My Daughter has Seen These Things for Years

Posted on March 16, 2010

This is an e-mail I had just submitted this morning to TAPS. I have been searching for six hours to find an explanation… here’s the email, please help ASAP… My 5 yr old daughter may be in trouble.

Hello my name is Hope Boone. I have been interested in your show for a while now because of the fact my daughter who was a baby until three had talked about a person who was “him” as she named him. I thought at first it was just an “imaginary friend” as a small child I had one myself. No big deal and just let her have her friend.

We lived in an apartment for many years and the neighbors would always say that they had seen a shadow of a man and I always thought yeah right because I was a non believer. Anyhow after the building we shared was empty my daughter was almost three. She all of a sudden became frightened of me, and wouldn’t touch kiss or even look at me for about four days. I was finally fed up with this as I knew she was very afraid of me, and I know I didn’t harm her to make her feel like that. So I did get loud with her and demanded to know what was going on.

At the age of three she told me that there was a floating blue mean scary person above me and he demanded that he was going to have me for himself, by saying to her… “Nana nana nanny aaaa I want your mommy.” So that was the last straw and I insisted on calling a local priest in my town. He told me that it sounded unreal and that three year olds make up stories, and even if the “person” wasn’t harming anyone or moving objects around to wait until something happened before he’d even come by.

So my daughter tells me the next morning after the call with the priest, a red floating person comes beside me and had a gun, and shot the blue man, leaving everyone in the house safe. This happened in June of 08. She says the blue figure and the red one lived in the walls. But lately, we had moved back a year and a half ago because I was done with that place, and everything was peaceful in our new apartment until she started having bad nightmares. I do hear footsteps upstairs and she says that its back, the red one.

Recently the red guy is here at our new apt… he is always with Ciara pretending to be friends with her… and she’s just added in the other place, before he killed the blue guy… he had no head or face at first, the face such as the grim reaper… and after he killed the blue guy, who also had no head or face, he then became her friend or defeating blue, and developed the head and face but was mean to her before he killed red. And as a reward for her friendship he told her he would be nice and her friend now, for protecting her mommy. That’s when she says he developed a head, but no face, i.e. grim reaper like, and she says he talked to her by knowing his mind was the way she could understand what he was saying (telepathy?).

But again he is here with us, and there are many reds, and an angel that’s invisible… but the crazy thing is the reds live in the walls again… and now they’re dead because they stayed in there too long. The only thing is that the angel she speaks of is invisible and it worries me because the red and blue guy had no head, which therefore could have started out invisible… and I just feel that this angel has scared away the reds, and now is using my daughter to become a whole being/ghost as the red and blues had become.

So lets camp together at my place and get this taken care of… please. Also I had taken pictures but they mysteriously disappeared from my phone but my son, who is nine, I had showed him and� that’s the only proof I have. Besides my neighbor who is also an adult saw them as well. They seemed to be swirly portals in my Ciara’s room, three of them, and you could make out faces and shadows… as well as evil faces. There was one girl in my room and Ciara talks about Cinderella kitty, and it had showed up in a picture as well. Ok I am on my way out so I’m sending this, please help me help my daughter, I have no other way of proof or anyone believing her to place her as a mental case.

Written by Hope Boone, Copyright 2010

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29 Responses to “My Daughter has Seen These Things for Years”
  1. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    wow how strange that all this is happening 2 ur daughter
    u know id at least suggest that ur daugther sleep in the same room as u u know that way u could see 4 urself how strangely shes acting and maybe see those ghost things for urself and if u do take any more pics of those things do post them cuz i wanna see!
    well i hope u bless ur home soon or something and do be careful that even if that thing is acting like a friend for ur daughter doesnt mean u should just let it slide!
    well good luck and take care of Ciara! o and kool storie btw:]
    xxxx gorgeous-killerr:P

  2. big barney says:

    big barney has come to the belief that how could your 3 year old daughter explain to you so detailed descriptions and saying that it wants you for itself, and all that other stuff. not many 3 year olds can explain something in that fashion…. but other than that. good story

    • Caretaker says:

      Big Barney must not have been around very many children. I have a 2 year old (almost 3) who can talk and express herself very well. Children are smarter than you might think :)

      • anna says:

        ppl asume kids are not smart but in realilty they son is really smart and he chooses not how family knows he is.he’ll be 5 in Nov.

