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My Out of Body Experiences

Posted on June 12, 2010

My name is Laurel-Beth, I am 21 and live in the South of England, UK.

The start of my story does not entirely coincide with ghost stories but I do indeed think that this is chilling, even for me to tell.

I have been having out of body experiences since a very young age. I know this sounds extremely far fetched, even to myself just writing it down.

The first experience I had, that without doubt I can say was an OBE was when I was 6 years old. I had a terrible accident at school. Sounds silly looking back but we had HUGE monkey bars at school. VERY high off of the ground, it was like having to climb a full size adult ladder to get to the top of these monkey bars. I was climbing my way along them from underneath in a crawling type fashion and my back and head was facing the ground (I’m not sure that I’m explaining this quite right, but I hope you can picture it!) So to cut a long story short, my hands slipped and I fell head first down onto the floor. I was extremely unlucky that the bark (supposed to cushion falls) in the place I fell had been kicked away by another kid and I fell straight onto hard concrete and was instantly knocked out.

Instantaneously, upon hitting the ground I had the strangest sensation that I will never forget – I was floating above my body. No sense of pain, feeling (I remember it being very cold that day and I could not feel any cold whatsoever in this strange state) and I remember hovering above my body watching blood spill from the crack in my head. For a 6 year old, this was VERY frightening and I thought that I had died. Genuinely. I watched as the other kids crowded around me shouting and crying. One was even sick. None could see me floating above my body. I shut my eyes and prayed to be back inside my body. And the next thing I knew, I was in hospital.

I never told anyone about my experience in the playground as I fear people may think or have thought that I am mad.

Now, the strange thing about OBE’s (I am finding this more and more hard to explain) is that some can be determined as vivid dreams – so lucid you struggle to believe it was a dream. Before the incident in the playground and countless times since I have dreams that I leave my shell (what I now call it) and go see things. Amazing things. I can even fly in these dreams. The flying sensation is so odd, it’s like I can just bounce myself off of the ground and lift myself up and it feels so real!

The second time it happened was again in school about a year after the accident (I had only been able to walk again for a couple of months as I fractured my back during the fall)… It was a beautiful summers day and I was putting up with a boring math lesson. I remember looking up at a corner up on the ceiling in the classroom. I concentrated on the corner high up on the right and fell into a deep state of relaxation. I could not hear anything around me. Sounds were muffled. All of a sudden before I knew it, I was looking down upon myself from the corner of the classroom! Crazy I know, but True!

I remember floating around the classroom, of course I was completely invisible to the others. I watched my shell still looking up at the same corner, as if frozen. I wanted to look around but for some reason my spirit would not let me stray far away from my body. I did not leave the school grounds as I was too afraid of losing the connection with my physical self. You can move through things, float and almost fly in this state. I know it sounds ridiculous. All I had to do to get back inside my body was to want to be there and that was it, I was there. No traveling back towards my body, I was just there.

Since that time, they mostly come shortly before I go to sleep when I am in a highly relaxed state.

I cannot begin to tell you how many OBE’s I have had since the first two experiences. I rarely go far, perhaps to the end of the road. I just tend to enjoy the sensation of being in the literal spirit form. No pain, bodily desires, i.e. hunger and sexual urges. Just being pure. You can even think of a place you want to be, and be there.

Now, I can also induce an OBE after much practice.

There are various ways, as spoken of above I very often just have to imagine (quite intently and for a while) that I am in another place (usually in the same room or house) and I will be there. Other than that you need to be in a kind of open responsiveness or alert relaxation where the body is in repose but the mind is acutely aware of itself rather than it’s body. Or you can induce them by relaxing the body limb by limb. I’ve even had the sensation that I am shrinking myself so as to make the shell not fit properly anymore…

Really, all I have to do is make myself as relaxed as possible and relieve my mind of external thoughts. Its not as easy as I make it sound and very often it doesn’t work.

Now you must understand that I do not, never have done and never will use my OBE’s for sordid purposes i.e. spying etc. I have no reason to and no wish to.

My final point that is most relevant to this site is that I believe I have seen ghosts in this strange state. They are just like figures in the background, kind of merging into other things. I very often cannot even make out faces and they seem wary of me. REALLY hard to explain.

But anyway, I totally understand if what I have written is hard to understand and if people find it hard to believe (as would I if it wasn’t me) but I would value your opinions regarding my story.

Sent in by Laurel-Beth, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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41 Responses to “My Out of Body Experiences”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I once had a dream where I was sleeping in my bed at night and felt my spirit floating up out of my body.Then I remember looking down on myself sleeping from the corner of my room.It was weird but felt very real.

