My House Was Once A Hospice

Posted on September 3, 2008

My parents and I moved into our house in November 1986.� All was well until my dad died in September 1992.� The bills piled up and we ran out of money so we rented our house out and moved to my sister’s house.� The woman that moved into our house said, “This is such a beautiful home.� I work six houses down the block for a nursing home.� So I can literally walk to and from work!” We thought she was a GOD send.

Well about six months later, my mom told me to go and collect the rent.� I rang the door bell and some lady answered the door, I told her who I was and she said the woman wasn’t there.� I said, “Can I use your phone to call my mom to tell her Anna wasn’t there?”

When I walked in, I saw people walking around with hospital beds in our formal living room and dining room.� There were two hospital beds in all three bedrooms.� It smelled of feces and urine.� When I got to the phone, I immediately called my mother. My mother talked to Anna and told her it was up to code and she had 30 days to find homes for the elderly.

Anna moved out in November and my family, husband and I started fixing up the house to move in.� I had taken out all the carpet, since it smelled really bad.� I went to see the new carpet through out the house, when I approached the guest room, I opened the door I was looking down at the carpet when I saw a woman dressed in a beige laced dress.� As my eyes followed up she disappeared.� I freaked out and left.� I told myself maybe I was seeing things.

Well we somewhat finished and moved-in in January.� It was my husband, mother, my one year old son and myself.� A week went by and I was vacuuming with a two piece vacuum, when the vacuum flipped over and I turned around to see what was going on, I saw the lady again, this time she didn’t have a head nor hands.� I grabbed my son from the couch and when I turned to walk off she disappeared again. I heard voices thereafter, not understanding them.

When washing dishes, I would feel something behind me, I’d look up and in the windows reflection, there would be a man standing behind me and I would turned around real fast and nothing was there.� I would be in the den looking at TV when all of a sudden I would feel cold, just out of the blue.� I get a blanket, cover myself, then get hot, I’d take it off and a few minutes later I’d hear footsteps on the carpet when no one was even home.

My son was sitting in the hallway, about a month later, and my mom saw a woman dressed in a black and white blouse with black pants, my son was talking to her.� My mom got up and went towards my son and she ran down the hallway then she disappeared.

I said that’s enough, I’m going to call our church and have our house blessed.� When I called to confirm my appointment, the receptionist said that her mother died here.� I said, “What!?”� She told me that my house was not only a nursing home but a hospice (a place to die).� I didn’t know that,� I asked the neighbors and they said that they saw ambulances and hearses, but they thought it was the nursing home part, taking them to the hospital or the morgue if they died.

When the priest came he said that we needed more religious things in our home, like crosses and pictures.� I asked him if he believed in ghosts and he said yes, why are they here, well they don’t know they’re dead and they just walk around.� You need to say to them they need to go home into the light.

It’s been about 15 years and all is well ….. so far.

Written by June J. Rios, Copyright 2008

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12 Responses to “My House Was Once A Hospice”
  1. Krystal says:

    how spooky,,, O_o

  2. Carly says:

    Im glad that you got outta that house…maybe some of the ghosts were harmless…and maybe some of them never know…but i would freak out if i found out that my house was a nursing home/hospice.

  3. Warrior Priestess says:

    i sincerely doubt they dont know theyre dead, i mean think about it, when we die we leave our bodies, so wouldnt we get a glance at our bodies when we leave them and see ourselves get buried aswell as seeing the people we knew mourn our deaths CONFIRMING that we died, come on. The “Ghosts” that are walking around in that house was the imprinted energy good or bad or both stuck there, Hospices and nursing homes all maintain all the scatterbrained insanity, the lonliness and hopelessness of the elderly that were sent there, just like a Prison, only Sadder. You really thing energy of something like that doesnt get left behind one way or another? Or another explanaition is that the past is repeating itself, the meories of action and thoughts/emotions etc… are replaying in that house, and yeah that can even leak into the present, like a double exposure, the past meets present. so to speak, i’m not an expert, but i dont beleive in Actual Ghosts staying around after they die, they either go to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or even reincarnate. Sure there may be a Slim chance that they dont know their dead, but was fish-brained Ghost doesnt know its dead if others not only cant always see you, but that you can also walk through solid objects.

  4. brenda says:

    My grandmother was in an old house that was a nursing home in the 70s. It was in one of the oldest parts of Des Moines. She died there. Later I was walking by and noticed the guy who lived there. He said the house was buit by a well to do jewish family and the matriarch was still there running the house so to speak. She would do things we people would argue and or move things. He knew the house used to be a nursing home but never mentioned if there were other spirits, so I believe older people who have lived in nursing homes stay where they die. I don’t believe they mean us harm but are just kind of lost.

  5. mark says:

    wow that is scary….but then again…am i the only guy looking at this website? im serious im looking at all the comments to every story and its all girls….

  6. Tonia Ellis says:

    As for the story I do believe that some people don’t know that they passed. It ‘d be like going to bed and never waking up, but who is to say but God. This is too the Warrior Priestess. I too thought hospice was a bad place, but when my dad got put into hospice at the age of 57 because he had brain cancer, I learned that they make it easier for a person to pass in piece and since i wasn’t there to be with him when he passed I was grateful that when he did go someone was there.

  7. bennie says:

    THat’s creepy.I wouldn’t say that those people didn’t know that they passed.that a different matter.They knew it it’s just that they wanna be in the house…not talking the rest they got.

    Isn’t it very disturbing to be DISTURBED like this by someone/thing that needs to be somewhere else?dead people should learn to remain where they are,except the fact they cannot be with us forever wspecially torturing us but rather be friendly or so…

  8. Charlotte says:

    If you are skeptical about the fact that ghosts don’t know they have died I can shed a little light on the matter. I am not sure if they know that they have died or not but I do know that they haunt where they died or their own grave or both. When ghosts pass through solid objects it means that when they were alive there was a door or no wall there and the ghost still walks to what they know. they don’t know when things have structurally changed but I’m unsure as to whether they know they are dead!

  9. CuteSagittarius says:

    Sad,sad story!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry mark, mak is here. I am also reading every comments. The story is creepy but you know in that place there would be many ghosts. Be in control, if you freak out it is a danger to you only. It will make you to get afraid easyly. Now to my life

  11. trisha says:

    wowwwwwwwww that is really weird i would try to contact the spirits and ask them bunches of questions
    not funny

  12. melody says:

    awesome these are the best stories there are who ever owns this site they are the best i love this

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