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My First Experience with an Evil Entity

Posted on October 17, 2010

Hello, I want to share with you my experience I had with the paranormal. It all begins when I was 12 years old, I’m 19 now so it began in 2004.

Me and my two friends from school one day got chatting about ghost, the paranormal, that kind of thing. None of us had experienced anything before but we all had an open mind. One of my friends suggested that we try spells and witchcraft and so we did.

We used to go on the internet and get spells and try them out, we also then began writing our own. It wasn’t long before we realized that sometimes these spells would work – such as I did a spell to help me get better grades and I ended up getting top marks. It was all very fun until we all started experiencing things that we didn’t even know existed.

One night I was home alone and was sitting in the computer chair. I noticed a reflection from the computer screen which looked like two red eyes from behind me, then I suddenly felt this burning red hot air from behind me, I jumped up and looked around.. nothing was there. I was so scared I cried. This was my first paranormal encounter.

Not long after that my friend started seeing a spirit of a young girl follow her around and my other friend started having terrifying dreams. We decided to stop doing spells because of these frightening experiences. It didn’t end there though.

I think that I had opened a door to another world because from then on I regularly saw ghostly things in my house, everything from disembodied faces, weird noises, feeling someone watch me, hearing somebody follow me around, ghostly cats and seeing a woman dressed in olden day clothing. This continued until I was 16.

I had an entity follow me around. I don’t know what it was but I could sense it was evil. It appeared to me once as a black smoke shaped as a person. It would watch me in my room follow me around the house and I would sense anger and hatred from it to me. It was horrible. After about 5 years of its presence I finally tried to communicate with it, I tried to help it crossover or go back to the world it came from.

Not long after I moved from that house. I’ve never had experiences with the paranormal since. Still I don’t know what or who the entity was or if it was something to do with practicing witchcraft.

I’m glad I don’t see things anymore but I wish I knew what it was was following me for those years. Any comments/help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Sent in by Gemma, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Spells, Witchcraft

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28 Responses to “My First Experience with an Evil Entity”
  1. sharayah says:

    so being a witch in not all that fun in the end is it.u did open a door. who or what do you think was doing all that stuff for you girls but it always comes at a price,when you do not follow Gods words it always ends bad.hope you have no more bad things going on in your life.you should pray to God for forgiveness for playing with witchcraft.

    • Gemma says:

      Well I was only a kid and had no idea of what I was doing. My friend that had come up with the idea of trying spells and she was a christian. We did it for fun and we were curious to see what happens.
      I do regret what I did because the demon ruined my life and now I’m 19 my life is still horrible and I’m begging god to save my soul.

      I wanted to post this story for others to read as a warning not to mess around with witchcraft or trying to contact the dead because of the negative things that can come out of it.

      • sharayah says:

        im sorry that this is still going on.i know better then any one about so called white witches my mother did it.i saw thing at the age of 5 like skeletons smiling at me all the time @ the end of our hallway she would pray to things that she called santos (so called saints) she would do all kind of thing like burn peoples names in fire ,put food out for them water and so much more. at the age of 11 i knew what she was doing was wrong.i seen things in the house i felt bad things around me. one time when i was 12i got into a fight with her and she told me they her santo didn’t like what i was doing and i was going to pay,and pay i did lets just say that same night i came home with a big ass cut on my face,when she saw me she smile a little and said i told tou they was going to punish you! for a long time she was on drugs and we where not talking for a long time.im now 29 she stop the witch stuff got off drugs she good we talk now.but i will never forget the unclean spirits she had around me with her madness. that’s why i know better then to play with witchcraft. i hope things work out for you.good things in your life help a lot most of all GOD helps 0:)

        • Gemma says:

          Thank you Sharayah,
          I understand because my mum claims to talk to ‘spirits’ and it rules her life sometimes. She always tells me that the ‘spirits’ are going to get me and they are angry at me.
          I think she is actually talking to evil spirits or demons.

          • AlexTheCat says:

            Well mmm if you’re mother really is talking to spirits, then these will be bad spirits…. For sure… lol xD

          • Selene says:

            My Granny is a liar, But eversince I found out she mentioned seeing ghosts and had the EYE of ghost sight, I can’t tell if she lies on that, but I can’t stop feeling watched. I’m a Christian and she’s Buddhist. I mentioned on one of my comments on Vanishing into 4th dimensions on this sight that I saw auras, invisible dots and stuff. but I can’t stop seeing them, no matter where look, I can’t tell if YOU see it, but I do. And I always see something move if I stare at it. No, not slowly, but like If I pushed it by with my finger. You know the Evil eye? I don’t know if I have that. But I stare at people and they avoid me like I’m some monster or something. They walk away from me. I looked at myself at a mirror the way I did them, but I looked fine!

          • sharayah says:

            i feel the same.they are evil and they lie to people to make them think they are good :( .

      • Sunny says:

        i partially agree.Contacting the dead obviously is a no-no since i assume the dead would like to be left in peace.I might be Wiccan but i perform spells rarely, and never to harm anyone or for my own benefit. I don’t know what kind of spells you did but all i can say is law of threefold. you send bad energy out then three times that will come back to you but if you perform good spells then three times that will come back to you.

  2. AnNa bites back says:

    well i hope you learned your lesson from all of this.what ever happened to your friends that did it to?do you still talk to them?has anything happened to them?

