My Husband’s Demon

Posted on September 2, 2008

This happened around 15 years ago while my husband still lived at home. His family had just built a big six car garage attached to the house. It did not have electricity yet, inside or out. They also owned their own business so they had many vehicles to park in and outside the garage.

One night it was his turn to pull the last truck into the garage. It was a three door. He was pulling his Dad’s truck into the side with just one door. He turned the head lights from the truck on so he could manually open the garage door.

As he was at the garage door he had the feeling of someone watching him from behind. He turned around to look and saw someone standing behind the truck door, which he had left open. But…he only saw a face through the window. Nothing from the bottom of the door down. It faded into nothing. He said he thought it looked like the face/head was an orange or red color which he thought maybe was from the dome light inside the truck.

He wasn’t much of believer, so at first he thought one of his friends was joking around. When he walked around and could not find anyone he shook it off, thinking it was his imagination.

He pulled the truck into the garage and did the same thing, left the head lights on while he walked to the back of the truck to close and lock the door. He felt that same feeling, someone was watching him. He turned around, slowly, right at the moment he turned completely around, that head popped up from in front of the truck, looked at him for a couple of seconds and then screamed at him. He said it was the most awful, unimaginable, indescribable scream he has ever heard. He could not describe what it looked like. He ran out of the garage as fast and his legs could carry him.

When I talked to my mother-in-law later that night, she said he came in white as a sheet. My husband has a medium olive color to his skin. He was fumbling around and would not talk to anyone. For months after that he wasn’t himself. He also would not go in that garage for a long time and when he finally decided to brave it someone had to be with him.

To this day he does not like to talk about it and he can’t really watch scary movies. He’s now a believer but we have no idea what that was.

Sent in by Sarah, Copyright 2008

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13 Responses to “My Husband’s Demon”
  1. Jackie says:

    I believe your story. I know how he feels, although i didn’t see my demon, i felt an evil presence behind me which started attacking me as i was about to get into bed. It thumped me in my back three times, but the feel was not how a human would hit you… only a prayer stopped it. I was fumbling around for months afterwards too, nothing in the world seemed to look right anymore for ages. I still can’t get in a shower cubicle without someone being in the house, not that the attack i had had anything to do with a shower cubicle, i just think it’s enclosed little spaces that i can’t run from easily that scares me.
    Where do you live by the way? I ask this as there are sightings of Chupacabra’s in certain areas and this sounds like one. Google chupacabra and see what you can find out. I personally think Chupacabra’s are demons.

  2. razika says:

    i hope that i never experience anything like that in my entire life. i would have never gone back into that garage again. and i would have screamed along with whatevr it was that your husband saw

  3. Willz says:

    That was very terrifying to read. On a personal note was there a death in the family soon after this experience? The reason I ask is that this seems like it could have been a banshee. Usually they are death omens. To hear a banshee wail usually is a forewarning of death.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Well I may b only 14 but I know how u feel… People say that I am too young too know stuff like this but as a matter of fact I am not… I have never seen a demond but I know when one is around… I grt a sick nasty feeling… It gets cold and sticky… See I cant make u beleave but I know what I have experianced and if u have been through it I pray that u dont have too…

  5. CDL says:

    listen i know what he saw was horrifing i to had an experince like that

  6. Warrior Priestess says:

    that does sound sorta like a Banshee, but i dont thik Banshees actually appear that way, to me it actually seems to be a creature called a “Hollow” its off a cartoon show that ive only watched 3 times, anyhow, it sounds more like a type of angry Elemental spirit or demon, it probably appeared after the creation of that garage… You never know, perhaps there was a body or severed head buried under the ground that the garage was buil over.

  7. Laura says:

    Hiya i had something similiar happen to me not so long ago. I went to my local church and i got the priest to speak to the spirits. I got so scared i had to move back in with my mom and dad.
    And if this happens to anyone else that my warning to you is run for your life and never go to this place again. :(

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you all for your comments. To answer some of your questions, it happened in Colorado and not there was no death surrounding this. His family believes in the “medicine men/women” from Mexico. I don’t know how tp spell what they are called. I personally think most of them practice witch craft but that is their perogative. Anyway, his Mom took him to see one of these after this happened and she told him since this happened during the time of Lent, that it was the devil and he was the only one who could have handling seeing the devil without falling over dead on the spot. I believe in a lot of things but not that. But I think it made my husband feel better since that is how he grew up also.

  9. Mz says:

    I know how your hubby must feel like, i also experienced something the same, except i was attact by something i could not see. Nobody believed me, except my mother who prayed with me.

  10. bayleighh says:

    i would’ve never gone back in the garage again.
    but most ghost things that i hear about that happen to people,
    they only come when you’re alone.
    but that’s awful what happened.


  11. Jordan Ching says:

    i thought that was the scariest story in my life! i might hav 2 go 2 the toliet now

  12. daniela says:

    that’s scary! i heard someone or something scream in my room recently, it was one of the most terrifying screams i have ever heard, it came from the corner of my room and my room is small. it did not sound human or like an animal….

  13. Lady Of Dark Desire says:

    That is very spookey, and I don’t blame your husband one bit for not wanting to go back into the garage.

    But what your husband has experienced is indeed the presents of a banshee. They do scream loudly and can be dangerious depending on how you are towords them. But do know this, that the banshee is not friendly at all what so ever. And they do show themselves sometimes.

    Just be careful you wouldn’t want to upset the banshee, they could probably do unexplainable things to you.

    If you’de like to keep in touch, send an email from time to time. I’de love to keep in contact and share spookey stories.

    [email protected]

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