  2. MONmaniacSTER says:

    Personally, you do sound crazy. Some would say, “Probably from the bump on his head”.

  3. AnNa says:

    LAUREL-BETH—i think what happened to you about the monkey bars that you probably did die for a little time.i know a girl.when i was i think i was in grade 5 maybe she went on one and she fell hard on her back so that was painful but just want happened to you is worse.im glad your o.k. now.about everything else i do agree its hard to believe.have you told your parents what your going through?well i do hope things get better for you.thanks for the story.

  4. trolldoll says:

    i believe there are people out there like you. you had a near death experience. we all have had flying dreams but you can put yourself into a trance and poof your above yourself! just try to keep yourself on the ground. have someone close to you witness your trance, see if you can talk and tell them what you see! good luck!

  5. Jeff says:

    pretty cool story, but I think that fall may have left you a little, well not “COMPLETELY” recovered. There are many people that take nasty falls like that and come out of the hospital a totally different person, a good number come out ok Im sure, but there are also some that never recover from the fall and end up with some sort brain or mental illeness, or just brain damage, and brain damage can have some pretty nasty aftermaths, not to mention death, but insanity, or retardation, or maybe minor injuries if they are lucky. But when the brain takes quite a shock, like you did, your brain may not be “normal” like it was. Im not saying your crazy, as I believe you, but Im just trying to throw in an explanation before we say your possessed or something, you know.

  6. Coral says:

    I am SOOOOO flippin’ jealous !! (Haha) I have been trying to do that for years but for some reason I just can’t reach that state.Boy are you lucky !!!!

  7. Liz says:

    Hi, Laurel-Beth. I’ve never had a waking OBE, but what you describe is not at all uncommon, nor does it make you “mad” or crazy. I have only had the experiences in my sleep. The only way I can tell they are OBE’s (as opposed to regular dreams) is 1) How real they feel, to the point where I’m angry when I wake up and find out it’s not real (if it was a pleasent time) or deeply relieved (if it was a horrible experience) and 2) I am exhausted when I wake up in the morning, like I’ve been moving around all night long. I am disabled in real life, and have had OBE’s where I’m a yogi, a gymnast, a figure skater, of swimming in the ocean (which I’d love to do but I never get to), of running with great speed. It is so incredibly real- it feels like the body I SHOULD have. I’m “me”, but the weight and struggle that comes with a physical body isn’t present- I have perfect balance, flexibility and strength in these dreams. I’ve felt myself flying, too, and it is a wondrous thing not to have the physical body, with all it’s limitations and frailities, to worry about.

    I once dreamt that I was sleeping outdoors in my great-grandmother’s yard, out in the country. It was a gloriously sunny day in my dream and it couldn’t have more real to me. When I woke up, as so often happens when I have these experiences, I was confused and felt I had to get the experience written down in my journal or it’d be swimming around in my mind for hours. They have an importance, for me anyway. The OBE’s always highlight some unfulfilled need or unexpressed fear that I have in my life.

    Anyway, what you have is really a gift and is a sign of a more highly-evolved consciousness. I wouldn’t worry about it- just cherish the ability and use it for good. I’d recommend keeping a journal, see what the experiences show you about your life and keep record of them.

  8. maddy says:

    Laurel-Beth, this story instantly touched me as I have had similar out of body experiences (OBE), The best i can say to help you is when the (OBE) starts to take over your body don’t look for a way out, its happening so I guess what I did was pray to God that the end result of the experience wasn’t going to be bad, try and think of something else to try and take your mind of the (OBE’S) i really hoped that this helped because the out of body experience are not fun and I hope that they get better.

  9. Laurel-Beth says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all of the messages.

    @ Anonymous – I totally agree, the main sensual part of an OBE is the floating feeling, it may not be a dream, I wrongly used to think that they were dreams as they often happened while I was asleep, but now I know I can control them, I understand.

    @ MONmaniacSTER – Hehe, I would think the same as you my friend. I am a total sceptic and it took a lot for me to even post this on here. It might not hurt being a bit more open minded though… you must be interested otherwise why are you on this site?

    @ AnNa – Yep, I know how it seems but thanks for being so open minded. I only ever mentioned this to my Nan (who lived with me all of my life) but now unfortunatly she is gone. There is no way I could tell my Mum. I would like to but I think she would think I was crazy!

    @ trolldoll – That’s a good idea, I would love to have someone there with my body and really go on some amazing travels but I just can’t find it in myself to tell anyone =(

    @ Jeff – I agree it could be something that happened to me during the fall. I don’t for one minute believe its possesion I just think that my soul likes to leave my body from time to time! Odd I know, just can’t explain it!

