My Encounter with Demons and Spirit Attachments

Posted on November 11, 2010

What I have written is about what I have experienced and learned about demons and spirit attachments.

I struggled for years to find a definition for it as I believed my health problems were all unconnected. I did not make a connection between some of my afflictions and my attachment or that they were spiritually induced e.g. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, mental breakdowns, tinnitus, general tiredness and irritability. It lay hidden in the background afflicting me with all sorts of diseases and discomforts.

It took me a lot of introspection and the more terrible expression of this spirit on my being for me to �wise up� to it. It took its more violent expression after years of mind games where it played a spirit guide/holy spirit. The bible teaches that the holy spirit communicates to us through dreams and visions and so this spirit spoke to me with false dreams, false visions and for a period of over 20 years.

I mean I had to experience the following before I realized the range of its abilities:

* Pressure on top of my head ( I was informed this was witchcraft and believed this for years)
* Suppression of breath
* Continuous irritation of my private parts.
* Voices
* Noises
* Heighten anxiety
* Tinnitus/loud ringing in my ears
* Seeing images flash before my mind when I momentarily close my eyes
* Induced Claustrophobia (Unable to use public transport)
* Pain, general body pain and pain in specific body areas.
* Tiredness and fatigue
* Sleep disturbances i.e. Elongated/Lengthen sleep, shortened sleep and no sleep (i.e. prevented from sleeping by evil spirits).

Sometimes I wake up and its like I have been talking to someone in my sleep. Once or twice it tormented me, preventing me from sleeping by nudging and causing me awake all night

They have a whole range of ways they may inflict a host however this is what I suffered. My senses were cruelly manipulated at random and it�s was such that on a daily basis I do not know what to expect.

Spirit attachment = Jin = Qarin/Qareen = spirit husband/wife = Incubi/Succubi = evil spirit = demon

In different cultures it is known by different names, Spirit attachment to the secular world. To Muslims it is known as Qarin, which means �constant companion� which can be good or evil. It studies and knows you which is why I imagine it is called a familiar spirit by Christians. And uses what it knows in dreams or voices. It is also called Foreign Energy Interference (FEI)

A lot of people live in ignorance of this and I am afraid to say even deliverance ministers. If you Google these terms you are likely to find a lot of information about it. I didn�t have a reference term for it and struggled for years to find out what indeed was wrong with me.

If one is experiencing recurring and harassing dreams/nightmares of :
* Masquerades chasing one
* Animals chasing one
* Being feed food in dreams
* Having sex in your dreams (Wet dreams) (incubi/succubi)

This would suggest one may have a spirit attachment or spirit husband/wife depending on who you are talking to. It may or may not express itself more aggressively in time. In some Churches it is also known as �strangers in the body� and it is known to limit one and can make one do what does not want to do. For example it could make one go from place to place seeking a solution to the problem. i.e. seeking help in places where you shouldn�t go, traditional healer, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, magicians etc. It is known to cause Ill health, unemployment, poverty and even early death. Severe infestation and long time infestation could lead to suicidal thinking. i.e. by making ones life not worth it�s while and forcing one to think of a desperate way out. It without question is an unclean spirit that makes life harder for the host.

I found it has the following abilities:

* It can interact dictate and manipulate the content of your dreams
* it sees and hears all you see and what you think
* It can make noises
* It can speak in languages
* It can use different voices
* it can mimic known persons perfectly
* It is opportunistic
* it can cause pain in different ways
* It can affect your health adversely
* it can cause audio visual hallucinations to manipulate and deceive
* It can lay dormant for years

As I said this spirit at my earliest encounter with it played the Holy Spirit with me, dropping gentle messages to guide me in my dreams pretending to be the holy spirit. It was not sexual in the beginning only later has it shown its true colors, appearing to explore my sexuality via dreams.

If you know no better once you hear soft gentle voices whisper to you, if you are spiritually inclined, you believe its a spirit guide or holy spirit ( If you are a Christian like I am) and it plays on that, playing the game to suit the individual. It introduces you to its multiple personality ability when it applies its mind games on the host. They perfectly mimic people, tone and personality.

It took a period of about 20 years before it fully manifested to be an evil spirit and began to torture, taunt and torment me. Here is someone�s experience and I experienced the same thing too at the peak of its negative influence:

“…Then the voices in my head became harassing and plaguing – running constantly – commenting on everything I did. As I would see a dish, the voice would say, “sees a dish” and as my eyes shifted it would name the next thing I was seeing or doing or thinking or feeling – constantly all during the day. Then I really thought I was going mad – which after doing research I no longer believe. But this stage has continued for a couple of weeks now and has been nearly unbearable at times. The voices often keep me awake all night. If I fall asleep they bring me a sexual dream and just as I am succumbing in the dream I realize it is them again and I wake myself up…�

It has a mind of its own and can remain sane while it sets and pursues a path of insanity for its host. I do not believe these spirits are confused at all as most authors on the subject opine but know what they are doing.

I will never forget one of my friend�s advice, a wicked person would not kill you out right, he would first torture you or toy with you. That is what this spirit does. Essentially the nature of this evil spirit is one of hatred. I can substantiate this with my experience i.e. The recurring dreams/nightmares it gives of hateful, spiteful traumatic past encounters.

It taunts, torments and tortures/ engages to amuse itself. They torment for fun. It is sport to them. They seem to like playing (toying) with me on one hand and destroying me on the other.

I hear their voices and the voices came much later so also the sexual dreams. It blasphemes God/Jesus and it at often times has given me sick and perverse dreams where it manifests and approaches me sexually as a male or an hermaphrodite. Since I am a male heterosexual it does these to torment me.

Other times it comes as a familiar face (it takes its form from the mind of its host) or as a seductive female. This demon/entity appears to be sexless/bisexual. Its sexless in the sense that it can take on any form, male, female or hermaphrodite.

I can count only 2 occasions when it manifested as a male. Once as a male voice that gently attempted to spread my legs. The other as 2 homosexual males that had me pressed down, face down on the bed. (Re: Old hag syndrome, You will find sleep paralysis or the old hag symptom is a common feature of having a spirit attachment. See Sleep Paralysis ~ Scientific Explanations And The Old Hag Legends) This happened in sleep wake state and frightened me. The other times it has manifested in my dreams. I tend now to know its them and wake up.

What I have written is really out of experience. That is 20 years of experience. It first manifested in 1990. The bad manifestation of this spirit started gradually in 2001 and climaxed in 2005/6. It still attacks me but is not as aggressively as it once was. I hear voices just before I am about to fall asleep and in my dreams and I have tinnitus.

It is bisexual or asexual and has many people fooled into thinking it comes in a feminine form and masculine form. Succubi and Incubi are one and the same creature. Stories may differ but its modus operandi will always be the same. It is highly intelligent and just as highly deceptive. They manifest on the subconscious level/sleep but can manifest on the conscious level via voices or audiovisual hallucinations. They have no specific appearance and take their form from the host they are feeding on. It may be one or many, my impression is that it is one with the ability to pretend to be many.

It essentially may be seen as a vampire of sorts as its existence is parasitic. It is a Spirit and it may choose to relate to you in one or a number of ways for example dreams, nightmares or in dreams of sexual context or both. It primarily does what it likes to do the host and this seems to vary in degrees of manifestation from person to person. And at the tale end of the relationship it keeps it would reveal its true colors to be highly intelligent, deceptive and wicked.

These spirits have so mastered the art of deception that they will use the faces of people you are familiar with when they visit you at night. They are very intelligent and can play on your mind by what it may be preoccupied with. Nobody told me you don�t just hear voices but that they actually attentively engage in deceiving and manipulating you as they did in my case. They are highly deceptive and use the familiar faces of known people of the host to relate with the host in dreams. It loves to interact with one in ones dream state.

It is a monitoring spirit that is not constrained by time. It doesn�t share our concept of time. Time appears not to hold any meaning to it. It monitors you 24 hours of the day silently. And from time to time it probes to see if it still has influence by subtle afflictions which may be acknowledged by the host�s thoughts. (It shares the mind of the host) It shares the mind of the host but does not appear to have executive command of the host body. It operates like a partial possession. It however has the power to afflict it with varying degrees of ailments.

You would find it is a spirit that does what it likes. It may ply you sexually i.e. through dreams or afflict one with diseases. This spirit is known to be able to cause mental, physical and emotional Illnesses and is known in the Church (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) to cause low sperm count in adult males.

It likes to work hidden and unnoticed in the background often along the way afflicting one with illnesses leaving the host to run for the Doctor for help time after time. Seemingly making a hypochondriac of the host. As they have done in my case. I have found it chooses to hid its presence and in time it grows in influence and confidence.

