My Imaginary Friends Might Be Angels And Demons!

Posted on October 26, 2010

When I made my first imaginary friend I was about ten years old (I think her name was Jane). She would hang around with one of her friends. Jane had dark long brown hair with green eyes without glow and she wore a long sleeved white dress with a light blue ribbon tied around her waist. Jane looked like an angel, but her other friend had nearly the same looks as Jane she had long darkish brown hair (Almost black), and she had dark blue eyes without glow, she also wore a long sleeved white dress only with a yellow ribbon tied around her waist. So I didn’t want to be Jane’s friend anymore, maybe because of jealousy. So Jane and her “friend” left me, my friends and my family alone and left the house.

When I was eleven years old I met a new friend she told me her name was Chloe. She has long blonde hair and she too wears a long sleeved white dress with a light pink ribbon around her waist. We talked in the garden with the music on. Chloe would ask me questions constantly and I didn’t like it much, she would do that everyday. When I was in high school she would wait for me in the kitchen, and when I came home and put my school bag down and took my blazer off me and Chloe would go in the garden to talk again.

Going back to when I was in primary school, I went to bed one night until a childish voice woke me up saying “Hiya”. I opened my eyes but nothing was beside me but I could sense something that was looking at me, wanting to play through the night. When I was about the leave primary school, I could sense about three or four figures standing beside my bed, watching me go to sleep. My ear was close to them because I was sleeping on my side, then voices woke me up, I think they was saying “Wake up!” I woke up a bit because I was tired, so my eyes were half closed then I saw three or four angels standing beside my bed, smiling at me. One of the angels wore blue and had a sword in his hand, this angel also had a crown on his head, and he had white wings. Another one of the angels had long blonde hair, and looked exactly like Chloe. This other angel also had dark blue eyes but in the angels eyes was unconditional love. The angel wore yellow and also had a crown on his/her head, and a sword in his/her’s left hand. The others were nearly the same. One of them had darkish brown long hair almost black like Jane’s friend, and she wore a crown on her head and she had a sword in her left hand, and she wore pink. Then the last angel who was watching me closely, had long fair dark brown hair and also had a crown and a sword. She wore light blue but the first angel wore darkish blue. When I woke up in the morning the angels had gone and never returned…

Going back again to when I was eleven after that sighting with the angels, something else came to me. This entity wanted to be my best friend so I let the spirit become my friend. Something that I now regret! After that, the spirit also asked me questions but not as much as Chloe did. She was a little girl, at least that’s what she looked like. She looked about eleven like me, and she looked like me. She had long brown hair with black highlights and red highlights, it looked like she dyed her hair. She wouldn’t tell me her name at all. Weeks and months passed by and she grew up to be around sixteen years old. She brought boys around but one day, they vanished. I thought that they left me but I could see them in the ground, in my garden.

I started getting suicidal thoughts, and attempted to cut my wrists.T he suicidal thoughts just kept coming back. Then months passed by and the sixteen year old girl came back to me. She wanted me to dye my hair blonde, but I just replied to her by thinking, “no,I will put highlights instead”. Then she got into the habit of making me dye my hair black, so I did what she wanted. Then weeks after that, she wanted me to dye my hair a dark red. So again, I did what she wanted me to do. Then she made me dye my hair a dark blonde. So I did that and it stayed dark blonde from there. As I am writing this story now she finally told me her name. She said her name was Lilith, and that she is a demoness. When I had Lilith as a friend, I would have other demons around me abusing me. They hit me and punched me in the back and threw me on the floor, my bottom lip went purple and looked swollen. My eye went red on the eyelid and was swollen when no-one was doing anything. Chloe and Lilith are still with me today, but there is another little girl about twelve years old in the bathroom. When I go in there she always talks to me…

When I was about nine years old, there was a little girl who looked about eight years old, about to turn nine. She wanted to go everywhere with me she even wanted to sleep over, so I would ask my mom if the little girl could come with us, stay for dinner and tea, even sleep over for the night! My mom would always say “yes”. Now she has left me or I left her. Now at night when I’m in the garden sometimes I can see a head hanging from the shed. The body is nowhere to be found though. Now a little boy wants to be my best friend and he says his name is Michael. I know that Archangel Michael is my spirit guide, and when the angels were beside my bed something told me in my mind, the angel in dark blue was Archangel Michael, the one in yellow was Archangel Jophiel, the one in pink was Archangel Chamuel and the last one in light blue was Michael’s twin flame, Faith.

What do you think?

Sent in by Rebecca, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “My Imaginary Friends Might Be Angels And Demons!”
  1. Gemma says:

    If Archangel Michael was your spirit guide, I doubt any demons would be anywhere near you. So I doubt this story very much.

  2. *CC* says:

    what do I think…?…lol….ya really do not want to know-…meds time perhaps..?