    @ Coral – It took me years hun to be able to bring them on myself, and even now it’s not easy! =)

    @ Liz – Thank you so much for your very kind message. It’s nice to hear that someone else has experienced things similar and that someone understands. I must say that I am inclined to agree that it is a gift. However it can be a hindrance as I have found out some pretty bad things about my family, like heard them talking when they think i’m not there. As said before, i’m not a spy but I have seen and heard things that I would rather have not. A diary sounds like an amazing idea, I think I might do that!

    @ Maddy – Again, thanks for the very kind message. I do very often get scared that I’ll lose the connection with my body while in an OB state. I’d say that the intrigue overcomes the fear twofold.

    Thanks all, I look forward to more comments! =)

  10. Anna says:

    I’ve always been interested in OBE’s and I wish I could learn how to do this. I’ve read about these experiences for years!

    • Liz says:

      I haven’t done astral projection on purpose in a long time, but I used to use a guide called ” Astral Projection for Beginners” by Edain McCoy. Despite the slightly cheesy title, it was actually a good book for successfully creating such an experience while being awake. I will say that it takes focus and perseverence to achieve OBE’s, and it helps if you are doing yoga, meditation and/or other methods of purifying your mind and body before trying. Be aware it can leave you feeling spacey and ungrounded. It’s important to ground yourself afterwards by doing some exercise, getting around people and/or nature, or eating something light.

  11. Ghost Girl says:

    Please, please be careful! One of my close friends can also do this, and when she tells me about it I become on the verge of tears. I believe(while I know others disagree with me) that if you go to far away, or are out of your body too long, that you won’t be able to get back. Staying out too long can cause your Ba(I know that it is an ancient Egypt term, but the best term I can think of) to begin to fade. Please, BE CAREFUL!

  12. Laurel-Beth says:

    @ AnNa – Yes, I do still feel some pain in my back from the fall but nothing too extensive. After months of constant pain I am one very lucky lady to be able to live life completely normally. (At least almost normal ;-) !)

    @ Liz – That book looks very interesting, any more you can recommend? And i’ve never suffered from feeling woozy etc after an OBE. Is it normal to feel ungrounded and/or weak after such an experience? If anything I feel invigorated after an OBE.

    @ Ghost Girl – That is the exact point that scares me. The thought of not being able to get back into my shell scares the hell out of me. Imagine if I died while I was having an OBE…….. the thought is to terrifying to comprehend….

    • Liz says:

      There are quite a few I could recommend to you. Something that helped me in terms of spiritual growth and being able to visit other dimensions (I know, it sounds nutty but bear with me) was studying the Qabala. It isn’t some woo-woo thing, I promise. It’s actually a very intelligent, methodical way of gaining insight into your life, the problems and beauty of the world and of yourself. I recommend Ted Andrews’ books “Simplfied Magick” and “More Simplified Magick”. Trust me, it is not about Wicca or witches or Satanism, etc. It is actually based on Judaism, although I am not Jewish. While it’s not written specifically for using astral projection, the Qabala work can definitely be used with that. If you are a Christian, it in no way disrespects that belief system.

      As I’ve said before, it is VERY important, if you are going to work with these materials, to keep yourself grounded. You MUST eat well, exercise, make time for friends and family, school and/or work and time in nature. If you find yourself getting too caught up in the work (isolating yourself, not going out, believing you hold special knowledge and are better than others because of it, etc.), you need to take a break. We are physical beings and only so much time should be sent in the “spiritual” realms. Remember that you are not the only being traveling to these dimensions. Some entities live permanently in those realms. Not all entities in the spirit world are good, and they do not all have good intentions towards others. There are protective exercises in Ted Andrews’ books which I recommend very highly- they also work in our physical world against draining people and situations. You will likely visit places far more beautiful than our physical world, which is wonderful- but your place at this time is in this world.

      I can only recommend working with the Qabala if you are physically and mentally sound. When used by someone who is not prepared for the intensity of such endeavors, including astral projection, the results are typically quite disastrous. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen it in other people. It is NOT all going to be a fun trip, either, so you must carefully weigh it in your mind if you want to be exposed to this high level of knowledge and truth. The greater your knowledge, the greater your responsibility and burden in life becomes. It is not an easy journey and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. Good luck to you and let me know if you have other questions.


  13. Laurel-Beth says:

    Hi Liz,

    Those studies sound really fantastic and I feel my spirit is ready to be exposed to such things however upon reading your advice, my physical self could be a lot better.

    I’m not over weight, I only weigh 8st (which I think is about 115 pounds in America) and I go swimming twice a week, but I smoke and drink quite a bit and that affects me somewhat. I’ve also had a lot of stress recently what with my Dad dying last year and being in and out of jobs, i’ve only just started to repair myself emotionally!

