I was going to bring some blankets and stay the night but I never did. I knew whatever was there was not going to be happy with me lying to them. I actually stayed away for months and didn’t go back. Something told me I wouldn’t be welcome. Summer had gone and it was almost time for Halloween. Another station wanted to hook up with some ghost hunters.

I called in and they said they would let me show them a few places. Adding to the moment, when we met downtown, they showed up in hearses. It was so theatrical. First we went to a graveyard that was well known for activity. But it was too windy and there were a lot of people doing the same thing. I told them about my old house where I got so much stuff and it was only fifteen minutes away so we went there and parked on the bike trail so no cars could see the hearses. There were about eight people with us so we all went into the house and they were recording all of it for the morning show. They started taking pictures and walking through the house and one of them said, “Let’s go get the Ouija board and try to speak to the dead.” They had one of the girls from the show and a couple of other people anxious to play the game. They had me asking the questions. Every time we asked a question the wind would pick up very strong like it was responding to us. Not too much was happening but some of the owners of the hearse were throwing and breaking stuff in the house. When all of a sudden the window that was by one of the owners of the hearse blew out. Glass went everywhere. I really felt something came through the board and released itself into the house. We all got up and I felt real bad that they were ripping things up so I told them to check out the barn. So they all went outside and I went up stairs to get my recorder. When I came down, the door was open and that was when I asked, “Are you here with me?” I heard a knock upstairs and I captured three orbs on video all in different sizes going towards the door. Then the door shut. I got all this activity on my camera. I thought that would be my last return to the old house. But I kept coming back. My time there was not finished.

I started to reconnect with my old ghost hunting team because they were putting audio on their site and I thought maybe this would be my chance to get some of these great electronic voice phenomena or EVP’s and show all of them how much they really are around me. They had a meeting at the owner’s house and I was invited. When I got there, hardly anyone had showed up. It was a nice summer day and I was wondering if I was wasting my time again, taking time away from my wife and children. I told them my EVP’s were getting better and better. I was actually getting a direct connect, which means if you ask a question and you get an answer that dealt with the dead person. It would qualify for a direct connect. So they tested me by asking me to go in the house and do a recording. So I did and I asked my usual questions. I believe spirits are everywhere not just in haunted places. I really didn’t pay attention to what I got until the next day. That night we all decided to watch my videos and discuss them. Since they were a ghost group they should have been amazed by them but they had to argue with me saying anything could of caused what had happened, even though it happened on command. So I asked them, “If you have nowhere to go let’s all go to the house where it all happened.”

We all agreed to go there. We had to meet some others that were running late and we met at the town’s tavern and had a drink while we waited for them to all show up. When we got there, the owner and I went in first and everyone else stayed back. That first five minutes was very important because we were catching them off guard. I was pretty excited. I just knew there would be some great EVP’s that night. In retrospect this was just wishful thinking. When they all finally joined us inside we sat in the kitchen and asked the ghosts to give some kind of sign. Not too much happened, although, we did get some good pictures of interesting things. The next evening I sent my proof to their audio specialist and he reviewed and got back with me. What I sent him were the voices I thought were EVP’s and he sent them back saying they were the girls talking and not ghosts but I had a trick up my sleeve. He didn’t know about what I did. I sent him the real voices but the voices of when the owner and I were in the house and no one else was around. He didn’t know that, I sent him the whole audio with owner and I talking and the female responses. He must have felt stupid. You could hear the ghosts as plain as day. Over the years, I knew how to prove things and I was getting very good at what I was doing. I had to find a way to make them understand and this was it. Sure enough, once they heard the voice then they would hear it again with the full clip. I was proud of myself but I knew they would never be on my side. They still couldn’t understand so I ended my relationship with this group.

I realized I had to be on this journey alone. So I started my hunting by myself again but I needed something else other than just visiting that old home. I had to try something new. When I finally met my neighbors, they had been living there for over two years. I told them right up front what I did and what I can do. They must have thought, “This guy is crazy!” To my surprise they told me something that happened in their house that was pretty scary. I told them I would love to help them figure out what it was. Later that day they invited me over and I started recording as soon as I entered the house. I asked if I could go anywhere and they agreed. I walked through the kitchen first and asked my usual questions. When I went into their children’s bedroom, I felt something was wrong. I began to choke and my heart began to race. It was as if a rope was hanging me. I could actually feel the desperate attempt to try and stop what was happening to the person.

When I walked back into the kitchen I told them it felt like I was being choked by something. I could see them looking at each other wondering how I could have known. After I was done, we listened to my audio and I heard a woman choking. They were white as ghosts when I told them I heard a woman choking as I was going down to the basement. They told me the story of the last owner taking her own life by hanging herself in the house. I was trembling with excitement! I actually felt her death and her heart racing. My wife still couldn’t believe I really had a gift after I told her what happened. Every time she denied it, it pushed us farther apart. I really wanted her to believe in this and I needed her support. That was not the last time I would go to my neighbors. They came over and told me they were having issues with the TV turning on and the toys talking when no one was playing with them. I told them she was trying to reach them, maybe to tell her family something. I took the teddy bear over to my house and set my audio and video by it. Sure enough it happened at my house but like I said, I have special hearing. When the bear talked I could hear the ghost talking too. It was like she was reaching out through the stuffed animals and the toys. They had a black cat there too that would say words in a growling sound during the night. I asked them if I could leave my recorder in their den and record the cat. I did and I heard the cat say help three times.

A couple of days later they had a bon fire and I stopped over. They had a friend over that was very religious. We had a talk about what I was doing and she said she would set me up with her pastor. I was happy to have someone that could answer my questions. As the night went on I got them to let me record with their friends. They all had a little too much to drink so it was easy to get them to agree. We all got together as a group and sat down in each room and we asked specific questions like, “Why are you here?” etc. Then we listened to the recorder. There was more than one spirit there. This still didn’t prove that there were ghosts. Their guests still had doubts, until we went on my web site where I recorded voices. They would listen and out of eight audios they could not hear the spirit voices until I told them what was being said. It blew all their minds. They all agreed what I said was on the audio. See this was a gift. No one could hear the voices unless I told them what it said, and then they heard it every time. That night ended with a bang for me and made some believers out of good religious people. I still was interested in meeting with this girl’s pastor.

The next day I went down and was in the area so I stopped by to talk to the pastor. We went upstairs in his office and I began to tell my story. But every time I said something his chair moved backwards. I thought he was there to help but I think he thought there was no way this could happen to anybody. He made a phone call to someone to help me. It was like I had a disease and he was going to get it. He gave me a few numbers to contact but they never called me back. It seemed like there was always a dead end. No one wanted to help me. I think they all thought that it was demonic or from the devil. After that I realized going the church way wouldn’t help my situation. After my work that night I looked at the sky and felt something was going to happen. I had my video camera ready but at that time I noticed something strange was happening at my neighbor’s house. Their lights were going on and off, as if something was trying to reach me. It was late and no one would be awake so I put my video recorder on my deck and I videotaped looking through the kitchen window for about five minutes. I wasn’t out there for the five minutes because I had to go back in to my house and put my son back in bed. I went back out and grabbed the camera and began to watch it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had recorded my first shadow person.

As I first started watching it a glow went across the camera. So I put it on my TV and then I watched a small person, solid black came in the camera frame very quickly and looked at her kid’s picture and turned its head and walked away and a minute later my neighbor came by and walked in front of the video and walked back. I could see where my obsession with ghosts was taking me; I was spying on my neighbors through their window. I woke my wife up and said I got a shadow person on camera and she was not happy with what I had done. The next day I invited my neighbor over to show her the video and it scared her pretty bad. She wouldn’t go back in the house until her husband came home. I made a copy for them. I sent it to them saying I was sorry for filming their house but the spirits gave me a sign that something was going to happen. I felt bad that whole week but my neighbor was showing it to people and none of them could explain what they were seeing. From that point on, I didn’t film or record at their house because of what I had done. I had to find someplace else to explore. My obsession was getting out of hand and I had to start over again.

