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My Children are Sensitive Too

Posted on August 29, 2010

Well, what I’m going to tell you all about today is just some events that have occurred over the years with my kids. Seems that they carry the family ability to see and hear things from beyond if that’s what you want to call it.

I’ll start with the oldest… she is now almost 13, but when she was about 3, she asked me to tell her about my uncle Roger. My uncle Roger died when I was 13, and she never knew him. My mom watched her when I worked,and seeing as how he was her favorite brother, I thought maybe she had mentioned him. I asked her about it, and she said she had never mentioned him. So, then I asked my daughter why she wanted to know about my uncle, and she said that he plays with her.

Starting around this time she would wake up at early hours of the morning and cry and throw a fit, and be inconsolable. It worried me and at that age, I don’t think she was able to really relay what was going on. Years passed, and a couple of years ago she started describing to me the symptoms of sleep paralysis. So, I’m wondering if that had anything to do with her fits as a small child. Is it possible for someone so young to experience sleep paralysis?

At a point when I was pregnant with my last child, there was a lot of activity going on here. She was in the kitchen with a cousin of hers digging in the fridge one evening. They got their loot and upon straightening up, said they both saw a man’s face reflecting in the window from behind them. He was white, they are not. The window is about 9 feet from the ground.

At one point her step-dad was working kinda far from home, her brother is disabled and we only have one car. So, I always took him to work, and made it home about 10 minutes after she got off the bus. I started to see her on the porch a lot, and finally said,”Why don’t you go inside? It’s hot out here, did you forget your key?” And her reply was,” I’m not staying in that house alone. Every day there’s a woman talking to me and if I don’t answer, she turns the A/C off.” I found out later this woman was the same one watching her and her sister sleep. She saw her on a regular basis, and they refuse to sleep in their room;the biggest, nicest room in the house with the king size bed. They’ve been sleeping in the living room for a couple of years.

In that same room, I and my man have seen someone pass the doorway, and my second daughter has had an experience. We had a little dog when I was pregnant with my son, the third child. He was small a Chihuahua and he loved the girls, rode in the car with us, slept with them. One day, he had my second daughter in the corner barking. The oldest was yelling for me, and I thought that’s freaking weird, so I picked her up out of the corner, and before I could ask what happened to him, I saw him steady barking at the corner unfazed by my removing her. I let him bark.

The second daughter will not go into the back room we use for storage, either. Even if it’s daytime, she will send me to get her a DVD. She says one day she saw a floating Tom isn’t here, and won’t go anymore. Tom is my mom’s boyfriend, but he is still very much alive. What she saw, just looked like him, so that’s the name she gave it.

My son is now 3, so many times he will laugh his little butt off at the wall or ceiling, and the baby who is now 2 will go in the girl’s room to get a toy or something, and on a couple of occasions has ran out screaming covering her face with her little hands.

Some people may call it a gift, but, I don’t think my girls do.

Sent in by Kelly Strong, Copyright 2010

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7 Responses to “My Children are Sensitive Too”
  1. trolldoll says:

    looks like you have a grand central station for ghosts in your house. i would start by telling them that that is your house and they don’t live there anymore. when something comes in or starts acting up, tell it to stop and get your girls in on it too. there is power in numbers! good luck kelly! my daughter’s dad is a strong!

    • strong says:

      Thanks for the comment, things have calmed down alot since all of this. It seems that it was more active during my pregnancies. Strong is a good name, I don’t meet too many of them!

  2. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    1st thing is accepting what is going on and being the mum who can’t see what’s going ( as happened to my mum ) is extremely frustrating! But it is all about empowerment, would you let an intruder come into your home and scare your children? hell no! If it was me I’d probably take to him with a kitchen knife LOL but jokes aside, its a similar principle – if u r scared of what’s going on – the kids will be too. ( My kids are sensitive as well ) We just talked about it in a matter of fact way – it wasn’t hollywood or exciting or scary – it was like learning to ride a bike! Every kids learns to ride a bike..not every kid learns to deal witrh spirits – but I had to. So I could help my kids when their turns came. be careful not to ask leading questions or put ‘scary ‘ ideas in their heads as they will learn from you ( I havent fully developed my senses because of my mother’s reaction – which was complete terror ) where my kids treat it more as an annoying phenomena – like the annoying friend who always comes to your house when u r busy ( except these are spirits ) my kids can tell them to go away! By the same token my grandfather ( in spirit ) whom I saw, was a protective influence and kids who feel a bit overwhelmed by sensing or seeing things need to know they are safe. You should encourage them to ask ‘ Uncle Roger’ to look after them ( which he was probably already doing anyway.) Kids love angels – u can use pictures and angel stories to help empower them and that if something that is going on that is a bit too much too handle they can ask an angel or Uncle Roger to help them ‘ make it go away ‘. Feeling afraid in your own home isnt fun ( I was terrified of our hallway more from not understanding what was going on) In the end as I got older I was able to rationalise my grandfather would never hurt me! He was there standing sentinel and protecting us. As recently as last year we had some ‘ spirit trouble’ in our home bothering my 15 year old daughter and it was getting a bit much fro her to handle so I suggested she ask Pop ( my grandfather ) to come and put things to right. Needless to say she saw him in hat and suit standing in her bedroom and got such a shock ( even with our experiences ) she threw the covers over her head! LOL I told her it was a bit rude to invite someone over and then hide LOL But by the same token – her room then became a haven of safety – and while we continued to have spirit activity, it never dared enter her room after that because Pop was back on duty. Uncle Roger could furfil a similar function. I wish you and the kids all the best!

    • strong says:

      Thank you for the insight. The thing is – I’m not scared, never have been. I try to talk to the girls and let them know that they shouldn’t be afraid either. Nothing has ever tried to harm any of us, and although it’s alot of happenings, that’s all it is. My mother in law is a medium,and has even told the girls that where we live is sort of a highway. Just some passersby are attracted to the energy, and hang around. She performs cleansings whenever she comes to visit, but she lives in Mexico so we see her every year, year 1/2. It’s just an ongoing battle, and likely always will be. She did say that some of the spirits were a family that lived on the property before this house was here, but she sent them on.(the lady that talked to the oldest)

  3. big barney says:

    one thing i can say is your family may be nutz. either that or you are truly plagued by the evil minions that reside with your family to torment you all for the remainder of you lives.

  4. AnNa bites back says:

    maybe tom has a twin brother that died.who knows.ask him about that.sound like alot has been going on in your,and families life.have you tried asking nebours about the house?what about reading up on the house?maybe you should and see what you come up with.so far nothings happened but you never know and i hope it will stay like that.thanks for the story.

  5. Sharmila says:

    Why don’t you shift your house or get it blessed?

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