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My House Is Haunted

Posted on April 11, 2009

When I was younger I always felt I was being watched, or there was something in the room with me. Up until a few years ago I dismissed it as nothing. But then strange things started to happen. I kept seeing ‘floating’ lights and moving shapes.

One time I was walking up my hallway along across the bottom of the stairs and I saw my shadow moving. Normal, right? No. My shadow was walking in the opposite direction. It wasn’t as if it was in reverse or a moving light source – it was genuinely walking the opposite way, with the arms and legs motions and everything.

One night when I was about 11 I was in bed, and my mum was putting some ironing away and we were talking about ghosts. She explained how, before I was born, she’d woken up one morning and found the lobby light on. Later that day she’d found out a thief had been round the back of the houses, and believed the ‘ghost’ had turned the light on to ward him away. I was saying how ghosts couldn’t possibly exist and then the whole room was immediately filled with a flash of light.

A few weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night, even though I am a heavy sleeper. I saw a black shape drifting across the floor. I stared at it, bewildered, for a few moments before coming to my senses and covering up, going back to sleep.

I am thirteen now and often ‘joke around’ with the ghost at night, challenging it to scare me, as it seems friendly. Although each time I am convinced it won’t scare me, it always has another trick up its sleeve, like opening the wardrobe doors, or knocking some clothing off the door.

However, about a year ago, when I got mad at it for being here, the room went cold, I heard whispering and black shapes were moving around everywhere. I got really scared and apologized, begging it to stop. The shapes disappeared and the room warmed up again. It was really freaky.

Sent in by Ryan, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “My House Is Haunted”
  1. ElQueLlora says:

    Great story! Quiet scary though.

  2. Kathy says:

    Dude, call a priest ASAP.

  3. Jackie says:

    You really shouldn’t challenge whatever this is. It doesn’t seem too friendly to me and it is dark, which is worrying. Why don’t you pray for this to leave if it comes back again.

  4. CuteSagittarius says:

    Whatever it is,its dark & thank God its not been upto any nastiness yet, but never ever challenge the supernatural forces, u know they can be mean when they want. U should get professional help to cleanse your house anyway. May God keep u safe & sound!

  5. Ryan says:

    I’ve thought about getting a professional in, but i don’t believe in priests or mediums being able to banish it or anything. Since i wrote this story there has been a bit more ‘shape’ and ‘light’ activity, but nothing serious. There are a few things i have found out from relatives recently, talking about this. They are:
    1) My Mom ALWAYS unplugs the phone before going to sleep, and always has done. She woke up one morning, before i was born, to the phone ringing. She thought it was odd, but answered, and it turned out to be a really important call.
    2) Before my parents split up, my Dad would never sleep on the side of the bed next to a mirror. When i asked him why he said he had woken up in the middle night and heard whispering from IN the mirror. It Apparently said ‘this is Bill calling you from the other side’ a few times, before he woke up my Mom and demanded to switch sides with her. Three days later he found out his friend simon’s uncle Bill had died on the night of the incident.
    3)I can’t actually remember this, so in might be a bit inaccurate. When i was three, my Nan was babysitting and we were playing ‘a ring a ring of roses’ (everyone knows it is a song based on the plague, right?) when i suddenly stopped and said ‘Nan, can you see that man at the bottom of the stairs?’ (where i saw the shadow). She looked and said there was no-one there, but i insisted. Anyway, we carried on playing until i said ‘Nan, the man’s by the door now. Look, i can see his face by the door’ , but again my Nan again told me there was no-one.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ve also just found out my Dad had a picture of my dead great-grandad above the bottom of the stairs, and he was into supernatural stuff.

  7. HOLY GHOST GIRL says:


  8. PlayGirl says:

    you should definitly not tease it untill you know who or what it really is..
    these things demand respect, dont be silly

  9. Cindy says:

    wow ryan u sound like ur a very good story teller and for the ghost thing so ur family can believe u u should call ghost hunters and trust me they never lie that there is ghost at ur house they also show up on tv so everybody can see ur face and so people can know how to discover ghosts by themselves. trust me on this one. by the way i love ur stories i bet u’ll become an auther one day.

  10. Cindy says:

    oh and i know u don’t believe in priests but u should call one or call ghostbusters because u don’t have a choice unless u want this thing taking over u and that is the most meanest of all ghosts i’v heard of that is it u should move and if it still follows u you should call a priests and i mean it unless u want to be a slave.

  11. Lala says:

    Ryan, I believe that this spirit can only harm the living at their weakest. You must always keep positive energy around you, especially when you feel or sense it coming around. They only show themselves to the vulnerable ones (people like you and me) I have had some experinces but not like these, because I choose to keep them shut out. You are a spiritual person like me, so don’t become discouraged or weak with this spirit. Carry yourself with your highest energy, and things will begin to simmer down. Good luck in the future!!!

  12. Amanda says:

    I have a a lot to say but I really don’t know what. I’m very curious about all the things that you’ve endured. I attract many of spiritual things through out my life. I strongly encourage you to shut the ghost out pretend that they don’t exist. Never speak of them unless they or it becomes to do violent things. like throwing things across the room. banging on things anything that will cause a lot force to be done. or heard. when you acknowledge its being it feeds from that and can often trick you to believing that its good or even that its a child of innocence. and when its feels that your giving in it can quickly change to uncover what it really is.
    And you know it could possible be that your spirit is haunted. which would imply that you are haunted. I say this because I believe that I am so I know what it can feel like. It seems to me from the first reading and to their up dates they all started with you as your mother was carrying you. and continued as you grew. strongly take my word and heed it. be very careful on the things that you bring to the table.

  13. tyra says:

    That sounds like its a moody spirit, playful sometimes and then dark, always very powerful.You should always respect it and NEVER get mad at it until (or if) you’re gonna call a priest to get it out.That thing can really get mad at times…don’t play around with it too much.

    ^-^ tyra

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