  3. Believer says:

    Creepy story! I believe that your daughter saw ghosts. Hope that you get the help that you need for your family

  4. anna says:

    that is so sad you and your daughter have to go through this.I cant beileve the priest,why wouldnt he help even with everything going on.i thought priests are suppose to come.that scared me about the gun and the grim when ever you move the ghosts are need to go to a preist and tell him look this is whats happening and i want you to help.try and take some more pics.i would like to see them too.what did your son say when he say them?be careful and let us know what happens i hope you get the anwser you r looking for.thanks for the story.

  5. anna says:

    just curious anyone,who wants to anwser this why is it the some ppl can see or talk to ghost,spirts and some cant.thanks

  6. E.Bero/author says:

    I hope you’re not still at that apartment. If you are, you need to get out. Get your kids away from this thing as soon as you can. These spirits lie, especially to children. They can say they’re angels to get them to do what they want, and when it’s too late they turn on you. Follow you around no matter where you go. They give you nightmares. They can even posses your children.
    Gorgeous-killer is right. You should keep the kids in your room until you can move out. Even your older boy. If they can’t reach your daughter anymore, they will go after the other children.
    You can try to have your house blessed. But if it doesn’t work, you need to leave. From my understanding, some locations are cursed and there is no blessing to make it go away. I really suggest you leave this place. I know it’s easier said than done, but the end result may be something you can turn back around.

  7. anna says:

    you should find out who the two boys are,and what that means,why they r there.

  8. Stan says:

    I’m not going to tell you how “cool” this story is – the fact is that i don’t find it cool or entertaining at all. I’m very afraid for your child. I’m a 50 year old man that has studied and researched paranormal activity for years and years. I’ve come to the conclusion, based on my own research and experiences, that there are no “ghosts” – at least not of human origin. There are, and I am as certain of this as of anything in life, there are spirits, both good and bad, that inhabit this earth. But these spirits are supernatural in their origin. It sounds as if your daughter has encountered a “familiar”. The purpose of this entity is to attach itself to your child at a very young age and stay with her until it is successful at manipulating her into achieving its objectives. Normally, that objective is to prevent the person from ever receiving salvation by knowing Christ, and/or ultimately to cause that person’s death before he or she can receive salvation. if they are successful, that person’s soul then belongs to the familiar’s master (Satan) for ever and absolutely nothing can change that situation. Your child really needs deliverance from this evil spirit – moving won’t help. If it is indeed a familiar, it will follow her anywhere and everywhere she goes, eventually taking over her life. There is a good book that discusses a classic case of a familiar attempting to destroy a human life – it’s called “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin. My advice to you is to get your child in front of a priest or minister that practices deliverance (not all do). Otherwise you risk delivering her into the hands of Lucifer for eternity. Lucifer will stop at nothing to convince you that I’m a religous nut-job and that to give any credence to what I’m saying will cause others to consider you a nut job also. That is exactly how he will continue to enslave so many. Through our pride. When i started my research, i wanted to prove that ghosts existed and that religion was just a fantasy used by people to lull themselves into a false sense of happines and security. What I found out over the years has completely changed my life view of the supernatural and of God and Satan and particularly of Jesus Christ. Familiars often choose their targets even before they are born – they usually pick children that they know won’t have a strong Christian in their life to protect them from supernatural influences. That almost always ensures success. All of those teenagers that took shotguns and rifles to school and killed their friends and classmates and then themselves – they were carrying out the objectives of demonic influences in their lives. If a demon or evil spirit can cause you to die before you give your life to Christ, your soul belongs to them forever. Yes, it sounds awful, but it’s God’s rule and it exists and people die and enter eternal misery by the thousands every day. Read a book called “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese, or google him and watch his video. Learn why Satan hates human beings and you’ll better understand. It’s the reason that he revolted in heaven in the first place – he refused to “serve” humanity because he thought humans were so weak and ignorant compared to the mighty angels – and Lucifer was the mightiest of all. God kicked him out of heaven forever and now Lucifer hates us even more than before. His ultimate goal is to ensnare every human soul possible because every time he does, he knows how much it hurts God. And he delights in hurting God. People under his direction and influence (and there are millions of them) will ridicule this response and say I’m a moron for believing all of this fairy-tale, backward-thinking, paranoid, religious crap. I don’t even acknowledge responses from them because I’m very aware of the source of their comments. TAPS can’t help you – I seriously doubt they’ll even respond to you. Something like this is so far outside of their limited view of the supernatural. Think about it. Have you ever seen them, in all of their TV shows, ever confront and successfuly eradicate anything supernatural? They are very good at taking photos and wandering around in the dark listening for scary noises – but they’ve never encountered anything like this – why? Because no familiar is going to expose itself voluntarily – that would then empower you to get rid of it. The familiar is more afraid of his boss than he is of TAPS. He’s perfeclty happy letting people believe that everything can be explained away by the mere presence of harmless “people ghosts” – then he is free to carry out the wishes of his master, unrestrained. Please get your precious baby to a priest that understands and practices deliverance from evil spirits. People will tell you that I’m wrong – but, what if I’m not? Your child has her very soul to lose…..

