My Dead Aunt Sarah

Posted on November 17, 2009

When I was a kid, around 3 – 8 I didn’t like ghost movies because I was strongly into the spirit world. I’m 13 now, and I still am connected to the dead. When I about 6 I remember I lived in an apartment with my mom. My dad left cause my mom abused him. My mom never stayed home with me. She was on drugs horribly bad. (Thank goodness she’s not anymore).� So when I was home alone I would cry wishing I had someone.

I’d play with a small doll I had. She had a black tutu on with white trimmings on the skirt part. She had blonde hair that I dyed red, and I ripped her dress up. I once got so angry I ripped her head off and tossed it out the window. That night I was sleeping and I was awoken by giggling and dolls were getting thrown at me and all over my room. I felt sharp pains in my body and I felt wet all over my face. I woke up and ran to the bathroom, terrified. I looked into the mirror to see cuts and blood all over my neck. And my hair was red and my clothes were ripped. I knew instantly what happened so I ran outside and got the doll’s head and glued it back on and went back inside to hide in my bed. I was crying, and I felt so numb. Then I saw my closet door slide open and a girl with blonde hair, and the doll’s dress standing there. I couldn’t breathe. I strained for air and tried not to scream. When I got under my covers I saw a hand on my chest. I instantly screamed and jumped up to run out but my door was locked. After that I tried to bust it down. Anything to get out. I thought about crawling out the window, but we lived on the second floor. I banged on the floor screaming for help but the neighbors just hit their roof telling me to shut up. I got up, and felt hands pushing me until I reached the window. I was almost pushed out of the window ! But my mom walked in my room freaking out. She took me to a Mental Hospital and tried to see if I was crazy. To be honest, I thought I was.

After that I didn’t hear from the ghost for about 3 years. I was 9, and I lived with my dad and older brother now. I was eating and watching TV just before I went to school. But then the TV cut off. Since it was a big screen TV without glass, it had that fuzzy / plastic kind of screen, I looked back to see the girl standing there. I choked on my cereal and couldn’t scream so I fell on the floor kicking and hitting the couch. Then the TV came back on with the name “Sarah” printed on the screen. I didn’t think anything of it, tried to forget it.

Now, just before my birthday I ran away with my boyfriend – which my mom DID NOT like (forgot to mention I live with my mom again) he was 17 and I was 12. We were walking down the highway going back to his place. I looked around to make sure we weren’t being followed. (It’s Pensacola! People are crazy here!) I looked behind us to see Sarah following us. I didn’t say a word. My boyfriend noticed how nervous I was getting, and he asked if I was okay. I told him I was just nervous we’d get caught or something. When we got back to his house we were laying in his bed just hanging out. It was his brother, him, and me. His brother was sitting on the floor and we were in the bed. He had a bunk bed, and when they turned the lights off we started making-out just a little, and when I looked by their dresser I saw the girl sitting on the dresser. Still, once again I remained quiet.

Okay, so lastly, I’m 13 now. Living home with my mom still in a trailer. Me and my friend Justin were just chilling listening to Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and ABK. Now if you don’t know they’re a rap group. So they don’t really have yelling. But we heard a scream on the track. We just laughed and rewound it to make sure. Sure enough there was NO scream this time. We just looked at each other and thought it was funny. So we joked about it and made fun of ghosts. Stupidly.

My mom wasn’t home, so I just wanted to go back inside to get my head straight. I tried opening my door but it wouldn’t budge. I was locked out ! I asked Justin if I locked the door, and he said I didn’t. And I didn’t remember locking it. So I went out back to try to open the back door. I couldn’t so Justin tried to pick at the lock. I hit my head against the outside wall and leaned against the window. Not if 1 minute later I heard the same bang that I made when I hit my head. I jumped and looked around laughing wondering what the hell that was. I knocked on the window and someone knocked back. I thought my mom was home, so I knocked on the back door telling her “This isn’t funny, let me in.” But nothing happened. I looked past the blinds and saw someone walking around. I knew it wasn’t my mom, so me and Justin just ran back to his house and stayed there for the rest of the day until my mom got home. When I went back home I went to get on the computer to talk to my brother (he lives in Asia). When we were talking he typed the word “Sarah”. I asked him What? and he said he didn’t type that. I wrote back and it didn’t send. The connection had been lost. And my messenger went down. I sighed knowing what was going on. Now that I’m older I could care less. I just went to my room and got a Ouija board to talk to this Sarah girl.

