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My Friends Haunted House

Posted on September 23, 2010

My name is Jason. I am 25 years old, and have only had some recent encounters with the paranormal, which I documented in my story on this site “The Homestead Spirits.” Recently, while at a friend’s house for a birthday party, there were some strange occurrences that lead me to believe that the place is haunted.

In June, my best friend from high school purchased his very first house about halfway across town. A friend, my fianc and I all helped him move in. He had purchased the house from a very devout family, and there crucifixes, rosaries, and icons all around the house, so much so that it was noticeable to me, someone who had grown up Catholic. There was one over the front door, two in the hallway, one over the master bedroom upstairs, and one inside the bedroom downstairs. I made the passing joke that maybe they were trying to keep out something evil. My friend, not being Christian, decided to remove them, and I asked for one of the crucifixes. While not Christian, he is respectful of other religious beliefs, and handled the crosses with care as he took them down and gave them to friends and relatives.

Flash-forward to last week, when we were celebrating the homeowner’s birthday. We were in his basement, playing card games and having a good time. I had brought along a digital camera to take pictures of the gathering, and my fianc pointed out that in two of the pictures, there are some distinct orbs floating over some of the guests’ heads. I don’t take much stock in orb pictures, but I did recall it odd since the house had been cleaned earlier that day, so there shouldn’t have been dust or anything else that I usually attribute to photo orbs.

At about one in the morning, those of us who were staying the night were playing games downstairs when two of the light bulbs in the ceiling fan went out with a loud pop, and the third one went from yellow to blue. We quickly finished off the game and decided it was time for bed. I went to sleep on the floor, our host to his bedroom, another friend used the guest room, and my fianc was asleep on the couch behind me.

A couple hours passed, and I was woken by the sound of glass exploding. I say that word because it wasn’t the sound of a glass falling over and breaking, but it sounded as though something made of glass was thrown down or against a wall. It was loud enough to wake me, but my fianc was still asleep. She uses earplugs because she is normally a very light sleeper, so much so that the general noises of buildings would wake her. I turned on the lights and went into the kitchen, expecting to find out that his cat had knocked down one of the glasses. Finding no broken glass there, I went to his computer room, and still no glass. Everyone else was asleep, so I chalked it up to a dream and went back to sleep.

Some time passed (not sure how long, since I didn’t have my watch), and I was woken by the sound a second time. Another search revealed yet again that every other person in the house asleep, the cat curled up in his recliner, and not a single shard of broken glass. These were incredibly loud noises, loud enough to wake me out of a dead sleep.

If the orbs, the lights, or the sounds had been a single event, I would have just written them off, but all of them together makes me think that my friend may be living in a haunted house.

Sent in by Jason, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “My Friends Haunted House”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    if that was the case why didnt anything happen to him or anyone else at that time?you should talk to your friend and tell him what had happened to you and see what he says.i find it weird i know it can happen but i just find it weird that only you heard these this happen but yet nobody else.check out the house records and see what you come up with.thanks for the story.

    • Coral says:

      Hey Anna : p… he was the only one to hear stuff because the others were not ‘open’ to the experience,maybe ? I. Myself have seen/heard things while in the company of others,altho,they heard/saw nada.Just so happened that I was the only sensitive in the group. ; )

  2. Christina says:

    Interesting story and written well; makes it all the more interesting. That’s pretty freaky, and just happening to you. Maybe you were the one ‘selected’ by this entity/presence. If you are interested in what might be behind the noises and occurences, maybe you should do some researching on the house/the area.

    The previous owners having all those crucifixes is pretty odd, too. I understand people can be ‘appreciative’ of their religious beliefs, but that seems like quite a few. Also, you mentioned where these crucifixes were placed, maybe because there WASN’T one in the doorway of the basement you weren’t ‘shielded’ from the presence. Although the crucifixes are now gone, maybe their ‘spirit’ still wards off what wants in.

    Just some suggestions/thoughts.


    • Tina says:

      I do not believe in any one organized religion, but I do have crusifixes all over my home. ( because I think they are nice to look at & because I like what they stand for…ultimate sacrifice ) So having many crucifixes around a home, doesn’t necessarily mean one in overly religious, religious at all, or trying to keep something out.

  3. MARY says:

    Hello , I think you are on the right track , thanks so much for sharing your story. To me , it sounds like a haunting where the same thing occurs over and over when the energy is right like a tape or a movie. The entity just relive a time when something happened that was big enough to expell alot of energy . This may occur every night but your friend just thinks it’s the house and nothing to worry about . Ask him, share what happened to you. As the actual breaking of the lights and changing of the colors speaks of an entity that is intelligently haunting their home. Seemed to want your party to end , still can’t figure that out , maybe it knew that the other haunt was going to happen and it did not want 6 or so poeple asking the questions you had to ask yourself. The house definitely sounds like a good check over by a group that deals with this could dispell any problems . I still cannot remember the darn haunting where it continuously replays over and over!!! Making me crazy , ( the glass breaking sounds you heard) .If it were me I would definitely let me friend know that I experienced a strange happening when in their new home. For instance, imy neice would never be able to sleep well here when she came to babysit , she had many paranormal experiences but never told us afraid we would not believe her. So unfortunately there was alot of sufferiing and loss for my family here before we realized that we were being haunted. So , maybe this will help your friend. Again thanks so much for the story .. Peace and Blessings to you and yours , Mary

  4. Thomas says:

    Good read. Did not sound exagerated which gives credibility to the story.