    • jk says:

      Hi Stan, Bless you brother, I think you hit it on the head exactly. I have posted several times here about the Uncle Ponto and Jimsie case. You have stated it so well that I hope you can post the same on another thread here called “Ghostly Footsteps of a Visitor I Call Tyler “. It appears to be a “familiar” as well. Keep up the good work and I will keep you in my prayers. Your Brother in Christ, JK

  9. Jennifer Mills-Young says:

    kids do see ‘ ghosts ‘ until adults tell them its not there – I saw my first one at 5 but it was my grandfather ( see other stories ) so I was just confused because I knew this person was dead – then how could I see him?
    Of course the adults think u are making up stories and its hard 4 a child when the adult cannot vaildate the experience because at a young age the parents still validate kid’s understanding of the world.
    My kids saw things as well ( and still do ).
    The first thing is if she is really seeing something is to give her the power to handle it and make it go away ( does SHE want it to go away? or do YOU want it to go away?)
    Secondly, she could be seeing something she doesnt understand and trying to make sense of it with bits of her own imagination ( because as a parent you can’t see it ) so she’s trying to make sense of it herself so it sounds so fanciful.
    Thirdly, she has a vivid imagination but if you are fearful – she will pick up on that.
    Empowerment is the key – as right now you seem fearful and afraid and that tends to make things worse no matter what it is.
    Apart from your daughter saying she ” sees ” these things – what have they ” done “.
    You didn’t mention anything that has actually happened.
    Is the fact she just ” sees ” them bothering you the most?
    Of interest, note the colours she tells you about – these are very similar to auras – and the fact she saw a ” blue person ” above you could be a 3 year old trying to interpret seeing an aura around your head?
    The fact she sees one as ” him ” and describes it as a ” man ” – and one made the other go away and that one protected you is similar to events currently in my house. ( we summoned my ( dead ) grandfather to keep a ghost away from my daughter’s bedoom )
    The mention of angels is probably the best hook to latch onto in this situation at the moment – kids love angels! I know some adults that do too!
    You don’t have to be particularly religious or of any particular faith to ask for angelic intervention.
    Angels are the ‘good guys’.
    Unfortnuately, there are spirits who are the ‘ bad guys ‘ but don’t watch too much TV – they are not around every corner – or infesting homes and chasing people – thats just Hollywood.
    Buddhists have ‘ angels ‘ – Muslims have ‘ angels ‘ and the Christian faith have ‘ angels ‘ – Wicca has the concept of ‘ angels’ – so the idea there are spritual beings that are good and protective and helpful is a universal understanding across many cultures.
    Kids – especially little girls love angel pictures – and these are generally positive and kids grab the idea of what angels are about pretty easily.
    Don’t forget YOU! You can ask for angelic intervention and protection as well!
    You need to focus on positive things and defeat the fear that’s invaded your home so you can support your daughter, because if she is able to see things now and this is handled well, she won’t supress the ability and learn to handle it better as she gets older. She has to learn if she wants the ” man ” to go away – she can make him go away – and if he doesn’t listen her ‘ angel friends’ will certainly make him go away!
    Alternately, if she is mixing up all different ideas through imagination and seeing you are scared of it – she’ll probably loose interest when mummy isnt scared of it anymore and the stories will fade away naturally.
    Good luck!