    It’s quite odd that you should say that but after heavy partying I tend not to be able to induce an OBE so it must affect me. I had an OBE while being incredibly drunk once which was a very unnerving experience! Horrible sensation!


    • Liz says:

      Yes, alcohol, certain prescription drugs, cigarettes and even animal-based foods all affect one’s ability to have OBE’s successfully and safely. I know of many people who use substances such as marijuana to have OBE’s, but it really isn’t a good idea. Your defenses are down when you’re on any type of outside substance which alters the brain, for one thing. (Not that you use marijuana or other drugs, it’s just a warning since I know drugs are commonly used in the States.)

      As I said before, there are entities out there in other realms which don’t seek to do good, and love to prey on the weak. When you’re on any kind of substance and trying to do an OBE, even if you’re successful, you aren’t in complete control of it. And you must be. Sometimes you will see or feel something disturbing in an OBE or deep meditation, and you’ll need to end the session and either pray or do a protective exercise afterwards, plus ground yourself with light exercise or a small snack. When people are on strong substances, they will often forget to close the session, instead staying in it, and it can turn into something horrific for them to experience. It’s pretty rare, but this can be immensely damaging to the psyche, so I NEVER recommend attempting an OBE, deep meditation or any type of heavy spiritual work while alcohol or drugs are in the system.

      Even eating meat or other heavy foods can be detrimental to attempting a waking OBE. My greatest successes with OBE’s and other spiritual work came when I was a vegetarian, doing Yoga daily and 15 minutes of meditation a day. I was in my late teens and early twenties at the time and I think that is when one’s life force is at it’s peak. It is perhaps the safest time of your life physically to do such endeavors, because your physical strength and endurance is high.

      OBE’s and nighttime dreams are closely linked. I highly recommend keeping a dream journal and recording any OBE’s that occur at night, as well. This gave me immense insight into my life, in a time which was quite turbulent for me. What you ask for, you shall receive. It opened my eyes to a lot of truths I didn’t previously want to face. But I believe that with physical preparation (yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, prayer and no alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any kind), I was able to handle it without depression and anxiety.

      I definitely understand that excitement and feeling of being ready for spiritual “travesl” (which also comes hand in hand with a desire for change and magic in one’s life). But you are right, preparing the physical body is equally important, and will make the experience much better.

  14. Laurel-Beth says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the advice and that is most certainly an incentive to clean my act up in general as I would love to experience such things, but I would like to be safe at the same time.

    I must say what you mentioned about the bad spirits is rather odd…. as I have seen what can only be described as shadows that make me feel uneasy when i’m in an OOB state. Could that mean I have encountered such beings?

    • Liz says:

      No, shadows are more than likely other people who are having an OBE. Often, shadows are really just energy matter, like fog almost, it’s hard to explain, which people release during an OBE. Remember, someone is sleeping somewhere, all over the world, all the time! You will robably appear to be a shadow to them, too, or they won’t even see you at all.

      It’s unlikely you’ve come into contact any bad entities. Most of the time you can only get to those levels during deliberate, waking OBE’s where you are on a mission of some sort. Like trying to see a specific person (especially if they’re deceased) or doing Qabala pathworking. If you do encounter anything bad, I recommend saying the name of the God that you believe in, be it Elohim, Jesus, Allah, etc. until the image disappears. If it doesn’t disappear, you need to end the session immediately. I wouldn’t worry too much about this aspect of OBE’s. In all of my workings I never once encountered anything evil. But others have, and so I wanted you to be prepared if you did. Do not, under any circumstances, play with a Ouija board or try to communicate with any spirits you may encounter. Not that you would, but the temptation can be strong. If you come across any loved ones who have died on your journies (it does happen), you still need to test them with the God-name of your choosing. If they are really your loved one, you will know by the energy they let off when you say your God-name. If it’s not your relative and it’s something negative instead, they will either disappear or react angrily.

      • Big Chief says:

        you sound like you know what your talking about. A few questions I wanted to ask you:

        1. How many realms are there? Can you name them if possible..

        2. Which realms do beings live in permanently? Do humans and others beings live in the same realms together? If so, which ones?

        3. Can anybody leave and go into different realms at anytime?

        4. How does beings get stuck into realms? Is there like a wall surrounding the realms that the beings can not penetrate?

        4.Can they eat, drink, have sex in the realms? Seriously, not a joke.

        5. Is there a demonic realm and what do the demons look like??

        Just a few questions I pose to you..

        • Liz says:

          @Big Chief- Hello. I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can really know how many realms there are exactly while alive. As long as we are in our physical body, our knowledge has great limitations. But roughly, there are five realms.