Things had started to slow down again, until one day when I was coming home from my job. I noticed a cross on the side of the road, a very big cross. I had never seen that cross in this location before. I had driven that road hundreds of times. It was like it was calling me to go to it. I turned around and parked in front of it. I turned on my recorder and started asking questions. On the cross was printed a first name and the year the accident occurred. I sat for a few minutes recording. As I drove off I listened to the audio. I was shocked at what I heard. The ghost, on audio, had opened my car door got in and closed the door! I said out loud, “I heard you get in and close the door.” Wow was this really happening to me? I read about these things happening before but very rare instances. I knew this wouldn’t be my last stop there! A couple of days later I had to go home the same way so I stopped again and talked to him. I had no last name and not much else but the day he died and the year. I told him if he was trying to reach someone to show me how to get more information about him. I didn’t hear much on the recorder but I had to pick my son up at his cousin’s house and I had to take a different route to get him.

One of my coworkers called me and he couldn’t find the location of his next job on the map so I pulled over in a graveyard to turn my computer on to give him the directions for his next job. As I finished I looked up and I was staring right at the tombstone of the man from the cross that I had been researching. This had to be one of the biggest signs I had ever received. I needed info about him and I ran right into his tombstone. I called my wife right away, pretty excited and still that was not enough proof for her that something wasn’t normal about me at all. I was shot down again. It was hopeless to tell her anything anymore but I felt I needed to.

The graveyard was the next place I found to research. I was led there for a reason and I had to find out why. Every night I began researching this graveyard hoping to understand why I’d been led there. I looked up the kid’s family but they had all moved away after the car wreck. But there was still a reason I had to be there. So I put the time in and hoped for answers. When I came back one night I had to watch out for cars seeing me go into the area. I quickly drove in and before my eyes I could see there was something playing around a tree and as I was getting closer and closer to it, it ran to the right and all I could say was I am seeing my first ghost. I didn’t have my video camera with me; it wasn’t working earlier that day. But I had my recorder to record my excitement. When I got to where it was playing I got out of my car and watched it run away to the end of the graveyard and make a right turn and go down the graveyard road and disappear. I drove as fast as I could up to the spot and to my dismay it was a grocery bag. I could have sworn it was a ghost so I left my recorder there and went and borrowed my sister in law’s video camera and ran back to film. When I was done I had one strange episode. I did everything the same way as when I was recording before and when I reached where the bag dropped a black thing looked like it went into the ground in front of a tombstone. But her camera didn’t have good night vision so I had to dismiss it. I retraced my steps and went where the bag was floating in the air going around this tree. And what I found was two gravestones one marked baby and the other was marked for a little 2 year old named Sara. As I remember it wasn’t very high off the ground and it wasn’t too windy that night so I figured it had to be the two year old dead child having fun going around the tree. I was very pleased with my experiences that night.

The next day I listened to the audio while getting back into my vehicle and caught the two year old saying her name. This was my direct connect again! Also, I heard on the audio, the sound of people walking on gravel but it was all grass there. I really felt I caught this little girl playing with this bag because of the movement of the bag. It was not flipping over and it was floating around like someone had it on his or her head. That would have been impossible. It would have tumbled not float across the graveyard and it made a forty-five degree turn. As I looked back at some pictures taken I was focused on orbs when I should have looked at all the surroundings especially at this site. My wife was looking at some of my pictures from the graveyard and found an interesting photo. Sure it showed an orb but what she saw was above the orb in the trees was a child’s face, so pure and so sweet. I never even saw it but she did. I would go back a few more times but I believed the little girl needed to be noticed. Graveyards are supposed to be very scary at night but I found it to be peaceful. My addiction was growing bigger than I thought. I brought many friends and family on ghost hunts there but it always seemed that I wouldn’t get very much with someone else there.

I started to do research at my house. I would record my mom and dad’s picture in the hope that something would happen. After an hour I would play it back and nothing strange happened. Later I continued recording and asked if Dad was around to knock two times and if Mom was around to knock three times. When I listened to what I had recorded, I heard three knocks and a young female voice warning me to be careful. So I started setting up my video camera and audio hoping something would make itself known. Not too much happened until my wife bought an old toy from a yard sale. It was a small kid swinging on a wooden swing. It had to have been over fifty years old. I set it on my computer desk and put my recorder behind it and set my video camera angled down toward the toy and I asked for some kind of connection then I went to bed. When I woke up 5 hours later, I noticed that the video camera had fallen and landed on the floor over night. I didn’t have time to watch it just then so I took it and my camera cord to charge on the way to work.

The battery was low so I let it charge for about an hour. Every second hoping I would see something. When I rewound the recording I saw it was over an hour and a half. When I got to where it fell I realized that the camera was slowly moving upwards the whole time and in the hour and a half it raised 8 inches and then it slowly started to fall and as it was falling the camera turned from recording to play and back to recording when it hit the floor. The small part that it played was my mom and dad’s picture, as if she were trying to reach me. I tried to duplicate this procedure but the camera never did start to play and go back to record again. I added this video to my collection and till this day I still can’t get anyone to give me a good explanation.

So my house started to become the center of my attention. If I was getting good things at home, why should I go out at night? It seemed like a waste of gas. One night I thought I would go through every room and try to get paranormal information. I started in the garage. I had an old couch and I thought this would be a good place to rest my mind and try to have something happen. I first asked the spirit to knock on my garage door. Lying on the couch I filmed every moment. I was always told if you ask energy orbs to come to one of your hands and it does then it was a spirit. So I tried it and later that night I had to look for anything paranormal on the footage. When I looked at the footage I could see my hand come up and when I asked the spirit to go through it, I could see on the camera a small orb come from my body and go up my hand then quickly left and changed shapes as it went out of sight. I had to save this video because it did do as I asked. When I listened to the audio at the point where I asked the spirit to knock, on the recorder it already knocked. That told me that they could read my thoughts before I said anything.

There are so many mysteries that are out there that we haven’t even come close to tapping into. It seemed like the more I practiced at home the more experiences came my way. I was doing laundry and my basement light would come on and go off on its own, so I began to ask a question and it would respond. I called my son down and got my video camera and asked him to ask the spirit to turn the light off and it did it with him the same way as on the video. I think what was happening was I really was bringing spirits home from where ever I went they would hop in my car visit for awhile then hop back on to where ever I would go like hitch hikers. (It became obvious to me that the spirits around me were taking over my time.) Sometimes I could feel them and hear them; even my dogs reacted to them. One would bark in every room letting me know that it was moving through the house.

One night I got scared and called my sister in Kentucky. I asked her to say a prayer for me. As she was praying I heard noises in my attic. This was weird because it never happened before. That night when I went to bed I left my recorder on the TV stand. I tried to sleep but I felt something climbing up my covers! My body went stiff as the fear gripped my very soul. I felt goose bumps on my head. I knew something was there. It stopped moving and I grabbed the recorder. I played it back and there were evil sounds and a voice coming through. I realized that I had a negative spirit that came to me that night. I got on the Internet the next day and told my story to a ghost site. One person told me to say the Lord’s prayer over every window and make a cross above every window and it will not come back in. Again, I asked myself, “Was I making this happen with my mind or was this really happening to me?” I did what she said and did notice a change; my dog took a break from barking and so did I. A couple of days passed by. I took my mind off of things and asked myself, “Did that really happen?” At times I just looked the other way but no matter where I looked it was coming at me.

