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My Ghost Story – The Old Man In Our House

Posted on September 5, 2008

When my husband and I moved into our house, I began “seeing things” out of the corner of me eye, like a shadow moving across a wall. My husband said it was probably a reflection of a car going past or a tree blowing in the wind. I noticed our cat wouldn’t go all the way down the hallway or into the bedroom at the end of the hall.  If you picked her up and tried to carry her down the hall, she would fight to get away.

Our oldest daughter often came to visit and on one occasion asked me if I had ever seen anything strange in this house. I told her about the shadows and she said “Yes, I see them too”. One night while she was visiting, my daughter and I were watching TV and my husband had gone to bed as it was very late.  The lamp on the table between our chairs was on and my small dog was laying beside me in the chair.  He stood up and was looking toward the doorway, (wagging his tail like he was glad to see someone) when I saw a softball sized shadow run toward my chair, like a spider running across the floor.  I instinctively lifted my feet and it disappeared under the chair.  My daughter had seen it too and asked what that was. My dog jumped down, and stuck his nose under the chair, still wagging his tail. I looked under the chair and even moved it, but didn’t see anything. My daughter and I, though startled by this, talked how it was strange that we weren’t frightened by whatever we had just witnessed.

A few months later, while again watching TV, my husband had fallen asleep in his chair after eating supper and my dog was in his usual spot beside me in my chair. Once again he stood up looking toward the hallway, and was wagging his tail.  I looked over at the hallway and saw what at first I thought was smoke, then realized it was mist rolling into the room.  The mist stopped and began to take the shape of an old man, dressed in colonial garb.  When I yelled at my husband, the old man disappeared.  My husband said I must have fallen asleep too and dreamed it.

My husband never believed our daughter and I was seeing anything strange in this house until we had a contractor here measuring the family room for new flooring.  After he was through taking measurements, he was standing in front of the hallway, giving us the information on the new flooring.  Every so often, he looked over his shoulder and down the hall.  He asked us if there was any one else in the house.  When we said no, he said it was strange, but he could swear he saw an old man standing at the end of the hall.  I spun around and said to my husband, “See? I told you so!”  I told the contractor about seeing the old man and he too said he felt no fear in this house.

Shortly after this took place, my husband and I went to a Halloween party where there was a fortune teller there for entertainment.  We didn’t participate, just watched and listened to him tell the other guests things about their life and themselves.  Later that evening he approached me and asked me if there was something I wanted to know about in my house.  I immediately assumed my husband had told him about what I had seen, so I told the guy my story.  He in turn told me this spirit wasn’t going to harm us, but wanted us to know he was there.  He also told me that now that I had seen this man, I wouldn’t be seeing shadows any more and that was true.  To this day, I don’t see things out of the corner of my eyes and my cat now goes all the way down the hall and into the bedroom.

Sent in by “Night Worker”, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “My Ghost Story – The Old Man In Our House”
  1. patty treadway says:

    yes my name is patty i have a nephew he is always seeing things but he gets scard of what he sees but i told him just talk to them they will not hurt him this house i lived in their was and old lady that always came out of my upstears but she never bother ne at all i just would set and watch her i think they have things to do that is why they wounder around now my brother it was bothing him he was staying with me at the time he sean her come out i told him she was my lady of the nite

  2. lache says:

    This is one of the best storys that ive read on this site and i liked it alot.
    Thanks for this nice story……….and it does sound like the real thing.

  3. Bruce Hood says:

    The question is not whether ghosts exist or not by why do so many of us readily believe what refuses to be seen?
    What are ghosts frightened of?

  4. Carly says:

    That was a real good story, and im really glad that the ghost or spirit turned out to be nice instead of the type tha harms you nd scares you..but yes..good story..

  5. Sue says:

    Hello. I think this story clearly spells out that there are things that ‘go bump in the night’, but also that not all of those things are out to harm the living. I have had similar experiences to what you stated in the beginning of the story, that is, seeing things in the corners of my eyes. I always passed it off as an over active imagination: I do admit to watching scary movies and I read Stephen King books, so it is possible. However, after reading so many stories that state the same thing, it does make me wonder, but I have never seen a full body apparition, so it still may yet just be my imagination. Who knows? Anyways, great story!

  6. brenda says:

    Animals, cats and dogs are very sensitive to energy watch them. They even notice changes in the weather. My own cats and dog look at walls and doorways too. I’ve even seen my house plants waving like theres a strong breeze when there not! Explain that one! My boyfriend’s cornheater blower turns on in the summer when its turned off!

  7. Warrior Priestess says:

    It was a good story, the old man, was perhaps the spirit of the man that once lived there and comes to visit every so often to make sure everything is okay, he’s probably in Heaven, but is also allowed to come down and wander through the house, the shadow of what looked like a ball was probably a joyful spirit and wanted to play. But as for the cat being terrified of a certain area of thehouse, perhaps there was something bad there, and thats also why the old man was there, to make sure nothing evil brought harm. Please Visit my Blog-Spot called: “Warrior Priestess ~ The Forgotten Jungle” All my submitted Brane expiriences are there aswell as a lot of info and knowledge i have receive through the past 10 years.
    If anything else happens in that house please do write about it!!

  8. vicky says:


    Thats what I meant by true story – clearly stated what happened and thats all. Thank you, I enjoyed reading it!

  9. countess says:

    it’s really a nice story and i guess it’s true,
    well, all i can say is there’s no reason to be scared to those
    ghosts as long as they didn’t hurt you.

  10. courtney says:

    thats almost what happend in the story i wrote (that was true)

  11. Karen M. says:

    kind of like the story I wrote our dog wouldn’t go upstairs time to time he would hide under the table and just look around!

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