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My Fiances Familiar?

Posted on April 4, 2011

I apologize in advance for the length of this story. There is SO much to it.

I have been with my fianc (we’ll call him Nick) for three and a half years. About a year into our relationship he confessed something to me. He said that there was a creature that had been following him since he was a child. He has a certain “sight” and has always had paranormal experiences.

Nick is from Eastern Kentucky and moved to the state line of VA/KY at a young age. When he was very young (maybe 5-8), he got himself lost in the woods around his house. This small dog-like creature told him that if Nick would give *it* something it would help him out. It helped Nick out of the woods and disappeared for a bit. And then it was back.

According to my fianc, it would always appear a little bit larger every time it appeared. The creature would constantly be telling him that he was a horrid person, that he messes up everything he attempts, etc. However it never touched him until the night before my mother attempted suicide. A warning perhaps?

About two years ago, when we were having problems and split up for a few months, it seemed that Nick finally took control. He made himself the creature’s master instead of the other way around. The thing no longer followed Nick but visited me for a short time (I would feel its eyes, but never saw it) and visited my friend in California, nearly causing her death an an auto accident.

He told me the name of the creature was “Goromire” and later, after it was gone, he told me that its name was truly “Gorrhomia.” Please bear with me as Nick refuses to write or ever speak this name again and I am only guessing as to how to spell this.

Recently, I have stumbled upon a book of tales from our area. It was kind of a “Tales Your Great Granny Would Tell” themed piece of literature. Imagine my surprise when I find there was a story of the exact same creature WHERE HE LIVES PRESENTLY but in the early 1900′s! We live in an area that was inhabited by Cherokee tribes and he has a bit of Cherokee in him.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this thing could be or if it could come back? I appreciate all comments, but please do not suggest prayer or anything with a God as we are both staunch atheists. Thanks. Mrs.V.

Sent in by AmazingDisgrace, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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18 Responses to “My Fiances Familiar?”
  1. BekkieLassy says:

    Wow! Very interesting. Couldn’t you find more information about this “thing”.
    I would love to here where he came from and why he’s back.

  2. eagleranger says:

    well first of all im sorry your athiest :( because prayer is probably the only way your going to get rid of it at least for a short time and have pastor or priest to come in and help but i dont know if that would help you with out a little faith in god ,,,,but i do believe in god so ill pray for you :)

  3. Ian says:

    I used to be an atheist/agnostic and often heard voices when I tried to get to sleep. I’m now a Christian and it never happens. Perhaps it’s a coincidence… (OK I know it’s not exactly what is happening to you, but you get the point)
    Have you just tried simply telling it to go and not return?

  4. J.J. says:

    idk wut it could be but maybe you should discribe it a little better.

  5. Apostleled says:

    Im not sure what kind of answer your looking for? I dont think science can explain it. I think it has to be spiritual and I also believe Nick must give it permission to be with him and to visit others. It seems that this creature has been given authority by helping Nick out the woods. Nick needs to break these ties between it and the creature how ever he feels led to do so. Sorry if thats not much help if your open to ways to break these ties and to free Nick then I would be happy to discuss this.

  6. Pat says:

    I would read as much info on that areaas I could find! There is surely something to this creature! I am so very sorry that this thing has attached itself to your fiance…I would also suggest that you find a paranormal research group in that area as well…as for not wanting any prayers i am sorry but I am a devout Christian and will say a prayer for you both… I truly believe there is a good and evil in this world and that oftentimes we are caught up in the spiritual warefare between the two! I am so very thankful that your friend was spared in that auto accident….I am so very glad you have reached out for help and am very sure you are not alone in your quest to get to the truth about just what that thing is!

  7. Diana says:

    Wow. I’m at a loss and I really really wish I could offer some words of wisdom or at the very least some anecdotal evidence that eventually the “thing” will go away…alas, I can’t. I get a sort of demonic vibe from your description and also the fact that your fiancee refuses to say or write the creature’s name. Have you tried searching alternate spellings to see if anyone else may have encountered this thing at one time or another?

    I will send as much positive energy as I can muster your way… sadly, that is all that I can offer you at this point. Please keep us posted of any new happenings and hopefully, someone who can help you will stumble across your story soon.