Our family went out to have dinner at my sister in laws. When we got there my son went into their basement to play. Ten minutes later he ran up saying something scared him. I quickly grabbed my camera and went down stairs and I asked. “Where were you at?”

He took me to the back room where he pointed. “There Daddy.”

So I took five pictures and out of five one didn’t show anything. It was nothing but blackness so later when we went home I put the pictures on my computer. I wanted to see what was really in that black picture. When I lightened it up, I saw a figure floating above my son and he was pointing right at it and it was facing him! It was bigger than my son and had older fingers. It had an image of an Indian head in the center and there were no legs or feet at the bottom. It looked like it was wearing a gown.

I started putting these pictures and videos on a web site. I tried to find out what was really on the videos and in pictures. Boy, did I have fun. There were some who were amazed and some doubters who had some weird explanations. I had so much stuff that people had no choice but to think it was all phony. None of it was. I would replay the scene for people so they could see the surrounding area and they could make a better judgment. It did work. People saw I was making every effort to prove what I had recorded was real. No matter how much research a person put out there, some people’s belief systems just won’t let them believe.

After the picture in the basement I had another house to research. My sister in law went up north that weekend and said I could research her house. I was anxious to do that research after the picture of my son. That night I set my recorder only in the house and left it over night. About one in the morning I heard a door shut on the audio. Then about 3 am I heard someone walking down the steps past my recorder. It ran through the living room to the back door and shut the door. No one was home and to me this was some great proof. While he was running he was also talking. But my wife and my sister said it was the neighbor kids. So to prove this I put the recorder back where it was and hollered in three different areas near the house. The only one that sounded like the recording was the one in the house. The next time I tried recording again I took a picture of its position. When I came back a couple of hours later it had been moved. I listened to the audio something was playing with it but no one was in the house at the time. Later in the audio an old man came on and yawned. It was very clear so I let my sister in law listen and she was puzzled. I thought I would do room by room and when I put my audio recorder in the office while we all went to the park I heard a person singing a song that no one knew. It must have been an old song. When I put it in the basement I could hear a little kid talking to an older person. I thought I would do some research on the history of the house. I went to the library and looked up the address and found the people who lived there but there wasn’t much helpful information. The neighbor who was over a hundred years old, still remembered how the old lady got sick that lived there would not come out of the house. I believe it was because one of her son did not come back from the war. I would do more experiments by laying in one of the bedrooms on the bed and just ask for the lady or man to come and talk to me and after a bit I dozed off and when I woke up I felt a soft touch going over my leg enough to raise my hair and my fear. I was lying still just enjoying this latest paranormal experience.

It seemed like everywhere I went I was getting some kind of strange happenings. I was getting so much activity I thought I would check out some more ghost hunting groups. As I was looking in the surrounding area, I found my old group that had rehired different people and the group started looking better. They got rid of the problem makers and looked like they were getting a little more professional. They were asking for some haunted locations so I contacted them and they were willing to do an investigation on the house. My sister in law agreed on a date and time and she decided not to be there. It was around 7:00 PM when we all met at her house. It was a nice evening and everyone was excited. We did our usual thing by letting one medium go first as we filmed her and audio taped her experiences. Then the second medium did the same thing as we recorded her experiences. Finally we all gathered together outside to talk about what happened. The first medium told a story about a man upstairs and in the kitchen. The second medium talked about an old lady upset in the basement. So we all got together and hit these two spots first. We went to the basement and we all sat on the floor while one medium would ask questions, hoping for a response. We all listened and videotaped it. There was a person using an object on a string called a pendulum tried to communicate that way. It seemed like something was responding to the pendulum. After trying to communicate in the basement we went upstairs to the master bedroom. This seemed to me like a very active room. In this room my sister in law had seen a military man standing in the corner. It was also where I felt something stroking my leg. While we were in there, one of the mediums talked about a spirit slowly rubbing across a person’s leg. I said that was exactly what happened to me. It was weird how she picked that up. It was as if she was seeing it happen in front of her. It was hard to believe what she was saying. But I knew it was a true story. She kept mentioning a female’s name. Of course, I was recording every minute. Through my research I knew things about the house already. I had something to compare it with when they were done.

We decided to go in the room farthest back and this proved to be an active place. The mediums kept seeing an old lady in the basement and a soldier coming back from the war but not alive but in spirit. When we finished with the hunt upstairs we decided to have a séance in the dining room. I would videotape it from the fireplace, zooming in so I would see any movement or strange things happening. After awhile, one of the team and I decided to go back in the basement. We went down and asked a few more question and took some more pictures, we ended our night when my sister in law came back. They all thanked her and said they would get back with me with their evidence. I really didn’t hear much from them but on my video and audio I got a lot of stuff that matched their stories. There was a female voice responding by saying her name when she asked if Clarisse was there. In the basement I got a great black orb shooting in front of us. Then in the living room there was a big flash when we were ready to go down to the basement and it was obvious no one used any cameras. They mentioned a young military man coming home from the war and from the research I did, I knew it was true but I believe it was his spirit that that they were seeing.

Well I did my home and my sister in laws so why not do my mother in law’s home. A little about her home, it was burnt down once before and was rebuilt on some of the old foundation so any memory of the past should still be there. I first started recording when no one was in the house. I thought I would do a test, I put the recorder on her china cabinet and made a drum beat 7 times and went upstairs to use the rest room and when I got back I listen and sure enough while I was upstairs it made exactly the same drum beat and I heard a rooster crow like it was there and they were in there coop. So I said to myself it could be the old owners, they had died there or it could have been my wife’s grandmother. It was clear and very strong other people would be able to hear it. My father in law listened first and said it was cool but it didn’t mean much to him. He didn’t care about what I was recording.My father-in-law told me about an old abandoned house back by the woods on the neighbor’s property. They used to take walks over there when their kids were little. I had to go and see this place. That night I gathered all my ghost equipment and went there. When I arrived it was a full moon. It was so bright I could walk through the fields without a flashlight. I went through the side door and sat on some old boards. I set my camera and the audio up then I began to take pictures. I was there for about ten minutes, when I heard heavy breathing. I was always told if you hear breathing it was not a good thing. It made me a little nervous. Then I heard something moving in the corner. When I listened real hard it felt like it was right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. It was so clear. I asked how I could help it to move on but I got no response. It was still breathing so I talked for a little while longer and when I asked a question it would breathe. It seemed as if it had been human at one point. So I rushed home and I started looking up stuff on the computer. When I started hearing breathing coming from behind me. I realized it followed me! I didn’t stay up much later. I was tired but before going to bed, I put the recorder on the counter and started recording. I thought maybe the spirit that followed me might talk on the recorder. The next day was a good day. I knew what happened the night before was exceptional. When I told my family about all that had happened, they said it was an animal breathing not a ghost. I took it in. Deep down inside I knew it wasn’t an animal. Then I began to listen to my audio and what I heard was someone in the kitchen making an awful noise slamming doors moving things; walking so loudly it would hurt your ears to listen to it. When I asked my mother in law if they were in the kitchen the night before she said no but her house makes noises all the time. When I let her hear it, it surprised her how loud it was and all the activity that was going on. I heard a woman taking what sounded to me was her last breath. This could have been one of the people that lived there and died there. I was excited about all the loud noises that no one heard and I had it recorded.

