My Death Touch

Posted on May 21, 2009

I was adopted, and until very recently, have not had any contact with my parents. My birthmother was adopted too, and my birthfather moved here from Iranian royalty. Growing up, I was one of those kids who was obsessed with death at a very young age. When I was five or six, I would ask random strangers if they would prefer to be cremated or buried, or when they thought they would die, or if they really thought they would have an afterlife, and etc. Though I was always very cheerful and outgoing, and had many friends, I was the only kid I knew who WANTED to die, to feel what it was like.

My earliest memory is being in a kitchen, with my “dad’s” best friend, David holding me high in the air, I’m a baby and its very painful, he’s doing the whole “goochie goochie goo!” baby routine and even though I’m a baby I have the memory of wanting him DEAD more than anything. When I was six, he died of cancer. I have no idea how to explain how I wanted him dead, if I was so young, (much later I found-out from my “mom” that we were there when I was two weeks old).

When I was in elementary school I got in a fight with another boy and was taken to sit out for lunch, returning from lunch I was very mad at the teacher, and realized she looked very much like the woman on the “Statue of Liberty”, I was making a paper airplane and while I was holding it, I imagined it hitting her, then the statue of liberty if it was a real plane, I had a vision of a plane crashing into New York City. Less than a month later when 9/11/2001 happened

At the beginning of last Summer I was with my best friend of 10 years, we always went to schools together, and our families were very close. He was also adopted, and very physical, once he slapped me in the face when we were having an argument, at that moment when we made contact thoughts of David, and my teacher, both flooded through me, I could feel its hot, electric like charge, and at that moment I realized what was going to happen, at that moment all I wanted was him dead. We grew even closer over the summer, and then in October got into an argument when he insulted my girlfriend. I blocked him on instant messenger and forgot to ever unblock him, two weeks later he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, and died in January, I never told him this.

I have told a few very close friends about this “feeling” and I have no idea what to make of it, but something happened last night that threw me into more panic than I could have ever imagined. I am still with the same girlfriend, and I’m pretty sure I am in love with her. Last night we were at a bookstore with a friend of her’s and having fun being together. I was holding her hand and listening to her friend talk, at that moment I felt that electric charge and my eyes flew to my girlfriend, and in my eyes her shoulder blades and her heart were illuminated by some white-yellow light. I did not give her this, I don’t know if someone else did, or if I am just sensing a natural/lifestyle disease in her future.

Later I remembered that her father died a year ago from heart failure. I am a very strong believer of “past lives” and at my friends memorial service, it was constantly repeated that he was an “old soul” by different people. I have met several people who have come to me out of the blue, and said that, “I am from a past life, and so are You.”

If anyone has any information related to any of this please contact me, I have never used any of this to harm anyone. My name is Eric Claver and I’m from Texas, that should be enough to myspace me.

Sent in by “CLAVA”, Copyright 2009

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22 Responses to “My Death Touch”
  1. CuteSagittarius says:

    I wish I could help, but I’ve never come acroSs anything like this before!
    Be safe!

  2. E.Cheney says:

    Hello, The way you put every thing I would say getting mental health help would help you.Nothing personal, but you talk to much about death.

  3. ghost says:

    i feel ur pain and i had the same experience

  4. Mellisa says:

    Me too, I’m not experienced in a case like & never meet case like this. By the way how come you still remember things from when you were baby, especially 2 weeks old???
    One thing is possible that something in you probably are able to make bad things really happen once you really wish it. For me it as if you placed a curse because you angry and it really happened. I don’t mean it literally. It’s just how I imagine it. I think you should be careful once you feel any anger and negative feeling towards other people. You should be able to control your thought. No matter how badly they anger you no one deserved die because of that. I’m really sorry, I can’t help you. I just can give you a suggestion.

    About past life. I also believe in reincarnation. Some people will reincarnate again after they are dead and then live another life as different people. In their next life there’s a possibility you will meet people who you knew in your past life. They might even become your friends or your family members in your current life. Once I read an article about a woman who learned a way to see her past life and she also can help people see their past life. She said that that in your reincarnation you would likely repeat the same mistake you did in your past life until you really overcome it for all. She also said remembering past life sometimes help you to learn more about your mistake or things that you have to do, so you’ll know how to handle it and avoid repeating the same mistake again.

    I don’t know much more than this and the way to see one past life mentioned in that article was also complicated that I don’t understand and don’t remember it now. But my cousin knows a person who is an expert in this kind of weird things. He’s my cousin ex-superior in her former job. I think he might be a very old soul too. I’m really sorry about what happen to you.

    I have something that just struck my mind. Could it possible in your past life you once died of suicide so you think so much about wanting to die? Don’t this seriously, I’m just wondering this because I know it’s possible a certain feeling, a phobia, or a liking a person had in the past life is carried in his/her next life.