It is a spirit that communes with you and has relationship with you in your dreams. It checks out your behavior/ responses in your dreams. It tests the subconscious person and often places you in dream situations e.g. of a sexual nature. You will find it enjoys this. Sex or the prospect of it also excites it. (I get dark flashes or lights out of the corner of your eye as a sign of its attentive presence) They love to observe our thoughts and actions and do this in our subconscious/sleep state or even consciously while one is awake.

From experience I know it could be put one in dream situations where it fools you into believing your actions are your own and have not been controlled by it. For example giving one the impression that one is willingly succumbing to it, forcing you into illicit sex in your dreams.

In my case they appear to have control of my dream life. In my dreams I was being interacted with. They appear to enjoy interacting with me in my sleep where I have a limited consciousness or control. Presently It interacts with me when I am sleep then it becomes active in my dreams and physically on my body.

It seeks to interact with me in my dreams using familiar persons from my past. Some family, some friends. My dreams are written, directed and produced by this entity. They star this entity also in the sense that it takes on the appearance of known people to me in the dream. All my dreams were manufactured by this being, at times all sorts of dirty polluting messages have been downloaded into my mind and at an alarming frequency. I wake from sleep sometimes and its like I have been in a conversation with someone.

They had once threatened me with blindness and put a shade over my eyes so that I could not see momentarily. On one occasion it made me feel like there was a gush of wind in my body on another it made me feel like I had been given an injection. The injection I was made to know is a common trademark of it in the Church. (Mountain of fire and Miracles.)

It took me through a long learning curve. It hid in the background and was sabotaging my health with illnesses over a long period of time before I realized that I had an unclean spirit. They (spirits) have been with me for so long and initially manipulated me into thinking I was having communication with the holy spirit. I did not connect my ill health with this spirit.

I am a born again Christian while I have prayed and gone through several deliverances the symptoms of voices when I am about to sleep, dream intrusion/manipulation, tinnitus/ringing in my ears, poor concentration and irritation of my private parts still persists though not as aggressive as once was. And they have continued to taunt and mock me.

And there are things they have done to me I am not proud to admit to. Once at night in my dream they took my manhood and I have since not had a full erection. I also have a low sperm count since the day these evil spirits attacked me about 5 years ago. And they have continued to taunt and mock me with it. The Church (Mountain of Fire and Miracles) knows it likes to destroy the male sexual functionality or sperm production causing low sperm count. (It does this probably because it is the one ability it would have loved to have). And so it destroys it out of jealousy I imagine.

Presently It interacts with me when I am sleep then it becomes active in my dreams and physically on my body, particularly my private part with an odd irritating sensation that makes me know it is working on preventing from having erections and producing quality sperm.

My dreams or nightmares, is more of a forum or rendezvous point for them to engage and interact with me.

What I know for a fact is, it is wary of measures taken against it and often checks to see if still has influence i.e. again flashes at the corner of the eye are indicative. It seems to be unsure of what may be effective in getting rid of it or harming it, which would suggest that it doesn�t think its invulnerable.

It doesn�t appear to know what may destroy it as it is as cautious when the host makes moves to get rid of it. It doesn�t think it is invincible and responds to certain efforts against it. They do not really know what may harm/destroy them. And are ever watchful and apprehensive as to what one may do to ward them off.

They have emotions and can be angry and it may react when it feels threatened. They like using the TV to mislead their victims for example in my case it took me a whole while to realize that what I was seeing and hearing on TV was what this spirit was feeding me. At it did this over a period of time tactfully injecting its own content, mixing with the overall content being broadcast. And the same applies to Radio.

This spirit pretty much played me into thinking some people could communicate with me via TV, Radio and finally by mind. They deceived me into believing that was the case. And they feed me over time a different take on reality. They kept momentarily influencing my vision so what I was seeing/hearing on TV/radio was what they wanted me to see/hear.

You may have been told that you have audio visual hallucinations, but no one warns you that the audio-visual hallucinations are vehicles to used to manipulate with design and intent to deceive the host, leaving the host to say that the TV or radio is talking to the them.

Causes, there are a lot of speculation as to what may be the cause but nothing really conclusive. Some say its the luck of the draw, the way one may catch a cold. Usually what people say is playing on an Ouija board, viewing certain materials/programs like books, dabbling in the occult, going past graveyards, one may pick one up. As one who has neither played the Ouija board or dabbled in the occult. I would say it is likely that it is attracted to a chemical imbalance in the brain. In other words a vulnerability or sensitivity of the host.

I believe if one is vulnerable i.e. is prone to being mentally chemically imbalanced, then they may chose to invade the host. It might be something in the brain chemicals that attracts the spirits to us.

I say this speculatively as I have known of people who have attachments yet demonstrate no psychotic symptoms. This brings me what the bible says. They take of those of us that they chose. Re: Genesis 6:2.

The lines between mental illness ala hearing voices and spirit possession/oppression often overlap one another, however it should be said where there are voices that have ability. Then one can say that spirit oppression is the likely culprit.

Symptoms often overlap with mental illness and I am sure there are many people in hospitals that are yet to properly diagnose their condition.

The difference between mental illness and having a spirit attachment is when the person with mental illness not only hears voices but the voices have ability. i.e. the voices backed up by the ability to afflict the host physically. In my case I was left in no doubt that I had a spirit attachment or suffered from a demonic attack by the assortment of ways in which my body was plagued by problems. Problems such as mentioned earlier and the voices complimenting and commenting on the problems I was experiencing. Threatening me and following up the threats with action.

I suggest where its appearing to have an ongoing personal relationship with you, where its waging a campaign of terror, commenting/causing and afflicting you with illnesses for months and years on end, then you wouldn�t need to told you have an attachment/evil spirit. One may struggle with a definition but one will be in no doubt that one is suffering from some form of psychic attack. The level of interference or degree of influence /infection will leave the host in no doubt that they are being attacked.

I found it to be a witchcraft spirit. As a girl I met over the internet argued passionately in favor of it. It was only later that she revealed to me that she was a member of a coven, who was being groomed by it. And it has its own dark knowledge which would suggests its an entity of origins and mind not of the host. For example I had a dream message from it of my 2 stars being cast away. I found out later in the Church that we all have stars that are spiritually inherited as children and are indicative of our future destiny.

It is a non respecter of our faith. It is desperately anti-God/Christ. It caused God/Christ and has tried to have me blame God/Christ for the problems it gave me. I personally believe they are too deceptive to submit themselves to spirit release therapies. As they can switch on and switch off at any time, choosing to remain dormant for years/decades on end as it did in my case.

Solutions – It is known to be difficult to get rid. Having a caring and listening family, friends and Doctor help. Taking medication as prescribed. The bible however recommends fasting and prayers.(Re: Matthew 17:21) Exercise and prayer. A combination of these will see you through. And if you are still afflicted its best to see a Prophet with �sight.� All other sources would prove to be a waste of time and money and may even prove to lead one further down.

I disagree with a lot of authors who say that if it causes you mental illness do not take medication for it. I will give my reason why? If it causes the host to have backache, one may be advised to take pain killers for it and it would work. Then if it causes one to have mental illness then it stands to reason that the medication for mental illness will work but I have to say that the underlying problem would still be there. That is the spirit would still remind to wreck havoc. And may still decide to inflict the host. In other words the symptoms� have been taken care of, the underlying cause reminds.

Medication in other words may not get rid of it entirely but may help regulate its influence in other words medication would get rid of the symptoms but the root cause (attachment) would remain.

Consistently and summarily the ability to talk in your head and/or to cause pleasure/pain (diseases) to their host are paramount qualities to this beings and should be noted. And they prefer to take a long term approach.

Sent in by Cephas66, Copyright 2010

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65 Responses to “My Encounter with Demons and Spirit Attachments”
  1. Kind Skeptic says:

    I am quite concerned about your current state of mind. Many of the symptoms you describe can be medically addressed. Depression can be the main contributor, while there are several other physiological maladies that also create these “issues” you describe. While I do not dispute the existance or possibility of spirit attachment, I believe it is incumbant on everyone to first address the issues medically before jumping on the “possession” band wagon. Typically, my patients who feel they are possessed are actually experiencing a variety of physiological and/or mental issues. Once these issues are addressed, they realize that they are the ones in control of their lives. I strongly recommend that you rethink your options and immediately work with a reputable therapist or physician who can guide you through the proper procedures to both physical and mental health. There are specialist in “chronic pain and anxiety”, and you seek-out someone in this category. Good luck!

    • Cephas66 says:

      Thank you for finding the time to read what I wrote.