The next evening I recorded the basement when we all left to visit a relative. Later that night after we got back, I got the recorder and began to listen. What was interesting was that I got a conversation between two women talking about going to the garden. It was amazing to hear a beautiful conversation from the past.

As long as I have been doing this, I knew there had to be a purpose for it. I didn’t know exactly what was to come later in my life. I started to test the spirits by putting flour on my own floor, hoping to get a footprint and putting toys out for child spirits to play with. Then I would set up the video and audio recorder to collect the responses. I would do everything I could to make them respond to me.

I tried to find someone to listen to my story but no one was interested. Every person out there might like what was happening but they really didn’t want to participate and when it was in their face they denied it. I called mental hospitals to see if they had any specialists that would help me but they wouldn’t give me the time of day other than wanting to put me in there. I tried Indian reservations to talk to someone about spirits and they sent me to mental health area too. No one believed what I was hearing and feeling. I had to go on with my daily life of feeling and hearing spirits. I started getting frustrated. I had to take a break and tried not to use my equipment. My wife was getting more and more upset with me too.

One night I thought I would record me breaking my recorder and it was the night before my wife’s birthday. It really took a lot of courage to break that recorder. When I woke up the next day I really wasn’t happy about what I had done. So the next day I gave her this video of me smashing my video that I was so addicted to. She couldn’t believe what I’d done. Her parents were around and I apologized for being so mean and not understanding her needs and feelings. I really tried but not very long after I started feeling like I needed it back. I could not function. I was getting depressed. Whatever was happening to me I had to get another recorder. So one day we went shopping and I slipped a brand new recorder and some rechargeable batteries in the cart and I asked my wife to just take the kids to the car and I would pay for it. She never knew. It was really amazing what you can get away with when you want something so bad. I took the receipt and threw it away. I started now to lie to her every day. I would still do my research but not tell her. I would eat dinner and I could see how happy she was with me not having a recorder. I began the next day starting on the east side of my town. The first house I was at a woman was talking about a missing man. I thought that it was weird for an older man with a lot of money to just to run off. So I looked up his brother in the phone book and called him letting him know what I do and maybe I could help him. I was not thinking he would call me back but he did and I told him what I did and he said he would like to meet me at his brother’s place. I was excited but at the same time scared. Was I really doing the right thing? So we agreed that Sunday to meet. I felt a little nervous because I was not just recording voices I had their loved ones there too. So I got to their road, it was dirt and gravel. As soon as I turned on his road I started recording.

When I got to the place, it was up on a hill on the left and there were two vehicles there. I got out and shook all of the men’s hands and talked about what I had got on another case. One of the gentlemen was a detective and his niece was the very best friend of another missing girl that I had researched years ago. Boy was that strange. So they took me in the mobile home hoping I could connect. We started out toward the back bedroom where he slept and continued with the rest of the home and finished in the kitchen. I went outside and around the trailer and when I got to the front I felt like someone was choking me. It was so real it almost took my breath away. When I went back to the car I told them what had happened and they said another psychic said he was choked. We ended up taking a ride down the road to where they thought he was taken. All I could do was record and hopefully I would get something on my recorder. We got down to the end and we saw a hunter and they talked about their missing brother. He didn’t know anything about it. Then we went down a path and talked more about other people that were interested in the case. When everything was done, it was my turn to analyze what I had collected. That night I stayed up late hoping to connect with the missing person and immediately I knew he had passed away. I got a man stuttering and talking about being hit and saying things at that time I couldn’t know what they were going to mean.

When we met up again I gave the brother a CD I made with info on every audio I heard. Later that day he called and knew we were talking to his brother because of information about his brother only he would have known. This started a new direction again for me. I began to help families to search for their missing relatives. I put a lot of time in this case hoping to get results and little did I know how much I did get right. I would meet up with the two brothers to record and try to find their missing brother. I called my wife and told her I was really running behind, another lie. What I was really doing was meeting up with the brothers for more research. We walked back into the woods and recorded the whole time. We all spread out the recording and asked questions hoping for answers. We all went in different directions and then met in the middle. We ended back at the trailer where I left one recorder in the house. We talked a little more and one of the brothers gave me twenty dollars for gas but I said no thanks but he made me take it. Later that week they bought me a brand new expensive recorder that my wife didn’t know about so I had two that I was hiding from her. Even though I was lying I still felt it was the right thing to do. This time the audio gave more signs of struggle that he was basically taken from there. We got one audio that said he was northeast. There were a lot of voices that didn’t make sense on the audio and we didn’t know what to think because he was still missing. As I talked again to both brothers we set up a meeting downtown to use a spirit board and my audio recorder. We would ask questions hoping for an answer on the recorder. It was kind of loud at that location since we were parked in front of a restaurant that was near an expressway. Everyone thinks the spirit boards are a way to channel spirits. This was all new to me. Did it really work or was it really just a game? After we did what we could. I went back home to listen to my audio.

Now remember, I couldn’t do this at the house, only in secret. I would take the kids to the park and hide it from them while we were playing. Sometimes I planned to go by places where I could do some research while we were taking a nature walk. A lot of times on the road I would to listen to my recorder but the noises would be too loud and I would probably miss some key evidence. I already knew the places to go, I just had to have fun with the kids and listen to the recordings at the same time. There were times I would do it while I was in bed. That actually happened the most because my wife wouldn’t know what I was doing since I was sleeping on the couch as I did every night.
I made my first big mistake by using my gift on a job very close to my home. I went there to do a measure and it never crossed my mind that I would get in trouble. The lady of the house mentioned that a contractor left the job to help find his missing niece. Well I thought it would be ok to tell her a little about myself. So I told her that I was almost on the Montel Williams’ Show to see psychic Sylvia Brown. I told her I can feel things and hear things on a recorder and she said, “You can try my house if you want.” I walked through and I felt my heart racing like I was having a heart attack. I felt like I drank 10 cups of coffee. That is when she said her father passed away and he did drink 10 cups of coffee. I walked in every room of the house looking at pictures trying to pick up the vibes. I listened to a few voices and then I had to leave to go to my next job. She must have told her husband because he called and complained. That is when the cops came over. This was really causing serious problems with my family. I was telling lies after lies. My wife was scared because this was our business and we made good money and if I could not control myself it would be over. So my wife took the recorders away again and I was not feeling good about it. I managed for a few days but then I started missing my addiction and it seemed wherever she hid the recorders I was meant to find them. It didn’t take very long to find them so I was back at it again her thinking they were hid and me having them again. It was way more than any kind of drug. I had to keep it low but still progress on my missing persons case.

So my next step was to tell my wife I was going to the bar and really I was going over to the property near where we thought his body was taken. I would go down by the river and ask questions to the spirits. I would ask if they could help me find this missing person. I would get replies such as: “He was hit in the head by a big black man.” “We dragged him.” I took it to mean there were two involved in the crime. I would hear him say,” Please don’t hurt me.” All these things had an effect in my life. By the river where I had been many times I still remember that old black bridge I could see from a distance. I knew it meant something. This case was taking over my every waking moment. I would talk to the brother almost daily trying to figure who did it and where was the body. On one of my audios I heard a spirit say, “I hate that they ate me.” Could this really be true? If so they would never find the body. Before I met up with some talented people I would get some visions of what I would see there or what would be said. I would see the types of clothing or objects that would be at the meeting. At the meeting there were another talented person that had visions about a previous case I worked on. She would light candles and talk to the spirits and they would respond by moving the flame. I was excited cause this person was supposed to be the real deal. As the night went on we listen to her way of seeing how it all went down on each case.