  5. LouLou says:

    Just because the house is haunted doesn’t mean the spirits are bad…they might just like attention. Lots of people say they have spirits in their house who play tricks on them but never actually hurt them & after a while it stops being scary & you get used to it. Personally I would be too frightened to stick around, but I’m a complete wuss…some people would love the idea of living in ahaunted house!

    If you’re the only one who heard it, there’s a good chance it might have been a dream. I personally don’t believe orbs are anything other than dust or moisture or a trick of the camera…anyone else notice orbs never exsisted before digital camera we’re invented? but you know, who knows, maybe they are ghosts or spirits or whatever…

    …maybe have a chat with your friend? Let him know what happened & that you’re a bit worried about it. But to be honest, dream or ghost, if something else had happened you’d probably know it by now…certainly if it was something bad.

  6. big barney says:

    i dont think that this holds much of a paranormal case…..orbs are very arguable…..the lights blowing out at once could easily be a power surge or old electrical…and as for the loud noises…..those could easily be written off, cuz sometimes when you are asleep, you will dream of a certain noise and it will wake u up and you can swear it was real, but no more than your mind thinnking that it happend

  7. The Nate says:

    Well that story sticks out alot from any story i ever hurd or read, but im guessing this is what happened, you were asleep and since you may have been dreaming, a noise inside your head (or in this case your dream) may have interfered or tricked you to think it happened in reality then it woke you up that instant, it happens to me all the time, For a example, i go to school about everyday and i hear the same teachers voice so much, somehow i dream about it or when im half way asleep i’ll hear his voice as if i was in school, it’s basically a illusion, and right when i hear it at the split second i wake up. The human mind can work in many unknown ways, so basically what im saying is that if your half way asleep your mind can play tricks on you especially when you JUST fell asleep. Like when i just fall asleep and the illusion voice of my teacher wakes me up i see dots and things moving all over the place, it freaks me out sometimes but i no better. But if not for your case, good luck, and make sure to tell your friend to hang some kind of religous-related object on the wall somewhere, because obviously, he needs it.

  8. Nameless says:

    well what is the religion of your friend well he should turn to be catholic to be close to god
    well i am not forcing your friend to be catholic or something

  9. Anonymous says:

    i know this story some what.i live in a two room appartment and i was sleeping and a man cald my name.that was in the appartment.or i hear nopises like pappier or some thing that falls on the flor but when you look thars nothing. i know that i have Ghosts or some thing in my appartment. i have seen att least two of them.one sits behind me and nervs me allmost 24/7. the other attacks me when i sleep our laydown. it dont mater ware in my appartment.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I believe you actually heard glass breaking. I went to see my son Jeremy in Virginia about 6 weeks ago for a few days. He said I didnt tell you about our ghost. He and his girlfriend were standing in the kitchen one day talking in front of the stove, when it sounded like someone threw a glass from across the room and they both heard the loud crashing of glass on the cupboard next to themonly there was no broken glass anywhere, not in the kitchen, around the other side of the wall in the bathroom or in the cupboards in either room. On one of the nights I was there, he and I had been watching a movie, I on a couch on one side of the room, he on another on the other side. After the movie, I got up to use the bathroom and put a big ashtray on the coffee table in front of him. We both left the room, and when I came back to the living room he was just coming back in too. He said that darn cat must have knocked the ashtray off the table. It was upside down on the pale tan carpet. He picked the butts out of the 8 inch diameter mess and said I think Ill tell Trudy Ill vacuum that up in the morning, I dont want to get it out now. In the moring she was coming out of their bedroom as I was coming out of the guest room, he as still in bed. We went to the living room and she said he must have vacuumed the ashtray up last night, I thought he was going to leave it until this morning. He just entered and said I didnt vacuum it up, she said she didnt, and I didnt. He said maybe the dog licked it up, but we proested that it would have been a real mess and there was NO sign of any ashes on the floor at all. Jeremy mentioned it must be a clean ghost so it could stay, but now he may be having second thoughts.
    Last week I called him, and she was having someone come over a sprinkle holy water because their bed caught fire with about 2 inch flame, and they dont smoke in there, they dont have an electric blanket or mattress pad, She also swears she heard someone whisper her name in the kitchen when she was home alone. And the last one, she was in their computer room one day when a spare TV in there came on by itself, volume up all the way, and on a TV channel, when they only use it for the Play Station, and sound down low

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