  10. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I remember having ghost experiences myself here, at the apartment I’m living in now. I would hear all sorts of whispering at night in my old room to where I got up to look and the whispering stopped. I’ve felt a small hand tug on my blanket, I’ve also felt a hand being placed down on my shoulder and also was told to get out.

    I ignored all the warning’s the ghost gave me and got fed up with dealing with it so I put my foot down and I made it crystal clear that I live here now and that who ever this is haunting this place needs to go, that they don’t belong here any more and I want them gone.

    Boy I was mad that night I yelled it too. And since then I’ve yet to hear and feel things. I get nothing nothing more happens at night at all.

    But I hope this friend of your daughter’s goes away, and be sure to be very stern with it. Let it know that it is unwanted and you do not want it near your daughter anymore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have a suggestion for you. Im not fond of this religion but i believe they can and will help you. I think the reason the priest didnf help is because he was afraid or didnt believe u. I hate to say it but these entities sound like demons. Try going to JEHOVAHS WITNESSES. They r not afraid n have alot of faith. Tell them ur story n ask for their help. I hope everything works out.

  12. xBroken_Soulx says:

    Well I am the type of person who does believe that children see ghosts. I am a child myself, well 13, and I see ghost/shadows at times. Maybe If you wait for a few years your daughter will stop seeing these people. I may suggest that the reason they are blue or red is because of where or how they died. It makes a big impact on their looks.
    Is your daughter hearing voices or anything? If so then you need to have your daughter in the same room as you and set up a microphone recorder, or just listen all night for yourself, and if the words or sounds become violent, call someone. I would not recommend buying a new house to relieve of these spirits, because sometimes, they will follow.

  13. anna says:

    i believe that kids can see ghost, or spirts.

  14. strong says:

    My sister & I have always seen strange things from the time we were small. We were both adopted, but come from the same genetic family pool. I believe we are just more succeptible. Our daughters are the same. We were both baptized (mom was our sunday school teacher). Our kids were not. We have seen some scary sh*t, but it didn’t affect us the same as these kinds of things affect our daughters. I believe that if you don’t do something in opposition to “bad” things, no matter how good of a person you are, it’s similar to being passive. It’s just easier for those types of entities to push themselves upon you. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to those baptised, or that it always happens to those not; just that if it’s happening like this, maybe you should think about having a heavier spiritual presence in your lives! :) God Bless You

  15. Jk says:

    From what your daughter has described, it sounds like what is referred to as a “familiar” and many of these lower level entities are directed by a higher ranked lower authority if that makes sense. There powers and abilities don’t seem to be powerful enough for a straight on attack. They pick the young of broken homes and neglected kids who do not have a lot of contact outside of the attending parent. The most tail tell sign is that at some point in the long process that a familiar takes to get what it or its superiors want, is creating false situations or events that endear themselves to the victom or make them seem as a hero or that they did something extremely brave for the victim and now the victim owes the familiar in a sense so the victim will not only continue the relationship with the familiar but will also actually fight for the familiar to keep it from being cast out if the situation goes on too long. I have seen where the familiar “seemed” to have saved someone from a wreck, from drowning, from committing suicide and all along it was the familiar that set up the complete scenario to make the event happen. The one thing that must never be done by the victom is never make any sort of commitment or pact or agreement with the familiar-if this commitment is made the entity has “legal right” to remain with the victim until the victim decides to get rid of it and then it will take clergy and processes to get it done. This “legal rite” comes from the agreement by the victom to allow the commitment. On the bright side. She has several years before she is of an age to make suck a commitment in the eyes of God. Right now she is still under God’s protection until she can decide what is righ and wrong. I would get a Deliverence Team there quickly and get rid of it now. Not sure of your faith and I am not busting on anyones belief, just stating the facts. This is a spiritual issue and needs a spiritual solution. As I said earlier, seek a deliverence ministry, they are all over the country. I do not see any way that it could harm and is probably the only way to get rid of it. The Catholic Church is very good at these things but I am not sure that at this stage they would view it as a priority and that is an opinion not a fact. Google “deliverence ministry” look for one in your area. They know exactly what to do and if you have no particular faith they can tell you how to receive eternall protection. That is not a requirement but it would help you and your family long after God has handled this issue for you. PS I think the no heads and the one head and the blue and the red and the invisible angel are all just that one original that she saw early on. It has just taken it a while to come up with a plan. The good deed scenario that it used to get close to your daughter was to give her the little cartoon show of the red guy saving her and you all from the evil blue guy and I think it threw in the invisible angel to calm her nerves and the situation but it is not at all powerful enough to manifest as one of God’s Holy Angels, thus the invisibility. Good luck and God Bless.