          1) There is the lowest realm- this is where you will find demons and people who are damned- those who committed evil with no remorse while living. Traveling to this realm is virtually impossible while alive, but encountering one of these entities does happen, since demons can travel to certain planes of existence. They are never able to enter the heavenly realm, though. Demons can take ANY shape they want, even pretending to be angel or a god. So I can’t tell you how they look, because it can be anything. I have never encountered one that I know of, but I did feel their energy one time- it was the most demanding, frightening presence ever. Trust me, you’ll know it if you ever encounter one.

          2) After the lowest realm is the physical realm- where we exist in this life. Demons can easily come forth to this realm, but they do have to be “invited in”. This may be done on purpose by a human, it may be accidental through the use of a Ouija board or other device, or it can be drawn to you if you have immense faith in God AND immense fear of the devil. Demons love to destroy youth, beauty, faith and joy. That said, they can only feed off of the energy given to them. Give them no energy, and they cannot sustain themselves near you.

          3) The next level is the astral realm, where we often travel during sleep. It is usually where we go when doing an OBE or very deep meditation, whether deliberate or not. It is not at all common to see demons in this realm- there are too many good entities in this realm keeping them back. This is where you can encounter archangels, angels and other humans doing OBE’s.

          4) There is also a realm which is sort of “in-between” worlds. This is where ghosts reside- spirits who aren’t evil, but aren’t ready to go to the heavenly realm yet. They may want to go “to the light”, but they can be held back, either by themselves or by others. Sadly, bad entities can slip into this realm and hold good entities in a sort of purgatory. If you’ve ever seen the “Poltergeist” movies, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. BUT this is quite rare.

          5) Finally, there is the heavenly realm, which is hard to reach by the living. It can happen, especially in a near-death experience and occasionally in dreams. This is where good entities go when they die, as long as they “go to the light”. It is the most wondrous realm and is a place of happiness that is indescribable. I’ve only been able to reach that realm twice, and they were utterly magical experiences. It isn’t a good idea to go there too often while alive, because you will not want to put up with real life once you’ve tasted this!

          Yes, sexual experiences can happen in the astral realm, absolutely. I can’t speak for the heavenly, in-between or lower realms, but in the astral realm, women can have orgasms and men can get very close to that. Eating is far less likely to be pleasurable, as the spirit is uninterested in food for the most part- there is no hunger in the higher realms. I don’t know if this is true for the lowest realm. You can drink, but there’s no such thing as getting drunk. I’ve have “had a glass of wine” in the heavenly realm, but it isn’t like on earth. There’s no intoxication that can occur.

          There’s no “walls”. It’s more like a veil- you can lift it, you can lower it, you can stay hidden behind it- it all depends. I hope these answers help.

          • Big Chief says:

            Good stuff!!! I believe you. You seem like you know what your talking about. Well, I’ve heard from a few people that you can drink and get drunk in the lowest realm/hell or whatever you wanna call it. Yes, demons do feed off your human energy. I know that but don’t other spirits need to feed off human energy to do anything in the physical world?? Can people from the heavenly realm be contacted with a ouija board? Is that possible??Thanks for the info.

            • Liz says:

              Big Chief: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Obviously, most people would probably think I’m nuts talking about those subjects in such depth, but I give these answers only after years of education and personal experience working in the various realms. But I do maintain that I’m not an expert, just experienced, and you should seek out other answers beyond my own. :)

              No, spirits don’t have to use human energy to materialize. They can use ANYTHING that produces energy- the sun, electrical items (their favorite), a TV (another favorite), batteries, etc. But human energy, particularly in the young, is very powerful. Many spirits love to converse with children for this reason- it’s like moths to flames. That, and children have not been conditioned and conjoled into believing those spirits aren’t real. As long as it is not demonic (you’ll know if it is), it’s perfectly okay for children to see and talk with these spirits. Children are usually innocent and pure, and spirits find their presence comforting, I believe. (I can’t prove that, of course, but I think it’s true). Demons are more attracted to hormonal teenagers, the deeply religious and the mentally weakened or ill. Children have too bright a “light” or life force, and are fairly well-protected from demonic activity. No one really knows for sure, but I believe that demons simply cannot stand being around such a sweet, loving presence as you find in a baby or young child.

              Spirits from the heavenly realm could possibly come through ouija boards. It isn’t unheard of, but it’s rare. However…be aware, once again, that demons can pose as anything they want to- including your deceased loved ones. It is such a dangerous and powerful tool that I do not recommend trying to reach beings in the heavenly realm through it. People say it only haves the power you give it, but that is debatable.