I have to admit that a lot of the stuff she came up with matched my stuff to a tee. All my stuff was from audio and hers was from visions. I was recording the whole time and I got some good responses and let people listen and of course most could not hear but me. And again when I told them what it said sure enough it was there. We all left that night feeling we accomplished something. I left with a horrible headache. I would listen to a voice on my recorder and play it a few times to confirm what I was hearing. It was strange how my left ear could hear better than my right. So I used my left a lot, which might cause problems in the future. At times the audio would surprise me with a loud bang or high sound and it would blow my ear away. I would come back as much as I could when I was in the area to try and get the clue that would find the missing person. But it seemed like I had other spirits giving me false information. For instance, I would ask,” Who killed you” and I would hear on the play back,” Dave did it.” Then later on the audio, “ Steven did it.” then, “ Sara did it.” So it was very confusing. What to do? It is always a touchy subject to talk to people about a loved one who has passed on. I met up with the brothers of the missing man and I gave them a CD and a written copy of what was said on the CD. You have to really be trained to hear what I was hearing. You need to be coached and taught to listen carefully. But when I show them, they hear it every time. Some people really believe that it is nothing. It really hurts because I really know that it is one hundred percent real.

I was watching the news and heard of another murder in the area so I thought why not try to help. So I went across town and started recording where she lived and where she died. I would get so much good stuff on how she died, like, Who did it? and How it happened? She lived on the northeast side and one night she went for a walk and never was seen again until they found her body naked in the woods. They figured it happened close to her house. Someone took her and raped and killed her. She was a very pretty young lady. I called her brother and offered my services. He never called me back. See I want to help so badly but when they hear me say, I can hear spirits on the audio they back down. When I get a cold shoulder I stop calling. But that did not stop me from recording by her house and where she was found. It was strange but I always felt a contact to these missing people and I always will. When the voices come through they really touch my heart. I really feel they are reaching out to me. No one wants to listen. They don’t want to listen to someone that might actually connect to the spirit world.

Some of the audio I got was, “A buddy came over and hit me on the head.” and “He was religious and he drove a truck.” I sent this to the police department but never heard back. They probably get this all the time, people acting like they have a gift and it just sends them on a wild goose chase. I never knew what she looked like until she was on the news. She was a very pretty girl. How could someone harm one of God’s children? We all know what kind of world we live in, then and now. I did not spend too much time on this missing person but I heard on the news another person, an older lady, went missing. She was last seen at an arts and craft store. I knew I had to try again to connect so I waited for the news about her and they started giving me her last whereabouts. I started my next plan of attack to help find this lady. I went everywhere she was sighted, at her work, where they found her purse and her car. Instantly I heard, “He broke my hand.” Then I heard her say her husband’s name. Not knowing really if it was from the deceased.

A few of the things I heard did match with this missing lady. I would drive by weekly in the area hoping for that one piece of evidence that the police would really use but that never happened. I would fax all my information on those cases I was working on to the police. I even called one day and said, “You will find her on the thirteenth.” And sure enough they did. But nobody cared what I said or did. So I knew I was going to be on my own. This did not bother me because I still wanted to make any kind of effort to communicate and help loved ones if they wanted me to. It is strange how someone will allow the police or detectives to help but when someone comes along claiming he can hear their loved ones, how they will cast you in the fire. I was beginning to see that all my hard work might not ever pay off. But I made up my mind to do this till they find the bodies or killers and then I would finally know if what I was doing was worthwhile. I saw on the news that night that the police were asking for anyone to help so I got a hold of her brother. What do you think he said? He would get back with me. Well that is obviously not going to happen. So I was not getting anywhere with this case either. So I would watch the news everyday hoping something I had on my recorder would come true.

Then I became aware of a murder that happened about one hundred miles away. A little girl got killed in a graveyard. I knew I would not make a special trip so if I happened to be in the area I would stop and record. A couple weeks later I had a job seven miles away. I was excited and could not wait. I had a half an hour before my next measure so I decided to run down there and take a quick look. I started down the street where I believe she lived and headed for the cemetery. I did my usual routine of asking the girl to communicate. I would ask questions about her killer and if she new him and what he looked like. Finally I headed to my next measure. I was excited to hear the playback on the recorder and was I impressed when I heard a young girl come on and say, “Willie Mann’s kidnapped me.” As I was heading back home I called their police department and let them hear what I had and they wanted me to come down and let them hear it. So the following week on Monday I went down and played it for the chief of police. He could hear that there was something but was it really her saying her killer’s name? He checked on the Internet for anyone with that name and nothing came up. He called in another investigator and she listened and she agreed with me on what it had said. I waited outside while they talked it over. They finally agreed to take me to a few places where the crime had occurred. I was excited because I never went anywhere with the police before.

She took me to a bar downtown first and then to an electric plant. We walked all around as I asked for her to come. Then we went to the last place she was seen and I had felt a major headache coming on. She told me this is where she was last seen on her bike. Then we went to the graveyard and you could see she wanted me to tell where the body was but I could not. Then we went back to the station hoping to get something and that is when the chief came in and cut it short. He said he could hear the amount of syllables but he could not make out what it really said. So I said I would take my recorder home and I left one with her and we departed. When I left I was relieved because it was very nervous and scary saying stuff that could land you right in jail. When I got home that night I made it a priority to do all the recordings that I did and clean them up and send them back to the chief. The next day I got about one hundred voices on the recorder that mysteriously appeared. One was describing the brick house and one was saying, “Home on Depot Street.” One said, “Blood was in the hair.” I waited for a call back and sure enough it never came. But about a week later I saw her story on the news and guess what they were doing? They were asking all the men in town to give the department a sample of their DNA. Now is that not a coincidence.

As I listened again to the audio it changed and said, “A lonely man kidnapped me.” Boy this was not good because if the audio had changed then the audio would be of no use to anyone. Weird enough to hear the dead but changing the recording when they want to is just too much. I started to go back and listen to all of my old stuff and sure enough it was happening to some of my other recordings. So I started to think this could be another part of the story. That still did not stop me from recording when I went by her area again. I tried to get more information but she started to fade away. Like she got her message out and no one would believe. What I have been doing seems like no one wants to believe. I felt alone and it does not feel good. When I go to bed I pray for God to bless me with more gifts. One day I hope they will come. So I started to make some web sites with my stuff on them for people to see. All my proof I had gathered over the years. I thought if I could put it out there some one would notice and want to try and figure it out but after months no one responded. They would look and listen but no response. What did I have to do to get someone to notice? So I tried to contact The Ghost Hunters Show but never did get a call back or an email. I sent them a lot of my evidence but never heard a reply. It was like I had a curse and no one could help me. I started back at my home again setting up tests in my basement. With some water, a golf ball and some paper and pen hoping the spirits would write or spill the water or knock the ball, but nothing ever happened. It was like they were getting upset with me because I could not get anyone of importance to listen.

So one day I called the Notre Dame College and talked to a professor about what was happening to me and he was excited that I was going to come down. He was going to have some of his top students to help. I looked him up and thought this could be good for me. The next Wednesday was the day and he told me to call on Monday to confirm. Well Monday rolled around and he said he had to cancel. Boy here we go again another person scared of what might happen to them. So that led to a dead end too. No matter where I went there were roadblocks. It was like something did not want me to go public. Maybe my Angels were guarding me. I often wonder about that because sometimes when I drive for my job I dose off and go off the road but always seem to wake up before I hit something. What ever was happening to me I needed to find out why it was happening.

