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My Ghosts

Posted on December 6, 2011

I am 16 as of writing this and I tell you now I have never been scared of spirits. Even though a few have held me down or even gone as far as pulling me up and leaving claw marks on me. My mom tells me all the time that when I would tell them of my imaginary friends when I was little they’d brush it off, until they would hear someone talking to me. My wiccan friends have told me that if this has happened since I was little and is still going on I have to be intuitive. I didn’t believe them at first till I would actually see some following me. As I type this I have a black cat seating on the table in front of me and the house I live in has a little boy in the backroom; he likes watching me cook. Or wherever I walk I’ll see little black shadows around me. Now that you know about me let me tell you about some of my ghost.

This story is one my mom told me bout when I was little. When I was little my family and me lived on the tree streets in Johnson City, Tennessee. My mom has told me that there was on old lady I would talk to and she would sit in the next room and listen to me talking to her. She told me several times that when she would ask me who I was talking to I would say the woman that lives here. Then she would ask me to describe the lady I don’t remember what I said and neither does she, but she did tell me that the person who sold us the place said that it was probably the old lady that lived there and that the lady was sick and died in the hospital. Why she was there I don’t know, but I know that she will stay there.

Then when we moved across town (this encounter I actually remember) I shared a room with my sister. At this time I was around 7 and I had an imaginary friend Teresa. I can still remember her clearly she had on a dirty white shirt with a black jacket and sweat pants, she had black hair with green blue eyes and very pale skin and she was 13. I remember talking to her but not what we said. I don’t see her anymore stopped when we moved out. Weird thing was it was a new house I don’t know where she came from. That is also the first time I saw the black cat. One night particular I hadn’t seen Teresa and me and my sister went to bed. We woke up in the middle of the night hearing noises and then one of our glass china dolls was knocked off our dresser and shattered. My older sister was scared but I rolled over not scared and went back to sleep when my sister crawled into bed with me. The next day my mom was asking what happened and my explanation was that the black cat knocked it off.

Then next one I’ll tell you about is when I lived in Johnson county my older sister was over at a friends house so me and my best guy friend (which is like my little brother) decided to sleep in her bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to a creaking noise and looked in the corner and an old lady was sitting in a rocking chair knitting and rocking back and forth. Pretty soon after watching her enough she turned towards me and waved then she was gone. I asked my dad in the morning whose house this was before us in the morning and his reply was his friends moms house and she died in their room with a heart attack. By this time I was convinced that I saw the man’s mom.

This next one is more recent this one involves the high school I go to now. This all started as a rumor which turned out true. My friends were telling me one day in gym that the rooms we changed in that the back right shower was haunted by a girl named Alex that was teased so much that she slit her wrist and bled to death. I didn’t believe them at first because it was a rumor after all. Then I grabbed my boyfriends phone because he wasn’t allowed in the girl changing room and I didn’t have a phone. And I set off towards the locker room. I watch TAPS and Ghost Hunters a lot and on one episode they said that phones are known to capture spirits because of the electric waves or something. And when I went back there it was really cold and something kept touching my shoulders. So I got out of the shower area and just stood in front of it and took a picture where I saw the shadow. And looked at the phone and there was an outline of a girl w short hair but you couldn’t see what she was wearing but you could tell she was look at something next to her but she was facing the camera. I ran out of the locker room to show my friends they freaked out. But I still tend to go back there and talk to her. I have actually talked to her enough that sometimes she’ll show up on my bed and talk to me at home. Guess I made a new friend Alex.

She hasn’t showed up lately since something has been following me around the house. It will scare me at times but then I remember its just a spirit and that it can’t hurt me. So I’ll keep on walking but feel something. wait that’s rude someone. I’ll feel someone walking behind me reaching for my neck. This was when my sister was still living with us and she stilled loved scaring me and sneaking up on me. So I thought it was my sister trying to scare me so I whirled around with my hand out to smack her and my hand went through cold air. I shivered and continued walking towards my room. I still live in this house and I’ll wake up from 1 to 3 am almost every night by noises and then when I’m almost getting ready to roll over I’ll be pulled up by my arms or shoulders. I’ll yank my arms or shoulders away last month when I pulled away I was slapped and had a hand prints on my arms and one on my face along with a black eye when I got up in the morning. And when I’m laying in my bed watching TV I felt hands on the back of my head with little claws. I’m getting goose bumps typing this. It has been getting better and nothing has been yanking me up since I started burning sage before I go to bed.

