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My Daughter And I Saw Black Shadow

Posted on May 16, 2009

I work from home and sometimes I am here by myself and I have been hearing things in other rooms. My yard is all chain linked and from my door to the fence is always locked and I have the back open so we can get in and out during the day.

Well Just ten minutes ago I was sitting watching TV and from where I was sitting I can see my front door, its not a solid door it has glass on to were I can see out. Well anyways I was sitting there and I saw a big black shadow† go past my door like if it was walking through my yard. I thought it was someone that was fixing to knock at the door but it didn’t and it went around the corner of the house. I got up quick and went to the back door to see who it was and there was nothing or no one there, man that really freaked me out because I’m here by myself.

In My daughter’s room she has a light that you have to pull the string to open the light, well the light doesn’t turn on but I can hear the little metal thing banging against the light bulb over and over again. There is no body here and I am not going to go and check. Once I heard one of her drawerss open, and really freaked me out. I left the house for awhile til someone was here with me.

Once my youngest daughter had told me she was going to take a shower. Ten minutes later she comes out and she is crying and I asked her what’s wrong. She told me that she heard someone under the house and told her he was going to kill her. She said it sounded like a man and he had this deep voice.

When my husband heard what she said he went outside to go and check and she went with him and she said there he is dad! But my husband said were? I don’t see nothing. She said, there he goes, he is running in that field. She said it was a tall skinny shadow and it looked at her and it ran. They came inside and she was scared and crying and was confused why her dad didn’t see what she had seen. Could it be the same shadow? Anyways I hope it stays outside.

Sent in by Moya, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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33 Responses to “My Daughter And I Saw Black Shadow”
  1. karen says:

    Your daughter could be more perceptive that’s why he wasn’t able to see the same thing. My grandmother knew a lady when she was young,and she kept seeing “little people” next to her broom. When she asked if anyone else just saw the “two little people”,no one else saw them!!

  2. carmen says:

    Do a house cleaning, or have a priest come over to bless your home. It could just be a spirit lurking around your home. How long have you lived there? Seek religion, or read the bible. Dark shadows usually carry negative energy. Good luck!!!

  3. AJ says:

    I don’t mean to scare you, but, It’s already “in” your house- (you heard the chain and the dresser drawer…not to mention what your daughter heard in the shower)
    You need to get a Priest -or- Pastor! You call them -or- go to them, and believe it or not, they will come to your home and say a Special Blessing to rid your house of this Entity within a day -or- two. You must tell them what is happing- no matter what. If you don’t want people in your community knowing…don’t worry, the church never talks.

  4. Jackie says:

    If it’s dark it does mean that it is negative, probably a demon. You need to get your house blessed and pray for this to go.

    If it doesn’t go then you could try sprinkling anointed oil around all openings to your house.

    Let us know how you go!

  5. karen says:

    Ok Ok We all heard……………. Go get a priest,but that depends on “what” is actually there in the house it could anger the demon more

  6. karen says:

    And Jackie I don’t think it”s a good idea to play priest if you are not prepared to confront the circumstances which might lead up to trying to bless your own house.

  7. tony ramirez says:

    I agree with carmen,
    get your house blessed and i would buy a dog , it would let you know if there is a person or sprit around.

  8. Moya says:

    Thanks for the advise and i will get back with you and let you all know what happens.ok thanks again.

  9. Lisa says:

    Warrior Priestess would be able to help you. What happened to her??? She claims priests can anger these things further. How old is your daughter? Tell her it does not have any power to hurt her or scare her and make her believe you. Tell it in a very calm yet stern voice that it cannot hurt you and it does not have any power over you. Tell it that it is not to be near your home or family and to go away and never come back. But don’t be angry! Keep control of your emotions and speak with calm authority. Keep your head up!! Make your dughter laugh and create positive feelings and bring joy…that is what will help her.

  10. karen says:

    You need to have you house blessed weekly to get rid of these things: That won’t disappere over night. We had our house blessed several times…………… YET THEY REMAINED!!!

  11. AJ says:

    Karen- Before the Blessing was preformed, they should have told you, that if the spirit -or- spirits had ever placed something into the ground, it would have to be dug up, blessed, and then removed from the area, before the spirit/Entity would leave. That would be the only reason that “They” stayed. If the person preforming the blessing was not educated enough to tell you this- I would question the abilities they had with anything paranormal.

  12. Jackie says:

    Karen, this is what you said: And Jackie I donít think itĒs a good idea to play priest if you are not prepared to confront the circumstances which might lead up to trying to bless your own house.

    How am i playing priest?

  13. karen says:


  14. karen says:

    AJ, The house that I grew up in,that would be like looking for a needle in a haystack

  15. karen says:

    Jackie, you misunderstood I didn’t say that you,yourself personaly were playing priest

  16. AJ says:

    l.o.l….Oh, I’ve been there- I know exactly what you mean! :)

  17. karen says:

    Aj I came to this site to talk about my experiences and some of the things that I saw,not to be critizied. If you don’t believe me that’s your choice.

  18. ghost says:

    karen, i understand u matter of fact i’ve been in ur situation before it’s not fun to be CRITIZIED

  19. AJ says:

    Hello Karen,
    No’ mam, I was not making a joke or being mean to you- in anyway. I’m just not that type of person to do that- I was simply saying I understand……I too, was on a Large piece of land and we could not find where the spot was either.