      If you have read it to the end you will find that I have tried and still try taking the medically route. And I bothered to try to tell the difference between just being medically ill and being spiritually oppressed.

      Unfortunately for me I know I have an attachment that has the ability to cause me ill health.
      Thank you for the concern about my health but it is not warranted. U assumed that I have not tried to have my “issues” resolved medically. But then your alas says it all – Kind skeptic. If I didnt have the experience I have had, I would most probably be writing from your position.

      Again I feel I should say

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience of spririt attachment, I also have a spirit attachment.


      • Lettitia says:

        Hello Cephas66

        Do you still have an attachment?

        • Anonymous says:

          Hello Lettitia

          I am afraid to say I still have the attachment though I have to confess its evil effects are slowly diminishing.

          If I can help you with anything please let me know.

          • Anonymous says:

            - Thank you for offering your support me with the spirit attachment, like you I have researched the nature of eathbound spirits for sometime and I have learnt they are not easy to remove. Knowing where the attachment is located in my auric field has helped me to deal with some of the physical simptoms brought on by the crule behaviour of this attached spirit.

            Sleeping is difficult, over the last three years I haven’t had a decent night sleep. Like you said in your article, they write, produce and direct everything you encounter in the subconscious word, It can be disturbing or dame-right-disgusting. Every member of my family, friends, colleagues and neigbours he has created negative storylines about them in the subconscious word as well as all manner of negative images in the thired eye. I have been trying to convince the attachment for three years that he needs to go to the light where, he can receive healing, he his vibrating in the wrong frequency by remaining eathbound which might explain some of his cruel behaviour.

            Eathbound spirits have the ability to see into a persons auric feild, past and present life events good, bad and indifferent. I am convinced from my expeience that malevolent eathbound spirits are cratified by the power to control a person particulary subcounciously. They do not appear to learn anything possitive from their host and are farmore likely to cause harm to their host.

            I had an operation on the 21st of March and even as I lay in a hospital bed in pain the attachment seized the opertunaty to inflict physical harm. Unfortuntly if a person’s character before death was nasty, hateful and cruel when they die and their consciousness/spirit leaves the body they will carry all their negative emotions with them.

            In our society we don’t belive in life-after-life so when a person dies and their consciouness/soul leaves the body they are shocked and In many cases still beileve they are in the physical body. We also know from research and personal experience, that some spirits don’t see the light or turn away from the light. We also know that If an individual has commited crimes such murder, child abuse etc they will not go to the light for fear of receiving punishment.

            I dont know if you are aware, that people who train as healers often carry attachments in their auric feild and past them on from client to client. I also learnt damaged to the auric feild due to illness physically, emotionally or a persons lifestyle, are more likely to pick up an attachment as well as a person being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

            I’m a Learning Disabilities Nurse and during part of my training in hospitals I came into contact with a number of eathbound spirits whom I was able to move on into the light. Mediating in the form of light work as helped me to deal with the daily and nightly cruel aspects of this attachment. It is so important to differenciate what is one’s own mind process from what is the attachments.

            Like you, I have seen all kinds of people who claime to understand what an attachment is and how to remove them. One of the most important lessons I have learnt on this journy is building on my own resources, by that I mean mental,emotional and maintain good physical health.

            Linking with other people who understand the life-after-life process and becoming a member of the Spirit Release Foundation has been very supportive for me. If I can be of any help please dont hesitate to ask.

            Kind regards

            • Anonymous says:

              Hello Lettitia

              I read and read read your posts and found many truths in it. You wrote that they are – gratified by the power to control a person particulary subcounciously. They do not appear to learn anything possitive from their host and are far more likely to cause harm to their host.

              It is also true that they are difficult to get rid of. And I for one did not believe that they may be removed by urging them to go into the light. This sounds like new ageism.

              And I always wondered where researchers got their information from when they classify these demons as earth bound spirits. Like you I have researched the topic and have written from the point of view of one who has experienced this horrible phenomenon.

              I am encouraged by your writting and agree with you when you say that – there are too many people who make claims of being able to rid one of this spirit..

              You said, One of the most important lessons I have learnt on this journy is building on my own resources, by that I mean mental,emotional and maintain good physical health. I wonder, do you take any prescribed medication for this.

              You said also that you are a member of the Spirit Release Foundation. I read the organisations article by Dr Anderson and he has refered me to quite a few people who I found could not provide me with any real help.

              I do not know about you but I am a christain and I believe nothing short of a divine intervention can help get rid of this evil spirits. My research also had me conclude that one would need the assistance of one who can “see” to help one in ones fight in getting rid of this spirit. I mean a man of God who has the gift of “sight” to not only identify the spirit but also give divine instructions as to how to get rid of this spirit.

              I have been on the trail of one or two people that I think can provide this service. Again I must confess this path is plagued with numerous people who make claims they can help. And even when you think you have met one that can help you find they are after your money.

              I hope I hear more from you. I do not believe you have posted your story. I may learn from it

              Please otherwise keep me posted as I will you.

              Kind reagrds

              • Lettitia says:

                Hello Cephas

                I may have asked you in an earlier posting, do you know whereabouts on your body the attachement is located? You said that you dont believe that attachments willingly leave their host and return to the light and that it stickes you as some form of new ageism. I would like to ask you to please keep an open mind about all of this; there are a range of human experiences around the world with similar belief systems concerning spirits returning to the light.

                No I am not on any kind of prescribe medication, What I was attempting to convey was the importance of an individual understanding their own mind and to be able to differentiate your own thought processes from the attachment. Regardless of the nature of an attactment they have their own personalities. In my case, it has been easy to make this distinction becouse the attachment is a male, chauvinistic and racist. I have learnt that alcohol, smoking among othe lifestyle choices can act as a magnet in attracting spirit attachments.

                I have worked with people with mental health problems for many years and I have learnt from this client group they are also aware when they have an attachment. Unfortunately for this group they are less likely to be believed than anyother group in our socety. Having said that, there are some mental health professionals who have taken the time to educate themselves about mental illness and spirit attachment.

                Have you read (The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche?) (The Tibetan Book of the Dead?) (Spirit Release by Sue Allan) (Life After Life by Raymond A Moody)

                I understand you have seen a number of therapist from the Spirit Release Foundation, me too. Althought I still have this attachment I have learnt a great deal from becoming a member of the SRF about eathbound spirits, demons thought forms ect.

                I would quite like know about your research, books ect and more about the person/s who might be able to remove your attactment.

                Kind regards

                • Cephas says:

                  Hello again Lettitia

                  I was going to invite you for a service held by a Man of God that “sees” to be held this friday however as I do not know your religious beliefs coupled with the fact that the notice was short and then the site rules all came together to dis-encourage me from doing so.

                  As I have tried therapies unsuccessfully where the attachment is encouraged to go to the light I remain skeptical of this approach. The problem as we both know is that there is so much literature about this approach but I am yet to meet or hear of anyone who has successfully had their attachment gotten rid of by this means.

                  I am sorry if my view offended you, its only an opinion that I have acquired after trying unsuccessfully to rid me of my attachement. You wanted to know where my attachment is located in my body. I have to say It operates all over my body but I particularly feel its evil effects in my mind and my private parts.

                  I am sorry but I have not read the book you recommended. I believe I have done enough research on attachments and what I want now is ‘action’ or better still ‘results’ in getting rid of it. Reading about them constitutes diagnosis for me and I have done that. What I am looking for is the prescription/solution to the problem. I am sure my position on this borders on my becoming frustrated with yet another book that’s fat on literature and thin on effective solutions to get rid of it.

                  You wrote – “because the attachment is a male, chauvinistic and racist. I have learnt that alcohol, smoking among other lifestyle choices can act as a magnet in attracting spirit attachments.”

                  I think I have to say that attachments take from the mind of the host, to rub the host the other way so to speak. In other words it takes from the host mind to terrorise the host. That is to say whatever upsets you will surely be used by this spirit to upset the host.

                  When you say that you learnt lifestyle choices can act as a magnet for them. My question is how do you know this for a fact? It sounds like its the opinion of an author who has no way of verifying that fact. Too many authors in my opinion speculate and they reread themselves and pass off their information as fact. I believe its really a matter of being at “the wrong place and the wrong time” to catch an attachment.

                  I would be willing to share more with you and feel hampered somewhat by the site rule of not leaving ones personal contact information as I live in London/UK as I gather you do too.

                  Bye for now and feel free to write me


                  • Lettitia says:

                    Hello Cephas

                    I must say I am not making myself clearly understood , and I must apologise too you for that. Attachments attach to particular parts of the human energy feild, and any action by them will manefest throughout the entire body including the mind.

