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My Brief Incident as a Psychic

Posted on January 11, 2010

I had a very brief incident as a psychic. It only lasted for a few months, but I will never forget it.

I had lost my job. I was about to loose my apartment too. I didn’t know what to do. Someone turned me on to dubbing music and selling them. I did it for a while, paid my bills and all was good. Little did I know that I was being watched. Soon I was busted and found myself doing time in the county jail, one year.

It started out like this, I would be sitting around with a group of guys, just talking. Then when someone could not remember a name or detail about anything I would suddenly blurt it out. This scared some people. Some thought that I was a spy or something. I grew from there, I would tell guys how to plea their cases and win. I could tell them what their loved ones were doing at home. I never heard any voices other than my own. I never knew where this gift was coming from.

I gave at least a hundred readings. When I did this it was important for the person being read to be silent. And I never asked them any questions. Normally I would start a reading by talking about the grandparents on both sides of the family. It did not matter what race or origin or even if you did not speak much English. When the reading was over a person would either be afraid of me or ask me dozens of questions, especially for lottery numbers.

I became very popular. People said that I was the “real thing.” Even with all of this I could not do much to help myself. But I kept many men from spending a lot of time in jail.

I have been out for a while now. No ESP any more, But I see spirits. It got to the point that I saw them all day and all night. I could not sleep. They would actually hit me and wake me up from my sleep. I even went to a Doctor, who could offer no help. These spirits, that look like real people never speak. They just look at me until they realize that I can see them.

Has anyone else had this experience. Will the spirits ever stop? They follow me where ever I move to. Will the ESP ever come back?

Written by stormy2323, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “My Brief Incident as a Psychic”
  1. Carri says:

    Dear Stormy 2323, Hi did you pray a lot when you were incarcerated? If you did then as christian religion would say god has blessed you with the gift of discernment. It is a supernatural gift that god gives to the church. or people that believe in god. Maybe that is what happened to you. sometimes chistians have a gift to see spirtual activity. f there was great evil in jail or evil people in jail sometimes these people in prison are demon controlled. Then there could have been a portal opened. a demonic spirit could have attached to you and caused you to have this ability. I do not know.
    Maybe pray to god that he gives you back the supernatural abilities. maybe it will come back
    The esp ability I am talking about. as far as the spirtual ability it is either supernatural ability from god or a portal was opened. It could be also your home where you reside maybe it’s haunted.

  2. eyepriestess says:

    Hi Stormy,

    before you went to jail, were you able to see spirits, or sense them?

    I’ve heard of people suddenly becoming psychic and clairvoyant. Be careful what you do and try and avoid contacting spirits.

    • Rose says:

      Having contact with spirits are not bad it just depends on the spirit if its bad or good some spirits want to be friends or try to tell their loved ones good bye so they can move on

  3. K.C says:

    Wow! This is pretty amazing. If you think about it. . . . .you saved a lot of men in there which is utterly amazing. Seeing spirits is an honor i believe some dont lol. Embrace it! Carri. . . .esp is not a gift from god that only people who believe in him or go to church recieve.

  4. autumn says:

    Holly Molly your story is certainly horrifying to me, but in a good way, I belive in your story 100 and 10 percent, how could you be so brave and how could you stand that, I would have gotten out of my mind, your story sounds like a millionare story, are you in publishing you should be, If you are I will be sure to look for your books, I can see that your a very brave person, and bless your heart I am so happy that u r a good person, :)

  5. Mara says:

    do you ever miss the esp thing? the reason I ask is because I have these premonition type things if you can call them that, sometimes I just know something is going to happen like someone falling over or a drink getting spilt, its a bit like yours, I feel that sometimes I really want them to be right and almsot happen more often, it makes me fel special in a strange way, did you feel like this at all? p

  6. Anonymous says:

    You are having blockages but dont worry it will come back.
    I have had psychic abilities before and because of bad experiences and probably fear,
    I got blockages thats why my esp, hearing spirit and premoniton are totally blocked.
    Do you meditate? Try meditation to help you gain back you ability.

  7. Anonymous says:

    mybe you need an excorsism maybe these spirits are attaced to you since they fallow you around i think you should take action before the violence incrases.

  8. Anonymous says:

    maybe this is a little more serious then you make it sound maybe these spirtis are attaced to you maybe you need an excorsim dont take my word for it but do your reaschers first

  9. Anonymous says:

    Be very careful what you ask for as eyepriestess said.. Some of us have psychic abilities all of the time. It can be good at times just as it can be bad. I am so glad that you helped many. I do have to ask? Did you ever predict anything negative that would happen to any of these men? Thats the bad part.

    As far as something following you around, that is possible. There are spirits everywhere, sometimes they atatch themselves to us. I have lived a liftime of paranormal activity.

    I am a very spiritual person, and have learned how to handle these entities. Its not always easy, and they are not all positive. I have had many attacks over the years, from being held down, to being thrown off a couch with a surge of what felt like electricity go through my body. I have also been saved a couple of times from falling down the stairs.

    Just be happy the way you are. Maybe you have done your good deed, and thats all your Higher Power wants from you. I hope it was your higher power. Negaitve energy can fool us into thinking things are good.. I think that maybe thats what you are wondering about??

    I know its all confusing, the spirit world is a confusing place. Just try to relax and not be afraid. If its a negative energy, it will feed off your fear. What i have to do very often is put the spirit world on ignore. If i didnt they would drive me nuts. And now my dog is growling,lol.. sorry, he just picks up on things….

    I hope things get better for you, make a good life for yourself!!! take care hun,,, ktm

  10. anna says:

    i think thats so cool that you can do that.what you have sounds like what (Melinda) has on GHST WHISPERER.she sees dead people she talks to them tells them to go to the light.maybe the ghosts have un finished stuff they want you to do for them.talk to them see what they want.and i cant believe you went to jail. thanks for the story.

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