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My Name is Jack

Posted on May 4, 2010

My name is Jack, I’m a prowler,
I like to prowl the streets of Whitechapel,
Looking for whores.
No one knows,
Who I am.
They try to get me,
But all their efforts are in vain.
I am the elusive one.
I am the Devil’s son.
I leave a trail to be followed,
Pieces of meat to be swallowed.
I even wrote a letter to the boss,
In red ink to represent the blood,
Of my victims, all whores,
And all of them got what they deserved.
Mary Ann Nichols was first to go,
Early Friday morning, in Bucks Row.
I left two slashes on her throat,
And her abdomen I tore,
Until she breathed no more.
Elated, my work done,
I went home.
Annie Chapman was the next I killed,
In Hanbury Street, Spitalfields,
As with Nichols, I left two cuts,
And opened up her abdomen,
Only this time I took the uterus.
Oh the sweet joy that brung.
Frustrated! And angry!
I was disturbed,
Doing my third.
I’d just finished cutting her throat,
I was disturbed and had to go.
I fled Dutfields yard at one a.m.
But still Elizabeth Stride was mine.
Catherine Eddowes was next to tear,
I left her corpse in Mitre Square.
I left the wounds I left on Chapman.
I stole some meat and took it home.
I fried and ate her left kidney,
You can’t imagine the joy that brought me.
I’d left graffiti on the wall,
And a piece of apron as a clue,
But still the Boss hasn’t cracked,
That I am Jack.
Mary Jane Kelly was number five,
I’d cut her throat down to the spine,
I left her abdomen almost empty,
And took her heart with me.
I left her mutilated body at Miller’s Court.
The Boss thought she was the last,
But I know better, there are more.
I was never caught.
It may seem strange me writing this now,
More than a century after the events went down.
Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ll sign off now.
My name is Jack,
And I am back!

Hope this little version of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders can entertain you. Most of it is taken from news reports of the time, but I do hope you like my little twists.

Sent in by Borloff, Copyright 2010

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21 Responses to “My Name is Jack”
  1. nicki123 says:

    wow thats krazy i liked how it rhymed but i jus looked ti up and it appears to be true and they have pictures of some of the corpes they found of the women feel free to look it up sometime……. entertaining peice =)

  2. iamwhoiamsowhatdoyoucareokay says:

    o.O that poem scared me!( jacks dead right.)

  3. kylie says:

    yeah that was really good but this is the ghost story site not the jack the ripper site

    • Caretaker says:

      Kylie – yes it is called TrueGhostTales but over time it has become even more. We have thousands of pages of stuff from aliens and werewolves to vampires to Wicca. You will find much more than just ghost stories here :)

  4. scarygirl67 says:

    That was fantastic! Great poem! I did enjoy the twists..and it tells the story effectively to. You have a real gift for this..thanks for sharing!

  5. trolldoll says:

    the person who wrote that has genius writing talents!!

  6. anna says:

    i did not know he took some body parts with him.i know what he did and im glad hes not alive.it all happened in the 1800′s i believe.but i dont remember how he died.i have read on so many murders.its not even funny.i wonder why they did what they did.not just jack but all murders bundy,dahumer,gacy and lots more.and i know they say the devil made me do.they probably just got the thrill or i dont know.thats just me opioin.but that is a little creepy about the poem.freak thats what he was.

  7. trolldoll says:

    there have been speculations as to who jack the ripper was but it was never proven and he was never caught and prosecuted.

  8. Tai says:


    That was nuts, it also explained the inside of the Rippers thinking, Good I enjoyed it, but to lighten the mood I don’t think he would get away with it in NZ today as some of our Night Walkers are “FaFaFenes” meaning they are giant men dressed in womens clothing so Jack would need to rethink his tactics.

    Good story tho


  9. jim says:

    I read somewhere that the ripper was caught.Because he was a high profile and popular person,he was executed quitely.I wish I could remember where I read this info.

    • anna says:

      people like that need to get what they deserved.

    • trolldoll says:

      jim, i do too. i saw a show once and the investigators of that time thought they had it narrowed down to a couple of men. they were pretty sure he was probably a doctor. the scientisti of our day did too. i should try to look it up. thanks!

  10. big barney says:

    of course jack is dead…..unless he can live to be over a 130 years old!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. elaine says:

    well done H deffo one of your best .looking forward to more scary ones

  12. Borloff says:

    I am still here, my friends. Low behold the disbelievers, for I shal seek them out! lol.
    Hi everyone, a few facts about Jack’s identity. He was never, (officially anyway) caught, there are many theories out there as to who he was, but Prince Albert was not one. He was in Balmoral when some of the murders too place. Some Ripper enthusiasts, myself included, believe he killed more than five. I also think he died soon after the last murder, as someone with his mental frame of mind would never have been able to stop. The doctor theory dosn’t wash with me either, as it would only need minimal knowledge of medical science to do what he done. That dosn’t mean it was not a doctor, just that it didn’t have to be. Anyhow, I tend to look towards James Maybrick as the Ripper, but I’m not totally convinced.
    Thanks for all the comments, they are very much appretiated.

  13. savannah morales says:

    Dude I luv this poem its dark and true dude you have a real talent for these poems and take it from me as a fellow dark poet!!!
    -La AlmaTejedor

    • Borloff says:

      Thank you for the comment, it is very much appretiated. If you like that one, I have a blog on paranormal culture…………..it’s Magog’s kingdom, I’m going to post another Aleister Crowley one on it shortly,.If you have a page or blog of your own, I would be greatful to have a look at it, maybe we could exchange some ideas……..just a thought. Thanks again.

      Add by admin – Here is Borloff’s blog – http://tudorpole.paranormalculture.com/

  14. celeste says:

    that was awsome i love hearing and reading stuff about jack the ripper very cool

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