    • vanessa says:

      that isnt fair.. your obv a skeptical person… i believe this story and maybe the writer is a phycic who knows but i dont beleive you should be writing comments like meds time. if you dont believe this stuff then why are you even on the sight.. jees if dont have something nice to say dont say it at all

  3. Rosie says:

    It is a funny story. Well, if there are so many friends near you, then you need to get rid of all of them. I don’t think any one of them is an angel, but here again I don’t believe your story at the first place. I think it is just your imagination.

  4. Carri says:

    I do believe your story. these others responding cannot see or hear spirits. The angels with the blue eyes sword and crowns were angels. Lilith and Chloe are maybe demons. My daughter saw stuff like you are describing in our mobile home it was haunted.
    My daughter would describe angels like you are. I have seen a spirit that was blond hair and a long white gown. there was a yellow or white glow coming from her. she did not have a ribbon on her dress. she was about 11 years, old. Sometimes the Angels will battle the demons. like what you were seeing. the Angels had swords and crowns. I would not communicate with the spirits now. sometimes the devil disguises spirits as little girls. then they later turn into full fledged demons. we had opened a portal in our haunted mobile home and we witnessed some of the things you are seeing. I did not allow my daughter to communicate with any spirits but she still would see them. The more she communicated the worst the haunting got. finally in the end 4 black demons started to come at us. they were dressed in black robes. we finally moved out of that place and have not seen anything. I remember we did an exorcism and help from the Catholic church. The black demons remained after the exorcism. There was no way to rid the mobile home from the demons. we finally got out, moved into our new home and have not had any problems. but we do not communicate with any spirits.

  5. Kitty says:

    I agree with the first comment. . And um. .i didnt really get it. .where they all spirits?? 0.o

  6. Gemma says:

    Rebecca – Please try and pray to angels and God and ask them to protect you. I’ve had a demon after me and they try to destroy you as a person so this is a time when you need to communicate with angels and let them help you.
    I’ve heard demons can disguise themselves as many things (not sure if they can as angels?) but if you are unsure an ‘angel’ is what is says, ask it to say the lords prayer or “Our Father who art in heaven” or something because demons cannot say it or will change some of the words in it. I hear they can’t say ‘Jesus’ either (?, unsure because I’ve never tried it)

    Anyway good luck and a note to anyone reading this – don’t talk to demons :)

  7. AnNa bites back says:

    i dont really believe it just sounds i dont know.i dont know why this buggs me but why would you dye your hair so many times if this demon who tells you to?

  8. Gina Roland says:

    So you’re saying that year after year of your life, different dead girls have been your “friends” and would boss you around and “make” you dye your hair? I’m gonna have to call a big “FAKE” on this one, or else you may need to talk to a psychiatrist.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sounds strange and confusing. maybe they’re all like different parts of your personality, would explain that alot actually, physical embodments (?) of your consciousness

  10. jk says:

    You mentioned a couple of angel names that I have never heard of and only two archangels were ever named in the Bible, so where did you get theses names, wait a minute, they told you that it was their names. I wonder why only you know those names or maybe they are not archangels at all. You need Jesus and a lot of Him. This is the way that they get into your life, before you know any better. Then they keep you isolated and manipulated so that you do not figure it out. Don’t ever believe that you owe them anything, they have never done good in their existence but they will make you feel as if you owe them something or they will do little favors for you so you will keep them around. Get them out now and there is a verry easy way to test them. When they come to talk simply ask them if they would like to talk about Jesus and His shed blood and see what they do. If there is no reaction fine. If their reaction is negative or to flee, you have to stop it now. You owe it to yourself and your eternity to test these spirits. Do it now and let us know the outcome and then you can take the next step.

  11. anonymous says:

    when i was younger about 3 or 5, my mum said i had an imaginary friend that i always spoke to and played with and when she asked me who i was talking to i said, Obia. this freaked her out a bit as she went to my grandad & he said that the name Obia is from a Caribbean myth. i researched it and apparently its a demon conjured up by witches (black magic) to befriend, then steal young girls, it shook me up a bit as i disappeared when i was 5 for a few hours. but i didn’t remember a thing about it until my mum bought it up the other day. im pretty scared…

  12. Anonymous17 says:

    Hi there Rebecca this is a really cool story and I believe you are telling the truth, because anything is possible. But the abusing part sounds pretty bad I would have really done something about that.. Well anyways thank you for sharing that story

  13. Anonymous17 says:

    Hi again Jessica how are you?? I really need to talk to you, because I read your posts and it really sound familiar. You are like the girl version of me and my life only yours a little more intense. For example my grandma also doesn’t like my mother and has sent “things” to her. Also I could see stuff all my life and just like you my former house was haunted. And one of my imaginary friends is an angel..

    So if you want to talk I’m here okay:)

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