Over time I started having a lot of lies coming from some of the spirits. For instance I would have a voice tell me, “Sally killed me.” and the next night, “John did it.” then “Thomas was the one.” I started to get frustrated because the audio would change while I was on the phone. Sometimes five different meanings appeared each time I rewound the recorder. I was so mad I gave it up for awhile. But they still would not stop bothering me. I went into an old house in town and no one was there and I kept hearing a whistling song. That whole day things were happening. I really felt a loud bang was going to happen at my next customers house and I told her right now it will happen and it was like a truck hit her home but we both went out and nothing was there.

The next week I still was not using the recorder and I was getting ready to measure another basement. As soon as the customer started to go upstairs all of her lights started going off and on off and on. I asked her did this ever happen before and she said no. So no matter what I do something or someone tries to contact me. That night we had a bad storm and a wire fell on the ground and hit our box and fried our computer hard drive and I lost hundreds of voices, all of my work for the last two years just gone. What a bummer. I tried to research spirits and read some stuff in books and there has been so many people claiming the same stuff as me. I looked up on the Internet and found an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) site to put you’re voices on and people would comment on them. This was a good thing but I had lost everything so I had forgot that I put some stuff on some other web sites and they would still be there so I was in luck. I started putting a few on and was amazed that people could not hear what I was hearing. They could hear what they were hearing and not what I was hearing I could not understand what was going on. So I listened to some of theirs and could not hear what they were hearing.

Then the owner of the site told me that an EVP has different type classes, class A, B and class C. She told me I was getting class C but I could not understand until she told me if ten people listen to my audio and ten people said it said the same thing then it was a class A, which is very rare to find. Now I started to understand what she was saying. She sent me a class A and sure in enough it said the same thing when I listened as everyone else heard. So now I know the differences between the different classes of EVP’s. But who made these people experts? I felt that my experiences were equal or better than theirs. Maybe the spirits talk to everybody in their own way. I felt I shouldn’t be discouraged by what I had just found out. It was time to move on.

I played a trick on the site and went into my garage and made a fake EVP to see if people really could hear. I recorded myself talking and responding saying the name Robert three times and getting louder as I spoke. Well what do you know not one of them could hear what I said. I think it was strange that all these people could hear ghosts but could not make out a human disguising their voice and clearly you could hear me say Robert three times. I put all my videos on this site too and got a lot of good responses on those but the EVP’s would not work out for me. I believe a lot of them had compassion for their loved ones that is why they might not put the right stuff down but I wanted to tell them and sometimes I would get things correct but this was not working for me. So I got off the site and never went back. I believe that everyone wants to have a gift but really most of them never had it and won’t ever get it.

Throughout the years of doing this I realized that most gifted people are not telling the truth. They are using it just to make money. I still believe that this is a gift and I would pray every night hoping that my next gift would come. I had talked to many people with similar talents and they said that their gifts would change into different things that they had no control over. At times I would hear random noises that would surprise me. I never thought that listening to a recorder daily could hurt my ear. I was looking on the Internet and discovered that there was a ghost hunting expo going on near my town. This would be a good place where you could meet other important mediums and gifted people. Of course it would cost a little money but my wife and I decided to book the next Saturday to attend. We were both excited about it. My wife wanted to get some answers about her friend that got murdered and of course I wanted anything I could get.

When we arrived it was at a local old church and when we walked in there was a long table taking your name and giving out some programs. The first speaker was one of the hosts and she talked about her life and what made her get into the paranormal and why she joined a team. She took training in past regression and wanted us all to try it. So she had us all close our eyes and she began to count backwards. We were all supposed to think of something from our childhood that made us feel good. She talked about the ocean and took us back to when we were young kids and then were 1 year old then back to when we were in the womb and even before we were ever thought of. After that she started bringing us back through the stages until we were back in the room. I did not get much out of this but I did see myself alone in a desert with sand all around me. After every person had his or her turn there would be a break.

During the first break we went outside and got a read from a medium. We had to pay forty dollars but she would read both of us. There was some stuff that related to us but most of it did not make sense. It took about a half an hour and we were back in the class. There was a woman trying to go from person to person trying to do quick short reads. She made one woman cry because she had hit a name that no one would have known about but her. Then she came over to me and started reading my wife and she connected that she had lost a friend. But the more she talked the deeper the hole got. The medium said she was in a car accident and that she played sports and all of those things were wrong so my wife lost interest in her. A boyfriend who went into a jealous rage actually killed her. Then she failed so bad that she started on me and I was excited to see if she could pick up on what was going on with me but it all started wrong and ended wrong. Then the speakers began to tell their stories and show us how to put paper over a candle and move it around and it would give us a picture of our lives or our angels. I ended up getting something weird and my wife got a heart shape. I was not too impressed with that because anyone could move an object over a flame and get different things that might look like something. They were the leaders of a spiritualist church about an hour away.

After that we went and had lunch at a nice little diner. Then we went back to the church wondering why we paid that money because nothing was worth it yet. When we got back one of the founders of the ghost group wanted me to record in the church where they were going to hold their ghost hunt that night. I went in with her and instantly something went through my body like they were greeting me or running away from me. I recorded for almost fifteen minutes and then went back into the class and this time it was the medium that read us. I was not impressed so it was rather boring because I felt she might have had a gift at one time but it left her. The next speaker was the founder of the ghost group and her story was a little more interesting. She told a story about seeing ghosts at a house they were going to buy. Her husband did not believe her until what she said came true. It frightened both of them so they did not buy that house. She also told about her childhood when she discovered that she had a gift. She had a vision of a dead relative. Which must have been pretty scary at a young age. She did some research on her family and found out that she had ancestors with the same gift. She seemed like a real person I could work with.

Then there was another break and a Tarot card reader was out there and I went up to her and paid her 20 dollars. She did a read on me but nothing matched. I think that most of the people want the gift so bad they believe they have it but really don’t. It was now dinner time and we went into a another town for dinner but my wife was tired so we went into a graveyard to let her take a nap which gave me a chance to listen to my audio. I received 20 EVP’s at the church and some of the stuff matched exactly so I gave my list to the founder.

The last speaker was beginning to talk so we went in to listen. At this time we were tired but looking forward to her story because she was a police officer and a medium. One day out of the blue she started drawing pictures of people and things. They didn’t make much sense to her until she read on the news about a murder in the next county. She looked at her picture and sure enough her drawing was the picture of the murderer. At that moment she knew she was on a new journey. A lot of police do not believe in mediums because they give a lot of stuff that does not make sense at that time but it could take years for it to come true. This is hard for them to understand. They think it should happen right away but that is not how it works. Finally we had to pick a number out of hat to make up some teams to solve a murder but before we all started we had to take a psychic test. First was to guess the color that is going to appear. I said blue in my head and my wife said yellow. Well it was blue. One for me I thought. Then the next test was to tell what was the word that was coming up and I saw in my mind the color red and heard red and the lettering was red. My wife was wrong again. The next thing was to guess a number. I could see the # 6 when I closed my eyes and sure enough it was a six and my wife missed out again. The last one I missed but three out of four was not bad. Then we started to solve a murder using our spirit guide. We all had our teams and we had to focus on a certain part of the murder.

For instance one group would get objects that might have killed the person and the other group would actually have a picture of the killer with other criminals and one would have the clothing and so forth but at the end we all got the killer and what he was wearing and how he killed her. Now that was worth the whole day of waiting for this great ending. It turned out to be a great night for me but not my wife. She told me she would never waste her time on such stupid research again. I walked away with a different way of seeing stuff. I did record the whole day and boy did I get some great voices. When we all had to close our eyes and go back through our lives only one person was supposed to have been speaking but I heard so much more and I heard spirit talking with everyone that made a speech. I really am beginning to love what I have been doing.