                    All human beans have the ability to scan their own body and the body of another individual, in order to locate where an attachment might be withing the human auric field.

                    This is my experience and I know this to be true. In an earlier posting, I said that I’m aware of the race, gender and location of this attachment within my auric filed. I have spent many years learning about all of this and all I ask is that you acept this is my experience.

                    When we die our consciousness/spirit body/energy body will leave the physical body, as a nurse I have experienced this on many many occations. I have the skills to communicate with energy bodies and I have been doing so for many years, again I simply ask that you accept that this is my experience.

                    I have learnt over the years that many people who are aware of spirits, human and non human are no different . As an example I know of individals who say anyone who has an attachment must have allow this attachment in. Personally I think this is nonsence and like yoursef I know that an individual can be “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, I also know of individuals who do not believe in the exsistance of demons/ dark force energies as far as I am concern both exist in the form of dark forces and light forces. I also beielve that human beans are both dark and light.

                    Please excuse the gramer and spelling
                    Kind regards always

                • Spiritual warrior says:

                  Dear fiends. I sympathise with those who are having that sort of problem. It hurts a lot also when people criticise the victim and condsider them to be superstitious or crazy.

                  I used to laugh when my older relatives would tell “stories” about ghosts and spirits. Not anymore. Two years ago I had some serious problems with my wife and we separated; went back to my own house. For the first few months, I slept like a log. Then knocking and tapping sounds started in the house, in church in the office and even in hotel rooms when I travel overseas. Seems like some sort of “beast” has been attached to me by means of a whitchcraft and it keeps on knocking around to disturb my sleep and turn me into a frustrated and aggressive individual. Some people do not belieive me and try to give some sort of “scientific” explanation. I have done plenty of research (2 years) and I know it is something spiritual but invisible. If I let fear overpower me, it will be over for me…either mental disease of death. The only thing that is keeping me going is because I believed in God, but most of the time this thing just remain quiet for a short while and then starts knocking again (on windows, ceilings, roof or the room above or below when I am in a hotel overseas). A few other people have heard the noise but generally it remains quiet when I have company. Last year the tenants who were sharing the house with me kept on complaining that I do carpentry work all night long and they left. Initially I had concluded that the house itself was haunted but when this thing started to follow me to the office and overseas (at least 3 countries in Africa and one in Europe) I had to change my mind and consider it to be some sort of traveling/familiar spirit. Sometimes there is also that sensation called formication all over my body and only salt and holy water (together with candle and insense stick burning + prayer) tends to put it under control.Is it true that an attachment can move from one person to another (e.g when having intimate contacts)? Now the urgent issue is getting a solution after 2 years: I have worked with a priest (new-born christian) and a spiritual healer but the solution have been only for a few days; then the thing comes back. Is it true that it could become more aggressive and try to take full control of my body if it is not removed.

                  Please comment whoever can.

                  • Cephas says:

                    Dear Spiritual warrior

                    Hello, I want you to know that even though it can become more aggressive and manifesting itself in different ways, it can not take full control of your body.

                    I say this after researching this spirit for a long time. These demons appear to have only partial possession ability and not full.

                    Concerning the noises, you hear, I have known this spirit to be able to make noises that only the host can hear but never have i known them to be able to make noises that others hear.

                    I am a born again Christian myself and would like to know how you are getting along. Please feel free to write me.

                    • Spiritual warrior says:

                      I thank God until now I do not hear anything “inside’ my head. The noises are outside and at times I have to use ear-plugs to be able to catch some sleep. Recently the little knocks on my bedroom windows, doors, ceiling and roof tend to be more around 7 am as if this thing is making a wake-up call…I can no longer go to disco expecting to sleep up to 11 am!!
                      Someone tells me that this activity could have been programmed as if by remote control to coincide with tide movement, the sun, moon, or other spells related to black magic. Others feel it could even be a close dead relative asking for my help so that he/she can go into the Light. I am confused, really do not know whether I am dealing with a demon or an earthbound spirit …or a “cocktail” made up of various entities. I wish I had more weapons/powers to be able to communicate with it, her or him and ask boldly “what do you want with me?” LOL

                      Regarding relationships, I recently had a girlfriend who stopped talking to me after I innocently told her about my problems. She says that If I do have a spirit attachment, it can be passed onto her as if like a viral infection. It is really funny but this is part of life.

              • Lettitia says:

                Hello Cephas

                I am a practising buddhist and I would have liked the opertunity to receive support from someone who may be able to remove this attachment. I am hopeful this will work for you.

                As for my experience sounding as if its coming from an author I am no more in a position to prove to you or anyone that lifestyle choices is one of the many ways a person can pick up an attachment. As you are only too aware there are counless individuals including members of our own famlies, friends, colleagues, health care professionals and people from the many religious and spiritual denominations who do not believe in spirit attachments. Infact in our society you are more more likely to be told that you have a mental health problem.

                In your article you eloquently describe the your emotiona,mental and physiological simptoms brought on by having an attachment. Many individuals including myself experience many of the simptoms you describe, infact the more common listed in your article are flashing images when you close your eyes, control of our dreams in the subconscious world, nudging, tinnitus, noises, voices and what feels like an electric shock to the genitals.

                I have met individuals who have told me that attachments have kicked, punched and regular scream all manor of verble abuse. Another common feture of having an attachment is a feeling of vibrating when one is laying down in bed.

                When I read about the experiences of other people I am greatful becouse I know that I am not alone in my experience. I truly understand where you are coming from when you say you simply want the attachment removed. Spirits attach themselves to a particlar part of the hoist body and by scanning the body one is able to locate the attachment. For example the stomach, the chest, back, shoulders and the lower part of the hoist body. I know this to be true from my own experience.

                Again I am hopful you will remove this attachment. I to live in London/Surrey

                Kind regards

                • Cephas says:

                  Dear Lettitia

                  Hello again, I am sorry that I am only now free enough to write back.

                  You post was quite interesting as I can tell you do have an attachment even though it has not manifested or acted on your mental state the way it has on me.

                  Yes I believe attachment can damage/harm one physically, mentally and emotionally. For me it has acted on all 3 fronts, cruelly and aggressively. And Yes, I too have experienced a sensation akin to an electric shock to my genitals.

                  You wrote that you believed that spirits attach to a particular part of the host and that by scanning the body one is able to locate that attachment. I have to say that I believe spirit attachment is a kind of possession and that when one is possessed the whole body is encompassed its just that it may decide to �work� on a particular part of the body. The other issue I have is outside the help of someone that �sees� how is one able to �scan� for the particular area where you believe the attachment is lodged.

                  Have you met someone who claims they can �scan� you for an attachment? Anyone who is able to scan you must have the gift of �sight�. It is why I have been in the pursuit of a man of my faith with �sight�. They are rare and are an important resource in the fight to know more about and rid one of the attachments.

                  I want to thank you for wishing me well and deliverance from this spirit. I remain hopeful that I will see an end to this problem. I will share anything I believe would be helpful to you in the quest to rid you of your attachment.

                  Bye for now.

                • Cephas says:

                  Hello Lettitia

                  I like you have read authors that state things like � auric fields, earth bound spirits, scanning, past lifes or them being dead spirits that should have gone into the light and I have to say politely that I have my reservations.

                  I mean how can they know that for a fact? How was the information sourced? �Scanning� without the gift of �sight�? I am sorry to say I am skeptical of this. As I have found too many people who believe they can do this but really are just talking from whatever comes from their minds.

                  Putting the debatable aside what we know is it is a spirit/demon and its origins are not known. It has its abilities /capabilities and characteristics, chiefly among this is its love of deception, deceiving the host for as long as it may do so. Forgive me but I believe, If it can fool one into thinking that its of an ethnic origin/gender, it will do this and do this for as long as it can. So please be careful and be mindful of that. Or else it could lead you onto a different path all together. For example like developing a dislike for the race/gender of what you think the attachment is. I am not saying you have or may end up with a dislike for an ethnic extraction, what I am saying is that that may be an angle it is pursuing.

                  My experience/research tells me it has a love for its mind games of deception which it can spin and leave the host in for years on end. Again I know it can mimic persons/personalities perfectly fooling the host to believe that he/she is dealing with a person. It is a spirit that mimics the living and gets its inspiration (for lack of better words) from the mind of the host. It takes all it can from the mind of the host and uses it against the host. And so the mind games it may chose to employ will depend on the life experiences of the host. I hope I am making sense here.

                  Primarily I will say it�s a creature of hatred and one of its agenda is to confuse the host as long as it can.

