My House Is Haunted By A Demon

Posted on December 25, 2007

My house is located in Mexico, and it’s still there, but I have another house in the U.S.

One time my mom left me to sleep on her bed. She went to pick up my sister from school.

Later on I woke up and I saw the bathroom door was wide open with the light on and I heard someone brushing their teeth. I got closer but, there was no one in there. Thats all I could remember.

One time, when my brother was seven years old, he went to the kitchen for something and he saw a small demon that had something white on his hand. Then, the demon saw him and smiled to him and my brother ran. He was crying with my mom, telling her he saw a demon.

Years later he explain to me about what happened to him. He told me that the� demon wanted something from the house; of the white thing he had on his hand.

He even told me what the� demon looked like: red skin with horns.

My aunt said that one time she was sleeping and she woke up and saw a woman with no eyes in front of her.

Also one night, my mom and me were outside on front of the house and heard someone hand washing clothes outside of the back of the house.

Submitted to us by Stephanie

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49 Responses to “My House Is Haunted By A Demon”
  1. N.A.K says:

    =S woahh thats scaryy
    i’ve never encountered anything like that before, but i got the chills when i read ur story…very creepy =|
    the thought of Demons in ur house is very spine chillinggg

  2. Elizabeth says:

    yeah I live in mexico although I aint Mexican I’ll let ya know if something happens

    • Anonymous says:

      Im sorry to hear that happend to your brother.
      I was once pinned to my bed while something whisperd into my ear of pulling my soul from my body, i was fully awake and i could see a distorted clear shape and felt its breath on my ear i couldnt even scream all that came out was a groan and the fear was like nothing i have ever felt.

      All i can truely say is please be there for your brother and if he acts like hes hiding something or seems less willing to talk please dont ignor it.

  3. aubrey says:

    that was scary. My house has the weirdest things in it!!!!

  4. kc says:

    thats is weird. i have no clue what i would do if i saw something like that!

  5. kuja says:

    that is pretty fake .you can tell by the way that you worded your offense…

  6. marianna says:

    OMG. in my dreams, i saw a women with no eyes! that woman a deamon??

  7. Carla & Conner says:

    Hi we read your story….
    It gave us the creeps

    Is this actually what happened??

    If so you must have been terrified by this :S:S
    I know just reading it i wouldnt want to be you No offence.

  8. Ben says:

    Well Creepy I am an Amateur ghost hunter but still real wooss.

  9. kevin says:

    my aunt had a small enconter with a ghost that looked like a skeliton she even showed me the picture

  10. Kelly says:

    Hey, You can’t tell if it was fake just by the way it was worded, clearly this person is from Mexico, they said they had a house there and also here in the US. People who don’t speak english as their fluent language often misplace words while writing, sometimes even while talking.

    Anyways….great story, thanks for sharing!

  11. bam says:

    doesn’t sound like a demon

  12. girl says:

    omg thats not cool…i
    really wouldnt want to live there if i were you[[no offence]]
    but ya =]

  13. kamisha says:

    weird but interesting

  14. kamisha says:

    weird but instead of demon should have said ghost or devil child

  15. Mana says:

    wow..i’ve had almost the same experience as your was really scary..really..i couldnt sleep for 1 month..

  16. uday says:

    it is scary

  17. .:BIG TANK:. says:

    That sounds like more than one demon. You had the lil red guy and the woman with no eyes or maybe it’s a ghost cuz you had sounds with nobody there. Also did you ever find out what was in the red demons hand was it a bone or something like that. I believe in these things and it’s good to know you got away unharmed and that it didn’t follow you.

  18. mars says:

    thats not scary its corney

  19. Ghost Expert says:

    I read your story and thought it was pretty interesting. Now, as much as I believe in ghosts, and don’t think I don’t believe this at all, are you sure your brother saw a demon? If he had dreamed about that one night, he might have still had the image stuck in his head and thought he saw it. Don’t take it the wrong way because I do believe you. But, the washing noise you claimed to have heard, I don’t know what explanation I could grab for that. I say, you should get an expert on the house haunting and see what they think. But it was very interesting to hear. Thank you for posting that encounter.