I kept in contact with the founder hoping she would test my ability like she said she would but she was really to busy and I understood. The founder sent me an email about a person wanting to contact their loved ones. I emailed him and got an email from the guy who is really trying to prove life after death so I called him and he was really interested on what I was doing. He told me he could not pay me but he would take anything I could send him. He wanted specific questions answered. He wrote a book about his life and anyone who helped him would be in his new book. Well I took the bite and gave him everything I had and he made me a web page but most of my stuff he had to approve because he really made it for himself. He put stuff about his book and his accomplishments on my website so it turned out to be his page. I stopped communicating with him because he seemed really creepy. It seemed like the more people I communicated about this the worse it got.

I really wanted to help people with this but it was getting harder and harder. I was getting ready to start looking for a new employee to work for me in another area so I was about to put an add in the paper when I got a call from my sister and she said she had a friend in that area looking for some work. So I said I would call her and see if I could set up an interview. One thing about me I have a big heart and I want to help everyone out. Well I met with her and instantly I could pick up on someone bugging me. I did not let her know that I was secretly recording our interview. After we talked I asked her again if she wanted the job and she said yes so I hired her. She had to get up early because I always started my day at 7 am no matter the distance and boy did she love me after that. Our first day went good but I really felt it might be too much for her but she was trying her best to get it to work. The next time we met I told her what I did on the side and it hit her direct because her husband passed away a year ago. But when you get me started forget about talking because it is my show the rest of the time and I mean the rest of the time. I did listen to her though to get info but I talked to her a lot about what was happening to me.

When we would go into a house I could feel the spirits go through me and boy did it take my breath. Sometimes they would take all my energy that I had to step out of the situation to get it back. I remember sitting in the car waiting for a customer and telling her one of my scenarios. Believe it or not it was exactly what happened to her and her mother. I told her that her mom would be complaining about the toaster not working. That same day before she met up with me she was at her moms talking about the toaster not working and she was going to go and buy one at Kmart. From that point she was more interested in what I had to say. So we decided to record her house and see what would come on the recorder and boy was it fun. When I was done I could hear some stuff but not as much as I could hear when I was alone. When I got home that night I put it all on my computer and sure enough I had made contact with him. What I really got was a zipper sound, a man complaining about not getting his chickens, a weak man and some name that was familiar.

When I went back the next time I gave her this information and she told me a story about the zipper how her husband would always zip his boots up every morning and she still could hear it in her head. And she told me the story that one day her husband came home with a truck load of chickens and she turned him away at the door saying there is no way you are bringing those chickens in here and that is when he was so mad about those dam chickens. Then I got a name on the recorder and we could not understand what it meant. So about a week later she told me her mother was in bad shape and she said she did not have much time to live and a few days later she passed on. Well I gave her some time off and continued working her area when she finally called me and said she was ready to go back. So it would be touchy to talk about dead people but we still did and I did another recording and she said that it sounded just like her sister. I was a little worried because when I recorded her mother’s scenario she died.

I was a little nervous but that next week she got a call that her sister had an accident and died. So I was starting to think, am I the Grim Reaper or what. So I asked her if she wanted me to go to the accident and record and She said yes so I did. And what I got was, “She was hit from behind and killed.” I heard that same wording ten more times and I have never had repeats that much. My employee decided to stop working for me. She felt all the stress and what was going on with her she could not perform her duties. I told her a name I got on the recorder and she remembered it. When she went to her sisters funeral she met an old friend from many years ago and sure enough his name was the name I told her. While I was still doing the area I heard a psychic on the radio talking about spirit and I listen and got her number and left a message and she called me back that day and I listen to what she had to say and we set up a meeting to research her house and her. The following Tuesday would work out so I called her that day and she forgot and it did not work out but the following Friday did so I went to her house at about 12 noon cause she was going to make me some lunch and when I got there it was a cool creepy house and you could tell it was like going into a haunted house but she did this everyday of the year.

As soon as I got on the porch I started recording and did I do a lot of recording that day. She took me thru the house and told stories about the house and the previous owners and the history of the place and then we put a recorder in one of the places where someone was cut up. I went back up to the kitchen and set with the Witch that is what she called herself. We drunk some coffee and chatted about the place and before we were done I could hear out of my ears something in the basement and she could hear it to so she told it to be quite and it stopped. Then I asked if I could check it out myself and she said sure. As soon as I walked by the steps it was so cool I heard the children run up the steps. It seamed like in every room something was happening. As I was going up stairs I heard a door slam exactly what the witch said was happening. No doubt in my mind this place had it going on. But the atmosphere made the visit way better than any other place I had been in. When I was done I picked up my recorder and thanked her and told her I would get the info back to her. As I drove off I looked at the cool old house with ravens on top. That night I did my usual and got all the voices.

From the very start a lady invited me in besides the owner and the recorder picked up lots of children and the shutting of the door and the cutting of the person in the basement. Everything she had mentioned proved itself to me. She had another movie made at her place and they kind of did her wrong so I found the web site about it and gave them an ear full. I finally gave that area back to my company and I will always remember the experiences down there. I have often wondered what would happen if I could do the same thing she was doing cause she made a made pretty good money at it. I started trying to figure where I was going with all of these voices and I could not see the future as bright as it has been. I was basically getting a little bored I was finding myself listening less and less. My wife would still like to take them away but she was realizing it was not a priority in my life as much. I went to work one and thought I would try something new I thought I would try to see what my next home would look like.

On my computer there is a tablet for drawing so I thought I would draw and record what I would see and it started out with a very colorful bed in a corner with the covers pulled over and the sheet tucked around covering the blanket. So I arrived at the house and started measuring the rooms and when I got to the last room there was that bed in a corner exactly how I drew it and wrote about it. This really took me by surprise. What was really happening to me? So I thought I would try my next home and I saw a bible open and I saw a lot of shoes and a pair of brown boots and a red wall and a heart on a shirt. So I went into the house and before you knew how bad I missed this one it all started falling in place I went into the closet and before my eyes was the bible open and a lot of shoes and then the owner came in and he had a heart on his shirt and as I was leaving I saw the big red wall and the only thing I did not see was the brown boots and as I was walking out the misses said she needed to take the dog out and she reached behind the couch and pulled out the brown boots and that finished my journey that day. I believe I had found my next gift I needed to pay attention to.

I started calling family members and started to tell them what had happen and they were impressed so I started doing it on them. As I was talking to my sister in law in Ohio I told her I see running water by her and she said she had a fish tank she was looking at when I was telling her that and it had a water line with running water. Then I told her I see a leather jacket and she had on her chair arm a leather jacket. I smelled manure and she said are you outside and I said no cause she said they live by a pig farm and you can smell the crap all day long. Then I asked her if she had her legs crossed and then I heard a silence and she was a little freaked and I mentioned I saw white tennis shoes and she was wearing them. Success over the phone this was really making me feel truly gifted. So I felt I had to wear it out so everyone I talked to I would read them and it got more exciting.

So one night I went out with my neighbor and I decided to talk to the group of girls at the next table over and I said would you all like to play a game where I will read something about you and they were all fair game I was excited cause I was at the peak of my insight. So I closed my eyes and hit them with the first thing I saw and it was someone was having a hard time picking out there ear rings that day and you bet one of the girls raised their hand then I saw someone fighting with their mother and I explained she better make up soon and the girl next to me agreed with my vision. I began to see a single rose and the lady across pulled the back of her shirt down and showed one red rose. This was going very good. That group I answered fifteen things about them and fourteen was connected I was on a roll. At this place they sing Karaoke and the bar next door did the same thing so we would sing at the first one then put some songs into for later and go to the next bar and sing there for awhile then go back to get more songs in.

