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My Experiences Living in a Haunted House

Posted on August 14, 2010

I am only 13 but have already had a lot of ghostly experiences. I would like to share some things that have happened, most of them were quite a few years ago, some more recent.

The clearest one happened a few years ago,I must have been about 11 or 12. It was very late one night, and I had been having quite bad sleeping problems. I went through a phase of never being able to get to sleep for hours and hours. So one night, it must have been about 1 am, I was still awake. The rest of the house was quite, so everyone must have been asleep. I was very restless so I got up and turned on my bedroom light. I opened my bedroom door wide. Now, outside my room is the ton of the stairs, and the wall opposite (attached to the stairs) is made of brick. The light from my bedroom was shining onto the brick wall.

All of a sudden, I saw a black shadow of a little boy run across the wall. I no that there was no one behind me, because I don’t share a room with anyone, and my room is quite small. I was really freaky.

Another time was, when my older sister had the room I have now (the one with the black shadow) she said she saw something. She said she saw a boy staring through the window at her. She said that she blinked and rubbed her eyes but the boy was still there, but after about a few more seconds the boy sort of blew away with the wind.

Another time, my mother was in the lounge talking to my father about my grandparents (who had both already died when this happened). Anyway, they were talking about them, when suddenly a picture of them what was hanging on the wall suddenly fell down!

My brother claims that he was walking down the landing one night, it was dark, and he saw two white orbs floating around in his room (which is next to my room).

When I was about 9 I had a different bedroom. And it was night again, and the room was pitch black. Suddenly a light from outside the window came on, I went to the window but saw  nothing. Then when I got back into bed the light kept flickering on and off really quickly. I ran into my parents room but they told he it was nothing and to go to sleep.

And another time was when I was trying to get to sleep, I was sleeping in my mums bed and she was downstairs and hadn’t gone to bed yet, (I cant remember why I was in her bed!) I was half asleep when I heard a knocking. “yeah?” I called but no one answered, the window was open so thought it was the wind or something, I heard it again and called again, but still no reply, it kept knocking so I shut the window. But I kept on hearing that knocking, so I went into my brothers room to see it he was playing a trick, but he was fast asleep. The knocking continued, but I managed to get to sleep. In the morning I told mum and she said she hears knocking sometimes, but can never figure out what it is.

I had a sleepover once, (this was in the room with the black shadow) and I fell asleep, but in the morning my friend said that when I was asleep, she kept hearing banging coming from the wardrobe.

Also, I always hear breathing and footsteps outside my room when there’s no one there. Like I said before, outside my bedroom is the top of the stairs. Apparently, the top of the stairs is the most common place for a ghost to “hang out”.

My mum says that sometimes when she’s in the kitchen washing up or something, she hears someone come in and senses someone standing behind her, but when she turns around there nothing or no one there.

My mums friend is one of those people who can tell if a spirit is there, and can communicate with them and so on,one day when she was round, I decided to ask her if she could come outside my room (and the top of the stairs) to see if she could feel spirits. She said it was my grandma and granddad who were there, but they were just looking after us. That explains the picture falling down, but now the little boy.

My dogs bark at thin air too. I think that this is everything, and if anyone could help me to find out what it is, or how to do anything, then that would be great. Thanks for reading.

Sent in by immmie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “My Experiences Living in a Haunted House”
  1. AnNa says:

    IMMMIE——lots of things has happened to you or family members.well since you know 2 of the ghosts who they are and you want to find out if there are others that you dont know of do so research and see what you come up with,or if you know the last homeowners ask them about the house.thanks for the story.i would like to hear more if you have more.

  2. trolldoll says:

    sounds like you have a classical haunting going on. don’t be afraid, grandparents are just checking up on the family. the little boy probably lived there back in the day. have you tried to talk to them? remember they are people with no bodies. you will be fine!

  3. Double L says:

    well i can kind of relate to you and kind of say ya..family members are always looking out for you…it was the night of my stepmoms funeral and i was trying to get to bed but i couldnt fall asleep there were too manythings rushing through my head…when she was a live and i cou8ldnt sleep she would lie down beside me play with my hair or rub my back….sometimes she would tap on my leg just to see if i was sleeping or not…anyway i was lying dowwn in bed and all of a sudden the other side of the bed went down a bit like someone was crawling into bed with me but noone was there all my family members were downstairs..i was afraid to turn and look so i didnt….then i felt someone rubbing my back and again nooone was there….i turned and saw her figure…..then it dissappeared i was releived that she was still with me but also freaked the hell out an hour later i was still a awake and i felt tapping on my leg i ran downstairs soooo quickly and all anyone can say was your crazy…its going to be ok…now she has been gone for 2 years and sometimes when i cant fall asleep i still feel her and when im talking to her i just talk like she is right there infront of me…but sometimes i put a candle and talk becausse if there a candle and you are talking to someone in the afterlife the candle will move if there not there it wont….so if i dont have a candle i ask her for a sighn and instantly something will fall down or her picture in my room will./……i can totally relate to you because i am only 12 years old and this has happened to me…..jst be greatful that your grandparents are there with you im very gretful that my stepmom is heere but like i said sometimes freaked out jjust at the fact thatr she is not there phisically…….but you should ask them questionss and try to communicate ask them lets say why they chose banging to get your attention why not just simply tapping you?

  4. Brad says:

    there such ghost known as traveling ghosts if u posses a object the the passed away person cherished the ghost will follow the object until the object is ether burnt or given 2 a different person but that person will inherit the ghost! but the ghost wont leave if he or she becomes intersid in u! and u become the ghosts most cherished object!

  5. Liz says:

    Do you know how old your property is, immmie? Or any of the history of the home? The little boy may have nothing to do with you at all, but with the home or property your home is on. Your bedroom might have once been his, or something like that. He may just be curious about you. Regardless, a child’s spirit really doesn’t belong here on earth, in my opinion. A child’s spirit trapped on earth, when they should really go on to the next plane of existence (most people call it heaven), is never a good thing. Usually a child will go to the light if you tell them it’s okay, don’t be afraid, and just go to the light. In any event, he sounds like an active haunting, not just residual energy in the home.

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