    Love and Light,

  8. Mary-Kate says:

    Oh I am so sorry! Unfortunately this creature sounds like a demon to me. I’ve heard many stories of demons following someone around their whole life, and just degrading them constantly. :/ It sounds like your fiancee has a demon atatched to him, and once you get married it will probably become attatched to you too. Maybe you should look into ways to exorcise the creature? I hope you have a lovely wedding!

  9. jk says:

    You already named it, it is a Familiar. Low ranking demonic entity that does not have the rank or power for a frontal attack and possession. It is the same as an imaginary friend or that little girl ghost that people see all the time. They can pull off appearing and disappearing and they sometimes wait years watching and studying a person before they attempt to appear or they start very slowly to test the persons fear. In the case of a familiar they do not want to scare the victom. They are required by their more powerful masters to create a legal contract between themselves and the victom that gives them a legal right to oppress them and stay with the victom, if not they go back to the pit. That is why it tried to make the deal with him. Normally they will attach to kids that have little family or no father, latch key kids, loners. They use these things against the person to isolate them from all that they love and then try to convince them to commit suicide or they end up institutionalized. You may be atheist but if Nick had made any sort of promise or pact with this thing only Christ could save him. I hope this thing is gone, but I am not convinced of it. They can disappear for years and show up when the person is at their lowest.

  10. K. Smith says:

    I would say that this supernatural spiritual creature is proof that God is real and demonic spirits do exist because your unbelieving fianc is in fact communicating and trying to control something that is NOT HUMAN and truly deadly and iniquitous. It also appears as if this demon is already prepared to wreck havoc in the lives of anyone who hangs around you and your fianc i.e. the car accident involving your friend. Believe me this is only the beginning.

  11. AmazingDisgrace says:

    Thanks to everyone who replied to our story. Since about the fall of 09, we have not had any more experiences….or if Nick has, he has not told me. I was just looking for an explanation as to what this thing is! In response to him naming it, I am fairly certain that he didn’t name it…it just kind of happened. I don’t have fear of the thing like he does, it just fascinates me. Perhaps it’s some sort of a Native American thing.

  12. Adhinferno says:

    Familiar, huh? The one who is with me is so kind and always helping me out when i am going down. I guess i am very lucky for having her by my side at all time. Hehehehe! Usually, Familiar exists to help their master, because the “development” of their master will develop them too. So, its looked like a kind of mutual symbiosys for me.

  13. Witchking arcadia says:

    Its a paracite. its name is grewruhmaya . It wants control over lives of those who have life. In nature this thing would be of a ghoul backround. It decieves with traitorous gifts.my family knows these kind of humanoid type creatures.theres many of them. Murazor the shape shifter ,adunaphel the destroyer, grewrumaya.the deceiver,milgur the red shadow,orgath the night follower,phelenohr the invader.and the worsest izusu the demon,

    • AmazingDisgrace says:

      I think that sounds about accurate actually. A parasite…gives me shivers even if it’s not been around for more than a year.

  14. mellisa says:

    could you please tell me more about your familiar and that to Familiar the development of their master will develop them?

    Witchking arcadia,
    I’m confused about what you were writing. I know you told us various demons & creatures & their names, but….what are they? how do you know their names? I never heard anything like that.

    • mellisa says:

      This story is scary, but it’s just fascinating. I don’t know if all familiar are from low demon race, but I believe there are other type of familiar that are not demon & not evil.
      what Adhinferno wrote is more like a guardian spirit to me.

  15. katie says:

    You are an atheist and I respectyour right to choose. However, doesn’t the existence of this creature help prove God is real? It sounds like a demon of some sort. If there is a hell, there is surely a heaven, right? Only God can protect you and your fiance from this thing. When you have the power of Christ in you things like this can’t bother you because God protects you from them. So as a Christian, I will be praying for you and your fiance that God opens up your hearts to him so that he can protect you eternally. God bless you both.

  16. AmazingDisgrace says:

    To update the last person who has commented upon this story, I have recently found Catholicism. It seemed that after I left the man in this story, Nick, that his “demon” or whatever you would call it has attacked everyone I care for. After my best friend was attacked, I had had enough. Since then, we have had no issues with the demon. Thank God.

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