              The problem with the ouija board is that it’s like opening a door. Yes, a heavenly being can come in- but so can every other Tom, Dick, Harry or demon. Or even just a ghost from the “in-between” realm. I don’t think it’s good for us to encourage spirits to stay here, spirits who are really supposed to go on to the light. And then that portal can stay permanently open, letting spirits travel in and out at will- NOT a good idea at all.

              It is much better to do a concentrated OBE or deep meditation in an attempt to reach a departed loved one. When you come upon that loved one, you still have to test them by saying the “God-name” that you believe in. If they aren’t the person you wish to speak to, they will either dissolve or they will get angry and agitated. If they are the right being, you will feel love and peace emanating from them. Use your “gut”, is what I suggest, and end any session that causes you to start feeling fearful, anxious or overly sad. It is no coincidence that your astral energy comes from your solar plexus- the area where we get our “gut feelings”. You can always ask for a dream where you see your loved one again- keep a journal about why you want to see and talk to them and stay focused on that goal until it’s achieved.

              @Laurel-Beth: I probably should have been more specific in regards to the sex thing. Astral projection that includes such an experience while awake takes a TREMENDOUS amount of energy to produce. It is so exhausting that many people will never attempt it again if they try it once. You have to have extreme concentration and a lot of time to achieve this, as well. I’ve never done that experiment, and I don’t care to try it.

              I don’t know if you have seen the “silver cord” which connects our astral body to the physical one or not. The “silver cord” will snap you right back into the physical body if your astral body (or energy) is stretched beyond your limits. The silver cord is what keeps you from going to far into other realms. When it is severed, you are at the end of your life. To prevent this, the silver cord will “retract” and you’ll come back into your physical body, usually with a startled reaction if it wasn’t done intentionally. It happens a lot when people are using astral travel for less-than-spiritual purpose, such as trying to achieve an orgasm. Many of us have this “snap-back” when we first try to fall asleep at night. We get into the astral plane unknowingly as we’re heading into sleep, but then we snap back into the physical. When you wake up with a start, and you feel like you were about to fall and caught yourself sharply- this is the reason.

              When your OBE occurs while in the sleep state, though, it is far easier to achieve that sexual experience and is usually not physically draining. I don’t recommend using deliberate, waking astral travel for having an orgasm- it’s kind of like taking a 16-hour car trip to get to a place when you could have taken a 2-hour plane ride to get to your destination!

  15. Laurel-Beth says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thats very reasurring to know. Maybe I was just uneasy about them as I didn’t know what they were. I have wakening OBE’s all the time. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others.

    Problem is with the God thing, is that I don’t really have a faith. Is there anything else I can do to protect myself?

    Thanks :) x

    • Liz says:

      Laurel-Beth: It’s perfectly okay if you don’t believe in a god. You can say something like “By the power that’s within me, I command you to show me who you really are”- as long as you believe in your own power. You can adapt that to any situation you like. As long as you at least believe in your own strength, you will be okay- but you must believe in someone or something.

  16. lindsay says:


    Wow your story is amazing. I’ve been doing research into the what trigers OBEs to pitch for a new television documentary. It would be great to talk to you. I’m under the impression that I can’t leave contact information on here, but drop me a line if you’d like to know more and I’m sure we’ll find a way we can talk.



    • Laurel-Beth says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I didn’t notice your comment!

      Indeed, i’m not sure how I would be able to get into contact with you but it seems like a big step. Perhaps if we could speak in more depth about this we could discuss it?



  17. Laurel-Beth says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for that, I do most certainly have faith in myself so I will remember that for the future.

    However, I’m afraid I am inclined to strongly disagree with the sexual pleasure whist in an OBE. Without going into too much detail (as that would be rather embarrasing!)… as said before I have had many waking OBE’s. Sometimes I can have one every couple of weeks if i’m particularly open to it and I have NEVER once been able to enduce any form of sexual pleasure or even desire. It’s a bodily function and as you said about eating, the spirit (for me anyway) has no desire whatsoever for anything sexual. Again, without going into too much detail, I am completely numb to anything even remotely sexual whilst having an OBE.

    I understand this could be different for others, but I know that no matter what measures I take, I could never experience any sexual desire/orgasm etc in an OBE. (And might I add this is very different from life and this came as a huge shock to me!!!)

    Am I particularly different from others in this aspect?