So we went next door and I instantly were attracted to the table of six ladies I had to go and read them. So I just asked if they would like to participate in a reading and they thought it would be cool. First thing that came to my mind was someone was pregnant and the girl to my left agreed she had just found out. Then I felt someone having an issue with his or her underwear and the girl on the far left had a g string on that she had never worn and it was bugging her to death. I kept hearing the word sisters and I asked does that mean anything and they said that four of the ladies there were sisters. I kept seeing skulls and they told me they worked at an old retirement home and they see people die every day. That really didn’t fit but they thought it did. So I told them that I worked with a paranormal group in town and they were excited cause the founder was a nurse there and they new him whom I thought was weird. So I ended my night getting 95 % connected with the ladies I was high so I it was going to be hard to come down. I wanted to get this out cause this was better than the audio cause people could relate cause it was really happening in their lives.

That weekend end we went up north to my mother in laws house and that night I tried it on mom and dad and everything I said connected with dad but I felt mom was blocking me and believe me people can block you. Dad new I was on the right track I told them I kept seeing the springs that go on chicken coop doors and she said they just both them that day and installed them. If I was not seeing things how on earth could I get that right on the dot. The next day I wrote fifteen things prior to going to the museum. I wrote my list and waited for them to come true. I wrote that I would see a brown purse with long straps. As soon as we got to the museum a woman got out of her car with her new brown purse with long straps. It was the first thing on my list. The next thing on my list was a person dropping change. As soon as we walked in, it happened by the gift store, a person dropped some change. On my list I wrote that I would see a flag not flying just laying flat against the pole. When we went to the car we saw many flags blowing in the wind except for one flag that hung tight against the pole. There were a few more things that happened exactly how I said.

The last thing I saw was a belt with holes throughout and we pulled up to McDonalds and the girl that was giving us our food bent over and sure enough there was that exact belt I had on my list. Even though I got all that right no one cared and it did bother me a lot. It is a shame that a person can see the very future write it down before hand and show it as it happened and people ignore it instead of being amazed. I decided to write a list on my way back home and I showed it to my sister–in-law and we began our journey home. I knew I would almost hit a bald eagle and as I turned the corner there was an eagle eating a dead animal. It came about two feet from getting hit. Thirteen out of fourteen things happened that I predicted. My sister-in-law was able to validate it. But with all this proof my wife still would not believe I had something going on. I was starting to give up on her. All she did was bring me down to my knees every time something happened. When we got home I was still feeling good about my predictions.

That night I went over to my neighbor’s home and was telling them how cool it was and what was happening to me. She wanted me to do a read on her. So I told her to give me a paper and pen and I would write what I see. I wrote about a bear rug, house with green shutters, a machete coming down and an s shape swirling in the air and a few other things. Later that week her grandpa passed on and she went up north to the funeral. The first thing she saw was the house with the green shutters. At the funeral an argument happened about her grandpa’s bear rug. Should they put it on his casket or not. At the hospital before he died they just changed their logo to a floating swirling s. Later that week her brother-in-law called her husband and said he almost had to go back to his car and get the machete out to cut a persons leg to get them out of a burning car. When they came back that week they were blown away how accurate I was.

See, I see what is in my mind in little pictures or I hear voices telling me. I couldn’t believe how accurate they were. But I don’t know what they mean until the person tells me. When the weekend came I called my sister and began telling things in her house as we spoke and she was taking a bath and I named everything hanging up what she was thinking about that day even the color of her washing sponge. It really scared her cause there is no way I could know anything about her house. I’ve never visited her new house before. But what was really cool was I was picking up her thoughts about dinner what she had for breakfast and what she was going to do the next day. Calling my family definitely was good for me because my wife could really damage a person’s self-confidence with her negativity. As much that has happened to me still no one would listen so I wanted to start using this gift maybe on the murder cases I was following. So I tried driving by those places and it did not work like that it was like I had to have them present on the phone or in person to be able to get their energy. So I was hoping that I would be able to touch an object or go to a site and really feel the presence of the spirit and talk and get answers that the police would say there is no way he should know this but so far that has not happen. But it did not discourage me. I kept doing what I had been doing seeing what the next customer house or conversation would be.

The next couple of days I took my wife on some measures and I told her at this yard sale we are going to I will see a rocking horse and she laughed and said we will see. When we got there I did not see it but my wife did and even though it was a toy rocking horse about 6 inches high it still qualified for my vision and she said that it did not but think about it. What I see is a picture I don’t the size of the object and sometimes I will see something but it could have two different meaning but still be correct. She wanted to play the game so she said before we get to the next house we will see a yellow cab and right before we turned down that street there it was a yellow cab at an auto shop. I am not saying I am the only person who can do this I am sure a lot of people can if they believe in themselves. But it sure did not help my case that she got it right.

So we moved on and made it back home that day and that night I felt terrible cause I knew someone was going to have a horrible death tomorrow and she just said go to be and the next morning a few mile away a man looses control and goes under a semi and cuts his upper half off. Could I have saved his life not knowing a name or was there something earlier in that day I should have paid attention to. I will never know but I really could feel bad things. The following week I was recording in my van and I heard the van door open and the light came on and I thought that was strange until later that night a young girl was trying to shut her van door and she got pulled out and lost her life a few miles from where I lived. If I knew whom or where maybe I could help but that was not happening to me. I had to talk to someone so I called a spiritual church for some help and the man on the other line set up a meeting the following week.

When I got there the place was behind another business. When I arrived there was one vehicle there it was a big white church looking building. I actually changed clothes from my work clothes in my car and went inside I went thru a hallway and went into another door and there was a reception area with a lady at the counter. I told her I had a meeting with their spiritual leader and she said wait here a minute. So I looked around at some brochures and began to read about this place. It was interesting cause they base their beliefs on gifted individuals that can prove their talents. It dated back to Egypt where this person could do amazing things from being buried under ground for hours at a time. He could slow his breathing so slow to almost death. As I read he was able to levitate his body have pins put thru his body and not bleed. He could see future things and past and could heal people. This was not and ordinary person. I was very interested in this type of religion cause I built my faith in the same thing. I had one audio that I thought needed to be brought to his attention and it said, St Peter piece of me. Which is a very religious quote. Meaning when Jesus sat at the Lords supper he said her is my bread this is my body. So I thought this was something to do with that.

When I got in his office I felt very comfortable and I told him a little of my story and let him see what journey I was on and he told me about his journey and where he was heading and he gave me a numerologist read. What that means is he can put you’re birthday you’re year and other stuff together and read you. He told me I had three lives before one was a nun a bad crook and a very shy person and it was all making sense to me and he told me I was more talented than any of his students and I had an opportunity to do something with this not as a full time but a small business to help people. He said if I make a wish and write down ten things for my future that it would all come true. I wanted to believe but it was a little hard for me cause no one believed about gifts that people might have. So I recorded for him and never got to much stuff but that did not stop me from believing in what he said.

About six months went by and my gift was getting stronger so I went back to him again I saw stuff and recorded before I got their and when I went into his office and showed him all my visions and he new everything I was talking about I could see sand and a convoy of trucks big castles and a white bird flying high in the sky looking down and a man setting high up on a cliff by himself like he was a very holly person. He took my visions and told me I was brought to him to give him this vision of his up coming trip to Egypt. He showed me a brochure of some of his talented people that worked with him and he said I should do the same. They charge so much per half hour and I should make up a profile with what I do and it will grow very fast and I would make an extra income reading people. See I don’t need to know what it means, they will know and I thought it would be cool. So I took his advice and built a site to try and help others in need.

Sent in by Rick Waid, Copyright 2011

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