  20. brianna says:

    The same thing happened to my two cousins we were spending the night at his house some my cousins and me and we were telling scary stories
    then we finally stopped and went to bed
    but about 5 minutes later we heard a loud scream it was my
    lil cousin, and we all ran out.
    the next day we asked him what he had seen and he saw a demon
    with red dot all over him and horns he was red

  21. lucy says:

    When i was ten years old i went in to my dad’s bedroom with him we saw a demon it was big the time was 5am

  22. Richard Guerin says:

    I am a real psychic and i know all to well about ghosts and demons you might recognize me as rico and yes the stories about me being a real psychic are true but not the ones about me being an evil one to me there is no such thing as an evil psychic but here is a sugestion and it will only come onece do you want to dich the wanna be psychics and know what is reay going on with yojur expiditions then you will write me back i am accredited by even military levels of intel this is your choice and a onece in a liftime oppertunity

    • Ramey says:

      Will u plz help me? I feel cold spots I hear footsteps and voices and see shadows out the corner of my eyes can u help me in any way 2 get rid of whatever is in my house please????? Thank you Ramey Brookhaven , Mississippi

    • sharayah says:

      stop trying to plug your self like what you do is good.God tells us NOT to go to people like you. people like you make us unclean.

  23. booooooo says:

    well could possibly be true only to the extent that your house has been once on old aztec holy grounds it also could be the holy grounds of the natiove americans by walking on the holy grounds of a american native can cause death so im guessing ur dealling with aztec’s these devil like creatures are often said to protect the holy ground of the aztecs but few go off plan and stsrt causing havoc

    just hope and prayer that its not the holy grounds of the american natives

  24. booooooo says:

    by the way im a wicker and have in total seen 46 ghosts in my life so far and have never come across a case like this, this demon just seems to be mischivous so should be much harm, compared to one of the cases i have been through, it was one of a supposidly mass murderer from the 18 hundreds he had come back becouse his grave had been disturbed by builders and much like the case of tutenkamen the builders who disturbered his grave all suffered bad loses such as pets dying money loss health problems in one case death, as the builders realized they stoped work imediatly and deserted the site. this is when i began to get suspicious, so i looked up local history in my library to find a jack the riper kind of character the only difference was that he was caught and once he was caught they had him killed but it was later found out that the reason he was caught was because an accosiate of his grassed him up and now he is supposed to haunt where he was killed and dumped
    there has been many sightings of his ghostly figure and because of that the council of my aea have made it into a no tresspassing zone

    • DeeBunker says:

      Tsk. That’s WICCA. Not WICKER. And Tutankhamun’s tomb was not disturbed by builders but grave robbers in the guise of explorers, Howard Carter and gang, who discovered the tomb in late 1922 in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Over the years, almost everyone involved would die of some disease or tragedy that was thought to be the work of the curse of King Tut’s tomb. If you believe in that kinda thing…

  25. 7 says:

    a demon spoke latin/tung language in my ear when i was 14,the voice only stopt motoring when i screamed out 2 my bro 2 turn the light on (i was on top bunk). it wasnt a male or female voice. It was like a sound just speaking words very quickly in latin. At the same house i came home from school nd no 1 was home, in the kitchen i sat at the table 2 eat when i thought i heard my mum call out 2me my name from her room, i lookt down the hall way 2her room nd yelld bak ”mum is that u”? no reply,i thought i was tripn.i sat bak at the table when a min later her voice called out again but even louder nd thats when i froze 4 a second, all tha hairs on the bak ov my head stood up like id been electrocutd coz i relized i wasnt tripn, then i boltd out the closest door. Heaps ov stuff happend in that house,most nites it wudnt let me sleep.i could write a short noval bout it. (australia)

  26. DarStarr says:

    What is a wicker?

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      yeah, What Is A Wicker?? All Of These Stories Sound Creepy As Heck! I Don’t Know If I’d Really Want To Actually Live Where All Of You All Were Supposedly Currently Living! yikes! Also: Do You Think That All Of Us On These Ghost Sites, Have Been Bothered By Supernatural Things?? I Think That My Twin Sister And I As Kids, may or may not have been, i just don’t know for sure if we were or weren’t, and vice versus of both statements said…

  27. scary24 says:

    About last october my sis-in law woke up to a noise she heard in her back yard it was about 3:15am, so she went down to the kitchen were she could see the backyard to check out what it was. When she looked out the window all she could see was a very tall creature sitting down on her patio furniture with his head down. She described him as a very tall man with horns and wings touching the ground. though she did not see his face because he had his head down. She quickly began to pray in her head but he was still there. She just accepted it and went to her childrens room and slept there well atleast tried to sleep. Ever since this happened I can’t sleep at this house. Now even more creepy is what happened last night! She woke up to a bang from her ceiling.around 3:30 am. She immediately knew what was bothering her. She felt it in her mind she said like if it was reading her thoughts. She couldnt take the banging anymore so she quickly woke up her children and told them they had to leave and to be quiet. Once in the garage the banging started there and then she heard a disturbed noise which she explained as a loud moan. Once out of her garage and taking off she could see the demon figure on the roof just staring at her. She said she was speeding all the way to her moms house in fear that this demon would follow her. When i heard this story all the hairs stood up from the back of my neck.

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Is There Any More Of This Story?
      Did Anything Else Happen At The House?
      Did You Stay Or Move?
      Moved? Stayed?
      That Sounds Horrible!
      What Else Happened At The House?
      Did You Sell It Or Keep It?
      kept the house? sold the house?
      any buyers? did anyone or anybody or anybody or anyone else buy the house?
      that really does sound horrible, i’d be a bit spooked too! you know what i mean? just plain yikes!

  28. corey18 says:


  29. Jarhead says:

    I am a grunt in the marine corps with a wife and a one year old daughter who is just starting to talk. me and my wife just moved in a new house and since day one both my wife and myself have felt uncomfortable about the place but thats where the marine corps put us. well last night I got so freaked that i slept with a combat kbar which is a very mean knife andmy wife slept with my 9mm loaded under her pillow and our daughter slept between us. We were having the stove turn on, doors slam shut and open, our garage door open and close one of our pets killed itself, and so much more. in the morning our house was thrashed. we had couches flipped, my bible was toar in half, and so much more. that plus this morning my daughter came up to me pointing at her chest saying “hot hot hot” and pointing at her chest, when i lifted her shirt there was a hand print on her hand which was larger than mine and warm to the touch. so i got in contact with our church and they are going to bless our church. i hope it works. i want to crush what ever it is that did that to our daughter. i will drop a message with what happened. semper fidelious

    • AnNa says:

      thats scary what your family is going through.but if your daughter is sleeping between you and your wife are you not afraid you might use that knife on you daughter?i hope it will never happen and im not trying to upset you be what i said but i would be afraid having something like that or a gun in the same bed as my son.but i do wish you and your family the best and i hope like i said things are good.

  30. Dj crazE j says:

    dude, i know alot about these kind of things and i will tell you right now that your story is bullshitt or your lieing about some parts. first off if your brother told you he saw a demon, hes seeing things or lying because it is not possible to see supernatural things because they are only revealed in the spiritual world. and the fact that he told you it was red with horns is also bs becuz that is hollywood, making the devil look red with horns but in reality demons and satan are fallen angels that are hideous creatures

    • Anonymous says:

      ” because it is not possible to see supernatural things because they are only revealed in the spiritual world. and the fact that he told you it was red with horns is also bs becuz that is hollywood, making the devil look red with horns but in reality demons and satan are fallen angels that are hideous creatures”
      Impressive display of total ignorance regarding demons and the fallen
      A demon can manifest itself to the living in anyway form and shape he wishes to.
      Angels can choose to live a mortal life

      • GirlRacer says:

        Hey dude.

        He’s entitled to his say.

        What you do with him is ask how he knows ‘a lot about it’.

        They usually make an idiot of themselves, and chat more BS than the person they’re accusing. ;)

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Who’s To Say What One Can Or Cannot Supposedly See Or Not See?? and vice versus of both said statements. I don’t know what to believe myself sometimes! Amen to That! who really knows What our supposed Reality is Really all About?? one time, a few summers ago here in Lawrence Kansas Usa, i was walking across a store’s somewhat hot parking lot, and It felt both Solid and Liquid, Liquid and Solid, but funny thing is, is that It was just a Parking Lot! How does one Explain That to others?? and no, i am Not tripping on Drugs, okay?? It was probably the summer heat getting to me, Maybe!!!!

  31. Mike says:

    definately not a demon, a demon clings to you no matter where you go, there is a difference between demon & ghost!

