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My Experiences With Sleep Paralysis

Posted on March 25, 2009

I have had two significant experiences. Once when I was about 18 and the other when I was about 22. In the first, I was watching TV and suddenly could not move a single muscle. I could, however, move my eyes. It was really very, very scary. The most scary feeling I have ever had… ever. I was having a hard time breathing. I could sense a presence in the room with me at the time and it was making a strange shuffling sound on the floor.

I was afraid to look at it and the next thing I know, (I know this is going to sound crazy), I am no longer in my body. I am looking down on my body on my bed and I am somewhere near the ceiling. Here’s the craziest part. I go through the ceiling and find myself in this round room that is dimly lit. There are windows around and it is kind of dark outside. It looks like there are curtains on the windows but I am not for sure.

There is a “podium” in the middle of the room and I am moving toward it. I place my hands on the podium and begin falling – like into a bottomless pit that is so dark I can feel it. I keep falling and falling and in my mind, I call out to Jesus and immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY – I am back in my body on my bed and can move. I ran into the living room to tell my dad but he just shrugged it off as a bad dream. I was not asleep.

The next time it happened when I was in college. I was again watching TV and it happened – I couldn’t move. Same song, second verse. Except this time, I could hear lots of little feet shuffling around behind me (there is a wall behind me!). They are very close and I hear lots and lots of little “whisperings” that are downright evil and FREAKING ME OUT! I am scared and in my mind scream out to Jesus and the episode immediately ends.

I believe that the scientists do not have this diagnosis cornered. I believe that there is a spiritual dimension that is unseen and at times, we are opened up to it for some reason or another. For me, it is more reason to believe in God.

Sent in by G.T.B., Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “My Experiences With Sleep Paralysis”
  1. Alpha says:

    Hey that was a scary experience

    I think you were transferred to a dimension of some sort but which one it was i don’t know. The different dimensions can all be viewed kinda like a radio. Tune into a certain frequency you get a certain radio station. In a radio, there are well know radio channels with their own frequency. Likewise, heaven and hell can be viewed as the well-known ones which most people go to, but there are other ones people for no apparent reason go to.

    The science behind it is complex and pertains to energy/quantum mechanics but the whole notion of different dimensions from a scientific viewpoint isn’t as ludicrous as it seems

    Take care :)

  2. r says:

    i totally agree with you on scientists dont know what they’re talking about. i too have experienced something similar to this..but i did not go out of body. i havent experienced that feeling in a long time..and dont want to.

  3. Jackie says:

    Hey, I think what Alpha says is pretty good summing up of this, but i’d also like to add that your prayers have had a significant part in this. I hope you carry on with your prayers and ask God for this to stop.

  4. tyra says:

    Maybe it was a hallucination… I am NOT saying it can’t be anything else at all.You might have gone into another dimension, too.I honestly don’t know.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have had several experiences with this same thing except my spirit never actually left my body. I would often hear voices and see something almost everytime. Each time it happened, it was ALWAYS associated with evil. It started when I was about 10 and finally when I became a christian, I learned to call of Jesus. The first time I did, it took me awhile to realized that my mouth was not moving. When I did realize that, I began in the faintest of voices, to call on him and immediately, it left me.

  6. Maja says:

    I had a ‘dream’ when I was in college that involved sleep paralysis. I was awake on my dorm bed having woke up, but not wanting to get up yet. I was staring at my room-mate who was still asleep. I could see her digital clock and knew it was too early to get up. Suddenly I realized that I couldn’t move anything except my eyes. My body just didn’t respond to the effort I was making to roll over. On the wall was a shadow. I couldn’t see what was causing it because the thing casting the shadow was invisible. The shadow was like a person but had a head shaped like a dog. I could tell by the shadow it was getting closer to me. This invisible thing leaned over me and said, “not as strong as you think you are.” The shadow disappeared. Then I could move. I was so scared. It wasn’t the paralysis or the shape on the wall. It was what the thing said to me that absolutely terrified me.

    The next semester I took an art history class. I wondered if the man with the dogs head or maybe jackyls head? was Anubis the Egyptian god associated with mummification. Mummified is certainly a good analogy for the feeling of sleep paralysis. As to what it said, it shook my confidence in myself for a long time thereafter. Maybe that was a good thing that saved me from risky behavior or overconfidence, or maybe it was a bad thing holding me back from doing what I was supposed to be doing. I don’t know. It wouldn’t bother me a bit if that was my first and only experience with waking sleep paralysis.

  7. Daun says:

    I have had several experiences such as the one you are describing. However, I came to find out later that I was mastering the art of astroprojection.This only happened for me at night and when I would meditate to the point where I could slow my breathing and heart rate down. One time I found myself directly above my body face to face. I had the similar experience of being in the corner top of the room then to falling through what appeared to be stars but their voices told me they were other souls bound there, our energies were different so I knew they had passed and they were drawn to my warmth. After a while in that place I also heard the voice of God ask me if I was ready. When i had no answer..my life passing before my eyes, i started fallling back through the darkness of whispering souls. Then I screamed wait I didn’t have time to answer. He said That was your answer. Had you have been ready you would have known. I returned to my body. Another time when I was in my early 20s I had several spirits that inhabited my home. One I was not afraid of.I knew that he meant me no harm. Yet there were a few I could see more as dark aparitions. There was one I was too afraid to see. One night as always I felt the heaviness of his presence. Which was definetly the darkest presence I’ve ever felt.he laid upon me in bed and I was sufficating. Just before I lost consciousness he got off of me. I couldnt move the entire time or scream or speak.I am usually very sensitive to spirits and I have communicated with many, but this one was evil, and i was very glad when his presence left my home.

  8. paula says:

    i believe that a person can leave his/hers soul and come back….wow.,, all of you have these really creapy stories and weird experiences. would you ever regret having them or are you fine with it?

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