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My Experience At Haunted Port Arthur

Posted on December 23, 2007

My Experience At Haunted Port Arthur

I have believed in ghosts and paranormal beings for a long time, so it was only natural to go see the supernatural on the port Arthur ghost tour in Tasmania.

The fist encounter was when we headed to the church. My dad said he saw a face in the bell tower, my friend’s sister has also seen a face in the tower.

When we were leaving the church yard I took some pictures. The camera froze on a picture of what looked like two orbs.

We then went to the parsonage. This house is said to be the most haunted part of the tour.

Haunted Port Arthur PrisonThe tour guide then told us about three builders. Two slept in the room with the fire place, the other slept in the mail room. The apprentice was sleeping in the fire room, when he started having a fit. The man woke up, thinking the apprentice was having a bad dream so he went to wake him up. Something was lying atop of the young fellow choking him. The man called his friend, together they freed the lad, and spent the rest of the night outside.

Haunted Port Arthur PrisonMy dad works at Port Arthur, restoring the old buildings. He was painting the mail room. He had a large lamp in the same room that the boy was attacked, drying the freshly painted wall. It was in the same corner as the apprentice was almost killed. Three times dad heard the lamp crash, but every time he went in to have a look it was standing up.

I’d love to tell you more but maybe another time. This is all true, no lies.

Submitted to us by Jordan Lawson copyright 2007 all rights reserved

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10 Responses to “My Experience At Haunted Port Arthur”
  1. Do you know anything about the history of the face in the bell tower?

  2. jordan lawson says:

    Reply to voodoo who do.

    Some people believe its the face of the lady in blue. She died during child birth. The baby also died. Now their spirits search for each other.

  3. warren and stacey says:

    My partner and I have just returned from 8 days in tasmania (11/4/09) and visited port arthur and richmond in our travels. We did the Ghost tour of Port Arthur on the Monday night last week and when we checked our pics the next day we were both taken aback by what we saw in quite a few photos. In one particular photo taken in the Model Prison, a very bright circular light (orb)was evident above a cell and there were various other orbs along the cell hall way. I was the last person out of that cell block and stopped to take a few photos after everyone had left and the photos were amazing to say the least – the orb is incredibly bright and we went back during the daytime the following day and took more photos. We have ended up with quite a few unexplained orbs of light in varied locations throughout Port Arthur including the Parsonage and the Commandants House. If anyone would like to take a look please let us know.Also stayed at Prospect House in Richmond and some more orbs appeared in photos taken there. Apparently the ghost of the former owner ( a Mrs Buscombe) has been seen there and it is quite well known. I firmly believe that our photos show some form of energy or entities.

  4. Jade says:

    Omg my lil sis had an exsperience saw a old man in the church …….its real

  5. Tony says:

    Do you guys know any drinking bar in Port Arthur that does voodoo/black magic?

  6. andrea says:

    I was there in 2004. On one of the pictures of the parsonage I got the image of the blue lady behind the window. I spent a couple of nights at the hostel. On deay I was the only guest there and I was sitting outside in the sun when I realized the outside light was on. So I switched it off and sat back down and few seconds later it was on again.

  7. jason Perth WA says:

    My wife and I were in Port Arthur around 2003.
    We were standing outside the Caretakers Cottage on the nightly ghost tour when I observed the room to the right of the front door illuminate as though someone had taken a photo inside. Upon entering the house I noted there was no other people in the house already, (I assumed there was a group in front of us) and going into the room to the right as you enter the front a light went off like a FLASH once again. We were the first too enter the room and it flashed inside as we crossed inside the doorframe.
    The girl running the tour did her presentation and then we went to move on, I was puzzled so I waited until everyone had moved out and asked her what was with the strobe in the room, she was puzzled. I explained to her about the flash as I entered the room, my wife came back inside to find me as she had left the room and I asked her if she saw any strange light in the room, she said she saw a strobe light go off even though she did not here me talking about it.
    The tourguide asked a few people if they saw any lights and about 1/2 the group saw lights either from the front or from inside and some saw both.
    I am far from a religious person, and pretty skeptical about most things, but I saw this with my own eyes.
    The tourguide had us fill in a form as we left that asked specific questions regarding the experience.

  8. Scott says:

    Your father and sister weren’t the only ones to see a face in the bell tower of the church! I went on my honeymoon with my first wife to Australia. We decided to take the quick flight to Tasmania and spend a weekend. I can’t remember the name of the resort we stayed at, but it was next to Port Arthur and we could see the Island of the Dead from our cabin. We went on a Ghost Tour our first evening at Port Arthur and I clearly remember our tour guide talking about how the church was built and the fire that destroyed it. I decided to take a few snapshots of the church and took at least two of the bell tower. After getting the film developed, I couldn’t believe what I saw. What appeared to be a face staring down at me from the bell tower. I also have a few more pictures that have a smokey, almost foggish mist in them. My ex wife told me that it was cigarette smoke from me. I didn’t even bring my cigarettes with me, since we were told that there was no smoking allowed on the tour. Only after seeing the same smoke/fog/mist in another picture taken next to the surgeon’s house, did she start believing me.
    I will look for the pictures and if I can find them, will share them with you.

    Kind Regards,
    Scott Chamberlain
    Boise, ID, USA

  9. Maddy says:

    I love the ghost stories from port aurther and have been there alot of times (having a house near by) I havnt heared all the stories but the one about the carpenders and the poltergeist is one of the scaryest i have heared when i took my friend with me on a tour early this year. I hope to see a ghost this summer on my 4th ghost tour. I am hoping to get my mum to come on her 13th!

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