                  Caretaker seems to be an experienced and mature mind and may have opinions that may prove valuable to our discussion. I hope he reads our posts and contributes.

                  Bye for now Lettitia. And I hope my opinions have not offended you in any way.


      • jennifer l jones says:

        My name is jennifer jones and i just got done reading your whole story. I have the same thing happening to me, when i close my eyes i can see it rite in my face and can feel it moving on my body. It comes to me in my dreams then somthn else tries to attack me and i wake up swinging. I have a 14yr old daughter that is also getting attacked and i am scared fo her life. i don’t know what to do. Ive seen a catholic priest, to a shamon to a psychic and it attacks my ear drums whn i try to see these people for help.

      • Spiritual Warrior says:

        Dear Cephas66,

        Can you share your opinion regarding therapists offering Spirit Release Therapy? I sthis really effective or could it be just a business to make profit on the misery of others.

        • Cephas says:

          Hello Spirit warrior

          In my humble opinion I think people here fall into 2 categories.
          1 – It is a business set up by people who are deluded into thinking they can rid one of their attachments and also
          2- by those who see it as a business to milk others.

  2. Gemma says:

    This is demons to the extreme!
    I really hope god is with you now, but can I suggest if you’re still having problems with it why don’t you go and get an exorcism done on yourself? even if you feel you don’t need to I’ve heard of many stories where this is the only way you can be truly rid of the entity.

    As a young teenage girl, I was tormented by evil spirits for years. For me it came from losing my faith with god and taking an interest with the occult. I started getting ‘psychic’ powers then seeing scary spirits around my house. These spirits I realized later to be demons, I saw things like people in olden day clothes walking around, black shadow people, black energy (looks like smoke) floating in the air, faces floating in my room, reflections in mirrors.. just to name a few.
    I also felt a really negative presence with me. It seemed to come and go for about 5 years. At one point I believe i was possessed because I would do things that were out of character for me, such as violently attack people, smash things, try and harm myself. I also heard voices in my head telling me to do things, it would even trick me into putting thoughts into my mind that made me think it was helping me.

    I dropped out of school when I was 15 because i had a voice telling me that i didn’t need school and I’d be successful without it, turns out after i left my life went nowhere for the next 5 years and i lost all my friends and got extremely depressed.
    It put other thoughts in my head too, making me do the wrong things in life even if i thought they were for a good reason.
    it wrecked my life more and more until now (I’m 19 now) and I believe in god again and will never lose my faith after seeing the negative side of life.

    During my years of experience with negative presences, I never believed in a ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ or anything like that, I used to believe the universe was punishing me or something.
    I hope that people who read this understand that there is evil out there and to not lose faith in god, because you don’t want to be in the place that I was. It really feels like going to hell and back.

    I just want to say to people that come on here and think anyone who claims to see demons or is possessed has a mental illness that some people do have a mental illness but people do get possessed, i know from experience. When i was 16 I went to a psychologist and he told me my problems were ‘just because of my emotions at that age’ and a mental hospital proved i had nothing wrong with me.
    I had absolutely nothing wrong with me that they could figure out. I even had physical illness that they couldn’t figure out why I had them such as extreme tiredness and headaches, they would do all these tests on me and say nothing was wrong.

    • Cephas66 says:

      Hello Gemma

      It looks like it takes one to know one as I have found people find it difficult to believe Demons are real and that they attack people. One of their popular modus operandi is to trick their victims into being mentally ill. It is why people cannot tell the difference.

      I wish you well in your fight to claim back your life. May the Lord preserve and protect you.

  3. sympathy says:

    This is an alert to visit the doctor or hospital! Not spirits!
    This sounds more like mental health to me than anything to do with the paranormal.
    Your mind can do many things to yourself! I have seen it, and my sister works with the mentally ill. Im not saying you are mentally ill of course, but im saying that the mind can cause all sorts of phenomenoms if there is a problem.
    I agree with Kind Skeptic, please seek medical advice and help! Making excuses for this type of trauma is stupid when your health maybe at risk. :(

    • Cephas66 says:

      Hello Sympathy

      Its like I said before, I have and I am going through the medically route. I have seen Doctors all to no avail and I wrote

      “…In my case I was left in no doubt that I had a spirit attachment or suffered from a demonic attack by the assortment of ways in which my body was plagued by problems. Problems such as mentioned earlier and the voices complimenting and commenting on the problems I was experiencing. Threatening me and following up the threats with action.

      I suggest where its appearing to have an ongoing personal relationship with you, where its waging a campaign of terror, commenting/causing and afflicting you with illnesses for months and years on end, then you wouldn�t need to told you have an attachment/evil spirit. One may struggle with a definition but one will be in no doubt that one is suffering from some form of psychic attack. The level of interference or degree of influence /infection will leave the host in no doubt that they are being attacked…….”

      Please try and read my story till the end before making up your mind if you think its medical or spiritually induced.

  4. jk says:

    Sympathy, I am not sure what kind of church this is that you attend. You say it is a Christian church yet I have heard you mention a couple of subjects from your church that are Biblical incorrect and worse than just an interpretation. Number 1 you should know that the Bible always tells us to test any spirit to see if it is of God. No Christian church that I know of teaches anything about a spirit guide or about the Holy Spirit speaking to us in dreams. There are old testement stories of God speaking to people through dreams but when Christ dide on the cross and was ressurrected His blood covenant did away with the need for this type of dreaming. Everything that you need to know in order to live a life pleasing to Christ is in the Bible between Genesis and Revelation. Because you seem bent on knowing more than what God has intended us to know as believers, your curiosity has you in a world of hurt right now. I am a student of the Bible and I have never read the information that you stated about stars and all. There is way to much mysticism in the church you are attending. Brother, you need to flea that church now, right away, do not hesitate for a moment. Find a God fearing Bible believing church that does not search beyond what God has made clear to us through His precious Son Christ Jesus. You have unfortunately been mislead by this church as well and need to get help quickly before your knowledge of the Gospel is twisted beyond belief. Focus your studies and Bible reading on the Gospels and the new testement it is all that you need for salvation. Other writings seem to tempt you to jump in looking for something new when all you will ever need is in the Gospels of Christ Jesus. I will pray for you but you must help yourself. scape from these false teachings now.

    • Caretaker says:

      jk I completely disagree with the parts about the dreams. God does speak to people in their dreams through the holy spirit.

      When Christ died on the cross it did away with the need for this type of dreaming? That would be a man made doctrine and not something one could quote a scripture for. Christ did not even “do away with” the old law. His purpose was not to do away with it but to fulfill it.

      Also there are many different denominations which both teach and believe in God speaking to them in dreams.

      Which reminds me of another issue on the same topic – One thing that makes me wonder is that there are people who believe that the “devil” or demons cannot read your mind while at the same time believing that they can “give” you dreams. How can the same individual person believe both those things at the same time? Because humans are not rational beings. We are rationalizing beings – which is much different.

      • jk says:

        I understand what you are saying and I don’t dispute what you say but Jesus said we have to test those spirits to make sure that it is of Him. There is no such mention of any spirit except the Holy Spirit. Never a mention of spirit guides. If you are attempting to speak to any type of spirit other than the Holy Spirit then you have committed necromancy and/or consulting spirits which both open wide the doors to the demonic and both are abominations to the Almighty. If you are a Christian and God has not completely delivered you by now, I am just saying that maybe it is time to examine your relationship with Christ and see if there is something that is beyond what the gospel instructs us to do. The way is narrow and there is only one way and that is surrendering all to Christ and all means our gifts, our interests, our obsessions should be His. He gave His life so that it would be simple and not to let our human curiosities and desires muddy the Water of Life.

        • Caretaker says:

          No there is nothing in the Bible that would indicate something like a “spirit guide” and personally I do not believe a spirit guide would be a good thing.

          • Cephas66 says:


            When I wrote my story, i wrote from the view point of someone who had previously posted and tallked of having a spirit guide. It was the similarity of our experience that made me include that at the time.

            I personally do not believe in spirit guides or endorse this belief as a Christian.

          • Cephas66 says:

            Hello Caretaker

            I am getting really fed up of my attachment. as It has ruled and ruined my life. It has now been feeding me with fear and anxiety.

            I know you have seen your fair share of stories. How do you think I can get rid of my attachment?