    • Gemma says:

      we were friends for the next 3 years but when I moved schools we ended up having bad arguments and the two girls are just totally different people to me now. They become really nasty and one of them even denies the experiences we had as paranormal and said believing in ‘ghosts’ was childish. I’m no longer with friends with either of them.

      • AnNa bites back says:

        thats too bad,but maybe its for the better.maybe the one friend that said its childish maybe something bad happened to her and shes just lashing out.but thats for commenting me back.

  3. catlincat says:

    when you do withch craft something bad always happens but if you do withcraft that white witches do it helps the world but yea

    • Gemma says:

      Thing is, I only EVER did white magick. I heard about that if you put curses on anyone then bad things happen to you so i never ever did it. My two friends did black magick a few times though,

      • Sunny says:

        it could have been gray magick? did you surround yourself with white light or do any protective ritual before you started a spell? if you didnt then the entity could have thought “oh heres a vulnerable unprotectited person,i’ll just prey on them now”

  4. Natasha says:

    Hi gemma,

    Witch craft isnt a joke. I cant claim to be a practicing Wiccan at the moment but I have done a lot of reading regarding this religion, and it has always said that all the spells you cast should not be for personal gain. That spell you used to cast on yourself to get good grades end up coming back to you three fold. That is probably why u were seeing such things.
    As good Wiccans, we use witch craft for the greater good and for fighting evil.
    Wicca is not a bad religion, and like most religions, it depends on the people practicing it. If you are a good person, you are a good wiccan, if not ur evil. Simple as that. G’day!!!

    • Gemma says:

      Hi Natasha
      I can see what I did wrong now. At the time though, I was practicing Wicca but referred to myself as a ‘White Witch’ because i never did magick to hurt anyone else. I only did a few spells for self gain and more to help other people and I also wrote a lot of spells for others. I actually believed at the time that when I starting seeing ghosts and other things that I had gained some sort of magical power. I look back now and realize I had a demon attached to me, I didn’t even believe in demons at the time.

    • Sunny says:

      I am a practicing wiccan and i couldn’t agree more :-)

  5. Anon says:

    Cute story.

  6. ananimous says:

    are you still living in that house? because if you are i would get it blessed to make sure that the evil spirits you attracted stay out for good

    • Gemma says:

      No, no long gone from that house. I live on the other side of Australia now. I hope they don’t follow me..

      • sharayah says:

        your an ozzy that cool you should try to bless the place your in now,ask the lord to bless you too and to send his angles to help you.your moms is just as nuts as my moms i think they are talking to demons too :( thats way ur not to talk to any spritis it tells you that in the bible . :| i hope your mom stops her madness too. do you still live with her and are you still dealing with it .i hope not take care. :) may God be with you.

  7. Raven says:

    I am too very sorry about ur experinces with witch craft that you and ur past friends have conjure up, and it is indeed and u now learn that not knowing how its conjured up by its bad news.

    Yes u did opened the door in ur old house. So now someone who lives there might experince the same activites thats been haunting you.
    Becareful sweetface ok?

    Now you say that you have moved, and they have not followed you. Which is good, they are probably attach to your old property not to you. But dont bother of that demonic prescene that followed you, its best that you forget these events you know.

  8. Teri says:

    Were any of the “spells” you & your, I’m sorry, but dumb friends, throw out any negative spells? There is only one law in witchcraft resembling anything like a commandment. It states that if a witch does harm, it returns to her/him threefold. You have opened a door in which needs to be closed. Nothing is happening now? It will return eventually. Just like a Ouija Board, doors have to be closed. You say you were surfing the net for spells. You should have been surfing the net for info & the consequences of Witchcraft.

    • Gemma says:

      Me and my friends knew about the threefold law and if you do anything bad to someone it will get back at you.
      My two other friends did bad spells (such as put a curse on a teacher) but I never did anything negative yet I was still followed by a negative entity.
      The entity presented itself to me strongly twice and both times when I was looking at something to do with witch craft:
      The first as i mentioned appeared behind me when i was sitting at a computer on a Wiccan website and that’s when I felt the hot air behind me and saw a reflection of red eyes in the computer screen
      The second one was I was reading a book of myths and legends of Britain and reading about the medieval witches and their spells and how they were found out and executed – that’s when a shadow figure appeared next to me for a few seconds, as it disappeared a gust of wind blew from it onto me and It followed me into my bedroom and I felt it’s hate and terror so I had to spend the rest of the day in the Garden until my mom came home.

      I never did anything bad with witchcraft but because of my experience I believe ALL witch craft is bad. I’m a Christian now and will never attempt anything of the kind again. I’ve learnt my lesson.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What I would suggest is that if has not follow you around, I would consider just put it out of your mind. When I moved to Orlando, I had one frightening thing happen a week after we moved into to base housing my friend stayed the night and she told me every time she stayed a new friends house something freaky would happen. Well her luck struck my house about thirty minutes after everyone went to bed there was a smell of burning rubber. I ran to my parents room and my mom ran down stairs to find out the dryer melted. My friend told my parents that something always happens and my parents looked at her funny, by the way they both seen ghost before like me and my sister and brother. They shrugged it off though as a 9 year olds imagnation. Later on that year I told my parents that I was afraid of my room that I kept seeing things, by now my parents knew I saw ghost. They got my a night light and I woke a couple nights later and I swore I saw a whole family that look like they had been burned alive. I just suggest that maybe the entities where already there, but since you had opened yours eyes and drop the veil you just didn’t see them until you did magic.

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