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My Daughter Sees a Monster with Big Eyes

Posted on March 23, 2011

My 3 year old daughter has been telling me that at night a weird monster with big eyes enters her room. She says that it walks over to her and looks down at her and then she said its eyes would pop out and fall on her. She says that once she screams the eyes and the monster disappears.

I have seen out of the corner of my eye a weird furry blue thing enter my daughters room whenever I pass it on Saturdays. When I go to investigate there’s never anything there. I’ve also seen a weird slime like substance on my kitchen floor. I’ve never seen the slime ever again though.

I’ve prayed to God asking Him what is going on and if I should be concerned. I have not been given an answer yet so I am putting my story here so that hopefully my questions will be answered. I’m also wondering if this “monster” is really a ghost or demon? I’d also like to know if there is a way to make this thing leave.

Sent in by Sadie Fischer, Copyright 2011

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14 Responses to “My Daughter Sees a Monster with Big Eyes”
  1. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    One of my first conscious terrors as a child ( I have other stories from childhood to the present on this site ) was what I thought was a re-occurring dream.

    Both my grandfather and father had died and I slept in the same bed as my mother, so I know I wasn’t yet 4.
    I would naturally be put to bed first as the youngest and the doors left ajar in case I needed to get to the toilet, because it was an older style house with high handles I couldn’t reach. So there was always a sliver of light coming into my mother’s bedroom from the hallway.

    I would wake up and there would be a black being in the shadows, I could see it moving about and sometimes it would cross the sliver of light and I would know it was there. It hovered in the darkest places of the room, always on my side of the bed where the wardrobes were. It would open the wardrobes and then start to grab at me and pull at me. Being a child and in complete terror I would find myself speechless and unable to utter a sound. It’s goal was to ‘ pull me into the wardrobe ‘ but I knew if I allowed that to happen it was a just a really bad thing and I couldn’t let that happen – but being frozen in terror, I couldn’t fight back. Just before I’d would dissappear into the wardrobe, I’d snap awake and find myself laying in the same bed, same sliver of light but with no shadow being. This went on to the point I suddenly developed a fear of the dark and going to bed but I was either unable to articulate this properly to my family or being just a child they dismissed it as ‘ just a dream ‘. Then one night, it was the usual battle of wills between me and this black shadow thing trying to drag me to oblivion, and I got really annoyed and REALLY angry. I was pretty sick of being terrorised and attacked! I remember instead of being frozen in terror, I was really mad and I attacked this thing instead! I went ballistic and kicked and punched and I wasn’t afraid of it – I wanted it to go away and I meant it! Needless to say, my punch hit something like jelly and the whole black mass melted away to never be seen again.

    Given what I went on to experience in that same house, maybe it was a dream, or maybe it wasn’t, who knows?
    But the main thing is your daughter has the power to make it go away.

    She always has had the power to make it go away and if it is an entity of some description, she must be feeling rather powerless at the moment and I remember how that feels! Except children are quite spritiually powerful because they are still open to the spiritual world, they haven’t been ‘ brainwashed’ that its all ‘imaginary’ or ‘ just a dream ‘ yet so they just accept paranormal experiences at face value. Now the description of this thing sounds awful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is, I’m guessing as an adult it scares the hell out of you even I wouldn’t like to see such a thing! But what is HER take on the visitor? Does she scream because it pops up and scares her or because of the way it looks or she just has a ‘ bad feeling ‘ about it – try to make sure its HER feelings and not what you as mum project – my 5 year old son saw a ghost at school and was pretty blase about the whole experience because he knew in our family that was pretty ‘normal’. So if your daughter sees you are scared and frightened, she will be too.