        • Jules says:

          So, according to your beliefs, JK, over 68% of the people are going to “hell”, and that’s being conservative. It’s actually more than 79% if you do the math according to, assuming that your belief is that if you aren’t Born Again, then you aren’t going to be saved.
          I guess I’m going to hell because I’m JEWISH. (GASP!) I believe that everyone’s personal religious and spiritual beliefs are sacred… And people shouldn’t be attacked for them. Let’s look at what good ‘ole Matt had to say about being judgemental….”Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matthew 7:1.
          But besides that, Cephas, you are obviously an intelligent individual who has gone through quite a bit. I am sorry for the pain that you have suffered. It is good that you are strong in your beliefs and are open minded enough to look at all your options. Yes, I believe there are most definitely negative or evil entities in this world that science has not YET been able to classify, and that at times and given certain circumstances, they can cause physical illnesses as well as mental health issues. If you have exhausted all avenues of medical help, than it is good you are seeking help from other sources. I find it reassuring that you are taking nutritional supplements and such as well to help you. It is excellent that you recognize the fact that if God didn’t want us to get better and live healthy, happy lives, He wouldn’t have given us doctors and priests. May whatever positive forces of good help you on your journey.
          Carri, your comment of “Because your mind can be a battleground” rings true. Godspeed to you, as well.

      • Big Chief says:

        Haha. You know what I find funny. Alot of Christians say this same thing. That Jesus died on the cross so we’re now under the new covenant (testament) and the old testament are old laws that are for the Jews. I have never seen a passage in the Bible that says the Old Testament Laws are for the Jews and the New Testament is for the Christians. Jesus did come and say that he is not here to bring in any new laws but to renew the Laws of old. I don’t know why so many Christians look over this with a blind eye. They want to pick and choose which parts of Bible scripture they want to adhere to and interpret it in which ever way suits their needs. Old Testament and New Testament are both for Christians not just for Jews or Christians only. Its for both of them. I think alot of this started with the Roman Catholic Church picking and choosing which parts of scriptures to release to the masses.

        • sharayah says:

          i agree with you.and one more thing christ was a israelite.

        • Anonymous says:

          I can not recall which Gospel presented the statement that Jesus said, but it went a little something like this. Christ speaking to those that could hear Him. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Then He said “the first is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, and strength(will power). The second should be familiar to all mankind. Love your neighbor as yourself.

          Moses delivered God’s 10 commandments to the Israelites wandering in the desert. Those commandments were first given to them, and in time the Gentiles also received those laws.

          The Letter of the Law kills. Grace is merciful and healing. It is not earned by works, lest any man should boast. God is no respector of persons…, I’m not talking about His children. As His children we should realize/discover His mind and heart. How could His children rebel against God’s law? Well, usually out of ignorance, sometimes out of spite. He is always watching over us, protecting us.

          After Christ completed His ministry, and the Law had been satisfied, then the dispensation of the Holy Spirit is here with mankind everyday…, even during the last days of Earth as we know it. God even said that He would have to shorten the days before He returns, in order to prevent total destruction and death of our whole world. If one misses the rapture, take comfort that the Holy Spirit is still with us, even up to our end physically.

          Not every survivor of Armagedon (not sure of my spelling) will be a Christian or a Jew. They may even be people we know personally. The human race will still exist here on Earth for thousands of years. And Christ Himself will establish his government. People can still believe or not believe.


      • Cephas66 says:

        Thank you for writing.

        I am sure you have given someone something to think about.

    • Cephas66 says:

      Hello Jk

      Thank you for writing and thank you for the offer to help pray for me. You do not know how relived I am to have found a fellow believer on a site like this.

      However you wrote -”No Christian church that I know of teaches anything about a spirit guide or about the Holy Spirit speaking to us in dreams. ” I did not write that my Church teaches about a Spirit guide but however I believe and know the holy spirit or God can chose to talk to us through dreams. Please read a few examples Matthew 2:12, Matthew 2:13.

      The evidence clearly speaks for itself and it leads me to think you do not read or know God as you think.

      Again you wrote -”I am a student of the Bible and I have never read the information that you stated about stars and all.” The Bible I believe talks about a lot of things but it does not for example mention anything about BONE TRANSPLANTS. That doe not mean it doesn’t happen or does not exist. The point I am trying to make is that if the bible doesn’t mention something it does not mean it does not exist.

      The Church I attend has a long history of spiritual warfare and is a deliverance ministry that has had its fair share of encounters with the opposition ( witches, wizards, demons e.t.c) and as a result has learnt its fair share of knowledge of what the opposition can do or even how they may do it.

      I hope that answers your comments.

  5. truebinx says:

    I think I have one of these, it explains alot

    • jk says:

      TrusB, tell us your story, maybe someone could help. JK

      • truebinx says:

        I am not so concerned for myself as I am my daughter, as in my case it has harassed everyone in my bilogical mothers family, but the only person from that family that I have a real relationship with is my sister as we were both raised by different parents but I have met my mother and one uncle and one aunt and my grandmother, every now and then they’ll call me and want to hang out. with that said and the seperation being known everyone in this family including myself and my sister at one point dabbled in the occult, usually Wicca without any knowledge of any of the other family members doing it, as a matter of fact nobody had admit to it until I was telling them how I got born again and what kind of person I once was. But in this family I have two uncles who commit suicide, everyone practiced Wicca at one point, and everyone has been to a psychologist, after I got saved I no longer went to the psychologist and God has done a wonderful job of bringing me back into the realm of rational thinking, however since this spirit seems to be attracted to my bloodline I am concerned for my daughter.

  6. trolldoll says:

    try to change your diet. take vitamins too. sounds almost like that fatigue syndrome. some people are just plagued with health problems all their life. i know my mom was, but she was also a very strong willed christian woman and alot of good things happened when she asked in prayer for help. she out lived my dad, who wasn’t a strong christian.

  7. Carri says:

    I agree with most of the stuff you say. my mother had some problems that you talk about. she was diagnosed with Manic Depression now called Bi Polar and schizophrenia. She talked about the TV and Radio sending her messages. We lived by highway 14 in Illinois a busy route. At night the flashing car lights would alarm her. she said someone was sending her messages by the car lights flashing by the house windows. My mother had a hard life in Tennessee and was sick with scarlet fever. later she was attacked walking on a road in Tennessee. This happened at around 14 years old. she was never the same again. after these incidents. She was normal before age 14. Kids at school would bully her and call her crazy or names so she dropped out at 15. She was forced out on her own at 18. My mom had a baby at 18. she was forced to give it up. she had to survive and was mentally ill. so she moved to Illinois. she was suffering from mental Illness. but when she had me she was often in and out of mental institutions. I think she suffered �spirit problems as well. she often looked possessed at times when she was sick.

  8. Carri says:

    I am sorry to comment again so soon.
    I am amazed that some of these people on this site do not believe that real evil exists. Like the Devil and his demons. This man is tormented by demons I can see from his article. Demons are real they can destroy your life. If they are not coming at you in the your mind. “Because your mind can be a battleground.” They will come at you in the physical realm.
    Like for example bullies, at school or work. They put thoughts in other people’s heads to torment you. i was tormented by the devil and his demons in my haunted mobile home in Rockford Illinois last year . Now in the physical realm I am tormented by a gang of 5 people trying to do a home invasion on me and my 3 children. At work I am having problems with a couple of women trying to bully me. See this is how Lucifer attacks. If he can’t get you in the ghost world he will get you in this world and try to bring you down. I have heard Lucifer and he is real. so look out people.

    I am always under attack by the enemy. He hates people who believe in God.

    • Cephas66 says:


      Thanks for writing. Your comments were noted and really appreciated. I am sure the Lord will see you through your problems.

  9. Carri says:

    Cephas66 ,
    could you tell me the name of your church. are they online. not many churches deal with the things you mentioned . they tend to ignore spiritual warfare. I had to go to several different churches to deal with spiritual warfare and a haunting. Most churches I have attended do not deal with the occult, The only church who really would deal with problems I was having was a Catholic Church in Rockford Illinois. Every other church thought I was crazy. or needed a lot of prayer. I actually had an exorcism and it helped end most of my haunting and problems. I actually stopped having epileptic seizures.

    • Cephas66 says:

      Hello carri

      I hope I am not breaking any of the site roles here. The Church I attend is called – Mountain Of Fire and Miracles, and it has branches over the world though I am not sure if you may find one near you.

      Yes they are online. You may google the name.

      Otherwise in your battle to regain your spiritual and physical health you should try and stay healthy and eliminate the possibility of your condition having any medically roots.

      Simple things like multivitamins and taking medication as prescribed could over time help lessen the worse of the symptoms you may be suffering. Prayer and fasting is also advised as this is the route I have taken in my resolve to gain back what has been stolen from me.

      I hope what I have written helps. You may write me here if you need anything further.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Carri

      Just thought to see how you were getting on. I mean since I supplied the name of my church and all.