    • Liz says:

      No, you’re not different from others at all in this respect. Most people who try for OBE’s aren’t into “instant gratification” such as an orgasm. It takes too much patience and focus. I did it for a higher level of consciousness to be obtained, and to reach loved ones as well (both living and deceased). You are very much the best type of person to appreciate OBE’s and make the most of those wondrous journeys. You’re fortunate to have the gift of obtaining this state easily and I can tell you don’t want to use it for any malicious or frivolous means. And so I have no worries about you. :) Astral travel is not for the shallow and/or ungrounded. It is an eye-opener every time. If you aren’t afraid of change and of the truth, astral travel is fabulous.

      • Big Chief says:

        Hmm, there’s another girl who had out of body experiences but it was after ouija sessions or her messing with the occult. It’s on this site but it is rather long. You have to sift through the pages but its interesting:


        • Liz says:

          You can do it that way (through the Ouija Board), but for obvious reasons I would not recommend it. The occult is simply knowledge which is hidden from us. But it isn’t to be messed with or disrespected. In the wrong heads and with no preparation, it is only going to be a negative experience.

          • Big Chief says:

            Hmm, a few more question if I may. How is it possible to travel to the heavenly realm but not the lowest realm where deamons are. Is there a veil that is inpenetrable in the demon/lowest realms. Can the people in the lowest realm simply come in and out of the lowest realm when they want to. If one can talk to heavenly beings through the ouija board then is occult practices really against God???

            • Liz says:

              Big Chief- I will try to answer your questions the best that I can, which I’m happy to do. But please remember I am only a human being and can only give you answers that match my education and experience, and it is up to each one of us to discover truth for ourselves.

              This is always a “veil” between realms. If it was not so, we’d travel in and out of them all day long, everyday. Some people lift them more easily and can travel into those other realms with relative ease. Others will never even see that they exist, much less travel to them. And that’s fine- we need all kinds of people on earth, those that travel and those that are very grounded on earth.

              The heavenly realm, like the demonic realm, is not reached easily. Reaching the demonic realm may have been accomplished by humans before, but it is almost impossible, if at all. I’ve heard of one case, one ONLY that seems at all legitimate, of a person reaching it in near-death experience. (Most see the heavenly realm.) The person had apparently, at least in their own mind, been “living in sin”. They claimed to go to this area when they died, and from the fear they showed and changes in their life after the experience, I have to believe they either a) really did experience this realm or b) had so much guilt built up in their brain that they hallucinated the whole thing. Nonetheless it was very powerful for them. What they claimed to see was lots of fire and brimstone type stuff, but they did experience horrible fear, remorse, sorrow, unlike anything on earth. The horrible heat and fire and everything like that they experienced may have just been an illusion, but I believe their feelings were in place with what a damned spirit must feel.

              Now, I have never been to the demonic realm, and hope I’ve lived a decent enough life that I never see it. BUT often the demonic realm is believed to be just eternal darkness. The Biblical phrase “cast into outer darkness” comes to mind. No love, no friendship, no joy, no needs can be satiated in this realm. Remember- not everyone in this realm is a quote-on-quote demon. Some are just deceased spirits who did evil in their life, and now they may very well feel regret and deep sorrow, but it will be without end. Demons are NOT beings who were once humans, to be clear. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer did not become a demon when he died (if you believe he went to this hell, as I do). As to how demons were created, no one knows. Humans may have created them, as they do any invention, out of their own mind. To the best of my knowledge, they were not created by God or a god (depending upon what you believe in).

              No, deceased people who are damned cannot come out of that realm whenever they want, and some demons who managed to be cast out of earth forever are reportedly there. Exorcism doesn’t “kill” a demon- it usually just banishes it from a particular person and/or house, not from existence. That demon typically just goes elsewhere- and yes, they are pretty much free to go within the lowest three realms, wherever they want. But they aren’t as numerous as people think, or as powerful, and so I don’t want to cause an uproar here. It takes a lot of negativity or energy to draw a demon into your life. They don’t “come out of nowhere”, and no one has to put up with them. Sadly, a lot of people place way too much power in evil’s hands.

              One could theoretically talk to a heavenly being through a Ouija board, but it’s almost unheard of, if it all possible. It’s not worth taking the chance, since demons can mimic loved ones very well. As to whether or not that’s a sin, if it is possible at all, is not up to me. I do not know what is considered a sin in that respect and I don’t cast judgment because that is not my place. Those are questions you have to ask yourself. I do not believe it’s a good thing to intentionally try and draw deceased loved ones from heaven, no. Is it a sin? Who knows? I would never do it and I don’t suggest it, no matter how tempting it is. If those that have crossed over CHOOSE to visit us, great- otherwise I believe it’s best to leave them in peace. They are in a place of rest and love and attempting to disturb them (or any other being) for our own purposes isn’t a great thing to do, IMHO.