    If your daughter wants it to go away, she can make it go away when ever she wants either by conscious decision ( like I did ) or if she can’t get a grip on her fear I find the idea of angels or passed relatives ( apply to your belief system as suits as most cultures have a concept of protective angels/ spirits ) as your back stop can also help kids focus on protecting themselves. Pretty pictures of angels and particular warrior angels with armour and swords that will protect you are very strong positive imagery for children who can’t muster enough concentration to protect themselves spiritually. Similarly a dad, uncle, sister etc who have died, they will always help when asked and will watch over little ones but your daughter needs to be aware they may turn up and not to be scared of them too! ( my dead grandfather ended up stepping in at my house and scared me witless! ) So there are ‘good guys’ and ‘ bad guys’ and your daughter has to learn to recognise all spritual beings aren’t all bad and scary, not even necessarily the ones that ‘look’ bad and scary- they don’t come wearing back and white cowboy hats – if in doubt ; ask HER how does SHE feel about the whole thing? Your daughter needs to trust how she FEELS, if it feels like a ‘ bad thing ‘ to her, like my shadow guy in the wardrobe – then it is – and she needs to tell it to go away! My mum struggled with my experiences as a child because she didn’t understand what was going on, so didn’t have a response – but when my kids started seeing things, I was kind of prepared. I’d been a kid that saw things as well. Let us know how it goes!

    • Sadie Fischer says:

      This comment goes to everyone.

      I really apprieciate that so many people actually believe me and are trying to help me. This website is wonderful! Anyways, so it seems that a few weeks after I posted my story my daughter has been seeing the “monster” more recently and I think it’s become more violent. One night I woke up to my daughter screaming and bauling so I jumped out of my bed and ran to her as fast as my legs could take me! I must have been running to fast though because a few feet from my daughters room I slipped on the carpet and fell. Right when I fell though my daughters room door slammed shut. This really terrified me so I got up quickly and tried opening the door; but the door was slammed so hard that it was jammed and wouldn’t open! I started panicking and yelling my daughters name and slamming against the door trying to get it open! Finally the door popped open right when my daughter called for me! I ran towards her, she was on the floor in the corner of her room bauling hystericly! I went to her and held her in my arms trying to calm her down, she was shaking so bad. After about half an hour she was just lightly crying and a little shaken up. I finally asked her what happened and she said this: “The monster pulled me off and hurt my belly!” I immediatley lifted her shirt up and checked her stomach, and there were four cat-like scratches but they were spread about an inch apart from each other. When I saw that I picked her up and brought her to my room to sleep with me. It’s now a permenant move, I’m not letting her leave my sight. Whatever is scaring her is now physically hurting her…I’m so scared for her. I did talk to her about how she feels and told her how she has the power to make it go away but shes to terrified to even go 10ft by her room! I bought her some pictures of angels to hopefully help and she hasn’t let go of those since! I’ve done most everything you guys have said and now I’ll just wait and see what happens…

  2. A J Ryder says:

    It sounds like a demon to me.

    I believe that Demon’s take on the characteristics of things which we recognise, in order to connect with us. For example, what you describe reminds me of the childrens book “Where The Wild Things Are”. So it would make sense to me that a 3 year old would see a demon as something monster-like.

    The good news, you daughter can send it on its way. What about you and your daughter coming up with a really simple protection prayer? Something she can easily remember and resite each time she comes in contact with the monster. “Dear God, please send the monster away” or something like that.

    If you daughter starts to show signs of stress over it, or it persists, then I would suggest asking your local priest to come round and bless the house.

  3. Anonymous says:

    high emf -
    that means electromagnetic radiations can trigger this type of feelings. it is more in some rooms. tell the child to sleep in other room because she might feel ok. if it doesnt work contact someone. prayer is a daily must.

  4. K. Smith says:

    Do listen to your daughter. I know you prayed about the situation and I would encourage you to continue to pray because the bible says to pray without ceasing. Seeing that you have placed this situation before the throne of God then you should wait for God to answer you.

    Until then, let me share with you what I have learned. Demonic spirits love to appear to children. Sometimes demons befriend children and sometimes they torment, harass and hurt them.

    If it were my child seeing demonic spirits, first of all I would ask God to show me what open doorways existed that allow this demon to approach the child. You need to search your home for occult objects, idols or anything that demons cling to. Children are also susceptible to demonic infestations through generational curses, cartoons and games
    So the list is endless.

    Until God has revealed to you what is really going, your daughter needs to be shielded from this demon.