  16. Jessica says:

    Hi Hope,

    I am going through a very similar thing with my daughter. She had just turned 8 when she started seeing what she called a “yellow monster”. She said he told her his name is Alpine. At first I thought it was a made up story that she and friends kind of made a game out of. Every now and again I would hear some little tid bit about him but it wasn’t until about a month ago…2 and a half years later that I now realize she is being tormented by a demon…or some evil spirit. She is in 4th grade and her teacher brought it to my attention that she had a list of names (in class) that include believers and non believers (that believe that Alpine is real) and she is talking to the kids at school about it. She said adults don’t believe her and only some kids do. She describes him to look about as tall as a 7 or 8 year old kid and he is all yellow with an evil looking face and pointy ears. On his forhead he has an X (she said it stands for death) with 3 lines under it (which symbolize names, and of course hers is one of them). She told her teacher that he is following her and is trying to kill her. He is with her at home, at school, on the playground, even sits in her classroom with her sometimes. When I sat down to talk to her I asked her why she didn’t tell me how serious this was before and she just said it was because she knows I think she is making it up. She told me he has a family of other monsters like him and he even has pet “grims”. She has seen them all but only Alpine hangs around. She said he even sometimes goes into her body but she doesn’t know what he does there or why he does it. When I asked her how she knows he goes into her body if she doesn’t remember, she told me “because when he goes into my body he sends me to his lair. He ties me up and wants to keep me there”. She even took a picture of him on her DSI in hopes that someone else could see him too. Of course no one can but after everything she has told me, I believe her.

    Stan is absolutely right about what is on these evil spirits’ agenda. I have been doing a lot of research on spiritual warfare and demon oppression and I tell ya what…it is a very real and very scary thing. I am so thankful that I have some people in my life that are religious, knowledgable about this kind of thing, and willing to offer advice and help. I was told that the closer we get to Jesus the better off we are. We can say “In the name of Jesus, I command you to go away” very firmly and they will have to leave because of Jesus’ name…they fear Him. I never went to church as a child because my parents never took me. As an adult I went on and off but I have always believed and started praying regularly after I had my daughter. Wednesday was the day that I accepted Jesus into my heart and that day she came home from school and told me she didn’t see Alpine at all that day. Of course it can’t be that easy because she saw him yesterday and today but it goes to show how Strong God is.

    She just started seeing a Christian Psychologist this week who is familiar with spiritual warfare so I hope she helps. I have been reading the bible to myself and to her, we will be going to church every Sunday (and plan to talk to a pastor about it), and I just ordered 2 books that were recommended to me, that Stan didn’t mention (if you want to check into them too). One is called “Shadow Boxing” by Dr. Henry Malone, and the other is called “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck. My daughter says that Alpine told her he will never go away and she believes him. I told her that of course he told her that because that is what he wants her to believe but I promised her that he WILL go away. I am so afraid for her and will do anything to make this thing leave my daughter alone! I have lost sleep over this, have been having nightmares, and am emotionally exhausted but I won’t stop until it is gone because I am all she has (my husband still doesn’t believe her).

    Good luck with your daugher too. I know that you will able to help her. Keep me posted.


    P.S. The ironic thing about all of this is that until she started school this year she went to a Christian private school, and her first name is Trinity. I think Satan is trying to prove a point.

    • jk says:

      Jessica, please read my post above about what is called a “familiar”. They are called this because of the slow and methodical way that they work their way into a child’s life. It can definately be dealt with but the longer it is around the harder it is. The statement of it will never leave her is a dead give away and if she rejects it it will have failed at its task and must face his superior, who will not be happy with it. If you would like to see a case where it has stayed until adulthood or to learn exactly what you are dealing with google Uncle Ponto or get the book Hostage of the devil by father Malichi Maetin. The case of Jimsie and Uncle Ponto is the case you need to look at, Uncle Ponto is the familiar of a kid named Jimsie. You will easily see what this Alpine is and what its is trying to do to your daghter. The good thing is that it can be identified as a “familiar” and can be dealt with. She is not posessed, but if it gets what it wants she may become that way. I would suggest a priest if you are catholic, if you are other Chistian Google Deliverance Ministries your area and they know what to do. Do not wait or call a paranormal team it is a spiritual issue that needs a spiritual solution.