              The word “occult” only means “things which are hidden”. I think a person should be very careful with such practices, even in an attempt to bring on greater enlightenment, of course. An OBE isn’t, in and of itself, evil or can even be considering working with the occult. Is working with the Kabbalah a sin? That’s debatable. It’s powerful enough to affect a person’s psyche and physical life, and show “hidden things”, but is it a sin? I don’t know. I never will know in my human mind, with all it’s limitations. Such work should be attempted with a right heart, or it should not be attempted at all, is what I will say. Attempting to use greater knowledge that’s been given to you for evil purposes will always have a negative backlash, karma if you will. As to Wicca or the like, if that’s what you mean by occult, I am not familiar enough with such practices to say one way or the other.

              • Laurel-Beth says:

                I must say Liz. I really enjoy your posts. Without sounding like a complete suck up you seem so nice and really know your stuff! Have you considered writing any of this down if you haven’t done already?

                Since having written this post I have kept a detailed diary of my OBE’s while they are still fresh in my mind. Even the ones that seem to occur whilst seemingly being asleep. Would you be interested in hearing them? I totally understand if you wouldn’t want to but i’d be extremely interested so see what your interpretation is on them, let me know if I should type them up.

                • Liz says:

                  Thank you, Laurel-Beth, I appreciate the kind words. I try to share the benefit of my experience so others don’t get harmed if they attempt such work. The work is something many of us feel called to, but not everyone can handle it. And there are a few people I see on here wanting to do these things through means such as a Ouija board. You might as well play with live electrical wires and hope you don’t get electrocuted. So I hope I’m not being tiresome with my warnings, but unfortunately I think I need to be a voice of reason on that.

                  I haven’t written any of this down in a book form because I would really just be repeating what was taught to me before and during the time I studied and worked with these things. I highly recommend reading the books by Ted Andrews. He is a very wise writer about these topics who is humble enough and experienced enough to tell people how it is. Some authors couldn’t care less what harm may come to people attempting to contact spirit guides, do past life regression, etc. Ted is the the first one to say if you are doing these things out of greed or aren’t prepared for this work, devastation can result. I admire that, because most authors just want to sell a book and actually know very little about what they write of. Be wary of anyone who tells you they have all the answers, i.e. “The Secret” or that type of nonsense. We are all only human and none of us, no matter what realms we may have touched, have all the answers.

                  I’ll be happy to give you whatever help I can with the OBE’s you have, so of course you can talk to me at anytime about them, but you will always be your own best judge of what they mean for your life. :0)

  18. Paris says:

    Hi Laurel glad your ok just wanna know did that fall slightly change your life and how do you do that out of body experience even tho you have not nearly died? BUT GLAD YOUR OK!!!! XXX :)

  19. Laurel-Beth says:

    @ Liz…. The silver cord affect… That really MUST be text book because everywhere I go in an out of body state its almost as if theres an invisible piece of elastic that keeps me connected with my body. If something bad was happening to my body would the silver cord pull me back? Thats so weird that you should say that! I really am not alone! I feel like I should volunteer myself in for scientific experimentation and prove to people that this exists! And with regards to the sex thing I know what you mean about the exhastion. I have tried to enduce a sexual experience and it did exactly what you said it would… it made me so tired!!! You really do know your stuff :-)

    @ Paris… Nope I have been so very lucky with my back and it does not affect me atall. Maybe it will when i’m older but as of now it’s all good!

    @ All…… Should I tell my Mum about this? x

    • Liz says:

      Yes, if ever you were attacked in the astral realm or simply went too far into another plane of existence, you will instantly snap-back on your cord. Attacks are extremely rare, though, and typically happen when someone is attempting to do an OBE for a negative purpose (like attempting to talk to a demon or the like), are on drugs or drunk, and/or they are not doing the protective exercises I’ve mentioned before.

      Yes, I can talk about these things with common sense because I’ve done them. I almost have to laugh at people who sometimes come on this site and tell people how to do something (get rid of a demon, etc.) and they’ve never done it themselves!

  20. Laurel-Beth says:

    Would I go back to my body if my body was under threat Liz?

    • Liz says:

      Yes, you would, Again, that type of thing is EXTREMELY rare (again, it NEVER happened to me), so I would not worry, especially since you are not doing OBE’s for negative purposes. If you do as I advise, and NEVER attempt them under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be fine.

  21. Silent Listener says:

    To everyone who thinks Laurel-Beth is crazy that this happened, he/she isn’t. It is actually very rare for that to happen, and usually it only comes by accident, unless you have loads of practise (like myself) then you can try to make it happen. My first time was very scary, but I didn’t go back until it was morning (I had been sleeping at the time). I met other ghosts, and even some demons, but I just fought them away. It was an incredible sensation.

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