      Let me know how it went and how you are doing now.

  10. sharayah says:

    wow what a read! ok god tells us if we believe we can cast out demons,if your church can’t do this for you something may be up.take care many will come in his name but are not of him(jesus). i really hope you get past this time in your life may God be with you.

  11. Carri says:

    To: Anonymous:

    I am doing ok now. Having problems in the physical realm problems with people at work. so now that we are not having problems in the spirit world, it comes again as attacks in the physical realm. It is the enemy coming with his attacks. but we pray a lot. these are minor disturbances compared to what I have been through. we are not seeing or hearing much paranormal activity right now. my daughter saw a demon in the mirror at school telling her to kill herself she is 8. so she is she was seeing these things because the kids at school were bullying her. she would go to the bathroom and the demon who was a girl with blond hair and red eyes would talk to her in the bathroom mirror. so she is seeing a councilor now at school frequently. it has helped a lot. and we got the bullies to stop. all appears well for now. Thank you for your concern.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am going through this same thing right now. There have been evil spirits afflicting me for 2 years. There is continuous invasion upon my genitals and my sexual life by them. They will not stop tormenting me with cruel, harsh and belittling thoughts. They got me to attempt suicide. I pray and pray but there doesn’t seem to be an end to this attack. I think as the Bible says, how 7 more stronger spirits come back after the first one is initially cast out, is very true, because nothing seems to be getting better. I don’t think I’m going to make it through this without killing myself. I don’t want to go to Hell, but it seems like I can’t get to Heaven and I have no job, my thoughts and my speech are disorganized, and I can’t get a moment of sleep. I know when these things entered my body, they wrapped themselves around my heart. I still have visual snow and it has greatly affected my mentality. I was free but now I’m not. Somebody please pray for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Anonymous

      I want you to know that I have prayed for you. Please do not lose hope and do not despair.

      I want you to take medication as well as pray. I suggest you see a Doctor/psychiatrist immediately. It may be wise to stay for a while in a hospital as they will take care you there until the worse symptoms elapse.

      What ever you do. Do not kill yourself or self harm. That is not the solution. I do know from experience that they(evil spirits) are opportunistic and attack when one is getting psychotically ill. And so medication would help you get rid of the smokescreen of confusion which these evil spirits like to operate under. Medication should see you well enough to fight to get rid off the lingering evil spirit.

    • Carri says:

      I will pray for you,. Anonymous, I wish you would give your first name so I can tell Jesus whom I am praying for. Yes these evil spirits or demons what ever we call them are real. My daughter heard a spirit voice in Latin talking to her. I told her it was evil and not to listen to it. The voice was in her bedroom and was coming quickly at her. she ran into her brother’s room to get away from the voice. she was afraid. I have broken into the spirit realm and another time to another dimension. I have heard evil. These spirits will whisper in your ears to torment you. I have heard them. I have only heard them in a haunted location. In my house things are peaceful. no paranormal activity. Try to put on a cross it burns demons or the devil in the spirit world. pray to Jesus or say his name out loud. when these evil entities torment you. maybe talk to a priest. ask him to help you. a christian councilor would also help. I have been to both to help my daughter.
      Try to be strong and know you are battling evil. They will manipulate your mind. pray non stop to Jesus for help. At some point these spirits can become powerful and attack full force. you will need help then. Get the churches help, and have them pray for you. maybe talk to a priest. sprinkle holy water in your home. Tell the evil spirits you cast them out in the name of Jesus. A Catholic priest will give you prayers for this situation.

  13. Hope says:

    Please do not speak like that, it is how they work, they are achieving what they want when you lose all hope. You must not give up, ever. I had a problem with an attachment and it was horrible. Horrible dreams, seeing what they can see in their discusting existance etc you see they affect everything, how you feel and think. When they attach they take some of your power and you take some of theirs hence why they can touch you or you can see or hear strange things.
    I went to a healer and i had egyptian healing and both me and the healer saw it come out.
    Years later i began being attacked by alot of evil beings and the more i fought them the worse it got. But i got rid of it all
    I want you to apply several laws of the universe that we live in because this is the way to beat them.
    Do not think about them, ever, the more attention you focus on them or think about them the stronger they are and more prevailant in your life. You will find when you do this they attack more. But what you may not be aware of is a very powerful law, the god given right of free will. Do you wear a cross of jesus christ. Each time something happens i want you to rub your cross, ask jesus christ to WITNESS’ what is happening to you, tell him you are not retaliating you want him to witness. Then tell the evil that THIS IS MY LIFE, IT IS MY GOD GIVEN BIRTH RIGHT FOR FREE WILL AND I CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE You will end up doing this alot, perhaps on contant repeat as they attack, IT IS ALSO VERY HELPFUL to repeat during the attack,’ i love jesus christ, he died to save me, He suffered for me he loves me, i love jesus, mention the blood of jesus christ too they hate this and that you belong to jesus christ they CANNOT TOUCH YOU , and really feel for jesus, how he was whipped, how he died, feel the love for him, then repeat that this is YOUR life, not theirs, you will decide who is in your life and who isn’t IT IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. Make statements to yourself that they are no longer in your life and then think forcefully about your life without them, how you will feel (elated, calm, peaceful).
    When you apply all these things and KEEP on applying them they will just dissappear
    After a while you may graciously ask jesus to remove your burden. its important to Ask him forgiveness first for known and unknown sins you have committed. and you must feel genuinely sorry

    This is what worked for me.
    Do not give up you are beautiful being of the light and these things are most attracted to those that shine the brightest, like moths to a flame, stay strong, fight them with jesus not hatred, fight them with love for jesus and fight them with the laws of the universe.

    If you kill yourself there are those that believe you will be stuck in a horrible place for eternity, life is the blink of an eye, which would you prefer?

    Please try this for a month and if you need some encouragement please write on here.

    May love and jesus be with you – YOU CAN DO THIS!

    • Cephas says:

      Hello Hope

      I read and reread your post. You specifically maintained that you managed to get rid of an attachment.

      I will like to know your story and I would like to hear more from you. You see I am a Christian and a born again one and have tried nearly everything and still yet it persists.


    • jennifer l jones says:

      my 14yr old daughter is being attacked at night as well as i am. I have a evil spirit wrapped around me like a octupus, i can see it when i close my eyes. I need some advice fast, please someone help us.

      • Cephas says:

        Hello Jennifer I Jones

        I understand the urgency and even desperation in your mail. And I have to say that unfortunately these thing takes time except of course you get an immediate divine miraculous solution.

        I would advice you to seek out a deliverance ministry near you and also double up by seeing a Doctor/Psychiatrist as I did in my case. You would have to fight this battle on many fronts. You would also have to keep healthy. And in time the worse effects of this thing will go.

      • Carri says:

        To Jennifer Jones. you may need to put on a cross, on you and your children. . Then put holy water in your home. sprinkle it in all 4 corners of your rooms. say to Jesus. Deliver me Jesus. Protect me and my children. Then get a Catholic Priests help or a minister that will help. you may need help. These demonic spirits are powerful. Try to remember that when these things happen it is a demon. always pray for God’s help. You may need an Exorcism. You may need to move from the location you are living in. A portal may have opened. Also seeing a councilor may not hurt. try to get someone who is a Christian. I followed these steps and it has helped us from having these type of attacks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello Jennifer I Jones

        Just writing to see how you are doing? And to found out if there have been any improvements to your situation.

        My mail to you was too brief I think. And I expected you to question me more on how I got better. The word is better as I am not completely healed.

  14. Carri says:

    Here is something I found on the Internet. It is spiritual warfare article. This I think is what you are dealing with. Look it up under Bible The Jezebel Spirit.
    This person who wrote this was a preacher. but one thing to note is that this spirit may show up on a photograph.

    The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate

    Here are 11 specific things I have isolated on this spirit once it moves in on someone to set up shop. Again, this type of spirit likes to play the same kind of games every time it moves in and attaches to someone.