  32. francis says:

    strange……………….that doesint sound like a demon……………..demons are usualy full negative activity and usualy if you have a demon more and more stuff happens like first a door closes and picture frame falls then loud noises then footsteps then physical negative activity……………………..this is because the demon is getting more and more curouis of who you are………… it starts to wonder then,when it knows your vulnrebal it starts to attack you………………but remember demons feed off by negative forces so if you get angry with it it makes things worse but also to not be feared try to stay strong and stand your ground but not by offense…….by defense. there is no suck thing as ghost only demons and and well to put it this way demons are pricks and there complete assholes so if you know theres a demon get a priest and one of those ghost hunters and neutralize it

  33. Ollie says:

    I have the same as you, but ive hadd it all my life and wherever i move it is there. My friends have even cried and my girlfriend to because of what we saw, a white skylike form flying across the room, a little girl you could call it teleporting 20-40 meters 3 am at night. 3 friends of mine were sleeping in my livingroom when they waked up and saw a ray of light on the foot of one of my friends and it left a red handmark, it is now a (bigg) scarr. things have happened for so manny years now and so manny have seen this. We were 8 people one time and everyone saw the same thing, ive even moved again and it does not stopp. Stuff has even began happening home at my girlfriends house and suddenlt her mom saw something to, weve seen a man with flesh wounds in his face and white eyes, a dark figure as a woman floating fast in the air, i even gott pictures of something, of a woman in the mirror and this were taken on a party i hadd and no one has modifyed it. Wherever i move it is still the same, someone help me if you know something i can do about this.

    • mohammed says:

      hi ollie
      that’s happened because someone of you did something bad to the jinn who are living in your house.

  34. JMoney says:

    Guys, I need help. My grandma came to me this morning shaking and crying in fear. She’s not one to believe in the paranormal and neither am I, but I gave her my trust on this given her outright fear. The last couple of nights she’s had someone slip into bed with her. The only people here are myself, and my grandfather who’s bedridden and sleeps deeply. And I sleep pretty deeply myself. She said this always happens at a quarter to two A.M. Last night, she said that the bottom of her bed had the covers lifted, and something slipped up into the bed. As she tried to escape, a kick was delivered to her side. This house was built -not moved in -by my grandpa. And some time ago, this ground was simply a river bed. I need to know if this is a demon haunting her. If it is, I fear for my life, as well as my grandma’s. This is no joke, and I need some kind of advice. Demons know no restrictions, and are bound by no limit to who and where they walk. Help me.

    • sharayah says:

      demons do have restrictions and limits to what they can do to us.they have to ask God first before they are permitted to do things to thats when your faith comes in to play,how much faith do we have in the lord.cause no matter what the devil dose too you, you must know if you always walk in Gods words he will be there for you in the end always but we have to get our self right with God .people think that if you just say sorry then all your sin go away but it’s more then that it’s a change in our life styles and how we deal with everyday life. to your grandma and you.the two of should pray to God, tell it to go out your house in God name.if that dose not work look for a priest that will help.may The Lord be with you.

      • Elise Gingerich says:

        you said that the House was Built by some riverbed?? is there a History on the Area??
        That just sounds spooky as Heck! maybe You All could tell It, that It is Annoying You All, and to Please Go Away, even if you’re all spooked by It, maybe telling It to Go Away and not to Harm anybody or anyone or anyone or anybody in the House?? even if that Area is Its Area?? maybe you all could find a History on that Area near the House??

  35. jose says:

    I can honestly day that I too have seen a demon…It was maybe in 2006..2007 …for some crazy reason I was taking pictures of my eyes up close. With this old cell phone…to my surprise I started noticing small white blemishes…I was so close to my eye that all u could see was darkness..I started taking more and more pics..they were appearing more clearly. Strange faces..all pale. Some with funny kind of hats…just weird..then on one picture…I noticed a light red figure at the bottom of the screen..just visible.. it was a ugly, human like being. It had 2 horns ….curving inward. Not skinned…with an evil teeth..I even showed my said she couldn’t see nothing..the other said she could see a figure with horns curving in…I got chills when she told me this cause I hadn’t told her what to look for.. just like the story above…red skin with horns. They are very real. I know evil pursues us..I’ve always been told they want to destroy a kid I saw things I can’t explain..its happened all my life…the dreams..its no coincidence.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I am being hauntef by a lilith women demon and she keeps trying to grabb my baby what shoud i do. She wont stopp comming in my dreams.

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