When I was talking she said she was my dad’s sister. I didn’t believe her, but she spelled out my dad’s name. I just laughed and asked her questions of my family, and she got them all right. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her why she tried to kill me when I was a kid and she didn’t reply. so I just went to bed, forgetting to close the convo. Around 11 pm I woke up to something tickling me, I looked up to see Sarah standing there. I just sat there with a surprised look. Tired, I thought I was just seeing things. But she just disappeared.

Ever since then I haven’t seen anything. But I wont doubt her return. If you know anything about the name “Sarah” and what it means, tell me please. All I say is real. Also if you have any information on ZOZO I would love to know it. My nickname has been ZOZO for years, and my friends just told me what ZOZO really was. So I need some info.

Sent in by Summer, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “My Dead Aunt Sarah”
  1. love comes first says:

    WOW that’s pretty intense

  2. Jennisha says:

    wow thats scary. wish i was as brave as you. why dont you try contacting your dads family maybe they might know about sarah perhaps. what about asking you mother about sarah? maybe she needs help. take care angel. and ps i dont know what zozo is

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    that certainly is a very young age to be into the supernatural. you had a boyfriend when you were 12 and he 17. i don’t see a 17 year old boy getting involved with a 12 year old. as for the abuse, i believe that much. its not that i don’t believe these things could happen, i have heard of this zozo and i really don’t understand what it is. thanks for telling your experiences and i really hope life gets better for you.

  4. Diana96 says:

    I can’t belive that you had a boyfriend when you were 12?!?And He’s 17?!?I’m 13 now and i still don’t have a boyfriend!!I admit,the world has gone mad!!!! :(

  5. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    You need to leave those older guys alone, thats crazy , anyway you have had a pretty hard life thus far, ZoZo seems to be a pwerful demon who lately has been in many stories on here. You are best to leave all that alone and dont stay with you rmom anymore, that doesnt seem like a very good atmosphere for someone your age

  6. Bonnie says:

    Why in Heaven’s name is a 17 year old young man making out with a 12 year old little girl! Young lady, you need to stay away from the older guys before you get into some trouble. Also, maybe you should consider changing your nickname, it dosen’t sound like it’s a very safe one. Put your faith in the Good Lord. He will never steer you wrong.

  7. KC says:

    ZOZO is nothing bad, it’s a nickname, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a demon or evil. Sarah is a VERY old Hebrew name meaning “princess.” Other spellings of the name include SARA & SARAI. You can go onto any baby name site & research it further. Reading about your life makes me sad. Especially your having have dated a 17 year old when you were only 12. I can only imagine what happened with him… As for the music choice, bleccch! ISP is old & attracts a lot of mixed up kids who often resort to some not so legal things to do for entertainment & almost all of their songs revolve around the drug culture. You’d seen firsthand what drugs did to your family, especially your Mother, so please take that to heart & choose a “higher” road. Being young is hard enough & while you are at the age of “I know it all…” believe me when I tell you that there is a whole lot more for you to learn. I think that some, perhaps most, of your paranormal experiences have a whole lot to do with your age & also your abused/neglected youth. As I mentioned in another story of yours, I really want you to look up telekineses & poltergeists. We poor females get a lot to contend with, especially in puberty & our teens years & we’ll often either find we have heightened senses & powers that get stronger or go away as we get older. I hope that things calm down for you & that you can find a “center” to keep you grounded in life because your early years & experiences have made a permanent mark on your life & it’s up to you to constantly improve yourself or to fall to the wayside. You have a very high chance of falling into the same drug addled clutches that held your Mom captive for those years, or you can learn from the experiences of others & avoid the pitfalls. I hope you’ll put dating & sexual relations off until you are a bit older because it’s not fun to have to worry about pregnancy & diseases on top of getting in a book report or project to make the grade to pass. I suggest you get yourself a piece of hematite & malachite & keep it in a little pouch to take with you everywhere. If you are bothered by spirits, you can get sage or lemon grass smudge sticks & spread sea salt on your windowsills, doorways & corners to calm things down. Stop worrying about your nickname, I truly feel your OUIJA experience with Zozo had a lot to do with telepathy & nothing evil. Good luck to you & please be safe!