Now to tell you about the little boy or end on a good note and a happy story. When I first moved into this house the only room I’ve ever felt safe in is the back room which is now my parents room. Even when it wasn’t my parents room I would sit back there and watch TV and I could feel the little boy play with my hair. And he likes sitting with me and watch TV. He doesn’t come out of the room and I didn’t know why until I thought about it more. I only feel safe in that room so no wonder he stays in there. I asked my friend that lives down the street she’s lived there since she was born. She told me a rumor that I still don’t know if it’s true yet: she told me that the family that used to live here the dad beat the little boy to death and then shot himself. I think that if it is true that the dad maybe the one holding me down or yanking me up. But anyways the little boy will stand in the doorway and watch me cook most of the time he’ll watch me if I’m cooking something sweet. The little boy has the curlish red hair ever and brown eyes and wears little overalls and bare feet. Sort of an Opie look bout him.

Oh I forgot to tell you about the black cat. He used to look after my older sisters and used to hang out in the top of my closet when I shared a room with my sister. My mom used to tell me she thought it was my older sisters dad. Because it showed up a month after he died and watched after my sisters then when I was born 4 years later he started showing up in my crib just watching me. I see him all the time now he’ll follow me wherever I go. Sometimes my friends will see him as he follows me. He’ll sit there on my desk and watch me work or sit on the floor and look up at me. He likes going on walks or runs with me or he’ll lay down next to my cat when we’re going to bed.

I see little shadows everywhere I go and I do believe that they’re spirit just wondering around watching over family members or replaying their death. The harmful ones are all the same and just like any bully. Show no fear and stand up to them and their power goes away and they can’t hurt you. Other spirits from my experiences are simply curious or just wants a friend like Alex. So that’s my tale about my ghosts it doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not because I believe in them. Hope I helped people understand them more. Now this is goodbye from Adreama, my ghost black cat, the ghost little boy, and my ghost friend Alex.

Sent in by Adreama, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “My Ghosts”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you have a lot of experience with ghosts and you are very brave and sensitive. You have to be very careful with the evil spirits since you don’t want to gethurt.

  2. darkangel says:

    i was gonna say what you have already varified the mean one is the lil boys dad. just be careful as to these enities can and will follow you home. so far your doing pretty good handling these spirits on your on. keep burning the sage so grumpy wont bother you.

  3. rebeca says:

    cool are you like a medium or something

  4. Adreama says:

    thank you lolz i love how you call him Grumpy

  5. Adreama says:

    Rebeca i dont know if im a medium it would be cool if i was though

  6. Crystal says:

    Normally I would never, ever! tell anyone this but your story is a bit like mine. Right now I have four human ones, one (Grumpy did you call him?) one and oddly, I also have a cat, though he’s black and white and randomly shows up. The grumpy one has pushed me down the steps and would have succeeded had not one of the human ones helped me. The youngest Human one is Anna, who likes to dance, next is victor who has no eyes, it’s just a black spot, then there is Alicia, who looks a lot like the girl from the Ring but is much sweeter and shy, very very shy. She tends to hide and play pranks and then there is the one who saved me from falling down the steps. Mattieuw. He started showing up at the weirdest time and if something bad happens to me he helps me but I’m not the only one. He helps my friends too. I’ve never been scared of them either, have had a few of them try to hurt me, one in school tried to scare me (didn’t work cuz I was used to him by then) and many others that some have moved on or have just up and left. Also you, like I, are a Medium but we can’t seem to control it yet. the main way you know you have control is when you can turn it on and off of when you see them. I can kind of do that but not very well. Ironically as I type this Mattieuw is talking in my ear trying to tell me things that should be said but that I can not willingly type as I fear reactions of this (I’ve had very bad reactions of telling my story) Anyways I wish you the best of Luck and that you find your path of everything you want or need ^^ Blessed be.

  7. Adreama says:

    Love and light Crystal. And i have an update i think i am correct bout “Grumpy” being the little boy father because my cat hissed eariler this at my parent’s door to their room and a black shadow was trying to get into the room (Grumpy usually appears to me as a black shadow with red eyes but i usually can only see on outline and a clear picture in my head) and i could see the little boy backed into the other side of the room cowaring. I screamed at him to get away from the little boy and he turned on me and got in my face telling me to go away but i stood my ground and glared back then he disappeared before my eyes. I was home alone with my cousin and she came running in there and asked me what was wrong i said the bad spirit was pestering the little boy. she ended up shaking her head saying you know i dont like hearing bout him (she can feel him behind her in the hall as well). Then i went in the back room and sat on my parents bed then the little boy stared at me i didnt think itd work but i had to try it works with Alex so i opened my arms to him and he ran towards me and sat in my lap leaning on me. It felt werid but nice touching him felt like touching spider webs but i dont know if ghost can cry but it sure felt like it. Poor little boy i dont know why but at times i eel like calling him Micheal he seems to respond to it. Crystal is that part of being a medium knowing their names without them telling you it? I have the black cat watching after him so i am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. this is another goodbye from Adreama and her ghost.

  8. Adreama says:

    eariler this week* sorry i forgot to add that in there

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