  20. karen says:

    Thank-you for the english lesson!

  21. karen says:

    ghost, la prochaine fois je regarde dans le dictionnaire, juste pour te faire plaisir!!

  22. karen says:

    Here in France we live in the departement 18 knowen as the “berry”. This region is very well knowen for it’s witchcraft. The presence of any “black shadow” is not good,usually a demonic presence. Here since we date to the 11th century “they” are not easy to get rid of.

  23. karen says:

    HI AJ, Guess I misunderstood you! What did you have in your house?

  24. AJ says:

    Well, it was a very negitive presence- We lived on 5+ acres with a lot of horses. This thing would throw 7lbs horseshoes at people’s heads, slam doors, lock you out, and punched me so hard in the stomach, that when we went to the hospital, the doctors said I had been in a serious car accident. So, because all the other smudging and sage by others only made it worse- we got a Priest. The Priest rid the house of this thing, and never touched any of us again- but it still walked around the land. So, we started digging-But, the entire ground was filtered with old cars and trucks. (The land was used as a chop shop) SO, we removed most of it- but it came down to us digging and finding things so much, everyone gave up.

  25. karen says:

    We also got a priest…………….BUT it never worked! They stayed and nothing got rid of them. I remember talking to our priest at our catholic church,and he told me this story: There was a lady who asked him to come and bless her house. He said he went there,(and I know the exacte location) Why do people ask you to “bless their house”? Well,he got there and the house was very cold,so he asked the lady to turn up the heat. She said the heat is on but it’s the house it’s always like this. So, he started to bless the house and when he was in the bedroom the card fell on the floor when he went down to reach for it ,he said that it shot out in front of him. He tried again the same thing happened finally he put his foot on it. When he put the holy water in the room it came back and hit him in the face! When he was getting ready to leave he heard a dog howling and asked the lady if she had a dog. She said no that’s the house it always does that. He (the priest) said next time you need a priest call ST. JOHN’S! Him being from Transfiguration! Tell me how much faith he had??

  26. AJ says:

    Wow! Yah…..thats exactly why it didn’t work! He had NO faith- and thats awful, for the poor people that needed someone worthy of God’s hand. I was told of a story in Ireland where the house was growling like that and they had to tear-down the entire house. Nothing worked and people refured to the clause in the bible that stated if the spirits do not leave you must tear-down the house -or- dwelling. So, they did- and to this day there is still no-one brave enough to build upon that site. Scary thought…

    But, I would stay away from the Transfiguration Catholic Priests, Iím Roman Catholic (the oldest form) And, they seem to have a REAL grip on things.

  27. karen says:

    Yeah they do,but people don’t want to admit that these things go on all the time all over the world! Would you say that we have it worse being ROMAN CATHOLIC because we took the bible too literally??

  28. AJ says:

    No, just that others believe we should have ALL the answers, but what they lack -or- misunderstand, is that we’re are all just human- we’re not God, Himself. But that’s far and few….mostly.

  29. KAREN says:

    Good answer that priest I knew was a non-believer in the paranormal,which is strange for his profession,don’t you think?

  30. AJ says:

    Yah! That is strange…..Because all the Priest I have talked to, say something like “How can one believe in God- but, not in ghosts? For to deny in the spirit of it’s existence, is to deny God.”

  31. tenley says:

    black shadows that are misty and transparent are demons. i experienced one in 2004 and recently have seen the black shadow again. the reason that i know that the certain misty almost transparent shadow is a demon is because i heard the voices of a bunch of people screaming below in a hell of some type.

  32. Bob-e Yuuki says:

    On October 10, 2010 My dog lets me know when something is around. I live in Bend, Oregon…. and we just returned from Portland, Oregon. Shortly after, my little dog barked up a fit, I saw a black shadow, close to the ground, go down the hallway and turned into the spare bedroom. I thought it was my little dog but I realized he was sitting next to me. I am an avid ghost hunter and I was taking pictures when this shadow appeared. I didn’t catch the ghost but I did catch a beautiful blue orb…looks like a dragon fly with a head at each end and a wispy white cotton swirl between them. I think this blue thing was protecting me. I have several of these pictures…but as for the dark shadow, I’ve never had one hurt me.

  33. Trusty says:

    Black Shadow’s are not something to be taken lightly, they’ve been known to corner people when they’re alone and drive them to complete insanity, having a priest or pastor bless your home is one option, but it’s not always effective. These entities often feed off our negative emotions, they also thrive on our fear. Diagnosing the source will help you figure out how to get rid of it. Try to think back when you first saw it, did any events occur that stick out in your mind? Also, more often than not, it has something to do with the land, sometimes these things will go after certain people, but it is unlikely, 9 times out of 10 it is the land. Try looking up the history of the land you live on and the surrounding area. These things are often reported in areas where native americans had villages. If you figure out the source, the rest will come to you. But that is something only you can do, if it is the land than your only option would be to move if blessings don’t work. If its after somebody in you family, seek religous help for that family member. You need to know the source, otherwise all efforts are futile.

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