  5. KAREN says:

    I really don’t think that you were responsible in any way for these peoples deaths. It could be coincidence,just because you thought that doesn’t mean you were directly involved in their deaths.

  6. KAREN says:

    by the way cancer can take years to develop it can’t happen overnight

  7. ivy janella (philippines) says:

    when I was a kid.. I remember, when I wish of someones death, its granted.. I dont know how..? in our place, for example, I would just ask my self.. no one die’s yet?? ohw..
    then.. a few days later, some of our neighbors grandparents, died.. amazing!.. but im so scared.

  8. Mellisa says:

    I forgot to mention. I agree with KAREN. I think it’s not your fault that they were dead, those things were just coincidence. Cancer is everywhere. Even so you should be careful about having a wish for someone else to die, just because you are angry. Don’t worry, only people who really hold grudge, have power and do black magic ritual to curse people can place a real curse on people and make it really happen

  9. star says:

    look. if you write me back,i will help you. HURRY!

  10. uhhuhsure.. says:

    This story sounds made up. YOu need to decide what your trying to say in your story, did your fasanation with death or you imagining wanting your dads friend to die cause his death? cause im pretty sure its the cancer that killed him, and for another tid bit of info it is impossible for the human brain to recalect memories from the days when they were infants( I would know because I am a psychology major). Second, the you say that you either caused or predicted 9/11. HA! yeah right, another man actually wrote a book and predicted 9/11 so if you actually did your not special at all. I believe in ghosts, mediums, the whole nine yards but im not an idiot this is made up…. dont go putting fake stories on these kind of sites.

  11. KAREN says:

    uhhuhsure, You’re right you can’t remember that age and whats more ih how would a baby know about death?

  12. Karen says:

    Uhhuhsure, You being a psychology major, wouln’t you agree that it had to have been someone in his family constently talking about death? Who here can say that at 5 years old they really knew about death and cremation? I would like to know also if maybe the mother was unstable or had a depression or maybe even suicidal tendencies? I can’t imagine who would want to tell a 5year old about death and cremation!

  13. Karen says:

    I’m just going to say one last thing could it possibly be that you are feeling guilty cause you wished these two people dead? I can assure you that you did not give cancer to the two. And if God gave that power to everyone,how much of the world population do you think would still exsist?

  14. Trendstar says:

    Dear Eric!i heard god is close 2 children and so he heard ur voice or wish but wat type of wish is it ur dads friends death its unusual for me

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    i used to think about death too actually i don’t believe in heaven or hell we’ve got both right here on earth LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT SO LIVE WELL!

  16. Karen says:

    Atheist’s don’t believe in God… God doesn’t believe in atheist’s ………….therefore they do not exsist

  17. Icis says:

    I use to think about death like that too. Wondering whether or not there was an after life or not. I’m not of any religion so I don’t really have a belief of heaven or hell or god or anything like that. But I don’t really know how to explain the deaths you’ve thought about and actually happening. Sorry I’m no help. Have you tried looking up other cases like this?

  18. TRENDSTAR says:

    I believe that god is everywhere

  19. KayNyne Tamerr says:

    Hey ericc… i do believe in your story… and when i was like 7 or 8 i was all into death and demons and just stuff like that welll now im 15 1/2 and my boyfriend also used to be into all that too. but now i guess im staarting to believe in it a whole lot mmore and if it wasall made up then you have to had to be at least thinking real hard and keeping you story very consistant… but other wise that i totally believe you… i sorta had experinces my self like just a few days ago i was on the computer and it was really hot in my room and i was here with my boyfreind and my son he was sleep on my bed and my son wasin ther crib next to his daddy i was on mypace and it got really cold and i heard some one calling my name but no one was home except for me and my man and my parents didnt even know he was here and some one or some thing just keept calling my name over and over and i turned back to look at if my man was awake and he wasnt him and my son were both fast asslep he wouldnt even answer me when i called him. well any ways im glad you and you lady are still together.. yepp its going to be 3 years on aughust 15 and we already have a beautiful baby boy i love my boyfrined and our beutiful baby boy

  20. ashuran says:

    everything this guy says is made up, as if taken from different paragraph of different books. The worst is that his “story” seems as is it doesn’t have any connection at all, what are you trying to saya buddy??? I bet the answer is clueless…….

  21. piomini says:

    hi mellisa,

    well I too beleive in reincarnation is a very weak way to start but how else could i start. have you ever felt the interest to know who u were in your past lives. If yes then what are your sources..?how u goin about researching on things? I would love to know..

  22. LilPrinsess says:

    oh wow. i have things like this happen to me also! but not quite that extreme not things like death but things like that. how i describe it to myself is knowing what is going to happen next. take care!

    love LilPrinsess

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