    1. The Evil Personality Traits of the Jezebel Spirit
    2. The Spider Web Analogy
    3. There Will Be a Charismatic Type Energy on the Host
    4. Likes To Attach to Sharp, Intelligent, and Attractive People When It Can
    5. Will Always Seek to be the Center of Attention
    6. Will Seek to Infiltrate, Attack, and Undermine Everything
    7. Will Go After Anyone in a Leadership Position
    8. Runs in Tandem With a Mocking Spirit
    9. Especially Hates Prophets, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare
    10. Will Occasionally Expose Itself on a Photo
    11. The Host Usually Will Not Know They Have This Kind of Spirit in Them

  15. Gabrielle Bolt says:

    I have ringing in my ears , alot, and I’ve always believed it’s when a Spirit is with me. I used to live with a demon, and when I’d get that ringing in my ears, that’s when something happened. Like, somebody threw a picture, = ringing. Somebody tipped over a vase 2 times= ringing, I’m really young= 11. And this demon ripped up my dolls arm! My mom believes , spirits, who ruin your stuff are evil. And she’s seen this “demon” before, it was an old man. She was getting into the shower, she looked over, and saw an old man, dressed in a tuxito. Then , one of her friends saw the same thing, I saw him too. I didn’t get a glimpse of him, just a fuzzy figure [ fuzzy tv,] I never believed it was to harm me, but I used to hear dishes moving, foot-steps, etc. I believe that It wanted us out. It gave us a clue ! He said to my dad “GET OUT” and also, one time, me and my older sister [now almost 14] were at school, mom and dad were on the couch, the cookie bag tipped over a bit, then went back up.

    Any clue?
    I also lost so much in that house. Like, I lost my doll, it was on my bed when I left! So, when we left, and came back, it was on my bed.

    I also believe it was somebody trying to contact us.
    Or trying to get us out of “their” territory.
    Well, I’m scared, because now an old woman lives there.

    What if he bother’s her?

    With what I’ve said, does anybody have a clue what this evil enitity wanted ?

  16. Carri says:

    I have two things to tell you all. first my mother had a spirit attachment. In Saint Paul Minnesota, I was 7 at the time. we were staying in a motel room. my brother Sean was 5. I was 7. We were watching TV. My mother Hellen was in the room. My father Richard was the Motel Clerk. My mother was sick with Manic Depression and schizophrenia, my mother put us to bed. then she started to scream “The devil is here.” I did not believe her until the wind outside picked up into a blizzard condition. it was still to begin with then a blizzard hit us. The year was about 1972.

    Now someone mentioned that sexual contact with another person can form some sort of a spirit attachment.
    Well about 2 years ago. I slept with a man who I later learned was a pot dealer. he also I found out had an extensive criminal record, very violent one. I only slept with him one time.
    well the day after we were together I drove him home. One the way home I saw a large grey wolf on the road. I had to serve my car not to hit it. Wolves have never been sighted in this area. it was a county road in Rockford Illinois a large city.
    I took this wolf as a sign of evil from God.
    Then the next day I drove to pick up my son. The man that I slept with was there by the way his name was Monti. anyways my daughter saw the devil patting Monti on his back saying Good job. my daughter told me of this incident. Mark tried to see me again but I always put off his offers. I was too afraid with the wolf incident and my daughter seeing the devil in the spirit world. later that month I found out he was a pot dealer and had a criminal history.
    I now avoid him at all costs. but my point is spirit attachments can form if we fornicate with others. I seen it happen in this experience.

  17. chloe says:

    i was 3 when i first started happen my mom and dad are not together i have seen an old man wearing white in my bed room watching me i hear thing foots steps,children laugh,people fighting,girl screaming, door open and close things smash
    and my bed shakes at this all happend at my dad house i still live there now worse thngs are happening what should i do

  18. Omer says:

    I’ve been a victim of sorcery for the last 7 years. My enemy sends evil spirits and I get possessed. I am possessed since 9 Feb 2010 and again a more powerful “FIRE LIKE” attack on August 10, 2010. The attachment is not going away this time. In 2007 and 2008 I got possessed but I fought it with Holy verses. An evil thing lifted off my chest and started flying in my room for 15 seconds and went away saying I will come back in my mind. It looked like something sitting on broom stick.

    I see crows, strange voices, dark black shadow in my vision, suffocation, black cats, dogs, it doesn’t let me sleep whole night. tingling and burning all over body, feeling needles on heart and like heart failure, something heavy sitting on my chest (like 100 people). Cannot walk more than 100 yards due to heaviness. My finances blocked, business ruined, got divorce.

    In my research, all attacks were on DARK MOON (or Balsamic moon) nights and on TUESDAYS.

    I liked a girl in my family and waited 10 years to marry her but her father always turned down the proposal. When I got engaged to another girl in July 2003 I started suffering immediately. My marriage took place on 3rd April, 2005 and by that time I had lost
    significant amount of money in business. My newly wed wife was so cold
    in bed and we started fighting each other soon after marriage. I felt as if passer-by peoples changed faces and shouted on us (all delusions and result of witchcraft). My wife took divorce from me in Jan 2006 and started living separately (divorce finalized by court in August 2007). I had a two year engagement before getting married and never
    once we fought till wedding.

    The first girl used to play with tarot cards. I saw her several times. I am pretty
    sure she put a curse on me. When the evil reversed in 2007 with too much of my efforts and reading Holy book, it made her and her family get in big problems (death of father, etc). When I read now, it seems metaphysical Law of Three got applied as she harmed me.

    Now, i feel both girls are after me. They are keeping the evil inside me and controlling to torture. The doctors suggested taking Dulexotine for sleep and Risperidal also. But I avoid drugs. Only take when I cannot bear the pain.

    It is all due to witchcraft. In Hinduism there is a chapter called ABHCHARA MARAN. The person who has command on it can kill the enemy in 2 weeks with rituals.

  19. Sweetbay618 says:

    To Cephas66..My story as well. There are no such things as “ghosts”. They are demons from the pits of hell. One day hell opened up its doors and I saw their evil. I saw my jail cell and all the doors that I opened up to them became bars that held me. They drew on my computer screen, I have been called a “bitch” by them, the knocking, the music, the pulling of the hair, the clicking in the ear, the horrific thoughts they put in your head, the dreams they give you, the fear they try to instill in you, the jerking me into the spirit world like a rag doll and them doing want they want there, they even give you gospel music if it makes you cry. They even branded my forehead with burns while I was praising God. They feed on emotions, whatever you want to give them. Remorse, guilt, frustration, anger, lust. The only thing they cannot stand is the love of God and be reminded of the blood of Jesus. I could write a book on them, many similar experiences to yours. I had pics of them which they absolutely were shocked that I got them. I had to trick them to get them. They since have put a “timer” on my camera and I can no longer take photos without a 30 second delay. I have had knock down drag out fights with them literally. All the while, God was watching me. During the horrific times I had and trying to hold down a job that I eventually lost because of them, God was with me. They make others think you are crazy when you more sane than those who think they are normal. As they climbed on top of me in the middle of the night, my cries to God did not go unnoticed. God showed me he was with me and I had visions of the Holy Spirit. Jesus also audibly said “rejoice”. I have to admit that was a bit hard to do at that time. I am in my 2nd year of this almost over journey. One night I told God that I just couldn’t take it any more. I had had enough. He told me specifically, “Stand on the blood of Jesus”. I had to learn HOW to do that! God showed me every delivery point that I received. This body that we have is supposed to Glorify God. Not to be used to go against the laws of God or used for our own willful lust. God showed me that I had to renounce every evil deed that I committed with it. EVERYTHING. I first had to go to the bible to see everything what God said was evil. When I gathered my weapon of faith and when I did this, I saw the orbs leaving me. They slid down my legs and out into oblivion. Sounds corny I know. God KNOWS what He is doing. (My words were “I renounce the fornication that I committed with this body in the name of Jesus and by His blood”) I did that with every evil that I committed in this body. This is not an overnight deliverance thing. It has taken many months. After hours of praise and FULL COMMITMENT to Christ, I am 99% free. I do not watch television. I spend hours on my face praising and worshipping God instead. It is not what we want but what God wants. He wants glory, praise and our love. If we are going to spend eternity with him, this is what we will be doing. It goes against everything “natural”. It is a literal fight between heaven and hell and we are dead center the object of it. Christianity is not a once a week deal or a shopping discount or a 5 second thank you to the God of the Creation. It is a lifetime journey, an everchanging, always growing relationship with the lover of the universe and YOU! To the skeptics, I can only say that I am sorry. Jesus spilled his blood for EVERYBODY. He looked far beyond our lives and into eternity and covered every conceivable thing we could EVER do. All He asks is just receive Him. Thats all. He will do the rest. Heaven is real. Hell is very real. As the demons tried to invade my space, one by one, I saw the angels of God (who are very big by the way) literally snatch them from my presence. I give God full honor and glory that is due His name. It is my mission to help anyone experiencing the evil deeds of the enemy in any way I can. Just remember- satan was stripped of any power he had. Jesus said satan is a liar and the father of lies. It is our mission to trust and believe God FOR EVERYTHING in our lives. God said TRUST HIM FOREVER. This is my journey and I am IN LOVE WITH GOD AND JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to post. My prayers are with you.

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