  8. l1v3 h0m13s says:

    I cant belive tht really happend 2 u and u should leve the older guys alone but good story i really toght it waz k3w1 :-)

  9. yogi says:

    i feel so sorry foor u
    i cant imagin how u feel after this
    you shoould try to ask around in ur family about sara
    ZOZO i have heard much about him tonight
    i have read about three or four storys about that in them
    i will try to help u by giving u info about ZOZO
    now about datin older guys
    not a good idea
    im young too nd done that too result bad
    so stayin with guys around ur age is best
    best wishes

  10. Summer says:

    I hear all the dating things a lot. && don’t feel sorry for me, i’m really not looking for pity. Just like talking to and about the dead :P

    • jesusfreak says:

      hey im not sure if u will reply to this but this really happened? i just heard about this and was really creeeped out so i would rly like to hear more..u have any good website for me 2 check out if u did that would b great thanks :)

  11. Lyra says:

    As KC said, Sarah means ‘Princess’. Going through puberty and having a bad childhood can attract negative auras, and thus may cause apparitions/poltergeist activities…Have you asked you father about having a deceased sister? Or even someone else in his family if you aren’t willing to talk to him about it? I’d advise you not to use an ouiji board, especially if you are mentally and emoptionally unprepared, and you need to know what to expect and how to close the conversation down properly, but, again, I’d adivse you not to use one at any cost. If ‘Sarah’ does come and visit you again, try asking her what she wants. Other than the cuts on your face, she doesn’t seem to be trying to harm you. From what you said about her following you and your boyfriend home, and appearing on his shelf when you were in his room, it suggests that she’s watching over you – she may be trying to tell you to be careful around him (after all, he is a lot older than you, not judging, just saying).
    Something similar has happened to me, and still does from time to time, my father’s parents had a little girl before he was born, who unfortunately died a few days after her birth…my father and I are the only ones who visit her grave (over fifty years have passed since her death), and both he and I are sensitive, and are both Pagans (my mother and younger sister care not for mystics and what not). My father once told me that when I was younger (just a toddler) I used to speak to people, and when asked who I was speaking to, I would reply my Nampa (my father’s father, who died when he was ten) and Auntie Rachel (his older sister)…I can still feel them around, but my father gets upset, because he hasn’t been contacted by them, nor can he feel their presences. My point is, Sarah may be coming to you, because she may not be able to see he brother for some reason – so my advice would be to talk to your father about it, he might be secretly mourning for Sarah, and she has responded, through you.
    Hope I’ve helped.
    Bless’d Be

  12. darren says:

    K.C. perhaps you should do your homework before you start telling people that Zozo is “nothing bad.” Tell that to the hundreds of people who have had run-ins with this entity through Ouija sessions.

    How could you possibly know it is “just” a nickname? You speculate that it is not evil, and not a demon, I’d like to call your bluff on that one, were not playing Texas Holdem here. I see thru your poker face.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sarah means princes in Hebrew and aparently from what iv read zozo is some demon of the ouija board. I have used the board and nothing bad has rly happened xcept when I was using it 2 nights ago and we talked to some guy named kyn he said he was a fallen angel demon or something. I basicly told my friend about zozo and the next day my mom came to pick us up. I didn’t wana leave and she got mad and broke the ouija board and started throwing stuff and my dad kinda called the cops I kinda feel like the board had something to do with her geting all mad like that but she’s done worse. But I read that u can like call on a demon just by saying it’s name and I kinda think that had something to do with it. Just be careful with the board and don’t underestimate it or anger any spirits

  14. Angel says:

    ZOZO A.K.A The Ouija Demon, is a demon that is usually contacted through an Ouija Board,Many People has had an encounter with ZOZO.Do NOT try to contact him,he is the worst demon you can contact through the board,he will usually end up harming you and/or your friends.Don’t say the demons name out-loud.

  15. Phoebe says:

    Well, ZOZO is a Oujia board demon and it is VERY dangerous! Don’t try to contact him because he can hurt you and/or your friends. XOXO ~Phoebe

  16. jacibo says:

    ZOZO is an evil demon who can cause serious harm to you DON’T contact it it is dangurous

  17. Phoebe says:

    whoa! that sounds scary! im only 9 and i couldnt handle that! sarah means princess and ZOZO is a ouija board demon who can harm you.

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