    I do not know your level of faith, or the type of relationship you have with God all of which are essential because Demons know the servants of God. Seeing your daughter has not reached the age of accountability in the eyes of God, you will have to deal with this demonic creature. You never allow a child to deal with a demonic spirit.

    However, you can teach your child to never to talk to anyone or anything in her room that you cannot see. You can also teach her to pray to Jesus and to tell anyone or anything that does not belong in her room to ‘Leave me and my room at once in Jesus name.

    But the battle is yours, and once you start praying for your daughter this demon is going to get really angry. I don’t know you, so if your faith is not grounded in God, I would recommend that you pray and ask God in Jesus name to permit his Holy Spirit to deal with the problem.

    Firstly, you should ask God in Jesus name to permit his Holy Spirit to search your home for objects that are attracting demons, and get rid of them. Then you should anoint your house with olive oil especially all of the doors, windows, mirrors, openings etc in Jesus name. Once the house is anointed ask God to permit his Holy Spirit to drive out and remove all evil, wickedness, demonic and human spirits and seal your house in Jesus name. I personally anoint my home regularly so you might have to do it every now and again.

    I would then go into the child’s room and anoint the windows, mirrors, doors, closet etc and ask God to permit his Holy Spirit in Jesus name to drive out and remove all demonic spirits tormenting and frightening your daughter in Jesus name. Once this is done, ask God to seal the child’s room in Jesus name and make it holy ground that no demons or human spirits can enter hurt, harm, trouble or interfere with your daughter in anyway or form.

    Then, lastly gently take your daughter in your arms and anoint the child and ask God in Jesus name to permit his Holy Spirit to deal with the demons tormenting her, ask God in Jesus name to cleanse your child in Jesus name and place a special hedge and shield of protection around her that demonic spirit(s) may not appear to her anymore

    • stan says:

      Very good, very solid advice from K. Smith. I would just add that calling on the name of Jesus to protect you from evil can often be futile, depending on what your relationship with God is like. If you have never prayed, or read the bible or attended church or been baptized, etc..then this approach may or may not work for you – at least at first. If you follow K.Smith’s instructions and it has no effect, instead of giving up or going the secular route, try strengthening your relationship with God first. if you don’t know how to do that, it is a more sophisticated subject than can be adquately covered in an internet forum. Start by visiting a priest/minister, tell them everything that is happening and ask for guidance and assistance. Best of luck…

  5. trolldoll says:

    i’m with jennifer, listen to your heart. she needs not to fear whatever this is and confront it with you nearby. good luck!

  6. knowme9471 says:

    If the eyes fall out on her again. tell her to grab them and put them away somewhere.

  7. eileen says:

    Ok, if it was my child, she would not be sleeping alone in her room, not in that house…If your story is true, why on earth would you let her sleep in there alone? Surely some other sleeping arrangment can be made until you move.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the only thing I have to say is teach her the Lords prayer. Also read to her a passage from the Bible. And ask Gods protection.somtimes God will send an angel to protect her. My husband had experience with angel. Your best protection is God. For He is Love.


  9. Anonymous says:

    get a physic to check the room they will tell u wat the thing wants and how to deal with it. I garentee u they will help.

  10. Ananelle says:

    I’ve been having similar experiences with my 3 year old daughter except she’s seeing this monster outside of our house at night. She does describe this monster as having big triangle eyes. She’s become more afraid of being alone and wont sleep by herself anymore. She also claimed that the monster talked to her and told her things. I heard it moaning with my own to ears one night as well. My advice is to definitely get your whole house blessed either by you or a pastor. I did one myself and it seemed to work well. Be very strong and confident when you do it. You need to show this negative entity that you are not afraid and that this is your home and they do not belong there. Also teach your daughter not to agknowledge or talk to this entity. I told my 3 year old not to never talk to strangers and this monster is definitely a stranger. Do not leave her alone! Most importantly teach her not to be afraid. Negative entities prey on fear. Let her know that you are their to protect her and that gods light is protecting her as well. These are the simple steps I took and it worked! Good luck and god bless :)

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