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you, jk. I really appreciate your help. I did google Uncle Ponto and wow…how scary! This is something that father Malichi Maetin actually saw for himself, I take it? It definitely sounds like Trinity has a “familiar”. I looked into the deliverance ministry and will be contacting them. Thank you again for your help!

        • Jk says:

          I will keep you all in my prayers, please understand that Jimsie did not have the love and support that you give your daughter and he also did not recognize what Ponto was until later in his life. It should not be that difficult to get this taken care of nor should it have an long lasting effects on Trinity. Once it is gone, it is gone. You must help her learn about faith and if she carries Jesus within her heart it will never bother her again. Father Martin either witness each of the excercisms in his book or they were told to him by the priest themselves that did the excercism. So yes it is first hand eye witness. Let me know if you cannot find help and I will get help for you.

  17. Stan says:


    I’m so sorry to hear about the ordeal that you and your daughter are experiencing at the hands of the enemy. Make no mistake, he is behind this. Satan has had hundreds of thousands of years to perfect his strategies and his craft – and he’s very, very good at it. He knows that children won’t be believed by an adult – that makes them very vulnerable to his kind of lies and treachery. He also knows that by appearing to children, or even adults, as a “ghost”, especially of a deceased loved one, is a sure way to disarm you and distract you from his real purpose. Satan is definately not a hideous monster as he is portrayed in books and movies – he was the most powerful angel in heaven – second in knowledge and power only to God himself. His name, Lucifer, means “son of the morning” or “light of the morning” – he is beautiful in appearance, powerful in ability and thinks/plans/strategizes on a level a thousand times higher than any human – and he absolutely hates every human being, man, woman or child. There is one, and only one, defense against him and that is from the one that sacrificed himself on the cross in order to defeat Satan. When Christ died for us – he empowered us to live our lives outside of the influences of Satan – but only if we choose to do so. God’s creation is one of laws – his laws. Everyone and everything must obey the laws. In order for a demon to possess your child, he has to have a “legal” right. Without it, he will be compelled to leave – even demons know, understand and abide by God’s rules. When Adam and Eve first sinned against God, mankind became “fallen” in God’s eyes (just like Satan – we rebelled, we disobeyed, we thought we knew better than God). Our fallen status gave Satan the legal right to do just about anything he wanted to with us. But, because God loves us so much – he gave us a way to change our fallen status – to be redeemed – to be forgiven. When we give our lives to Christ, we remove the legal right for a demon to enter into our lives. Only then can we rid ourselves of them completely. That doesn’t mean that we can’t give them additional legal rights later – we can renew our fallen status by continuing to disobey God and by engaging in activities that God despises (sins) – like pornography, drugs, violence, anything and everything to do with the occult, wica, or through compulsive behavior having to do with sex or consumption of alcohol, etc… In order to remove all legal right afforded to demons, we must first remove sin from our lives and ask God’s forgiveness for sins we have committed. then we can accept Jesus Christ into our lives by our own free will and by doing so, empower ourselves with control over evil. I am terrified for your daughter – and for you. Please keep trying until you are able to find a priest or minister that will help you deliver your precious child from Satan’s grip. A demon cannot take your life – that’s the rule – but they can cause another human to take your life – or a car crash – or an overdose – and they can cause you to take your own life – they do this every day all day all over this planet. They must cause your death while you still have a fallen status – otherwise you belong to God and they have wasted their time. I suggest reading a book called “They Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince ($10 at It’s a great resource for understanding demons and how they attack humans and what you can do about it. If you cannot find someone to help you – let me know and i will help you. I will pray for you and your daugter – do not allow the world to cause you to question your resolve (the world is Satan’s kingdom and under his control). You must find a way to help your child – she is depending on you mommy.

    • Stan says:


      Sorry to have not responded to you earlier. Yes – the Uncle Ponto/Jamsie case is exactly what came to mind when i read Hope’s post. I cannot begin to explain to most people just how bad, and terrifyingly real this situation is. I’m not a conservative-lunatic, or a bible-thumping, Jesus-freak, or whatever other demeaning name that the world likes to assign to those of us lowly humans that have started to figure all of this out. Our situational awareness, I believe, makes us a threat to the success of their purposes. I feel so bad for my fellow humans that have been misled by Satan into believing in “ghosts” and really into believing anything and everything except the truth. I guess they don’t call him the Great Deceiver for no reason. Stay in touch – God bless.
      Your brother in Christ

      • Jk says:

        Great to hear from you Stan. I battle on several of these sites. There is one in particular that I get the same old sage burners that know Jesus is the only way and still claim that we are pushy brainwashers. It is amazing how anti-Christ people are especially on the net when they are anonomous. I firmly believe, nd through a great deal of reading and observation, not something some authority figure has told me, that all paranormal encounters are the work of evil. That includes UFO’s and aliens, cryptos, etc. I have read a flood of encounters where people have seen what they describe as “Greys” like most alien drawings look like, and they are seeing them with no other alien type occurences to go along with them. I have read studies lately stating that many alien encounters have been thwarted by the mention of Jesus name and ended just like a ghost or demonic episode would. You are absolutely correct in your statement that it is all just a big deception to get un-believers to be confused, misinformed and misguided just long enough for them to die and then it is over and they are lost for good. I feel like sometimes when I am explaining the gospel to some of these folks, it bounces right out of their heads. They can believe all this voodoo and hoodoo but will not believe that Christ died for their sins with enough physical evidence to win a court case. Let us stay alert and keep working. I tell folks a church that it is my cyber-mission.
        Count It All Gain, JK

  18. cliff says:

    My daughter is 30 and has seen spirits all her life. The cementary where her grand father is buried had a cazebo in the center of it and she says there is allot of spirits that sit there.She told me they talk to each other just like we do. One old man lives in the maintenance building at the end of the drive way. They are dressed in the same thing they where buried in but some will be in a long gown that glows and startes at the neck and tents out to the ground. She doesn’t tell many people and is afraid to start talking to them because she may not be able to stopp.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I HAVE A 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO IS REALLY going threw it she dreams about this thing that pretend to be her friend it’s like the red and blue in the ist one when she was sleep two of the things had a fight and when the good one hit her it marked her face when she woke up and i came in her room the marks were on her face for real and she didnt know how they got there than well two weeks later we all slept in one room around 2;30 me and my husband got up and went to our room and we all got early around 7;00am and she the word help in her skin on her arm like it had been there for weeks but it wasn’t there before we went to bed she say at first it never let her see its face but after all this is came to her as a woman and said it was sorry for all its trouble i don’t know what to do now every moring around 3;00 am our house either gets real cold or burning hot….

  20. Jessica says:

    I got a notification of a new post I was going to reply to but now that I am on here, it’s gone. Since I’m on here I might as well tell you all that we haven’t seen or heard from Alpine in over a year! Trinity went to the Christian counselor, we started going to church every weekend, reading the Bible, and praying daily. I prayed for God to please protect my family and my property every single day. I took away all of Trinity’s scary movies (I don’t care if they were just “Goosebumps”, they were taken) and any scary books. I took away all the things she had about Alpine (a box of things she said he left for her, a notebook with drawings and notes about him, etc.) and threw it in the garbage. I also quit letting the kids watch “Wizards of Waverly Place” or anything that has to do with witches or black magic. It was the end of last summer, in August, that Alpine went away for good. In December, just before Christmas, Trinity and I both began volunteering at church and we continue to serve together now. I know it is gone for now but I also know it can come back at any time. Keeping a strong relationship with God is key to keeping the demons away. I have learned the hard way that if there is ANY door left open for the demons to enter into your life…they will. I am doing the best I can to keep them all shut for good. It’s difficult with Trinity though, because after everything that has happened, she still wants to watch scary movies and hear scary stories. I don’t let her of course but there will come a day when I can’t control her anymore. I am so thankful for everyone in my life that was able to help us through this and help us create such a strong relationship with God. Thank you all for your advice. It was appreciated so much more than you know!

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